Alaska Airlines, United, Delta drop mask mandate


Alaska Airlines announced today that face coverings on its flights are now optional.

“Face masks have been like boarding passes for nearly two years — you couldn’t fly without one. But, as of today, masks are optional in airports and onboard aircraft, effective immediately,” the airlines announced. United and Delta also dropped their mask requirements.

Earlier Monday, a federal judge ruled the Biden Administration’s face mask mandate in transportation facilities and aircraft, trains, and buses is an illegal action by the federal government. The Transportation Security Administration immediately announced it is no longer enforcing the federal government’s mask mandate.

The airlines noted that while TSA is no longer enforcing the Biden mandate, it may take time for individual airports to be responsive. Also, those traveling to Canada on Alaska Airlines flights will need to wear masks, the company said.

Alaska said that guests who were banned for not following the previous mask policy may remain banned if their behavior was “particularly egregious.” The airline did not provide guidance for how those decisions would be made or when people on the no-fly list, such as Sen. Lora Reinbold, might be permitted to use the airlines once again.

Sen. Reinbold has insisted from the beginning of the pandemic that the mask mandate was an unlawful overreach of power of the federal government, and today’s court ruling proved she was correct. She was banned from Alaska Airlines last year for not complying to the company’s satisfaction when it came to donning a face mask in the airports and on its jets.


  1. It may not be a large victory but a victory for the people none the less…..We need this judge to take a look at several more cases especially related to several orders that greatly effect Alaska and all Alaskans as well as the nations energy needs..!!!

  2. Time to fly the non scientific autocracy has screwed upmthe first 18 months of my retirement. NEVER AGAIN.

    • The CDC public transportation mandate was effective Feb 3, 2021. Plaintiffs brought suit against the US in July 2021. So the court has been dealing with this pathetic case for about 10 months–still far too long. Unfortunately, the courts tend to exert little direct control over the actions of the litigants in such cases as long as they follow the rules of civil procedure. At least we can find some silver lining here in that the court eventually rendered the proper decision with respect to the applicable law–unlike some others in recent memory.

  3. Finally, common sense and science have returned. Now we need a serious scientific discourse as to why in 2021 the United States recorded an astounding 40% increase in all cause excessive deaths, the most common being heart attacks and lung clots. Let the chips fall where they may and may the guilty, and their enablers, rot in prison!

      • Sources? Data? Long-term studies? Anything peer reviewed?

        Nothing, that’s because YOU are the long-term side effects study group now, with ZERO legal recourse going forward. #sad #Iamprayingforyou

        • Eric,
          There’s plenty of sources and data out there, you won’t believe any of them since you are a fanatic, but for anyone interested in being intellectually honest ourworldindata . org, CDC, lancet, nature, well pretty much any reliable news source or literally any search engine. Even the kookiest of the kooks acknowledge covid is real and has led to excess deaths, are you really claiming that there are no excess deaths associated with covid?

          Speaking of being intellectually honest, have you had a chance to try it out yet, Eric?

          • Steve, the fact that you cite the absurdly politicized and completely discredited CDC as a supposedly unbiased and reliable source of information on the Wuhan Virus similarly discredits you yourself, and anything you have to say here on the subject.
            But of course we all already knew that, seeing as how you have consistently been nothing but a parrot for the highly politicized and unscientific mega-corporate and medical establishment narratives surrounding this extremely mild, but politically, socially and economically devastating pandemic — a pandemic most of all of media-led fearmongering, hysteria, and gross disinformation.

          • There’s only ONE, the original Pfizer study they tried to bury for 75 years– yep, that’s NOT to promising is it, rather distressing for anyone brave enough to read it. #factsmatter

          • For the Covidiots that did not understand my post concerning the recent revelation of a 40% surge in all cause excess deaths – these deaths were NOT Covid deaths. There was a huge surge in 2021 of heart attacks, pulmonary clots, respiratory illness & auto immune diseases that was revealed by three whistleblower physicians at the DOD. It has caught the attention of most medical insurers. If you have taken the clot shot please, for the sake of our hospitals, monitor your health closely as we may be in for another overload of our healthcare system. The CDC can hide and manipulate the Covid data, but it is very hard to hide the bodies.

      • Steve-0,
        Lots of death from Covid, AND, unfortunately for you bud, LOTS of death from the supposed mRNA cure (that’s not really a cure, more a modified flu-shot). The point YOU are missing here is, is it better to take ones chances with the “natural immunity route” or go the experimental therapeutic route like you (that lasts AT BEST, 2 months).

        Off course, for you to get a grip of what people are trying to tell you here, would involve YOU, stopping with your flat earth approach to rational reasoning. You’ve made your mind up, taken your poison of choice, and will no doubt, NEVER admit you MAY have made the wrong choice, only time will tell, as the proper peer reviewed data is released.

        • Eric,
          Unfortunately for you the part you miss is that I didn’t take the mRNA vaccine (there are only two approved mRNA vaccines out of the 25+ approved worldwide), I don’t support mandatory vaccination for covid, and I believe people should be informed before being vaccinated. I’ve said all of that here numerous time, specifically to you more than a few times, and yet you continue to outright lie because you cannot accept that someone has a different opinion than you. You provide opinion in place of data and information to support your beliefs, if you so desperately want to convince people that your opinion is correct you need to bring more than other peoples opinion to the table, bring data, bring facts, bring information.

          If covid was a lab created bioweapon of the CCP then would I rather be infected by it or take a western created vaccine that will help limit my chances of suffering from that bioweapon? If covid is a naturally occurring disease would I rather be infected by it or take a western created vaccine that will help limit my chances of suffering from that disease? The evidence continues to show that worldwide the unvaccinated still disproportionately make up hospitalizations and deaths. I certainly may have made the wrong choice, but given the evidence of the time and the current preponderance of evidence I made the most informed choice I possibly could…something that many would have difficulty saying with a shred of intellectual honesty.

          • Simple answer Steve-0, be a little more flexible in your rhetoric, you come across like a mid-level public clerk, collating the data, crap in crap out, no time to listen, just got to stick with the supplied data-sets, no coloring outside the margins– no time for any lateral thinking (look it up).

            No matter what we point you at, you refuse to look, never mind risk having you mind changed. It really is sad, you won’t even think about what I’m saying here, it’ll go whizzing right by your head, because, you sir, are the person who simple prefers to opine, rather than listen to people who may make more informed decisions than yourself.

          • Eric,
            You’re right it’s very simple, you bring no actual information to support your opinion. Your opinion is just not based in fact and you don’t have anything of value to back it up. What little you have brought has been someone else’s opinion based on partial or misleading information and has ultimately been shown to support the exact opposite of your opinion to be true. You keep repeating the same demonstrably false talking points as if they are true.

            I’ve asked you to bring the data to support your beliefs, you haven’t because you can’t, it’s that simple. It’s because somebody else’s opinion isn’t data, it’s not information, it’s not fact…it’s just somebody else’s opinion and we all know what they say about opinions.

            Postpone actual information about covid vaccine deaths and not somebody else’s opinion, you say there’s lots of information out there, let’s see it…not a dark video of somebody sitting in their parents basement, actual information that supports your belief. Should be easy, bring it bud…let’s see what you’ve got.

          • ??? wake-up short ? buddy.

            You keep popping the blue pills, they’re not doing what you think, take the red pills instead!

          • Eric,
            I figured I’d give you some time, since it was such a big ask on my part…but it’s not surprising that you have nothing substantial offer. Red pill blue pill, stop popping pills and start looking at the facts, buddy. The extremes on the left and right are the only ones holding on to this pandemic, the rest of us have moved on to the endemic stage and we deal with reality not pill poppers.

          • Steve-0,

            So where do you collate your “statistics” from bud, if you don’t buy what Fauci et al (NIH&CDC) are selling?

            Come on be honest!

            Give me you top 5 Covid data sources, and 5 news sources I can fact check them against.

        • Steve-0,
          Boy, I’m sure glad I don’t worship at the alter of your guy Tony ‘science’ Fauci, talk about eating crow. Apparently, you were premature, declaring:

          >The extremes on the left and right are the only ones holding on to this pandemic, the rest of us have moved on to the endemic stage and we deal with reality not pill poppers.<

          According your messiah Tony Science, (Wed Apr 27, 2022. 14:02 UT) YOU ARE still in the pandemic stages, he reversed himself after reading your tosh here on MRAK.

          Follow the science buddy, mask-up, take your boosters, and ignore any and all therapeutics like sunshine and fresh air– back to that basement little buddy. #besafe

          • Eric,
            You very obviously worship at the altar of your Saint Fauci, you apparently follow his every word. I have no idea what he’s said today, yesterday, or for the last hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of days…I don’t care what he says, but your life clearly revolves around it.

            Like I said, the extremes on the left and right are the only ones holding on to this pandemic. Time to move on buddy, time to move on.

          • Steve-0,
            So, that wasn’t you quoting Fauci’s NIH stats for the past two years, got it, lol!!!

    • Yep, those of us who rolled the dice of common sense, and remembered that little (suppressed) Fauci interview piece on “Natural immunity is better” from the nineties can sleep a little safer after having ignored the panic porn poison poke.

  4. This may not be the end of the matter. The tenets of Clintonism now demand that the Brandon Administration triple-down on masks. The motion for immediate stay of the District court order will be filed with the Appeals court today. All the resources of the “Justice” department will be mobilized in this effort, including the CIA, New York Times, MSNBC and Buzzfeed. Demonstrators will mass around the homes of all the judges involved. Merrick Garland will announce the arrest of the District court judge as a domestic terrorist and enemy of the State. Twitter, Apple, Facebook and Google will censor all inappropriate content. I wish I could say that all of this is nonsense. It is not.

    • Not sure I agree.
      This is really a win for the current administration. Yes, there will be a LOT of whining, and half hearted attempts to reinstate some kind of mandate, but in reality, I am pretty sure they are glad this judge ruled the way they did.
      The mid terms are coming up, and continually extending this mandate was going to cost the Dems votes. A lot of votes. But, on the flip side, not extending the mandate was going to cost them the Branch Covidian vote (a large chunk of their core.)
      This gives them the perfect way to preserve as many democrat votes as possible. First of all, the mandate was rescinded by a “Right wing appointed/science hating Judge.” That gives the Brandon WH the ability to claim they did everything they could. But…wait there’s more. Now, they can also put forth some half hearted appeal, and stretch it out for a few weeks/months, making it look like they are fighting it.
      It is all about saving face, and votes. Sure, there will be some sabre rattling, but in the end, the Brandon WH is probably glad their mandate was shot down by a conservative judge. Lots of political capital to be gained.

      • You say much that I can agree with. A rational Democrat would be thankful that the mandate can be conveniently dropped. The problem is that there are so many irrational Leftists these days that maybe reluctant to let this one go. We will see. For myself, I have been been astonished with the lack of actual science supporting masks and the inability of the CDC to conduct a definitive study in the United States. The CDC should be abolished.

        • What I am seeing are headlines with the phrase “Trump appointed judge….” used.
          Yeah, they are playing to all sides of the leftist cabal. Moderates who know the mandates did nothing, and the fearmongers.

  5. Alaska Airlines is still the airline that threw the woman off for wearing a pro-Trump mask. I may fly some time but not on “Woke Airways.” I thought we told them to take Alaska’s name off their stuff.

  6. And there was never any SCIENCE to support the mandate for wearing the lousy China-made and Costco-sold papery face masks. The Wuhan lab virus just sailed right through and around those worthless face diapers. What a friggin’ joke! The N95 respirators are somewhat effective, yes, but only when well-fitted and kept in place by the user, which happens about never.

  7. The Federal judges shouldn’t stop here. All Biden mandates need to be reviewed. “Ol Sleepy was an absolute wrecking ball his first few days in office (not so much him but his handlers). Now if we could just give Fauci the boot!

  8. Very good article outlining how masks and mask mandates failed to control COVID-19.


  9. Let’s hope Senator Reinbold and others sue AK Air and win big.
    Way past time we the people stop tolerating government demigod’s unlawful “mandates” and push them back into their bureaucratic rat holes where they can wail and gnash their teeth.

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