Alaska Chip Company makes the cut at America’s Test Kitchen for top BBQ chips


America’s Test Kitchen went on a mission to find the best BBQ chips in the country, with writer and food critic Kevin Pang polling his Twitter followers for which company makes the best potato chips.

After sampling sampling 30 regional brands of BBQ chips to find the top six, the writer placed the Alaska Chip Company’s Grizzly BBQ Chip among its favorites.

Pang (New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Vanity Fair) tasted the Alaska Chip Companies Grizzly BBQ chips and said, “Of all the chips sampled, this Anchorage-based brand offered the deepest potato flavor (there are some chip brands with potato flavors that are barely present). Could it have something to do with it being made with Alaska-grown potatoes? I don’t know, but they’re delicious. . . . There’s a heavy coating of spice mix, with a well-rounded balance of sweet, savory, and smoky and a rich aftertaste. The crunch is strong (the chips are fried in either corn oil or sunflower oil). This is a complete, all-around grade-A potato chip.”

Alaska Chip Co. owner Ralph Carney credits the deep potato flavor of the chips to the hearty Alaska potatoes used to make the chips. Alaska potatoes are smaller and denser than potatoes grown in other regions. The denser Alaska Grown potatoes have more sugar, creating a crunchier, more potato forward chip, he said.

Ralph and Darcy Carney came up with the idea in 2002 to make an all-natural potato chip in Alaska, using Alaska-grown potatoes.

The top barbecue-flavored chips, according to the survey, are made by Wachusett of Massachusetts, followed by Middleswarth of Pennsylvania, Great Lakes of Michigan, Gibbles of Pennsylvania, Deep River of Connecticut, and Grizzley Barbecue of Anchorage.


  1. The do have a humble reputation making better bbq chips than lay’s, Kettle, and Tim. Though Kettle comes close but not close enough.
    Unlike alcoholic and marijuana distributors, these owners don’t produce a product that crumbles and tears apart marriages and relationships.

    • And makes people lazy and sloppy for a number of generations, but still think they are “cool and awesome”.

  2. Instead a catered meal perhaps we will give a bag of potato chips and a water to all who attend the assembly meetings and answer patriotic surveys.

  3. Well here are some “bargains” that are even higher: Hawaiian Luau Sweet & Spicy BBQ Chips $12/# and Deep River Snacks Mesquite BBQ Kettle Cooked Potato Chips $16/#. I enjoy those lesser tasting BBQ chips from Lay’s, Ruffles, Kettle, Kroger brand, etc. Let your taste buds do the choosing. To each their own. Alaska Chip Co. is a luxury I don’t get that often, good for them getting national attention on “America’s Test Kitchen”.

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