Colorado Springs gay nightclub shooter is non-binary, his attorney says, and uses ‘they/them’ pronouns


Mainstream media reports rushed to judgment after Saturday’s mass shooting at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ+ nightclub, where five people were killed and 17 were wounded before the shooter was stopped by people in the club. The media ruling and that of the LGBTQ+ community and allies was that it was a hate crime perpetuated by someone who hates LGBTQ+ people.

The man suspected of the shooting, Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, faces murder and hate crime charges for Saturday night’s Club Q attack. He has been released from a hospital for injuries sustained after patrons stopped him, and is in jail.

Now, according to documents obtained by the New York Times, Aldrich’s attorney is claiming that Aldrich is “non-binary” and uses “they/them” pronouns.

Non-binary means that the person feels like they are neither male or female. There is no specific scientific basis for this and it is not the same as being a eunuch. They/them pronouns avoids assigning a gender to a person and is a trend now being used in schools, colleges, and by corporations.

The revelation makes it more interesting in the prosecution of the mass shooting as a hate crime, even if the survivors say that it is.

Aldrich has known mental health issues. He was arrested in 2021 after his mother reported to the county sheriff’s office that he was threatening to harm her with a homemade bomb and other weapons. At the time, he got into a standoff with authorities before he was arrested, but he was never prosecuted.

Authorities said the attack on Saturday was stopped by patrons of the club who took weapon from Aldrich and then beat him with it and pinned him down until police arrived.

Here’s how the New York Times reported it on Monday, promoting the narrative that it was the work of an anti-gay extremist:

“COLORADO SPRINGS — This community pressed up against the Rockies was known for years as the Vatican of Evangelicals — a home base for a well-funded, well-organized conservative Christian political movement that broadcast dire warnings about the dangers of homosexuality to the nation, and in the early 1990s was instrumental in making Colorado the only state to ever pass a law making it legal to discriminate against people based on sexual orientation.

“That was a long time ago, before Colorado Springs nearly doubled in size, outsiders made the city an increasingly diverse place and the community began hosting a yearly Pride parade officially sanctioned by the Republican mayor. Many in Colorado Springs believed the community had moved on.

“But last weekend when a gunman stormed into Club Q, one of the city’s few L.G.B.T.Q. clubs, killing five people and injuring 18 others, many members of the L.G.B.T.Q. community and their supporters found reason to question whether Colorado Springs had made as much progress as they thought — especially in an increasingly armed nation awash in extremist views.

“The authorities are now holding a suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22. He was released from the hospital and has been booked in El Paso County jail, according to a tweet from the Colorado Springs police on Tuesday. His motivations were still unclear.”

More information released on Tuesday shows that Aldrich’s father is a former gay porn star and that his mother has a history of troubles.


  1. Aldrich is Gay. LGBTQ with an AR-15. Probably a lover’s spat, which includes lots of promiscuity in the gay world and on the Drag stage. His girlfriend was probably a man who changed gender, then became a lesbian, which triggered severe jealousy and turned into a hate crime. Yes, this is the new world order, folks. Lesson: don’t take your kids to drag shows.

  2. He still needs a speedy trial and then taken out back and Dealt with. We have tried the libs way of a lite spanking and release back into the general population and as we normal people can see it don’t work.
    Let’s try a new way and make killers an example of swift justice. No more years of courts and forgiveness just some real justice.

  3. To be precise, this is what his attorney is claiming. There are other reports from friends and family that this is false – they allege he was homophobic and only ever used he/him pronouns. We’ll see soon enough.

  4. Well, isn’t it too bad that this character doesn’t meet the MSM’s requirements for setting off George Orwell’s (‘1984’) ‘Two Minutes Hate’ against the MAGA peeps. What a shame that we cannot listen to a full month of blaming chatter on NPR News.

    This shooting does, however, prompt Inner Party member O’Biden to launch another episode of his anti-2nd Amendment crusade. O’Biden neglected to demand banning guns, though, after his doofus kid committed a federal felony crime when he purchased a handgun.

  5. The Liberal Democrat media loves tragedy. You know they were just itching to call this guy an Ultra Maga and blame all Republicans, Fox News, and guns. As usual, just like Paul Pelosi’s attacker, he’s a lefty. Now all they can do is fall back on the old “Conservative rhetoric’ as cause. Meanwhile, still zero reporting on those 17 police recruits run over by a car (driver released without bail).

  6. More likely the homosexual community alienated, ignored, and discriminated against him. He cracked. You see! Every community of people condemns and discriminates when they see you odd, you aren’t going to find a perfect group. The only perfect one is jesus. And! If he’s neither female nor male how does he go pee? And! Does he have boy and girl reproductive organs like an asexual creature for reproduction?

  7. I do not believe in ‘hate crimes’. This is the perfect example of why such a thing simply does not exist.

    – A person entered a business establishment and killed five people and wounded 17 more.

    That is it. The sum total of the crime. Don’t care about the killers gender. Won’t bother with using his preferred pronouns. I don’t even care if the club was alphabet or not. And I don’t believe that any of the victims really care that he used a firearm instead of a knife/bomb/vehicle, etc. Non of that matters. This scumbag just killed several people that were conducting themselves in a legal manner.

    He’s a murderer and needs to be prosecuted as such. Don’t bother explaining why he did it ’cause I DON’T CARE.

    Oh. And by the way, he was held down and beaten with his own weapon by some of his potential victims. These people should be the examples of how we deal these situations. I’d like to thank them for stopping further bloodshed.

  8. That is what the lawyer says. The lawyer has only known the killer since the court appointed the lawyer. That’s what, two days? Maybe two or three interviews with this f-up? Check out the interviews with the father of the accused. It won’t help us understand much, he doesn’t seem credible. But the father does say he taught his son to fight and that some issues can be resolved with violence. (They were separated for years.)
    Maybe it takes a village to raise a monster.

  9. All of these murders are mentally ill in one way or another. The solution is complex and multi faceted, most likely beyond our will and intelligence at present. So sad. I put on my gun before my socks these days.


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