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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Jamie Allard: This emergency ordinance is a gross abuse of Assembly authority

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I oppose Anchorage Emergency Ordinance 3, the mask ordinance. It is a gross overreach of this Assembly not only into the lives of our constituents, but also into the executive branch.

We have a duty to safeguard the separation of powers and to work with the mayor that the people elected. As intended and defined in the charter, the authority to make decisions in an emergency lies with the mayor.

The mayor has clearly communicated the multifaceted steps the Administration is taking to protect public health and address this endemic.

There is no emergency declaration at the state or city levels.

After this Assembly spent millions of Covid disaster relief money on issues not even remotely related to protecting public health, it is an embarrassment that our healthcare system is so fragile as to not be able to handle an inevitable Covid surge.

Where did that money go if not to prepare our hospitals for an increase in patients? Why are qualified healthcare workers being terminated for refusing a shot if we are in crisis mode?

Like those poor policy decisions, this mask ordinance is mixing politics with medicine, setting a dangerous precedent for medical totalitarianism, robbing the people of bodily autonomy, and turning our constituents against each other.

Furthermore, it is not even based on sound science, but rather on a false sense of security that you are “doing something” about Covid. But what the Assembly is doing is ignoring the will of the people, their right to informed consent to wear a medical device on their face, parental rights to make medical decisions for their children, and ignoring science that shows mandates are ineffective at best, and harmful at worst, not only to Covid outcomes in a community, but to overall physical, mental, and emotional health.

Mask mandates do not work, or else Covid would be a thing of the past. But what a mask mandate does do is tear our community apart. The evidence of that has been apparent the last two weeks, as we have listened to testimony after testimony about the real-world consequences these sweeping mandates cause.

It’s wielding a sledgehammer to kill a fly. It shreds the fabric of individual freedom upon which this country was built. As we have clearly seen, there are people in our community who cannot and will not comply with this ordinance. Which means it will require force. Force and coercion are the opposite of public health. It will not move anyone to kindness, will not inspire personal responsibility, and will not heal a very divided city.  It won’t even stop Covid.

And let me remind the Assembly that when it was politically convenient this Assembly voted to remove all emergency powers and orders (May, 2021, prior to the mayoral runoff).

This is not science. This is politics. And half of the community sees right through it.
This ordinance is nonsensical, unenforceable, unrealistic, and divisive. It violates my rights as a hearing-impaired American, forcing me to live in a world where I cannot read lips and cannot communicate effectively.

It robs our children of critical developmental processes such as learning to talk, building emotional intelligence and empathy, and socializing.

It creates embarrassing situations for our exempted neighbors with special needs or medical conditions, forcing them to explain themselves to strangers.

This ordinance places unfair and unenforceable pressure on businesses to police their patrons, and to provide masks for their employees. Will the assembly foot that bill? It welcomes discrimination and creates hostile work environments. It fails to acknowledge natural immunity in those who have recovered from Covid-19. And most egregiously, it fails to acknowledge that we are a free people, with inalienable rights that shall not be infringed.
As a veteran and a public servant, I am dedicated to fighting for the rights of my constituents. We are a diverse people, with different beliefs and opinions, and that makes us the vibrant community we all love. This ordinance turns that diversity against each other.

It is not our duty to micromanage the daily lives of our constituents. It is our duty to create policy that safeguards liberty, and the right to informed consent. If we really wanted to protect the public health, we would emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and its significant impact on Covid-19 outcomes.

Our best strategy to minimize the Covid threat is public education on immunity and healthy bodies, vaccines, hand washing, staying home when symptomatic, and providing early treatment.

There is no emergency. Covid is here to stay. We cannot mask it away. We must live with it. This ordinance is a violation of our most valued American beliefs, and a pathetic political power move to usurp authority from a mayor who opposes the leftist nine.

It is a distraction from the homeless crisis, the border crisis, the Afghanistan crisis, and a recall election. I stand for individual responsibility and liberty first and foremost, as the foundation of our nation, the pillar of our policy, and the heritage for our children. 

Jamie Allard, a veteran, is one of two Assembly members representing Chugiak and Eagle River.

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  • Thank you for the job you are doing. Just wish more assembly members listened to fact and logic instead of playing political games.

  • Well put! Thank you for trying to protect us from these evil assembly members.

    We will continue to back you, and fight on.

    Recall Zaletel.

  • Dang she’s a good writer!

  • Kudos.

    Kennedy had some good parting words tonight too.

    The other robots need a damn reboot.

    • Ms. Kennedy is reasoned and informed when she speaks either for or against. Too bad there are not more of her available to us.

      • Crystal Kennedy is one of my two representatives in this otherwise Clown World assembly, and she has been both promptly responsive and very helpful to me on a number of occasions having to do with municipal business. She is as professional and reasonable as the Marxist Nine are childish, vindictive and reprehensible.

  • Jamie, it warms my heart every time I hear you righteously and justifiably castigate those hateful and deceitful nine worms on the Anchorage Assembly (I will make an exception here to not refer to it as I usually do, “ass-embly”, lower case “a”, in honor of your presence there). How you can even stomach their presence in the same room without immediately vomiting is a testament to your moral and intellectual (as well as physical) fortitude.
    But just in case it should ever actually happen, please direct your stream of vomit straight at Christopher Constant. And if some should splash on LaFrance, Rivera, Gump-Dunbar or Zaletel, so much the better.

    • Don’t forget John Weddleton

      • I never knew about Weddleton owning Boscos stores until this mask nomsense. One of his constituents pointed it out at a meeting.

        That will be one company to never again get my business. I have spent a lot there before too.

        • A clown store, no less. You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

          The Clown owns clown stores.

      • Weddleton is the worst of them all. He pretends to be conservative when you communicate with him, but almost always votes in lockstep with the leftists.
        He is up for re-election in 2022, and I am going to do everything I can to stop him from winning.

    • Hahahah! Booooooom!

  • The dip chips on the assembly need to be removed. I believe there is something very sinister going on with them. It makes no sense what they are doing. I think there should be a forensic audit as to where all the covid money went. I think the assembly should be sued for the earnest money they put down on the athletic club. I think the 2020 election vote should be audited too since they made us vote with markers and the votes were being rejected by the machines. Our property taxes are ridiculous and this assembly doesn’t give two shitz what anyone thinks. Self righteous pompous windbags. I haven’t worn a mask. Not gonna wear a mask. Wearing a mask is stupid. Stupid people wear masks. I guess a law will have to be made to get people to stop wearing them again like after the “Spanish Flu”. Which wasn’t Spanish.

  • Yes! The Assembly should have spent the money on setting up early treatment centers that people who tested positive would visit right away. As it is now, you are shunned at hospitals. If they had set up those treatment centers lives would have been saved.

    • But, the Anchorage Black Caucus needed a building. It was a medical emergency… or something.

  • Where did that money go if not to prepare our hospitals for an increase in patients?

    I texted every assembly member a similar question to this at the beginning of the Quinn lockdown 2.0

    John Weddleton was making a lot of squishy excuses such as – it’s hard to find medical professionals when I answered back that they had 150 million why not raise the rate his best answer for me was when the case rate rises then they have to institute lockdown and mask mandates

    Let them eat cake LaFrance – First she asked me if I was even from her district rudely I then asked her what that mattered she dribbled off about not respecting people being anonymous when I told her my first name and the neighborhood I live in (the district she “represents”)and asked the question again she told me my full legal name and my home address which I thought it kind of odd her looking me up on spokeo I believe she was trying to intimidate me or something but who knows I acknowledge my info and asked her the question again and she said she would email me their spending plan (she never ask for and I never told her my email)when I told her that wasn’t what I asked and asked why she was ducking my question I never heard from her again

    Chris Constant – A lot of dodging and saying everything Quinn was doing was the right thing to do and he believed in it ( her PC thug enforcers included) never directly answered my question

    The rest didn’t answer for whatever reason

    • LaFrance dismissed my information when I e-mailed her. She said it did not carry as much weight as the medical professionals. Curiously, she has no idea what I do for a living or what me education background is in. Yet, because I was not giving her what she wanted to hear, it was dismissed.
      She was elected to represent the people, but instead ignores them. I guess it is too difficult to interact with the people she is supposed to represent.

  • Jamie, we appreciate you more than you know! I can’t even imagine how stressful it is dealing with the Nazgul Nine day after day. Thank you so much for that!

    • You may be on to something.
      Remember what was said when the Nazgul met its demise?

  • Thank you, Jamie. You continue to impress me, and we will continue to lift you up. You have the heart of a warrior, and you are not alone up there.

  • All respect to Jamie Allard, not only for her service to our country but for our city as well. She’s THE only conservative voice on the Assembly. It baffles me how the mask zombies conveniently discount the need for one while they’re in public eating – how the virus suddenly takes a nap. Hey, the way some people eat, they should wear a mask WHILE dining to contain the flotsam that flies out in the process. Ms. Allard is correct, this is a feel good measure for the other side with absolutely no proof that it works. I doubt this thing is quite settled. I’ll be interested to hear/read how Mayor Bronson responds. The real victims will be the business owners and, ultimately, the city’s economy. As for me, I’ll be supporting whoever’s going to unseat LaFrance and Weddleton.

  • Jamie, thank you so much for standing up for the rights of the people of our community! This piece is so well written! I am very proud of you!

  • Not only do the mask not work, neither do the “vaccines”. There are 1000 more deaths this year in the US than last year when there wasn’t a vaccine.

  • Thank you Jamie for being a voice in the dark! You are more appreciated than you know and you give me hope. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Well stated. Thank you, Jamie.

  • Thank you, Jamie, for telling our story, of the burden of the hearing-impaired in a world forced behind masks that do little but hide the lips we read. No one has ever said it better.

  • Thank you for keeping it real Jamie. We citizens/constituents ALL appreciate you.
    You said it all so eloquently.

  • Excellent write-up and so true…thank you…

  • Great job! We will not comply or give up!

  • Thank you for what you do in an arena of dictators. Awakened this morning to an Ad on my phone to vote no on Meg’s recall. Anyone who owns property in Anchorage and votes No on the recall better hang on to their back pockets as property taxes will be soaring (those on the Assembly use the money as their own check book)

  • BRAVO!!!!!! BRAVO!!!

  • This should be widely read and deeply understood. Ms. Allard says everything that needs to be said. These words are not the first of their kind to be said and moving forward should be said again and again until we as a free people remember that we are free and that history may well repeat itself or at the very least rear its sometimes ugly head in some similar fashion. These adversities should continue to be lessons learned and we should always stand together in the face of adversities. All manner of beliefs and opinions should be heard and no single position forced on those with differing opinion or belief. Come on people lets get it together here. we have embarrassed ourselves. Its time to be big boys and girls.

  • Balls of steel. Will you run for Governor next? Please?

  • Jamie Allard’s and Crystal Kennedy’s presence in this otherwise farcical and insane assembly of evil authoritarian freaks is just more proof of the logic, and the need, for Eaglexit.

  • I am thankful that Jamie Allard is a distinct minority on the assembly. It has long been accepted in this country that it is the responsibility of government to enact public health measures to prevent the spread of deadly communicable diseases. While historically there has always been some resistance to such measures, the opposition to Covid safety measures has been inflamed by social media sites, such as this one, and irresponsible politicians such as Ms. Allard, who have spread false information about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and masks, while promoting unproven measures such as ivermectin.

    • Rick, the obviously false information is that masks, and the Wuhan Virus (non-)’vaccines’, are “safe and effective”. ALL the information, the real information from recent and ongoing studies, all the SCIENCE, indicates that neither are neither! You are just mindlessly parroting, and have just been brainwashed by, all the fearmongering propaganda of the corrupt, evil, self-serving political establishment, medical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex, and the corporate media, and clearly lack the ability to think critically and independently outside of the very narrow box within which the powers-that-be have locked your mind. But try it sometime, just a little — you will find a whole new, and vastly broader, world than you previously knew existed.

    • I have never accepted governance over my personal health and well being.

      Think about this. Flu shots every year. Flu still goes around, EVERY YEAR.

      You think anything is going to change with Covid? It is here now and we are not going to stop it.

      However, government has tricked you into thinking they have the answers.

      Wake up. Break free.

      This reality is not what it appears to be.

      • Common Peasant: “Think about this. Flu shots every year. Flu still goes around, EVERY YEAR.”

        One of the reasons no one takes you anti vaxxers seriously is because the type of reasoning in this quote is accepted as rational analysis.

    • Baaah, baaah, baaah.
      Bleat, whine, etc.

    • Please cite.

      • It’s ok. Suffice to say all those cites are ancient history obliterated for once and for good by Roe V Wade – my body my choice. All of those precedents you learned laboriously have sailed, forever, out the window. Time for a few more classes.

    • Rick, I am so tired of information that does not fit the narrative being labeled as false. We are in this vicious cycle because all opinions are not heard, weighed and measured. The resistance of the health care and political realm to even investigate honestly if multiple readily available drugs in combination may alleviate the worst symptoms and reduce the impact of this virus, is what drives some of this resistance and the continued prevalent presence of this virus. Your and others stubborn insistence on only focusing on the things we have already tried without success, and using the power of the government to keep us in limbo is despicable.
      While you think that the assembly did the right thing and you wish to silence Mrs. Allard, I wonder how you explain the far better virus management in the valley. There are no mask mandates, and as far as I can find their per capita infection rate has been pretty much the same as ours over the course of this disease.
      Health and safety has never been a blank check and always came back to the individual citizen understanding the actions as reasonable and fair. Nothing in this case was reasonable or fair.
      What you also fail to note is that the assembly has no authority to declare this mandate. Illegal actions to push your will on the people generally have the opposite effect.

    • Rick – 10/2020 – CDC Mask Studies Report (before the dirty politics REALLY settled in): Surgical mask – 10% effective in reduction of nanometric particles expelled [9 microns], N95 mask – 50% effective WHEN WORN PROPERLY (how many permutations of that have we seen?), cloth mask – literally described by the CDC as a “last resort”. The former two are ONE USE ONLY and not for 8 hours. The cloth mask last needs to be changed 3 times daily and have an internal filter to even come close to being marginally effective. The report also details “Statistically significant reduction in oxygenation, statistically significant increase in CO2 levels, fatigue, headache, confusion” etc. I ask you, if masks really worked why are the masked so worried about this? If CV-19 Delta is such a big deal why are you all throwing biohazard down in public places? Pffft! I’ve picked up at least a hundred. It would be helpful if impassioned conspiracy theorists like you would do some research on a subject before failing at coercion. Search FLCCC, Or GlobalCovidSummit.org , or TruthForHealth, or Dr. Peter McCullough about your garbage claims on Ivermectin.. I’m sorry to have to tell you that you’re just another illiterate CNN Zombie Parrot.

  • 9 more like her please! Thank you!

  • Thank you Ms Allard for representing your constituents… CONSISTENTLY, with CLASS and SOUND REASON! We appreciate you, we will pray for your protection and strength as you serve our community.

    For the record “I will not comply”. And I started this commitment when I ignored the sign at Starbucks this morning, walked in without a mask, and picked up my order. No one said anything. Let us not be afraid to stand up for ourselves, and to FREELY express our thoughts on this baseless mandate by NOT complying with it. If businesses lose enough customers, they won’t enforce… a business is open to make money and serve the community… if they don’t make money they will stop enforcing.

    I am curious about the Mayors response… I have read many people commenting that this is not within the charter of the assembly to do… but no one seems to be trying to stop them with legal means sooo….

    Hang in there ya’ll.

  • Thank you Jamie,
    I don’t know how you can stomach it, but sure do appreciate the fact that you do. It seems that only former service members are able to do the job.

  • The leftist 9 will continue in their reign of communism unless WE VOTE THEM OUT AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY!
    Zaletel first with the recall, then let’s pick the rest of them off one by one at the ballot boxes.

  • Rick here is a bit of info you haven’t heard, there have been more deaths in Taiwan from the vaccines than from the virus. The problem you have is you don’t read and eat the slop that the powerbrokers feed you. You will learn too late that they do not care about you or anyone else but their power and you are one of the millions of useful idiots that they utilize to gain more power. Remember this is all being done for a virus that kills less than a half a percent of the people it infects and those that die usually have other issues which exacerbate the problem people have with the virus. You can get the vaccine and wear a mask, I could care less but don’t force me. By the way the vaccinated people have now become the new super-spreaders. Chew on that for a while and this weekend watch a college football game with 100,000 plus people all cheering together WITHOUT MASKS and some stadiums will be chanting “Let’s go Brandon”.

    • “The deaths may not be directly related to the vaccine, but still some Taiwan netizens worried that Japan was just dumping the “questionable” vaccine on Taiwan. The AZ [Astra-Zeneca] vaccine is not included in the inoculation plan in Japan.”

  • Here’s How Anyone Can Get Ivermectin
    Posted on May 15, 2021 by State of the Nation
    How to Get Ivermectin
    FLCCC Alliance

  • It’s a simple matter of like any cancer, the members must be cut out. They must be removed from the seat they’re currently infesting. It’s going to be a difficult task because no doubt some of them come from cesspools that harbor and encourage such. It’s going to take the people in Anchorage and on a broader scale that people have Alaska to stand up to this tyranny. They’ve gone behind your back with secret meetings that rivals Himmler. They must be surgically removed with the sharpness of a vote. Send them squealing from the feeling.

  • MY HERO!!!!

  • Let’s all vote to give the class act, Jamie some reinforcements and vote the idiot Marxists out. VOTE Anchorage!

  • …say all that to the families of the 700,000 Americans who died, in large measure, to the anti vax/anti mask nonsense that is being spewed by folks, like you, Mayor Bronson, Governor Dunleavy, Gov. Abbott, Gov. DeSantis… etc., etc….

    Shame on you…. Lots of folks have died who did not need to die because of the unwillingness of so many people like you Ms. Allard, to except the truth of how horrible this disease is…

    • Tell us the, Bill, “how horrible” IS this disease, really? I don’t mean using emotive anecdotes of dying grandmothers, but statistically, historically, epidemiologically? I’ll tell you: it is about as bad as the bad influenza pandemics of 1957 and 1968 (for which I note nobody was demanding nonsensical, virtue-signaling BS like mandatory masks or societal lockdowns), about 1/20 as bad (based on case fatality rates) as the Spanish Flu, and less than 1/100 as bad as the Black Death. Yet based on all the irrational hysteria and exaggerated fear coming from sheep like you, Bill, one would think that we had a repeat of the Black Death on our hands.
      The only fools here are those, like you, who are too weak-minded, cowardly, and just plain ignorant and stupid to try to look beyond the fearmongering propaganda of the corporate media and the political establishment, who are using this very mild pandemic to frighten sheep like you into surrendering even more of our few remaining rights for the illusion of a security which government cannot provide in any case.
      No, Bill, shame on YOU. Shame on your spinelessness, your lack of independent thinking and judgement, your weak-kneed conformity, and your abject ignorance.

      • Jefferson: Your comparison to other illnesses is instructive and interesting but not relevant. What’s relevant is this: COVID 19 kills people. Why wouldn’t we want to reduce COVID death, and a painful horrible death at that? And we have the means to reduce (but not eliminate) the threat of death in the form of masks, social distancing and, of course, vaccines.

        The cost for me is the inconvenience of a mask, but I’m quite capable of shouldering the burden. The vaccine is safe, effective, free and available; so no cost there. I suppose my freedom has been diminished but, so what? Small price to pay to reduce the threat of death to my community and family. I do not think wearing a mask is a step toward the tyranny you and others here fear. That seems reactionary and overly fearful.

        Plus, we’ve given up a lot of minor freedoms already like taking off shoes at the airport and countless others. So what? What’s the big loss?

        • Evan, the reason that your argument is so very deeply flawed and nonsensical is because you, like every other emoting, irrational, illogical leftist fail to put this disease and the deaths caused by it into ANY form of context or perspective, or to even for a moment consider the enormous economic, social and psychological costs of all the (mostly meaningless) measures putatively taken to “fight the pandemic”.
          I mentioned those other diseases, and their death rates, to try to make ignorant people like you TRY to understand that raw numbers of dead are MEANINGLESS without a context or without a proper perspective. I will repeat it again, because it is so important: MEANINGLESS. And the reason why they are meaningless is because they have no relevance by themselves, but only in a proper context, which you Covidians not only never provide, you go out of way to avoid at all costs. But, just for an example, put those deaths against the total number who die every year in the USA, or who die from largely or completely preventable diseases such as heart disease or alcoholism, and those isolated numbers look rather different indeed.
          To make an analogy with the heavy costs of the (mostly failed) public measures taken to fight this pandemic vs. their putative benefits (few, if any), let me point out a simple fact: over 30,000 Americans die in automobile accidents every year. And we COULD save every one of those lives! All it would take is to institute a national speed limit of 10 mph. It would guarantee saving essentially 100% of those 30,000 people. 30,000 people! Don’t you want to save those lives?! But, what would be the economic and societal costs of a national 10mph speed limit? It would be instantly ruinous, and that is why nobody seriously proposes it, even though so many lives could thereby be saved. But it is that kind of analysis that the Covidian cult never considers.
          The other thing you Covidians consistently fail to realize is that there is no such thing as “no risk”, and that there are always costs in mitigating those risks. Risk is all around us, at every moment of our lives. And if one desires to lower a particular risk, that cannot be done in isolation; there is always an associated cost, often financial but often of other natures as well. ALWAYS. So we have to make difficult decisions, every day and every moment, to balance the benefits of the individual activities of our lives with the associated risks, and balance the relative degree of each risk with the costs of avoiding or mitigating those risks. But the hysterical, emotion-based arguments of every one of you Covidians never consider or take into account any of this, and that is what makes trying to argue logically with people like you so infuriating and so pointless.

          • Jefferson: I don’t need you to tell me that decisions require assessing benefits and risks. Duh.

            How about this example. Take Ivermectin. Benefits: won’t kill you, inexpensive, widely available. Costs: ineffective.

            Or this. Take a vaccine. Benefits: safe, effective, cheap and available. Costs. A minute % of people suffer side effects.

            That’s really all the context you need to concern yourself with.

        • Evan. It is clear you have not been paying attention to what has been happening since this “pandemic” started. If you want to remain inside the box of limited thinking, that is up to you. If you want to feel the bliss of ignorance and continue to eat your government provided steak, that is up to you.

          Many of us see where this is all leading because it has been demonstrated right in front of us.
          We will mot give up freedom just so some government actors and pretend to give us salvation. There is no personal power in giving up our responsibility to another.
          We know that once we give up our freedom for the illusion of security, we will not get it back. My life is my own. I am responsible for it and no one else. I am not responsible for anyone elses health, that is on the individual. If people are dying due to being of a weak immune system, chances are they would not make it long in this world anyways. It is up to us to continue to rise towards a greater way of life, not to hold ourselves back for those who cannot make the ascent themselves. Our lives here are a personal journey. No one can live my life for me, I have to do it. This is why I resist the insincere notions of the government. I have seen their true motives and it is not for thr upliftment of humanity. Just take a look outside your square thinking, Agent Smith.

      • Yup, listed 51 out of the top 100 diseases in the World. 493 people have died in Alaska, out of roughly 732,000 in 19 mos. And largely all deaths accompanied by either age, infirmity, and 1 or more Comorbidities. If Early Home Ambulatory Treatment were offered by the Big 3: Providence, Alaska Reg’l, Mat-Su Reg’l many of these people wouldn’t have died. But politics came before the oath; money & greed, too. And fear of censure. Pretty sick stuff for complicit doctors, nurses, EMT’s, PA’s, technicians, pharmacists, oh the list just goes on and on. I hope they get class-actioned.

    • We may disagree, but you just put me in the same circle as Bronson, DeSantis and Abbott? Thank you! I’ll take it!

    • Genetics, ya big dummy, it’s genetics. But keep that foul hate spewing Bill or Billy or Mac or Buddy.

    • Most likely COVID-19 came from the Wuhan lab. Who had involvement with said lab? W.H.O. covered-up whom’s involvement/research with the lab? Who is actually skirting responsibility for funding the G.O.F. research at the Wuhan lab? Who do ya’ll worship as your potential savior from from the virus?
      I think you know, deep down, who is actually responsible for killing 700,000 Americans!

  • Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Peter McCullough.

    Pierre Kory, a leading researcher on ivermectin, describing his fight to bring ivermectin to the world: “Our little ivermectin has so many big enemies. It’s David versus 10 Goliaths.”

    Dr. Paul Marik, famous in world medical circles, the second-most published critical care doctor in the history of medicine, says if ivermectin “were universally distributed at a dose that costs 10 American cents in India and about the cost of a Big Mac in the U.S., ivermectin would save countless lives, crush variants, eliminate the need for endless big pharma booster shots and end the pandemic all over the world.”

    Dr. Peter McCoullough, has been the world’s most prominent and vocal advocate for early outpatient treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection in order to prevent hospitalization and death.
    Here are his credentials:

    Professor of Medicine, Texas A & M College of Medicine
    Board Certified Internist and Cardiologist
    President Cardiorenal Society of America
    Editor-in-Chief, Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine
    Editor-in-Chief, Cardiorenal Medicine
    Senior Associate Editor, American Journal of Cardiology
    Dr. Peter McCullough has an impressive list of credentials1 — he’s an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and a full professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine in Dallas and is the editor of two medical journals and published hundreds of studies in the literature. He’s also among those brave and courageous persons speaking out about the dangers of COVID-19 jabs and putting his medical license and future livelihood at risk by so doing.
    -Dr. Peter McCullough who warns that COVID-19 vaccines not only are failing but are putting lives at risk
    -McCullough believes if the proper safety boards had been in place, the COVID-19 vaccine program would have been shut down in February 2021 based on safety and risk of death
    -By January 22, 2021, 186 deaths had been reported after COVID-19 vaccination — more than enough to reach the mortality signal of concern
    -In his practice, McCullough is seeing an array of neurologic syndromes in people who’ve been vaccinated, with symptoms including blindness, paralysis, difficulty swallowing, headaches, ringing in the ears, myocarditis and more
    -McCullough also mentions antigenic, or immune, escape, which he believes is driving the creation of COVID-19 variants and making the pandemic worse instead of better

    *******The chilling threats by powerful medical regulatory bodies will effectively silence physicians and other healthcare personnel in speaking or writing on the pandemic. As the calls and office visits pour in from vaccine failure cases, doctors face a difficult set of choices. Treating patients for acute COVID-19 means facing risks concerning the choice of treatments and what is said regarding the medical evidence and the outcomes patients can expect.
    ********The process of taking care of patients has become convoluted as heavy-handed public statements by the American Medical Association and public health officials have declared no benefit for hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin despite hundreds of supportive studies, randomized trials, and first-line use in many countries around the world.

    Go online to the FLCCC website, and read more about its ivermectin travails and the travesties its doctors have encountered. Spread the story to your friends.
    It states “You, too, might be among those to save the world.”

    Kudos to you Jamie! Keep up the fight!

    • This denies the fact that vaccination has been shown dramatically to protect those who get it from Covid much more effectively than any know therapeutic. If you wanna roll the dice, you have to play the odds. They don’t look good for ivermectin, but they do for vaccines.
      Some of us will be winners, and some of us will be losers. Which side are you ready to bet your life on?

      • You don’t get out much, or read much, or apparently try to gather ANY kind of information from anywhere but the corporate media, isn’t that right Homo?

      • I will take neither because I have what I need within me.
        This world challenges us to persist. If the weak cannot make it, then they were not ready to face the challenge. Maybe next time.
        I will not weaken myself and enter the subscription of medical dependence. I am strong and this event shall pass, like all others and I will have gained experience from it to face my next challenge.

        • Should you require emergency health care, I trust you will dismiss it since you do not subscribe to medical dependence.

          • If by rejecting emergency health care, can I ignore the vaccine mandates, and go about my business without a mask?
            Because I am good with that. Get your restrictions off of me, and I will sign any waiver necessary. If I contract COVID and I need healthcare, it is OK to refuse it.

    • Latest report says, Molnupiravir (Merck) will be sold to the U.S. government for $217 per dose/per patient. Lovely, just lovely. I smell money.

      • That’s one pill. That’s a dose.

  • Nice rant, Jamie. Now, tell me what you are going to do about the homeless problem in Anchorage? And I’d be interested to know how you intend, as an assembly member, to deal with the crisis at the border and the Afghan crisis, whatever it is you perceive them to be. The recall will take care of itself, since it has already been put into motion.
    All I’m getting from you is hot air, and we don’t need any more of that. Time to woman up.

    • Homo, it is difficult to pick out any rational point or argument from your rambling non sequitur of a comment. What does an Anchorage Assembly member have to do with the border crisis or Afghanistan? I think you’re confusing Jamie Allard with a congressman or a senator. As for the homeless problem, the first thing that any rational person would do — so, in other words, what NOBODY in the Marxist Nine has done, just the opposite in fact — is to NOT coddle and lionize them, and to NOT shower them with endless and unlimited benefits, subsidies and other programs which actually incentivize their dysfunctional lifestyle and behavior. Or, as the Hippocratic Oath has it, “First do no harm”. But for the ass-embly’s Marxist Nine, they must instead be following the Hypocritic Oath: “First, do every harm possible”.

    • Hey Homo Erectus
      It is against the law to fornicate, defecate and urinate on public property!
      We do not live in California, Oregon or Washington who allows this disgusting behavior!! Alaska is a RED STATE AND WILL NEVER ALLOW ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR OF THIS KIND!!!

    • What are YOU doing about the homeless problem? Have you gone out into the streets and interacted with them? Have you even bothered to learn their names? Have you bothered to make them smile or give them food or even a piece of candy? Do you know Richard Reye? A man who can barely walk, but does not pity himself. He makes art daily. Inspirational quotes adorned with beautiful colors. He takes donations, but gives his art out freely in hopes to uplift his fellow humanity.
      I have watched homeless mill about, looking for that half smoked cigarette from the crevasses of the streets. I see them light up as they enjoy the tingling sweetness of a Hichew.

      These are people, not just a problem. One must understand that we cannot fix other peoples challenges for them, they must take back their power to do it themselves. We can only assist.

      What have YOU done to help?

  • Hey Homo,
    Arrest the homeless!
    It is illegal to fornicate, do drugs, crap and urinate in public! We are a RED STATE! We are not California, Oregon or Washington!!!

  • HOMO needs to MAN UP!!!!

  • Let’s Go Brandon!
    Arrest the homeless who fornicate, urinate, crap on our streets, openly do drugs and break the law!!!
    We are Alaska, a RED STATE and not California, Oregon or Washington!!

  • Hey HOMO NO ERECTUS, what are you doing about the problem??


  • To think someone had mentioned I believe last year that the a$$embly is doing a great job and they need a raise… no doubt a man that stands with the violation of our rights by a group that seems to have forgotten they work for us and not we the people work for them. They have called the public citizens names,, one particular a$$embly goon degraded a Rabbi,, they have had a citizen arrested, the list goes on. They never let us know where is the money from Covid,, they selected their own special interest group and set the group up in a bldg and now I wonder who pays for that space ? We the people ?? It is a sad state of
    affairs when the political party abuses the public they no longer represent but for their own selfish childish and abusive bashing to the people… This is not the same place I came to in the 70’s after leaving a border town where I could not find a job because I am white. Sad, Sad, Sad. Dear Lord,, this is a problem….

    • Dude, the citizen that was arrested was trying to bring a handgun into a volitile public meeting. Good, right?

      • Evan, let’s stick to facts. He was being removed for being disorderly, and he did not declare to police that he had a firearm in his waistband, and so he was charged for violation of duty to inform. 12 states plus the District of Columbia require individuals to inform law enforcement upon contact (without being asked). – sd

  • I am happy to report that the Walgreens at Minnesota and Northern Lights and the Midtown Walmart at Northern Lights and C Street are NOT enforcing masks as of this time, and are allowing free Alaskans to shop within their locations without enforcing any unenforceable ‘mandates’, and unto mine own observation, less than half of the patrons are masked, inclusive of myself, and no one cares, one way or the other…the employees are masked, of course, given their directive, I am sure, but the patrons are left up unto their own personal decisions, which is at is was before the Marxist 9 declaration…so I wonder, what has changed?


  • I am happy to report Alaska Family Medical Care will provide Early Home Ambulatory Treatment (prevents viral replication during early phase), and will prescribe the needed medication. Walgreen’s at the corner of Tudor and Lake Otis dispenses the needed medication for EHAT.

  • Thank you Assemblywoman Jamie Allard

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