Will Palin jump in for congressional race? Maybe.


Former Gov. Sarah Palin said today she would love to be the next congressional representative for Alaska — if asked.

Palin, who in 2008 joined the presidential ticket of Sen. John McCain, told Newsmax host Eric Bolling, “If I were asked to serve in the House and take his place I would be humbled and honored … In a heartbeat, I would. We will see how this process goes in filling that seat – it would be an honor.”

The lifelong Alaskan then criticized the Biden administration, focusing on surging in gas prices, “because of their lack of education or purposeful destruction of so many sectors of the economy,” Palin said on Newsmax.

“Some people, certainly not in the White House, are aware of what petroleum products are, what transportation costs affect when it comes to supply chain. (But) because of their lack of education or purposeful destruction of so many sectors of the economy – they certainly look to blame somebody else,” she said.

She has done this before, hinting last year that she might run against Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Already in the congressional race is Nick Begich, the Republican from Chugiak; Chris Bye, a Libertarian from Fairbanks; Bob Lyons, a Republican from Houston (AK); Randy Purham, a Republican from Soldotna; and Shannon Scott Evans, a Republican from Alaska.

Several others are rumored to be considering running for the seat, including Sen. Josh Revak, who was co-chair of the Alaskans for Don Young campaign.


  1. The Ex-Governor does not possess any of the skills required to effectively represent Alaska in the US House of Representatives. I will active campaign against her, should she decide to run. I urge her to go back to reality television.

    • Go vote for Revak or another destroyer of the US, if you want. Palin would do a fine job but in the “new” population, that showed up when all the oil money showed up, socialists now rule our election process. She is in an no-win situation because people think she should have stayed in office until she was impoverished by all the idiot lawsuits brought by the liberal left.

    • “The Ex-Governor does not possess any of the skills required to effectively represent Alaska in the US House of Representatives……….”
      “Skills”? Such as? Don Young was a one term mayor of Ft. Yukon and two term state House representative before becoming a Congressman. Palin was a Wasilla City Councilman and two term mayor before being elected governor and serving until resigning during her campaign as U.S. Vice President. She also served on the Oil and Gas Commission and President of the Alaska Conference of Mayors. What “skills” does she lack that any of the current hopefuls have?

  2. No. At this point, we need a strong candidate to represent Alaska’s interests. With her baggage, I don’t see her as a viable candidate. I’m inclined to support Nick Begich, hoping he isn’t another turn tail Republican if he gets into office.

  3. Pleeeeeeeeze………..no Sarah Palin. Tooooooo
    much baggage. If she wants to be constructive and do something for someone else for a change………..she is welcome to help out “NB3 for Congress.”

      • You “think”? Well, join all the “thinkers” above who “think” that she has “too much baggage”……….the stuff the leftist media successfully pinned on to her. How does it feel to be manipulated by The Beast?

  4. Not only “no”…..but “oh hell NO!”

    Still waiting for her to publicly apologize for calling for Ted Stevens to resign from his Senate seat a week before election day, which Mark Begich won by a squeaker…..when everyone with a brain knew that Teddy was innocent of the charges that were manufactured by the FBI and DOJ.

    And still remembering that she stabbed Sean Parnell, who is a decent and good man……in the back and endorsed Bill Walker for governor.

    We have enough issues to deal with, without worrying about that kind of treachery representing us in D.C.

    • Wow just looked up the Walker endorsement ’cause I buried it in my head somewhere. And wow, also had to look up the calling on Stevens to resign. I need to pay more attention. McCain was…not helpful either

  5. God please No.. She has zero when it comes to politics.. Sarah please stay home… We’re good.

  6. Suzanne forgot to mention our favorite downtown commie assemblyman, Chris Constant, also is running for Congress. I asked him if he would resign his assembly seat to run, and he said he’s “not going anywhere.” I told him, “that’s good. I don’t think you’ll win either.”

    • Curt, I remember Nick Begich, perhaps you were not in Alaska when Nick Begich was our Congressman. He was pro-life, pro-job, pro- development. Nick Begich did much in getting the pipeline bill through Congress. His Grandson Nick III is like his Grandfather. So please, forget Mark but remember to vote for Nick.
      Thank you.

  7. Run, Sarah, run! We saw how Sarah fought for Alaska as Governor. We need that in Congress. Begich has too many influential Democrats in his family, and he has too much respect for them to convince me he wouldn’t cave to them when we need him most. We all have baggage, so that’s no reason for Sarah to not run. What matters is that we learn from our mistakes and don’t repeat them. A person who acknowledges their mistakes, learns from them, and keeps on fighting is what we need. If Sarah was a quitter we wouldn’t know her name, and she wouldn’t be considering jumping in to save you despite the stones hypocritical and judgmental people cast at her, and despite what she’s been through. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone! If Sarah stays true to her values with no romantic relationships, no more tv shows, and no more going under the knife for physical appearances sake, she’ll be great. Sarah, you were aging gracefully, and that’s one of many reasons we have always loved you! Be Sarah – the way Yah created you! He made no mistakes, so He doesn’t need doctors to “fix” you! Grey hair and wrinkles show beauty, experience, ability to survive, and wisdom! Embrace aging!

  8. Sounded like at least at the time of the interview, she was not aware that it would require an election, not an appointment by the governor. I seriously doubt this story will go further. We have a strong conservative in Nick Begich, once voters get over the name association, but agree that Sarah would definitely be entertaining to watch in DC.

  9. Oh please no, please no! Absolutely not, I will do whatever a I can to stop her. She’s bats**t crazy is she thinks she has a chance. Nick Begich is the better candidate.

  10. Well! Palin will give me a second candidate whose not a baby killer. I am tired of baby killing leaders. Just because they aren’t suctioning the baby out of a uterus, doesn’t mean they no less guilty killing a baby by their insane baby killing bills.

    • Ohhh— the
      republican party can use all the help it can get including help through sarah palin and the influencers she brings into the ak republic inner circle.

  11. No way I’m voting for another Begich in my lifetime, no matter what they claim. They’re all dirty

  12. Had Mr. Begich declined not to run Ms. Palin would be an obvious choice. At this late date the only role she would play is that of a spoiler – handing the office to a ready-to-burst into flame liberal.

    Please, Ms. Palin, save Alaska from economic ruin as a “pristine” playground for rich limousine liberals. Sit this one out.

    Don’t even endorse anyone – for right or for wrong you’ve become a lightning rod.

  13. I thought she was gonna challenge Princess. Guess not.

    She appears to be not too subtly hinting she wants us to beg for her to return. Not gonna happen.

    Congress has enough self serving nut jobs. We don’t need the Republican AOC from Alaska.

    Go home, Sarah.

  14. If I were to choose someone to take Don’s place, it’d be Jamie Allard – experience or not. At least she’d have the guts to stand up to the utter stupidity in D.C. We need strong, loud voices representing us and I think Ms. Allard would fill the bill.

  15. Didn’t she have a reality show? I can’t take seriously people who open their private lives for all to see. How embarrassing.

    In addition to being a quitter and aiding in that traitor, Walker’s election, she’s a horrible, shrill speaker, babbles, and just not very wise. I did vote for her and she disappointed us.

    Let her stay in Arizona.

  16. I will vote for whoever is an America First candidate that will stand up against the establishment club in Washington. I’m not convinced Nick Begich is that person because he is a member of the Club for Growth which advocates for open borders for cheap labor. I would rather go for an underdog that will stand up to unconstitutional government as we currently have in D.C. Is Nick speaking out against election fraud or the Dominion Machines? Is he going to be a hard charger on completing our Border Wall and deporting the millions of illegals that Biden has shipped all over the country? Will he vote for a balanced budget amendment to our constitution and term limits? Will he actually read the bills he is agreeing to pass and ensure he is representing the people that sent him to congress? If not, he is a wasted vote. We need to clean out the swamp, not add to its numbers.

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