Alaska Covid Alliance summit draws hundreds to hear from Dr. Peter McCullough and others


Over 400 people on Friday and 350 on Saturday attended the second Alaska Covid Alliance conference. They signed up for the conference, held in the main sanctuary at Mountain City Church in Anchorage, to hear about the effects of the Covid, the issues with spike protein on the human body, concerns with long Covid, the plans of the World Health Organization, and other related topics, including the role of artificial intelligence in medical policy decisions.

Top speakers from the world of Covid research and experts such as Dr. Peter McCullough of Texas and Dr. Ryan Cole of Idaho, spoke about the side effects of Covid, and the Covid vaccines. Dr. Cole attended the first Alaska Covid Alliance conference in 2021.

During this conference, people learned about the risk of heart attacks, and why young athletes are suffering from myocarditis — and some are dying.

Dr. McCullough, who spoke for two hours on Friday about myocarditis and how to get rid of the spike protein, recommended a call to action, including:

  • Dropping all vaccine mandates immediately.
  • Prohibiting forms of pressure, coercion, or threat of reprisals for vaccination.
  • Banning all forms of vaccine discrimination.
  • Pausing Pfizer/Moderna/JNJ vaccines until a thorough safety review.
  • Beginning vaccine injury treatment centers at major medical centers.
  • Pivoting to early Covid-19 treatment at community and academic medical centers.

He also mentioned that the time has come to ban transgender programs for youth and drop transgender elective surgery funding for adults.

This year’s conference attendees were primarily non-medical people, with only about a dozen medical professionals, including doctors, in the crowd.

The Alaska Covid Alliance gave out three “Noble Prize” awards — two of them were to local restaurants that defied the Covid closure mandates put in place by former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz in 2020: Little Dipper Diner and Kriner’s Diner, and the third award was given to Dr. McCullough for his courage in standing up to the government.

Later, Dr. McCullough posted on social media a photo of himself and Anchorage Dr. Ilona Farr, who he credited for having courage to treat Covid patients with early therapeutic remedies, and for taking heavy fire from the medical establishment, including Anchorage doctors who tried to have her medical license revoked.

Dr. Ilona Farr and Dr. Peter McCullough, at the Alaska Covid Alliance conference in Anchorage on Friday.

McCullough wrote, “Proud to stand with Dr Ilona Farr who treated thousands of Alaskans for high risk C19 with multidrug therapy. Sadly shamed Anchorage doctors attempted to interfere with Farr’s standard of care by reporting her to the medical board. Farr prevailed. #CourageousDiscourse.”

Farr was one of the speakers, and her topics included censorship, supply chain challenges, and Covid injuries, and the “80th Percentile Rule.”  80th percentile regulation, enacted in 2004, requires health insurers to pay out-of-network providers for services at an amount equal to or greater than the 80th percentile of charges in a geographical area.

Dr. Ryan Cole of Idaho focused on blood clots, sudden death, vaccine injuries, and future mRNA vaccines. Dr. Jordan Vaughn of Birmingham Ala. spoke about treatments for long Covid and blood clots, and Dr. Diane Counce, an Alabama neurologist, spoke about neurological injuries from Covid and the Covid vaccines.

Dr. Stewart Tankersley, a family physician, spoke about the vaccine effects on reproduction and the impact on the military. James Taylor of the Heartland Institute, spoke to the issue of government control, and how Covid policies were a trial run for things to come.


  1. Courageous and honorable people, every one of them!

    Sadly, it takes a fortitude that the average person nowadays completely lacks in order to stand against the conformism inherent in official narratives, lies and propaganda, which means EVERYTHING regarding the establishment Covidian agenda of fearmongering and naked authoritarianism.

    • I wonder what these folks paid to attend, and/or what products these fine “Doctors” hawked in the lobby after the event. The grift never stops, and the MRAK’ers just keep falling for it.

      It’s so hard for one to admit one’s self-delusion, isn’t it? I’m torn between pity, disgust, and laughter…

      • You would not have to wonder if you had gone to the event, listened to what was said, and actually had some concrete information to back up your comments here.

      • It’s so hard for one to admit one’s self-delusion, isn’t it, Whidbey? I’m torn between pity, disgust, and laughter … for you. Enjoy the blood clots, Dr. Thedog. Your expertise in this is just overwhelmingly Faucian.

    • Well, I see from the Alaska Covid Alliance that tickets were a mere $40 at the door. For $40, I’ll take a nice filet at Club Paris instead.

      • Doubling down on your previous comment?
        You would rather remain ignorant of what the folks on the other side of the issue are saying/doing? How does that make your comments here better, more informed, or wiser?

      • As a good shill for the corrupt power establishment, I see that you try to attack those who are and have been speaking truth to power and lies, yet all you have is innuendo, snark, and ad hominem attacks in your quiver. Your absolute cognitive dissonance and desperation in trying to defend the indefensible is palpable.

        Maybe Steve-O, stalwart soldier of the Covidian disinformation lobby, will come to your rescue.

        • Ohhh Jeff, poor poor Jeff, the lack of self awareness in your post is hilarious!

          “all you have is innuendo, snark, and ad hominem attacks in your quiver. Your absolute cognitive dissonance and desperation in trying to defend the indefensible is palpable.” The unintended irony in your post is what is palpable!

          Why is it that so many people who accuse others of ad hominem attacks clearly do not understand what an ad hominem attack is? Why is it that they then proceed to level ad hominem attacks themselves?

          And covid, is that still a thing?

          • Steve, your consistent and vehement, nay rabid, defense of the entire sordid Covidian hysteria and control agenda will NOT be forgotten, despite your obvious desire to now sweep it all under the rug. Your dishonesty and duplicity surrounding all that speak for themselves, as does your implicit denial of it now.

            And yes, Covid is “still a thing”, for all those who continue to suffer and die as a result of the ruinous lockdowns, denials of necessary medical service, and most of all the unsafe, ineffective and still-experimental so-called “vaccines”, which you maniacally defended in this forum at every opportunity.

          • Jeff,
            You never paid attention to what I said about covid years ago, you’re a one trick pony with nothing to offer, sadly all you have is covid and childish insults.

            Covid isn’t really a thing anymore, like I said years ago this will run its course just like other pandemics before it that become endemic. I’m sorry that you’ve attached yourself in your entirety to something that isn’t even a passing thought to most.

          • Fire,
            That must have been a different Steve-O, either that or should still have covid brain. But that’s the thing about all you true believers, facts never matter it’s all about telling the lie so much that even you yourself believe it!

          • Steve, you sound EXACTLY here like the typical radical leftist extremist that I have long suspected you really are. You are at the very least a hostage to establishment propaganda, gaslighting and official narratives, both regarding COVID as well as the kneejerk and unquestioned (and, with you, unquestionable) support for the government of Israel.

      • Filet of know-it-all goes well with a side of raw elitism and snide dressing. Can I get you some bitters for your indigestion?

  2. Cheese whiz Wally, they doped me into the first vax + booster and even not going to the Covid Alliance summit. I know I’ll never take another one or EVER trust the WHO or our Government again.

  3. We invested heavily in Ivermectin when we saw that no doctors or pharmacies in Alaska were going to allow the prescribtion to be allowed. We were infected with covid and after 3 days of taking the ivermectum the covid was gone We were able to help others with getting Ivermectin and they never had to go to the hospital when they contracted the virus and they also after 3 days were basically going back to normal activities. I can report of numerous others that experienced what Ivermectin could do. Shame on those who did allow the physicians to practice their medicine. Shame on the hospitals that killed many people. What was in your mind? Do not let this happen again.

    • Well Sidney, I wonder if you’ll feel the same way when you have a heart attack, or cancer, or some other serious disease. No doubt you’ll refuse all modern treatment, heal yourself with herbs, or bleach, or horse drugs, or whatever.

      Yes, you know better. You’ve got the inside track on healing and medical treatment, and everyone else is being hoodwinked by the evil scientific and medical establishments.

      How in the world can someone end up with such screwed up thinking? You’re only hurting yourself (and your kids too I wonder??).

      So good luck with that.

      • Yes, it is used in horse dewormer.
        It also won a Nobel prize for Medicine.
        It also has saved millions of lives in Africa treating parasitic infections.
        It is one of the safest drugs ever made.
        It as also tested by the CDC and proven to be an effective antiviral invitro.
        It was also an alternative to the CDC early advice to covid patients to go home, wait until you get really sick, come back to the hospital and will put you on a ventilator and kill you.

      • Sure is a lot of angry venting by you. Are you sure not a little angry that you were hood winked by modern science and took a experimental vaccine and boosters?

      • Whidbey, the irony of your comment here is quite rich, considering that it is YOU Covidian conformists, and believers in the discredited and disproven official narratives surrounding the Wuhan Virus, who are denying science. One proof of that is your ignorant and gullible submission to an untested treatment that is STILL, by definition, purely experimental. But maybe you see a guinea pig when you look in the mirror? I, on the other hand, do not.

      • I’m just curious, why the rhetoric here against this man/woman who is a perfect stranger to you? Ivermectin has had a long history of human use and has not been shown to cause any of the above.

      • WTD your leap here is interesting as well as erroneous. You equate critical hesitancy toward the Covid mRNA shot with refusal of ALL medical intervention. Clearly nothing could be further from the truth. Many more mature individuals are great poster children for “better living through pharma/chemistry”. Since it is your body and you in the end are the ONLY one, who will suffer the consequences, a healthy mix of skepticism is required to ascertain if the suggested drug will bring a benefit to your health management. Covid shots have not proven to perform as advertised. We still do not know if they interact with other medications you take or other vaccines you have received, let alone 10 or 20 year long term effects, especially on children and their rapidly dividing cells. Anytime you get a new medication, most people perform a risk vs reward assessment. When government messaging is so obviously one sided and alternatives are so vilified, skepticism is in order.
        It is a free country and if you want to get all these boosters go ahead, but you are not entitled to then tell all others to follow only your lead and harangue them if they find other arguments/choices more valuable for their situation.

  4. All of the speakers from out-of-state came to Alaska out of the goodness of their hearts – they want to help humanity win this 5th generation war that we are in. They did not get paid to speak, but the Alaska Covid Alliance was able to pay for their airfare to Alaska. What a blessing it is to know that Alaska has not been forgotten in this war! (ex) Senator Lora Rheinbold gave a fantastic speech about this battle. I suggest that people watch the video of the conference when it is available at the Alaska Covid Allliance website. There was good information shared on health, what we can do to protect ourselves and help ourselves, great information on the chemtrails, on AI, and so much more. A big Thank You to Alaska Covid Alliance for making this conference happen AND a big Thank You to the Mountain City Church for allowing this conference to take place at your facility!

  5. DR Ryan Cole had his large lab with 80 employees. The insurance companies stopped the billings for patients. He is now traveling on his own dollar without the business income. Boise, Idaho.

  6. Since this is faith based medicine, how appropriate that they held the event in a church. These are the real lemmings, not those of us that believe in peer-reviewed medicine. You know, results that can be tested and are open to falsification? I wonder how many believe that even taking vaccines is “against God’s will”. I’ve heard that more than once and it isn’t even new. Jenner faced the same criticism with his smallpox vaccine. Nothing new under the sun.

    • It is truly ironic hearing a radical leftist prattle on about the supposed ‘faith’ of others, when the entire radical leftist political and social agenda is fundamentally faith-based, as logic, reason and facts have nothing to do with any of it.

  7. it is astounding to me that so many fervently buy into to the vaccine scam. 1st and foremost it is NOT a vaccine. Do you people also believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone? How about TWA 800, the smoke & mirrors story claimed the 747’s center fuel tank blew up. That did not happen, and has never happened. The U.S. Navy accidently shot it down with a submarine launched missile. I know people that were there. This government is capable of fabricating fairy tales to suit the occasion and so many incredibly naive sheeple blindly follow and believe this crap. In the case of TWA, Clinton was up for re-election and ordered the cover up. This so called vaccine is the latest example, a test to so how many will buy this load of crap and how effectively can they be manipulated. Had it twice, very effectively treated with for human consumption Ivermectin, easily obtainable with a bit of internet research. The CDC, WHO and that weasily little prick Fauci have zero credibility in my book. No Vax, No Mask and No Fear! Question authority.

    • It’s astounding to me that you don’t seem to understand what a vaccine is. A vaccine is, by definition, something that is administered to elicit an immune response. That’s exactly what the mRNA vaccine was designed to do and what it does. Therefore. it IS a vaccine.

      • It’s not a vaccine! It’s a gene editing experiment, delivered by mrna. This is the first injections that delevers it’s contents through the blood brain barrier. The science is not settled and new revaluations on its affects are coming in on a daily basis. Its been shown to harm the bodies immune response. New study out of the UK shows that 70% of covid deaths now, are from those who took 2 or more injections.
        Continue to follow the science.

      • No, Communistman.

        According to the pre-2021 definition of the word, a vaccine is something administered to elicit an EFFECTIVE immune response, so as to effectively halt contraction and transmission of the infectious agent in question. The Covid mRNA so-called “vaccine” does none of that.

        • Hahahaha, Jeff is giving us HIS definition of the word vaccine! Years ago Jeff couldn’t be bothered to read the definitions repeatedly provided to him and now he’s made his own, well isn’t that precious!

          • Steve, how do you find time to troll here, what with all the mRNA boosters you should be getting? I believe that the CDC schedule for them is now up to daily.

  8. I recently had my annual visit with my primary care physician. I asked her if she took the covid shots. Her very brief response: “No, development was too brief”.

  9. According to most definitions of “Vaccine” it is an injectable substance formulated to stimulate antibodies and the immune system to prevent a person from acquiring and or minimize the adverse affects of the target affliction. Oddly enough I know a number of people that took the jab, got the booster and eventually were sick as hell with Covid 19. Real success story there. The Medical community and Pharmaceutical industry have made an obscene amount of money on this despicable scam, and I am not buying a scrap of it. No Vax, No Mask No Fear!


    • Michael, I commend you for that reasoned argument above.

      I eschewed the jab, got an early nasty strain of C-19 and survived in spite of being over 65. I recall laying in bed thinking that this damn thing was engineered, for a purpose by some evil SOB’s.

      Thankfully I have natural immunity now and haven’t been sick since. Unlike my jabbed friends, some of them catch it iver and over again.

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