Will Ronna McDaniel survive GOP leadership vote on Friday?


Jan. 27 is the GOP date with destiny, as the Republican National Committee elects a new party chair. The Republican Party’s leadership gathers in Dana Point, Calif. from Jan. 25-27 for its quarterly meeting.

One of the big controversies this week will be whether to continue under the leadership of RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, who took over the helm of the party in 2017. Many activists are unhappy with the party’s results under her leadership.

Two challengers — My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, who is closely aligned with former President Donald Trump, and California National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon — have put their names on the ballot, which will be decided by secret ballot among the voting members. For Alaska, the GOP Chair Ann Brown, and national committee officers Cynthia Henry and Craig Campbell will have votes, along with 165 other voting members.

McDaniel was last reelected in 2021, even though President Donald Trump lost his reelection bid while she chaired the party the prior year.

McDaniel visited Alaska in 2022 to speak at the Republican Party’s meeting in Fairbanks. She joined the Must Read Alaska Show during her visit.

Now, a significant movement is afoot to replace McDaniel, who is running for her fourth term. Seventy-three percent of Republican voters surveyed by the Trafalgar Group in December said the party should elect new leadership. Just 6% said McDaniel should be reelected, and 21% were not sure.

The poll, conducted for the Convention of States Action, received responses from 1,072 Republicans; 86% of the respondents preferred Dhillon to lead the RNC.

The poll showed that 63 percent of voters think the Republican Party and its congressional leadership were not effective at getting Republicans elected in 2022; 36 percent said the party was effective.

The results of the poll are at this link.

Dana Point, on the Southern California coast halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, is a Republican stronghold and is also known for great golf, surfing, and whale watching. The voters there have voted for the Republican candidate in every presidential and gubernatorial election.


  1. If the choice is her or Lindell, her.
    If the choice is her or almost anyone not Lindell, anyone not Lindell.

    • Sorry, I will take my pillows or Dhillon any day over keeping some rino/ unipartys family in such a position of power. 3 lost election cycles and questionable use of funds is more than enough to give Pierre Mittens niece the exit stage left cue

  2. Ann, Cynthia and Craig, I am asking you kindly to vote for one of the other candidates and put Ronna out to pasture. The Republican party has often been labeled the “Stupid Party”, re-electing this woman to another term would certainly lend credence to that argument
    BTW, I am a Republican.

  3. They will probably renominate her given that the republican establishment is resistant to change. They would hire Trevor Lawrence after 4 pass interceptions if they could.

  4. Not smart enough to figure out what is wrong with the Republican Party leadership lately but smart enough to see that change wouldn’t hurt. It is a party that is fighting itself in so many ways, or is that just politics. I would love to have new leadership in Anchorage at the least. A party that supports its candidates as much as special interest groups support theirs. Until that happens, they won’t see a dime from me.

  5. I find it odd that Suzanne reports that 73% of Republicans want a new chair.

    What on earth makes anyone think that the party pays any mind to what the members want?

  6. Harmeet Dhillon should win easily, she’s in it for the right reasons, McDaniel just liked the job, and she isn’t good at it! Typical of some of these younger people!

  7. I hope our RNC members vote for Dhillon. I have emailed them with this suggestion but received no reply.

  8. The Republican Party needs to throw out the election denier losers and get back to policies of less government and individual privacy/freedom.

    • Frank, I hope you follow up with an e-mail to that Election Denier, Hakeem Jeffries, you know the fellow who along with Killary Rodham blamed their 2016 loss on the Russians.

  9. I have no doubt she will survive, even if she loses. They’re not voting to have her offed! Her ego might be bruised, but she won’t die from it!!

  10. Wonder who’ll count those secret ballots, why they have to be secret.
    Says something not good about GOP Inc. that members aren’t allowed to know how their delegates voted and state leaders don’t say much about who they want for Chair…
    Quite the dilemma, no? Ditch Miz Ronna, risk losing the money and connections which the Romney tribe bring to GOP Inc.; elect Mike or Harmeet, risk severing ties with Democrat Inc and losing trained, indoctrinated employees as the new Chair leads corporate culture in a populist-Trump direction.
    Ditch Miz Ronna,, the whole GOP message at local, state, and national levels has to change in order to attract new voters because, if the last several elections are an indication, the GOP’s worn-out anthem “They bad, we good, send money.” isn’t inspirational. It’s boring, offensive, and suggests GOP Inc. isn’t at all passionate about winning elections arguably because they’d lose their standard blame-the-Democrats and their blame-the-voters excuses.
    So… hoping Harmeet wins; bracing for the distinct possibility that corporate resistance to change will prevail allowing Ronna to remain and business as usual to continue.

  11. Ronna is an establishment plant and has done nothing to support MAGA candidates. She wastes RNC contributions on plush hotels and walks away from an election fight like she did in Arizona and in many other contested elections. She must go!

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