Breaking: Federal judge strikes down Biden mask mandate for travelers


A federal judge in Florida has declared the Biden Administration’s mask mandate for airplanes and other public transportation to be illegal.

The case was brought by the Health Freedom Defense Fund and two lead plaintiffs in July of 2021. U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle agreed the mandate is unlawful, as it exceeds the authority of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and its implementation through agency rule making was also illegal.

The Biden Administration is likely to appeal, making it unclear how its agencies, such as the Transportation Security Administration, will proceed. This is a developing story.


  1. About time.

    Masking ups between bites, what a moronic behavior.

    Wait the of Bernays sheep to start quoting the bogus NIH CDC NPR NYT data.

    Ready steady GO.

    • Yeah. And she’s hot!!!! Smart as a whip. Top of her law school class. Young.
      Makes RBG look like an old witch who ruled from the Communist Manifesto.
      Makes Lisa Murkowski look like an old *itch who couldn’t pass the bar exam on the 5th attempt w/o daddy’s intervention with bar preppers (cheaters). No wonder Lisa was selected as the Senator. She was never qualified. But either was Frank.

  2. You know the Biden administration is going to appeal it and will find a court that supports his policies because they don’t really care about the American people, all they care about is control and power.

    • You are so very, very wrong, Hunter.
      What the Biden administration quite clearly cares about the most, even more than control and power, is undermining and destroying this nation.

  3. At this time, Alaska Airlines personnel are enforcing their very own mask mandate, in apparent contempt of the court order.

    • Contempt of what, exactly? The judgment stated the mandate from the Federal Government was not legal. It did nothing to stop an airline from making their own requirements. If Alaska Airlines wants to require passengers to wear yellow socks in order to board, they are well within their rights to do so.

  4. No sh—. It was always illegal, plus did nothing but piss people off, and stop them from traveling. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if we could drive to the lower 48 as well. We Alaskans have been captive for too long. Call it religious or just common sense, but a lot of us don’t want the jab, but don’t want to live on an island either. All of these precautions have been proven b.s. Now we have the Chinese bird flu to contend with. Maybe we should just ban Chinese imports in general.

  5. It took 2 1/2 years for someone to finally take a stand for science.
    But alas, the Cult of Covidiotism will not let this rest, and will relentlessly pursue appeals and more lawsuits
    until they get before a different judge, and bring the asinine mandates back.

    • Cute young Trump appointed judge actually gave Biden a nice out here, now he can say, “I didn’t do that” even though he knew he had to at some point.

  6. That judge just gave the Burden Administration a “get out of jail free” card.
    The leftists that are currently in control see the poll numbers, and know that if the continue this COVID theater of horrors, they are doomed in the mid terms. But, they also know that if they start dropping mandates, the Branch Covidians (their core voting bloc) will abandon them in the mid terms.
    Having a Federal Judge strike down the mandate on mass transit is the best possible out for them.
    Does it not seem weird to anyone that the Administration Lawyers are not prepared to launch an immediate appeal? What type of lawyer does not prepare for a potential loss, and have the appeal ready for almost immediate filing? One that has been instructed to let it go, that’s who.

  7. Very good article outlining how masks and mask mandates failed to control COVID-19.


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