Palin delivers media click-bait with comments about potential run for Senate


Although she has shown up little on the Alaska scene recently, former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin hinted to a Christian gathering on July 22 that she might run for U.S. Senate — if God directs her to.

The comments were during an interview in which she was asked about a run, and she was discussing it in general terms mixed in with other accounts about her governorship and run-ins with the Obama Administration and his minions, but the media ran with it.

Mainstream media has has a hard time getting clicks ever since it ran Donald Trump out of office, and Palin was a gift at a time when the media would rather not focus on President Joe Biden’s foibles.

“If God wants me to do it I will,” Palin told Ché Ahn, the leader of the New Apostolic Reformation movement. It’s a Christian group she has been associated with for years.

“Palin would be running against Lisa Murkowski, a Republican who has not been as steadfast in her support of Donald Trump as most others in the GOP in Congress,” wrote the Guardian newspaper.

Palin said she had never heard of Kelly Tshibaka, who has already announced her candidacy against Murkowski. Palin says she follows politics closely and the fact that she had not heard of Tshibaka scared her, presumably about whether Tshibaka has what it takes to beat Murkowski.

“If the state of Alaska really really wants me to, I will,” she said. But then she threw a note of caution.

“I would say you guys better be there for me this time, because a lot of people were not there for me last time,” Palin told the audience of Christians. She was John McCain’s running mate for president in 2008 and was both loved and hated by Republicans and Democrats.

On stage at the conference, she was asked why she quit being governor in 2009.

“There’s a difference between quitting and saying enough is enough,” she said, and cited the numerous public records requests filed by the Obama Administration, describing Obama’s operatives as his “flying monkeys,” a reference to the Wizard of Oz story.

“You call people flying monkeys if they’re doing the bidding of someone trying to clobber you,” she explained.

Palin said that when the Department of Law would not defend her on ethics complaints, such as the time she wore snow machine brand patches on a jacket at the beginning of the Iron Dog Race, in which her then-husband Todd was competing, she started going bankrupt. The legal hounding she endured from those opposing her “stalled our administration.”

“Everything was scrutinized. It was horrible for the people for whom I was to serve,” she said.

Palin said, “I knew my lieutenant governor was a born-again Christian,” and described herself as more of a Trump figure, and Parnell as more of a Mike Pence.

“I knew if I handed the reins to Lt Gov. Sean Parnell, he would continue for that last year, that fiscally and socially conservative agenda that I knew I was elected upon,” she said.

In actuality, Palin had ushered in crushing socialist-style oil taxes known as ACES, which drove oil companies away from investing in Alaska. The harm has endured for over a decade.

And in 2014, she endorsed the Democrats’ choice for governor — Bill Walker — over Sean Parnell, in part because he helped pass SB 21, making the oil taxes less of a disincentive for oil exploration and development.

In September, Palin posted an odd video on Instagram in which she spoke directly to Murkowski, saying she could see 2022 from her house.

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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also spoke at the conference.


  1. Just go away….
    Alaska will never forget that you stabbed Sean Parnell, a good man and a good governor, in the back, and endorsed CCP loving, PFD stealing, Bill Walker over Sean.
    You’re a troll, and a fake Conservative.
    I will admit that you are skilled at trolling the less informed among us, and enriching yourself off their backs.
    During and after your time in the spotlight, your net worth skyrocketed by approximately 10 fold.
    I read the FCC filings for your SarahPac before you had to shut it down, and it was heartbreaking to see all the retirees that you conned, who were sending in what was left of their SS checks each month after paying their basic expenses.
    The monthly outflow was impressive too, showing you living the high life on their dime…..traveling around the country on personal business, staying in the best hotels, eating in high dollar restaurants etc…
    Just go away……

    • The Sean Parnell employee is mad because Sarah Palin endorsed his opponent after Parnell dismantled her agenda . Parnell put Alaska in financial ruin .

  2. At this point Sarah, you would just split the vote away from Kelly allowing the traitor Murkowski to win again. Please do not run! If you want to do something positive, join Kelly’s campaign and help her win!

    • After Kelly getting caught lying on her resident fishing license you can forget about her being in the race.

      • Why should we forget about her minor peccadillo, Bill, when radical leftist authoritarians (like the nine crazies on the Anchorage Municipal Assembly) lie, cheat and steal with utter impunity and no legal repercussions?

        • Re-read my post Jefferson as I said nothing about forgetting her minor peccadillo.
          I did say forget about Kelly being still in the race. Big difference.

  3. While not as brutal as Tim… Your time in the sun has passed Sarah – stand down. Kelly Tshibaka is a great candidate and will be a great senator. The dems in the Senate would eat you for lunch Sarah.

    • Sarah Palin took on Big Oil , while Sean Parnell was a stooge for Big Oil . Sarah Palin beat Biden in the debate unlike Donald Trump .

  4. Spoiler Alert! Sarah just needs some attention. The Enquirer doesn’t do freako Palin stories anymore. Todd is gone. Her daughter is gone ….. raising illegitimate children. Track is a convicted criminal. Sorry Sarah. You should concentrate instead on raising your Downs Syndrome child. Announce your support for Kelly T. That’s all.

  5. OMG! She couldn’t win a mayoral race in the MatSu! Her idiocy screwed up enough in our state. Never again!

  6. She is a good example for Alaskans to follow, I think her grown children need her to take up the clan matriarch position her faithful and devoted mother Sally to God left for someone in her family to take the quiet spiritual counselor role. They need Palin to teach them her faith she had since her girlhood days more than Alaska needing her political charisma and prowess. Make up for What time she missed out teaching them when she was Mayor and Governor.

  7. Her running is a sure way for Murkowski to win. Lisa should encourage her.
    You do not quit the Governor’s position unless you have committed criminal offenses and lost the trust of all of your supporters who poured their sweat and money into her campaign. She let them all down and most will not forget.
    Palin got her hat handed to her during her press interviews and the debate. . She doesn’t stand a chance in a debate where she has to display knowledge of the subject matter. It was very troubling to see how she performed as a Veep pick. Nothing she has said or done leads me to believe she is any different now.

    • Murkowski won’t even be the Ind/ Dems / left choice . Watch for Al Gross or Mark Begich to enter late when it is clear Murkowski won’t win .

  8. I agree, two running against Murkowski would dilute the vote and basically hand it too her. I do like the flying monkey comparison though, very humorous.

    • Palin running doesn’t necessarily doom Kelly, given Alaska will be using ranked choice voting. What will likely defeat Kelly is lack of experience, propensity to overinflate what she has accomplished and rookie moves like fishing without a proper license.

  9. Have strongly supported you before, Sarah, but it is too late for this run. Not sure how you could have NOT heard of Kelly Tshibaka. She has been endorsed by President Trump, and raised far more money in Alaska than Murkowski. (You can find her at Kelly for Alaska) To enter the race at this juncture, would take votes from Tshibaka and hand the senate seat back to Rino Murkowski on a silver platter. Your reputation would be irretrievably tarnished. Anyone advising you to run, does not have the best interest of Alaska…or you… in mind.

  10. You almost destroyed Alaska the first time. Don’t comeback to finish the job. You have no idea how to run politics. Only throw fitswhen you don’t get your own way and surround yourself with yes men. We don’t need you!

  11. What? She never finished her term in the Governor’s office (history-she walked out 18months early) and now she wants Alaskans to send her to DC? Talk about delusions of grandeur! If she told me the spirit moved her to do so, I’d have to ask which one? Was it the whisky, rum, or tequila?

  12. Sorry Sarah, the first time you kicked me it was your fault … there will be NO second time!

    Seriously, do yourself a favor and not only get-out of politics but stay-out, it hasn’t been kind to you or those around you! All you did was burn-the-candle at both ends.

  13. Sarah Palin all the way . Tshibaka is a Phony . Sarah Palin even said she’s been in Alaska politics for a long time and she’s never heard of Tshibaka . Sarah Palin also won Alaska statewide twice . Go with Sarah Palin if she runs.

  14. Kelly lied on her fishing license…that was bad…and then she made excuses…that was worse.
    Her actions reveal her character then and now.
    A liar who can’t accept responsibility for her actions is not what we need representing us in Washington D.C. even if her revealed character traits qualify her to fit in with the majority of our elected officials and deep state bureaucrats.
    Palin is a different but similar situation.
    She was under investigation, as I recall, for abuse of power over the Troopergate incident. Google “Palin Alaska State Trooper abuse of power” and read all about it. The news stories report that she was found guilty of abuse of power. That reveals her character. Small and petty and willing to misuse the authority we would give her.
    Palin also jumped ship from the governorship for what she probably felt was a better opportunity…the VP slot under the despicable RINO McCain. Loyalty to her commitments isn’t one of her strong points.
    And another excuse maker, like Kelly…”I didn’t quit, I just had had enough of the mean people and the non-supportive supporters!”
    What an incredible whiner…again, well qualified to fit in with our current crop of elected representatives (especially the Democrats) but not what we need.
    Alaskans need to stop listening to the rhetoric coming out of these politicians mouths and start paying attention to their actions.
    What they do rather than what they say will show you the truth.

    • I remember before The quitter demonstrated her geographic skill she promised another PFD with the gas pipeline and Canada. Just think how many billions of dollars wasted how many jobs how many kids Alaskan kids would have benefitted from jobs if she would have completed that one thing a gas pipeline, we probably wouldn’t have had a illicit heroin epidemic. WE WOULDN’T have had the raid on the PFD. What a waste.

  15. Oh for gosh sake, Sarah, please just go away and take Kelly the carpetbagger along with you.

    Paging Mike Shower and Ben Carpenter. Please pick up the nearest white courtesy phone…

  16. We fully anticipated that Murkowski would by any means attempt to pull out a victory in the upcoming 2022 election. Murkowski had no desire to repeat her previous primary loss, knowing full well she could not win again as an independent, she put her support behind rank choice voting. But release of the latest polling data shows her and democrat rivals languishing far behind in those polls. She can win by splitting the republican vote and up pops Sarah Palin. Little doubt that the offer is lucrative, maybe a future political career, possibly a book deal or even a roll in a feature film. What ever it is, if Murkowski is re-elected Sarah Palin will profit handsomely.

  17. I’d rather have her sit it out,, wait, and maybe replace don young should he decide to hang up his spurs. Maybe go after Sullivan in a few years.

  18. We have Palin to thank for having Ted Cruz around. She came in and raised a bunch of money for him at an opportune time. when he was first running against Dewhirst and the Bushies were lined up against Cruz. She did a personal appearance at a shindig in The Woodlands near Houston. I got one of the invites, but didn’t have the fat stack for the admission ticket. I was new down there back then and had just started at my job.

  19. In a contest of crazy vs. crazy, I think Tshibaka is gonna win. At least she cant’ be accused of hiding that she’s from Arizona, or wherever. But I’m sure God will sort it out and give up the proper, apocalyptic candidate.

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