Red trend? Republican Jeff Landry wins as governor of Louisiana


Republicans have flipped Louisiana’s top office from blue to red. Attorney General Jeff Landry, who was backed by former President Donald Trump, won the Louisiana governor’s race, giving Republicans the office after Louisiana has been ruled by Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards for eight years.

With more than half of the votes, the 52-year-old Landry won’t face a runoff. This brings the total number of states with Republican governors to 27.

“Today’s election says that our state is united,” Landry said Saturday night, speaking to supporters. “It’s a wake up call and it’s a message that everyone should hear loud and clear, that we the people in this state are going to expect more out of our government from here on out.”

Landry has been the elected state attorney general since 2016 and has used his office to defend traditional values, including banning chemical and surgical castration of children, supporting the state’s ban on abortion, and he has fought against the rise of pornography being pushed on children in schools and public libraries.

Louisiana is has a strong resource-based economy, natural gas and oil, timber, fishing and agriculture. Louisiana is also the primary producer of salt in the United States.

The state has about 10% of U.S. total marketed natural gas production and holds about 7% of the nation’s natural gas reserves. Louisiana has 15 oil refineries that account for nearly one-sixth of the nation’s refining capacity, with the ability to process nearly 3 million barrels of crude oil per day.


  1. “we the people in this state are going to expect more out of our government from here on out.” Like more, glossy, Treasury checks? You know, the ones with the pretty pictures on them.
    This guy is a swamper, and everybody knows Trump’s picker is broken.

  2. And. if there’s a third party, are they gonna be the White party? I would like to suggest their mascot be the White Rhino, a creature of the swamp.

  3. Don’t read more into it than there is. Bel Edwards had run out of goodwill a couple years ago.

    Louisiana wobbles red/blue constantly.

  4. I wouldn’t read too much into this either way. Louisiana has always been a conservative state but, as in other parts of the South, many voters still fall for the “southern Democrat” mantra as they did with John Bel Edwards.

    If anything has become clear, there is no such thing as a “moderate” Democrat.

    • Yes, AK Pilot, it is interesting, and depressing, how apparently virtually every supposedly moderate Democrat has allowed the far-left extremists within their party to speak for them, and to represent them. Much like how the average Palestinian has ceded authority to Hamas.

  5. Alaska is not far off in wobbling red/blue.
    Bill Walker was primed and ready to hand over our LNG supply to China using a Chinese funded pipeline to expedite it to the waiting Chinese tankers at the port in Nikiski.
    Him and his spouse Donna were even guests of the CCP in between the parties with the Bidens all paid for with a big bundle of CASH. The Chinese know how weak in the knees politicians get when they see a handful of greenbacks.(Bill was actually bowing to Xi…He may have fallen to his knees).
    The scenery and language spoken in Alaska could be very different if Willy would have won a second term over Mike.
    Peking Duck would have replaced the Turkey for Thanksgiving.

    • In God Alaskans will find their hope. Just as the pastor last night said “ Alaska is the number one state for suicide, majority of people here have no hope, there isn’t enough Alaskans both church goers (past and present) and those Alaskans outside the churches who hadn’t seen the gospel of Jesus lived out nor told to them.” “He was compelled to drive into Mountain View one evening before going to the camp on third and ingra to pray. He saw two homeless young man standing on the side in Mountain View and he stopped to talk with them. He gave them a ride and shared again about the love and redemption of Jesus. One of the men before getting out revealed that night he feeling hopeless he was contemplating taking his own life before the pastor stopped. Alaskans can’t vote differently if they don’t think differently for Alaska to get out from underneath its depressive leadership to let say cement Alaska another strong Red Republican state it needs to find its Hope in God and by knowledge of His Word learning how to serve one another in the body so we can know how to serve those outside like the two men this local pastor served reminding them, living out, and teaching the Gospel that is New Life in Christ Jesus and with a new life a thought life and yes a new voting record.

    • Flipping the Anchorage Assembly will take time as well as hard work, for example since 1990 the democrats like Mark Begich generation they did work very had to turn Anchorage over into the Blue leadership we have today. God’s Word does reward before the just and unjust for their labors. The local body of believers as the pastor last night was telling our small gathering of myself and the other five adults in the room plus the four children in the room we need to pray not only for our own self and families and for our community but also for the local body of believer in Anchorage. As I had mentioned pray for the non Christian conservatives and non Christian republicans homeowners they will find their hope, strength, and joy in God through Christ Jesus not to sell everything and leave Anchorage. If those who did leave, are selling, pray over those vacated homes for sale in our neighborhoods God sends new homeowners who will help through actions and votes to bring about leaders in the community who respect the things of God. I can attest by my own experiences he does change out neighbors when we pray for new homeowners or new neighbors. I tell you if the pastor’s little grand son is asking and telling his little public school classmates if they know Jesus and telling them about Jesus then we know adults can and should be doing them same if they really love Jesus. If one really loves someone or something they can’t help themselves talking about them with all. Including making intercession prayers for those unbelieving Conservatives and Republicans so they choose to stay and help their neighbors by their leadership to do the hard work to turn a community around.

      And Anchorage is not That lost, yet, it’s getting there, but I know what lostness is, I came from Southeast Alaska out of Juneau (raised there all my life, I hated it for my mother hated it, it was very lonely place because of few people looked after me and my mother) which Juneau is even more lost and hopeless and depressive than it was in 1990 and I am hearing from the internet stories Juneau is experiencing a bizarre high rate of its men being reported going missing and being found dead. There is remnant of Hope here on Anchorage I encounter more people here than I did in Juneau who like the two men the pastor talked to in Mountain View they want to hear, see, and feel the love of God through Christ being lived out through his disciples. With that kind of Hope still here, there is hope for Anchorage it’s not a dead place, yet. While I was growing up in Juneau and living there as an adult. There was so much animosity by not only believers of Juneau but also unbelievers toward the talking about God, Jesus, and Bible. That His people (believers) they stay quiet and kept to their own little church groups and openly criticized other believers for talking openly about Christ. Now look at Juneau today. Anchorage hasn’t reached that low level of animosity and hopeless state, yet, when its residents you can still encounter someone young and old wearing a shirt proclaiming His Kingdom, Kingdom car stickers, non catholic crosses in the car mirrors, Kids telling their classmates and teachers about Jesus IN an ASD public school. Yeah… penny there is still a remenant of Hope for Anchorage believers of the cross and non believing conservatives and non believing republicans can give a political earthquake to Anchorage one day. The unbelieving conservatives and republicans they can’t do it without God because of the hoplessness and negative thought life experienced by Alaskans like the two men; which is why the Church need to make prayer intercessions for them to have the wisdom, knowledge, and strength how to lead where Gods wants them – a God our state’s unbelieving conservatives and state republicans don’t proclaim, yet.

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