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Dear Friend,

There’s so much to love about the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Whether it’s the miraculous story of Jesus’ birth or the cherished time we spend with family and friends, this is truly a blessed time of year.

Must Read Alaska has reached close to 100m people on social media this year, 10m page views on the website, 10m impressions through our news syndication partnership with Newsbreak, and the Must Read Alaska Show is in the top 200 on iTunes in our category. It’s all for the cause of free people, free markets, and a free world.

But it’s not free to get this work done thoughtfully and out to the world day in, and day out, for the good people of Alaska, so we can keep our state on solid footing.

Thank you for being a reader, listener, supporter, and watcher of Must Read Alaska. We would love for you to consider a year-end gift for Must Read Alaska and help us battle the Left-Stream Media. Please share this story with a friend who you know loves freedom.

Please Consider Giving $100 a month or $500 year end gift

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving, a Very Merry Christmas, and a great New Year!

~ Suzanne Downing

Must Read Alaska 

PS: Must Read Alaska has a Swag Store, with Christmas gifts for kids and adults. Check it out and spread the love — and the laughter.
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  1. I finally saved enough to support you Comrade, but now as the MRA Dictator you won’t allow me to comment so I guess I’ll use the money for charity! ✊🏿


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