Occupy Anchorage: George Martinez states he’ll run for Eastside Assembly seat in 2023


The Anchorage Assembly could shift further to the left next year: Anchorage’s George Martinez, who worked in the administration of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and once was a well-known figure in Occupy Wall Street protest movement in New York City, has announced he is running for the East Anchorage Assembly seat now occupied by Pete Petersen, who hits his term limit in 2023.

Martinez is a Brooklyn-raised rapper, emcee, rabid anti-capitalist, community organizer, and was once an avowed Occupy Wall Street-themed candidate for U.S. Congress in New York.

Martinez ran for Anchorage Mayor in 2021, receiving 3.5 percent of the vote. It was a warm-up for his 2023 cycle. He filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission in March, and is raising money now for his campaign.

Martinez is also a program director for the Alaska Humanities Forum, where he works for far-left Assemblyman Kameron Perez-Verdia. Martinez served as special assistant to Berkowitz for economic development, youth development, education and diversity for four of the five and a half years that Berkowitz was in office.

The actual filing for the Assembly seat takes place next January, and the election is April 3, 2023. Other seats will also be up for election, depending on the result of local redistricting.

When Martinez ran for Congress, New York Magazine wrote, “But while OWS [Occupy Wall Street] has generally shunned electoral politics, considering the system flush with corporate cash and beyond repair for now, Brooklyn’s George Martinez, a cultural ambassador for the State Department, former district leader, and self-described ‘hip-hop diplomat,’ is giving it a real go, running under the Occupy banner for a seat in Congress. He promised Daily Intel: ‘We are absolutely in this to win this.'”

The publication reported, “That’s probably a bit of an oversell. But the 38-year-old, who also works as an adjunct political science professor at Pace University, really has been spending every day ‘street canvasing, flyering, and postering’ across the new 7th congressional district around Sunset Park to prep for the June 26 Democratic primary. After at least one would-be candidate’s false start, Martinez claims to be the first Occupy-affiliated candidate to make a congressional ballot without third party assistance, on a budget of just $5,000.”

Occupy Wall Street describes itself as “a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants.”


  1. If Anchorage enjoys the homelessness, crime, high tax rate, taxes & fees imposed without a vote, CRT & being woke, Mr. Martinez will assume Petersen’s seat, and AQD, LaFrance and Felix Rivera will win reelection. Florida is looking better everyday.

    • This news article is not a “hit piece”, RW. My direct experience with Martinez is that he is a real “loose cannon”. Anchorage will continue its high-speed deterioration if this jerk ends up as an assembly member and votes! If you already realize that east Anchorage is poorly represented with sleepy Pete Peterson, then you should recognize also that Martinez on the assembly will only make matters much worse.


      One wonders exactly what Berkowitz was thinking when he brought fast-talking, pompous idiot Martinez to our town and gave him a job.

    • Gee whiz, Razor, back away from the bottle. It’s only a hit piece if you or George are embarrassed about his ties to the Occupy movement. What does George actually get paid to do at Alaska Humanities Forum? He is paid to run for office. His job has no deliverables. Great work if you can get it, Razor. Here’s the group’s mission: “The Alaska Humanities Forum connects Alaskans through stories, ideas, and experiences that positively change lives and strengthen communities.” What the actual F.

  2. “…rabid anti-capitalist, …”
    “…served as special assistant to Berkowitz for economic development…”
    I have even more reasons to hate Berkowitz now. I thought it was bad enough that he put the wants of the homeless before the needs of the taxpayers, but this is just too much.

  3. How and why are all these radical leftist extremists flocking to Anchorage in recent years? Is this all part of some George Soros-inspired infiltration movement? It’s just so utterly bizarre.
    But to any out-of-state radical leftist extremist who might be thinking of moving to Alaska: STAY WHERE YOU ARE! You sh!t your bed down there, now lie in it — don’t spread your intolerant, statist and authoritarian mind-virus and insanity here.

    • No, disingenuous and ignorant Frank, only when they ARE in fact radical leftist extremists. But of course he will fit right in with the other eight or nine Marxists already on the Anchorage assembly.

    • Opposing Bronson policies does not make one “far left”
      This does:
      “Martinez is a Brooklyn-raised rapper, emcee, rabid anti-capitalist, community organizer, and was once an avowed Occupy Wall Street-themed candidate for U.S. Congress in New York.”

    • If only it were a matter of “any.” In reality, it’s EVERY Bronson policy! Please show me when the Nine Ninnies voted in the affirmative for a Bronson proposal, other than in support of the new EO Officer? A vote against Junior would have crushed them in the polls in the Pacific Island community.

  4. The “Arab Spring Technique” he seems to boast about with emphasis happened to give rise to the Muslim Brotherhood, a renewed vigor in “Death to America” throughout the Muslim nations and cost hundreds of thousands of lives globally. Gay men were thrown from rooftops, hangings and beheadings galore, and women stoned to death in public squares daily for simply being women. VERY distasteful to say the least, perhaps organizing a meet and greet with coffee and a kind remark of good will would fare better here in the North. Sincerely, a Disabled Veteran

    • Always the end result of the left in various scenarios Look at Ukraine! But I am going to a rock/rap festival this summer. Lots of good music. See ya!

  5. 2023 is a long ways off and a democrat leader can end up a Jesus follower by that time. Of course he’d lose whatever support he had built up. Be like having a new life. Anything with God is possible. The brothers just have to shine the light they proclaim and disciple another lost brother.

    • His eternal life Should be good reason for the brothers living for christ down at apd to start discipling him. I saw him with apd officers during a recent conference. The officers he was around are proclaimed christians.

  6. To those asking why do these liberals flock to Anchorage. It is a planned takeover, first they start with the small school boards and assemblies, etc. The local elections usually draw very little interest and voters. This is where they get a foothold and then progress upwards through mayorships, state governments, governorships, and ultimately on to the U.S. congress. They know that when they can control what kids in schools learn through school boards, etc., it is pretty easy to persuade the electorate to vote for them. Many school boards across the country are completely filled with people who do not even have children in school. Read the book “Race to the Bottom by Luke Rosiak. Now consider the little town of Palmer. I’m sure you’ve been keeping up on that story. How did so many far left leaning people get elected to a Palmer, small town board of supervisors/assembly? It is planned and people better start paying attention to their local elections.

    • I suffered a planned takeover several years ago. I smoked part of a marijuana “joint” and felt awful and disoriented. Days later I smoked again but felt better. And so on until I was smoking a bowl before home room. Later I tried speed and then I did a life changing acid trip. See, its a progression. Acid trip was wonderful BTW. Now I regularly do Exctasy and magic mushrooms. Now I vote Democrat.

    • “The local elections usually draw very little interest and voters.”
      I could not agree more. And, the people who want to control your life because of a selfish desire for power (or an overinflated sense of self importance) take advantage of it.
      And, those with more malicious intent (Soros/Zuckerberg/Gates/etc…) will take advantage of that apathy.
      I have been saying for years that the President is important, but the people on your local assembly can really screw up your day to day life. Pay attention to the local stuff. The national stuff will work itself out.

  7. Wonder how the openly gay liberal minded members of the assembly feel about “Arab Spring” supporters running for their office?


  8. George conquers Anchorage while Alaska’s GOP Inc. fiddles in Fairbanks.
    Thought we’d ask… would George be a viable candidate, virtually assured of election
    … if Anchorage were not blessed with such an easily corruptible mail-in electoral scheme?

  9. What does he (or anyone) know and love about THIS 1776 US Constitution? Is he a plant for now funding challenged federal agency jostling for sustenance in a wilderness of sorts? Good public servants follow the republic founders Constitution and where is the evidence either way. Does he desire to represent Soros who is not an Alaskan or Alaskans? We, Alaskans are not a Robert Frost myth.

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