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Alaska’s Covid daily count drops to 507

The number of Covid-19 cases in Alaska continues to be high, but not as high as it was three weeks ago. The number of new cases diagnosed on Monday, Oct. 18 is 507.

Of those, 177 of the diagnosed Covid cases were in Anchorage.

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Hospitalized with Covid are 212 people in Alaska, and since the pandemic began, 659 Alaskans have lost their battle with Covid. This is a big jump from last week, when 592 were reported to have died from Covid.

Hospitals in Alaska have 17 ICU beds available and 282 non-ICU beds, not counting those for babies. There are 28 adults with Covid on ventilators in the hospitals.

Hospitals continue to be strained, with 21 percent of patients with Covid, up two percentage points from last week.

About 17 percent of Alaskans have been diagnosed with Covid since March of 2020 — 125,445 out of a population of 730,000. The actual percentage is unknown since some people have had Covid more than once, and many have had Covid but have not been tested for it or reported it. The actual number may be over 20 percent.

Also, about one-third of one percent of Alaskans have been hospitalized for Covid during the pandemic. But for those 2,637 who have been hospitalized in the past 18 months, 25 percent have died from the virus.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • They’re working on keeping/getting the numbers UP. #testbackbetter
      The assembly just allocated a couple of million tax payer dollars to keep the testing sites open longer. #taxbackbetter
      Felix Rivera will personally handout free Starbucks (sponsored) latte and healthy donut if one tests twice in the same 24 hour period (satirical comment).

    • Nothing at all, since the mask ordinance fundamentally has nothing to do with public health or the Wuhan Virus. Haven’t you figured by now that it is ALL about instilling fear, instilling compliance to authority, and extending government’s control over the population?

    • Nothing. The case count could be zero and they’d still be passing illegal mandates and moving goal posts. There is an agenda and they wont stop. Passports are next.
      Waiting on the new “variant” to roll out anytime now….

    • That they, being sneaky leftists, have flexed and come out looking stupid, and need to end this mask farce. Losers.

    • What mandate? The business I work for, and the couple I have been into over the past couple of days, are not requiring one. Mayor said it would not be enforced by any authorities under his power.

      • I was out and about in multiple business locations in Eagle River on Monday, and I saw absolutely no difference in the number of people wearing face diapers out in public. It was about 50:50 in Wal-Mart, a bit higher, maybe 60%, in Fred Meyer, with nobody but the employees wearing them at my credit union, and most people not wearing them (again, except for the employees) at the post office.

        • If you want the law to be respected, make the law respectable.
          It starts with the little things. If any law is not meant to be enforced, don’t create it.
          I recently visited Chicago. Driving on the Ryan Expressway, I flowed with traffic at 90 mph in a 45 mph construction zone at 6:30 in the morning while they worked a few feet away, and cars passed me! People there hold the law in contempt, from speeding to walking out with a candy bar, all the way up to murder.
          Useless laws unenforced lead progressively to antipathy toward all norms. For civilization to stand, we all need to be civil, starting at the top with those governing creating the necessary (and only necessary) regulations. It appears that the rot is already deep. When our civil society fails, who shall replace it?

  1. And no… Assembly, it takes longer than the few days for your mask
    Mandate has been in place e to show results yet.

  2. Who writes the municipal agendas. A “mayor, the “clerk”, the residents of Anchorage. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the agenda function has been captured by the clerk. You have a . 02 percent chance of ever having an agenda item requested by the taxpayers. Everyone in favor of catering a dinner for the servants to discuss gulag care RAISE YOUR LEFT HAND!

  3. Let’s have a can drive to stem the tide of nutrition instability for the out of work at the assembly and spend an hour working on it of the agenda. Everyone chip in.

  4. The Assembly Mask mandate is here to stay. Let’s all get the vaccine and the boosters and we can still get the Covid and its variants. Unless we get out to vote for people who have our interest in mind we are a bunch of cattle going to the assembly slaughter house. Vote, Vote Vote them out.

  5. Well, they scrambled to pass it before the already down-trending numbers were too low to make their arguments moot. So now they’ll say “see? It helped! Mask forever!”

    I continue not to wear one.

  6. Time for major medical facilities to stop trash talking
    Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin protocols and start prescribing them, even if it means admitting that they were wrong to push so-called vaccines over treatments that are proven to work.

  7. The accuracy of all SARS-CoV-2 data is in question due to the high thresholds used in processing tests. The FDA promoted thresholds known to be hopelessly inaccurate.
    Cause of death is also in question, because it is known that individuals who were test positive yet asymptomatic and died with SARS-CoV-2 are counted as died of the virus. This has included far fetched credulity to the extent of including traffic accident and gunshot deaths. Since the mass use of “vaccines” the data is becoming even more variable, as death due to vaccine use is not separated from death from the virus. The perverse financial incentives along with threats from medical boards has disincentivized hospitals, administrators and licensed medical professionals to collect essential data.
    The VAERS (vaccine adverse effect reporting system) is mandatory by law to use, but most all hospitals have not trained and dedicated staff to the voluminous task of reporting these events. Normally pharma companies test their products for years before releasing them, there is no reference to the mass release over the entire nation (and world) of a pharma test with hundreds of millions of persons as the control group. Big pharma, federal and state governments have devoted massive financial resources to promote the distribution and often forced use of these products without devoting the resources for hospitals to hire trained personnel to accurately report into the VAERS system. Nor are autopsies routinely performed on suspected deaths from vaccine product adverse effects.
    The medical industry has seriously compromised it’s reputation and trust with the public by its’ reckless and criminal (due no harm and failure to lawfully comply with VAERS requirements) advocacy of vaccines by claiming they are safe and effective, when it is already obvious they are not effective and there is no way to analyze safety.
    Alaska’s rural health care operators have always been substandard and carelessly operated to the detriment of the rural population. They operate with complete impunity, the SARS-CoV-2 government funding bonanza is being manipulated to the maximum extent at the expense of it’s best employees and patients.

  8. Better question is really what does the Assembly mask mandate even mean. I’ve been all over town the last couple days and half, maybe a little more are not wearing masks. I’ve only been kicked out of one place, Arctic Brewing Supply. They said I could order online. I told them if I had to do that it wouldn’t be from them, ever again. Fred’s, Costco, AIH, Sportsman’s Wharehouse, Petco so far have said nothing to me. All the guns & ammo shops I visit don’t even have signs posted and one in particular has a sign that says if you are masked don’t even bother coming in. Oxford Assaying requires mask removal to even enter the shop. So really, what does the Assembly mandate even mean. Half the people wearing masks are either wearing ones that are not NISOH approved or not wearing them properly. In fact the masks cited by the Assembly ordinance are not “approved” for prevention of the spread of airborn pathogens. If they are they must explicitly be listed for that purpose. I have yet to see a box of masks that state they are effective or even recommended for preventing the spread of the cova virus. I’m not complying anyway. So the effect on the infection rate to what that means to the Assembly mandate is simply nothing.

    • Policy at Petco (direct from employee):

      “We (employees) have to wear masks, I hate then, manager said we must wear them, but must not hassle customers who do not wear them.”
      Petco gets our business, if that’s the case.

  9. But all I have seen is that there has been 66 deaths and no daily tests. Yes that is a very unfortunate number that has been collected from April. But majority is from Sept. and Oct. they say. But again do not say anything about other conditions. Keep the scare tactics going. Can not believe how Anchorage is now a days. Let alone our state reps actions and not happy with gov advertising to get the jab.

  10. I was a guest in an Anchorage Hotel just prior to Christmas 2019. The lobby of the Hotel was full of Chinese freight Pilots when we arrived. I later had a conversation with one of the pilots in the elevator. He was from Wuhan, he told me that his crew flew back and forth on a weekly schedule. I recall hearing of folks getting very sick in Anchorage about the same time…
    My question is, why don’t they test for antibodies? I’ll bet that a heck of a lot more of Alaska’s population has been exposed to the virus, and or the Vaxxed caused mutation or “Delta” variant. then they want to you to know about.

  11. Are we sure the data is accurate? How do we know that the uptick isn’t just a regular Flu Bug or Influenza? Whatever happened to the regular Flu Bug or Influenza, is this still being quantified? If so, how many people are diagnosed with Flu – Influenza versus C-19? Can we expect the survival rate to remain at about 95% with C-19?
    Seems to me like its a lot of “Drama & Trauma” for such a common occurrence that occurs every year.

    • Exactly, Rob. When will the world wake up to this utter tyrannical farce??

      From Humans Are Free: (August 9, 2021)
      CDC Has Never Isolated Any ‘Covid-19 Virus’

      From The Expose:
      Hundreds of FOI’s reveal that health/science institutions around the world have no record of COVID-19 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever.

      Spain: Ministry Of Health Forced To Confirm It Has Never Isolated The SARS-CoV-2 Virus (Nobody Has!) “The Ministry of Health does not have a SARS-CoV-2 culture for testing, and it does not have a registry of laboratories with culture and isolation capacity for testing.”

      The covid plandemic has been the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on humanity, thanks to Gates, Fauci, and ilk.

  12. Until the hospitals reach acceptable COVID-19 case levels, the Anchorage mask mandates will most likely remain in place.
    This headline only partially reflects the information provided in the article, thus giving a false impression that everything is hunky-dory.

    • But more and more people are seeing through the coercive, authoritarian and useless farce that is the mask ordinance, Catherine, and purposely disobeying it, as I am. You Covidian bleating sheep are losing your war against freedom and sanity.

    • Based on what authority? Federal? Not there. State? We have no disasters today. Local? We have no disasters today. So if a public servant attempts to act outside his/her authority they are what? Ultra vires, outside his emolument and at that moment loses ALL his immunity and is fully personally liable for any thing. His authority does not expand exponentially to correspond with her ambitions. Even in Alaska.

  13. The numbers don’t add up.

    “since the pandemic began, 659 Alaskans have lost their battle with Covid. This is a big jump from last week, when 592 were reported to have died from Covid.”
    67 people died in one week? Last week the number of folks on ventilators was about the same. So EVERY ONE of those people died, plus that many more again, plus half that many again? In one week? Okay, then why are there 17 empty ICU beds?
    If we were really losing that many critically ill people, there would be no empty ICU beds.

    • They did not lose the battle with covid, they lost the battle with hospital protocol as dictated by federal government.

      Wanna reduce the deaths of covid? Stay far away from Providence and get medicine that works. Do not take Remdesivir, or you will most certainly die.

  14. Psst, here is the dirty secret you haven’t been told. Current tests like the PCR and even the rapid tests can’t discern the difference between the Flu and COVID-19. The numbers being reported are bogus! This is why the CDC is scrambling to create 2 separate tests by end of year to identify COVID-19 and the Flu. The creator of the PCR test, Dr. Kary Mullis, stated the purpose of the his PCR test, to breakdown and identify DNA sequencing. Not identify viruses. There is also no reason for a healthy person to die from this virus when given the life saving treatments of Ivermectin & HCQ. They don’t even need to go to the hospital except the medical community is being threatened if they prescribe these already proven and effective treatments. This is a criminal coverup that goes all the way to the AMA, CDC and WHO. Guess who runs the CDC? Ex Pfizer executives and scientists. Nothing to see here, move along. The medical community needs to be called out for their hypocrisy and willful ignorance.

    • Sadly, Julie, we don’t really know because there is a government imposed blackout in America on anything involving IVM. This just further proves that if this ‘pandemic’ was really real, or dangerous, that all weapons in the arsenal would be used in full force, not just the most profitable at the expense of the common.

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