Alaska’s Covid daily positivity drops: 964


The latest count of positive Covid cases has dropped back to 964 after one day when it popped over 1,200 in Alaska. 421 of those positive cases were diagnosed in Anchorage, and 194 were in the Mat-Su Valley.

The positive cases are how many Alaskans have tested positive for Covid in the most recent 24 period, which lags by a day in reporting.

There have been 4,489 positive tests in the past seven days in Alaska. An unknown number of those are repeat tests. 10.7 percent of the Covid tests are coming back positive. In Anchorage, 5 percent of the tests are coming back positive, while in the Mat-Su Borough 9 percent are coming back positive.

The high number from the day before popped the overall increase week over week to 8 percent.

Hospitals are still under stress with not enough staffed beds, in spite of healthcare workers being brought in from Outside. Providence and Alaska Native Medical Center have open ICU beds, as does Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. All hospitals in the Southcentral region have openings in non-ICU beds.

There are 21 ICU beds open and available out of a total of 125 beds across the state.

208 Alaskans are currently hospitalized with Covid, but the number of those on ventilators has dropped to 25. Last week, there were 38 Alaskans on ventilators. The number of hospitalized patients who have Covid has remained stable at 19.6 percent.

Since Oct. 1, there have been 73 new Covid hospitalizations and 30 deaths. At this rate, October may see over 60 Covid deaths for the month.

A total of 592 Alaskans have died with Covid since March of 2020, about one per day.


  1. Suzanne, I believe that the word “positivity” refers to the percentage of all tests performed that are reported as positives, not to the absolute number of positive test results themselves. The number of positive cases could rise even as the positivity rate is falling, and vice versa.

  2. Q#1: How many positives are from unvaxxed?
    Q#2: How many positives are from vaxxed?
    Q#3: How many positives are from reinfections (ie from naturally immune)?
    Q#4: How many positives due to top comorbidities (ie obesity, old age, heart patients, cancer, smoker, alcoholism)?

    • The latest data on breakthrough case can be found here
      The state also issues a weekly summary that says, in part:
      “From January 16–October 2, 2021, 43 deaths, 172 hospitalizations, and 13,183 cases with a VB infection were reported among Alaska residents aged ≥12 years. These counts are provisional and subject to change as data are compiled and reviewed. In that same time frame, a total of 52,525 cases, 1,278 hospitalizations, and 252 deaths were reported.
      75% of all cases, 87% of all hospitalizations, and 83% of deaths among Alaska residents aged ≥12 years from January 16–October 2, 2021 were in people who were not fully vaccinated.
      Specimens from VB infections are described in the “COVID-19 Variants” tab of the new Cases Dashboard. More detailed information about hospitalizations, deaths, and vaccine breakthrough infections among Alaskan residents can also be found in the monthly report.
      Age-standardized per capita rates of COVID-19 cases by vaccination status are updated weekly. Many COVID-19 cases with specimen collection in the immediate past week (indicated by the grey box) may have not yet been reported or counted.”
      Doing the math from the most recent weekly summary from Sept 26 until October 2 there were 7,242 new covid cases 1,686 (23%) were vaccine breakthroughs, there were 109 new hospitalizations 16 (15%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs, and fatalities increased by 26, 1 (4%) of which was a vaccine breakthrough.
      58.6% of Alaskans 12 and older have been fully vaccinated.

  3. Thank you, Suzanne, for ending the article by saying 592 Alaskans have died “WITH” COVID rather than from COVID. Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci still has a job even though it is a fact that he stated he supported gain-of-function research even if it caused a pandemic. “Gain-Of-Function” is a euphemism for laboratory-created, deadlier-than-normal viruses.

    • I’m confused. If you die with cancer is it not the same as dying from cancer? If you die with cancer then you probably died because the cancer caused other body parts to shut down. If you died from cancer isn’t that the same? I’m confused seems like we’re splitting hairs here.

      • They want numbers, Greg. Numbers! The more COVID deaths, the better. Death supports their narrative and drives the mandate. Of course, Republican, old White guy, and Conservative deaths are the goal. Not the death of some 400 pound, Lefty Communist who smokes, hates Trump, is a heart beat away from the next heart attack, is vaxxed 5 times, and gives their inheritance money to the Democrat Party.

      • A person suffering from cancer could die from pneumonia, coronary artery disease, cardiopulmonary arrest, an aortic or cerebral aneurysm, injuries from a vehicle accident, etc. None of these conditions would necessarily be due to cancer affecting the failed organ system.

          • Per CDC policy “COVID-19 should not be reported on the death certificate if it did not cause or contribute to the death.”

          • Again with the disingenuous responses, eh Steve?
            “COVID-19 SHOULD not be reported on the death certificate.” And yet we have innumerable cases where the precise opposite happened — because hospitals were financially incentivized (if they are not still) to do so.
            Steve, you have a problem with discerning what is official from what is factual. Again, de jure vs. de facto. Those are two definitions that you have clearly never bothered to learn.

  4. If you are one who believes all the stats on covid and it’s keeping you living in fear, keep in mind who generates these reports. All are incentivized ($$) by the govt to report covid cases. All the test are unreliable… (unused swabs test positive). Cycles of 30 and 40 are just plain BS. Also, if you die of some other ailment(s) (or vehicle accident) and tested” positive for” covid… that’s a covid death. Even vaccine caused deaths are considered covid deaths because you’re “not vaccinated” until after 30 days from your booster shot. Vaccinated caused deaths within 30 days are classified as “undetermined” and “being looked into”. (How convenient).
    So, if you’re one who buys into all this covid garbage, you’re right where the govt. wants you… living in fear and believing they are the only one who can “save you”. That’s so sad.
    I suggest a little more due diligence and removal of the mask, and the tether and ring from your nose.

  5. My wife tested positive 2 weeks ago, no symptoms after 7 days so took another test…Negative!
    Same for a co-worker and 3 others from our church. These numbers are a farce. If that’s happening in just the few I know, how many more are like this?

    • Is the PCR still being used as the “test”? If so, numbers mean nothing, as the results can be manipulated to read whatever is convenient for the narrative at the time. Depending on how many cycles are used in the amplification of a strand of DNA – which can even be retrieved from inanimate objects – the result can be positive OR negative.
      Since most people have been infected with one or more of the common human coronaviruses at some point in their lives, it is not surprising that a single strand of DNA or RNA would inevitably be found on a tissue swab. The PCR was never meant for detecting viruses or diagnosing disease.

  6. Has anyone cared to look at the number of COVID 19 deaths for this year versus last year as a nation? This year has exceeded last year by a 1000 deaths and last year, to this date, was prior to the vaccine. So if this vaccine is so effective, why hasn’t the number of deaths decreased? Never in history has the total deaths increased once a vaccine was released, including small pox and Spanish Flu.
    “As of Wednesday, U.S. localities have reported 353,000 deaths since January 1,” according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.
    That surpasses the 352,000 deaths reported in 2020 in the 10 months following the first recorded domestic outbreaks of the disease in March.
    I know, all you smart guys can line up with your ineffective excuses. At this point, it’s like finding an excuse for a drunk driver killing a family in a head on collision.

  7. I wonder how many of those deaths could have avoided with the use of Ivermectin that Providence refuses to administer? They should be held criminally neglect.

    • This is utterly false. They could lose their license if they do prescribe it. There is no evidence that it has worked in clinical trials.
      Are you a lawyer? Where did you go to law school? Or medical school, for that matter. Stop lying.

  8. Since March of 2020 “one person per day has died from COVID”.
    Also in the last year, people in Alaska died from smoking (1/day) and poor nutrition (.6/day).
    So why isn’t the Assembly banning cigarettes and McDonalds? They are just as deadly as COVID.
    Answer: it is NOT about health. It’s all about control.

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