Whopper Joe: Biden lies about teaching political theory at UPenn


President Joe Biden told students in Maryland on Thursday that he used to “teach political theory: at the University of Pennsylvania.

In fact, he has never taught a single semester-long class there.

“Our democracy is under attack, and we got to fight for it,” Biden told an audience at Maryland’s Prince George’s Community College. 

“I taught at the University of Pennsylvania for four years and I used to teach political theory. And folks, you always hear, every generation has to fight for democracy.”

Biden, who is 80, was awarded an honorary professorship at UPenn, when he was named the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Professor of the Practice from 2017 to 2019, years he was not vice president or senator, and as he launched his campaign for president. He was the first person to ever hold that honorific title.

The role involved no research, teaching or publishing. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Biden made about a dozen appearances on campus, for which he was paid $900,000. It was always about prestige for the university.

“The former vice president collected $371,159 in 2017 plus $540,484 in 2018 and early 2019 for a vaguely defined role that involved no regular classes and around a dozen public appearances on campus, mostly in big, ticketed events,” the newspaper wrote in 2019.

“Penn’s payments to Biden raised eyebrows and questions among some in the community when they were revealed this week as part of the financial disclosures for his presidential campaign. The average salary for a Penn professor was $217,411 in the 2017-18 academic year, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education,” the paper reported.

Read the Philadelphia Inquirer report from 2019 here.


    • Ahh memories. At least Joe had an office at U of Penn. See the scam formerly known as Trump “University”, known for scamming and bilking million$ from trusting regular folk. So if some consider this nothing burger a “whopper” then Donald must own the entire Burger King Corporation.

      In May of 2013, Biden received an honorary degree from Penn and was the University’s commencement speaker. As both U.S. Senator from Delaware and Vice President of the United States, Biden has spoken numerous times at Penn and has been a regular visitor to campus.

      • You voters sure put a lot of power into people you don’t really know.

        Everyone looking for an excuse as to why life sucks around them.

        Perhaps you all should don the cloak of your own leadership and stop voting for people who really don’t give a damn about you.

        To those of you who blame Trump for all your problems. Get a grip, stop being weak and take responsibility for your lot in life.

      • So, by your reasoning, because Trump told a lie, that means it is OK for Biden to tell as many lies as he wants?
        I guess if someone stole one of your cars, it is not OK for me to steal the other one.
        Got it.

      • B4 seek help for your DTS!!
        Perceived malfeasance of others does NOT excuse provable bad acts. Why are you unwilling to hold Biden accountable to the same high standard you clearly demand of others. If you believe that an HONORARY degrees, a few commencement speeches and some visits to campus warrant almost a million dollars in payment, while the average professor, who actually puts in the work gets a fraction of that salary, you are grasping for any excuse. Sad get help!

      • Trump has built hotels, built casinos, built world class golf courses, built high rise buildings, authored books, run beauty contests, developed TV shows, employed thousands, brokered major business deals, owned professional sports teams, fathered good citizen children and grand children. And that’s just in his private sector life.
        What has Joe Biden done besides run for office? Oh yeah, he plagerizes other’s works, steals public money, raises misfit kids, a habitual liar, never had a non political job in his life, etc…etc…etc…
        And this is SeenthisB4’s hero. You’re a pathetic American. And you don’t belong here.

      • Seen This:
        Yes, we have seen you B/4!
        Your failure to address Biden’s lie about teaching a class for 4 years is telling. Either you are unable to read or unable to tell the difference between the truth and a lie.
        Either way it eliminates any credibility you might have thought you had. Your debate skills are counter productive.
        If a perfect stranger told me the sun rises in the east I would not question him. If you said it I would get up early for several days to verify your claim.

    • Oops, projection. Someone made a mistake. You meant to say Donald Trump. The most documented mass liar this country has ever seen.

      • Projection would imply that the poster is lying but is trying to take attention away by calling Biden a liar. Then you bring up Trump and destroy whatever credibility you may have had and just reveal yourself to be an agitator.

      • (From the literature insert for the Leftiva pill):

        If your Trump Derangment Syndrome should last for four or more hours, you should seek professional medical (i.e., psychiatric) help immediately.

      • Just because the Washington Post took it upon itself to document every exaggeration, misstatement and outright lie that Trump said does not make him the biggest liar.
        If that useless rag decided to do the same thing with Briben there would not be enough space in the paper for news.

      • EVERY day is April 2nd with Joe Biden riffing on it being the 1st. April Fools has gone past, you’re the biggest fool at last.

        You are right there with him.

  1. Bwahhahaaha…..ahhhhhhahaha..ahh.
    Baahahaha. This will not even be a blip in msm but damn it sure is fun to laugh at the dummies who support this brain dead hack.
    Mmmmmm, I taught at that school too. Prove me wrong.

    • After a long life, and a tumultuous presidency, Donald Trump dies and arrives at the Gates of Heaven, where he sees a huge wall of clocks behind him. He asks an angel, “What are all those clocks?”

      The angel answers, “Those are Lie-Clocks. Everyone on Earth has a Lie-Clock. Every time you lie the hands on your clock will move.”

      “Oh,” says Trump, “whose clock is that?”

      “That’s Washington’s clock. The hands have never moved, indicating that he never told a lie.”

      “Tremendous” says Trump. “And whose clock is that one?”

      The angel responds, “That’s Abraham Lincoln’s clock. The hands have moved twice, telling us that Abe told only two lies in his entire life.”

      “So, where’s my clock?” Asks Trump.

      “Oh, your clock is in God’s office. He’s using it as a ceiling fan.”

      • That’s actually funny, but you understand that God likely has at least 2 ceiling fans, but probably many many more considering the history of man and their propensity to embellish, exaggerate or outright make it up as they go to obtain an advantage. Must be a veritable cyclone going on!

      • Why are you even here?? Your posts are like baby crap diapers everyone avoids… Your Trump Hate has blinded you completely and you cannot see. Typical of the weak minded.

        • Seenthisbefore,
          You need to schedule an appointment with me. I have the psychotropics that you need. I take Medicare. And for really hardship cases, which may be your exactitude, I offer discounts and arrange group therapy for similarly situated individuals. Depending on your age, I might be able to fix you. You definitely need psychotherapy, if not more.

  2. Isn’t it a conflict of interest for him to even attempt to write off student loan debt when he has added to that debt by taking kickbacks…err payments….err speaking feess…errr appearances?

  3. If you were raised in a family led by a used car salesman should anyone expect that everything that came from your mouth were right and true?

  4. Well he has done everything on earth that’s why he is the smartest human on earth. His poop does not stink. He is our savior and chef bottle washer.

  5. Everyday is a big lie for Donald Trump. In fact, while in office, the biggest liar this country has ever seen, has been documented spreading 30,573 lies, false or misleading claims. Even today, against the advice of his attorneys, Donald Trump lied at least a dozen times, being interviewed by Megan Kelley.

    • Oh, Trump lied.
      So what? Got anything other than whataboutism?
      How about defending Briben, instead of just cutting down everyone else. News flash, Briben remains a loser, not matter how many other people are worse losers. He may be the best of all the losers, but he is still a loser.

    • Rather exact number there amigo. Ya sure it wasn’t 30,574????????? Hey, is that an microwave alarm going off I hear? Your hot pocket is done in your mom’s kitchen….

    • You clearly are not playing with a full deck… Your comments are rambling and unhelpful… Go back to Facebook

  6. Didn’t Joe walk on the moon too? Democrats always bring this one up at cocktail parties.
    Democrats are either the most gullible, ignorant bastards on the planet, or they just love liars of their own party.

    • Democrats either work in government jobs or work for unions. Or, don’t do anything at all. That’s why we have food stamps, Section 8 housing, and welfare. Democrat ideas.

  7. Does he even read what his speechwriters write before he has to read it on a teleprompter? Is he aware of what he is saying? This would be sad if it were anyone else, but this is the prez! I can see some ignorant second stringer knowing brandon had that unethical ceremonial post at Penn and assumed Prof meant teacher… And I’m NOT cutting the idiot any slack – he should have proofread first, but absent that thought his way around the “mistake” and told the truth. But then again, he’s not capable of thought or truth or even speaking ad lib. That’s why KJP has to lie for him.

  8. I was told growing up by Boomer age now retired teachers its not Democracy to fight for. Freedom is worth fighting for and if we don’t fight for Freedom then we’ll lose it. And some citizens in America and in other nations died for a freedom. In fact My boomer aged teachers weren’t even using the word Democracy in the classroom back in the day of nineties. After I heard what happened to African countries who picked a Democracy from government and seeing them an elitist class system of stuck up snobs looking down on the have-nots or the “help” service workers. I didn’t want to be in a country that has a Democracy form government. I grew up learning we are all equal whether or not one has more wealth or little wealth or none at all, and where in America we aren’t judged by our occupation but by our character.

  9. As a prize for serving Joey and his family so well at Penn, the President of Penn at the time, Amy Gutmann, was appointed United States Ambassador to Germany. She is bright woman, to the extent that can be said about an academic, but appears to speak little German. I bet she thinks currywurst ist echtes Deutsches Essen.

    • Hey, don’t knock Currywurst! It is a staple of little Imbiss (Hotdog stands) everywhere, has been so for over 50 years and is part of my nostalgic childhood food memories, as you just can’t get a good one anywhere else but there! As for Mrs. Gutman, awarding ambassadorships to your favorite political supporter is really nothing new or unique and most times their qualifications are questionable at best. Wasn’t Shirley Temple ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia??

  10. This just in: Biden survived the Alamo, lead the breakout at Omaha Beach, cured polio, built the ark for Noah.

  11. More for Grandpa:

    He piloted Enola Gay while protesting nukes at the same time.

    He was the test case for Free Speech

    He rode besides Grant and personally freed the slaves.

    He taught Tiger Woods how to play golf and cheat on his wife.

    He, not Hunter Thompson, was the real author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

    He did a duet with Frank Sinatra at the Sands.

  12. “I taught at the University of Pennsylvania for four years and I used to teach political theory. And folks, you always hear, every generation has to fight for democracy.” — Wait a minute! Did he use the word “fight”? Isn’t that the same word Trump used in his speech on Jan. 6 that caused all the Dems and RINOS to lose their minds and accuse him of starting an insurrection? What a bunch of malarkey!!

    And did you know that Biden also helped Gore invent the internet!

  13. Remember when Trump was president and every word he said was called a lie and the media would lose their minds reporting on it for a solid week? Good times. Biden? Hardly a peep from the folks over at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS.

    • The Washington (Com)Post kept a running total of his lies. Most of where were exaggerations, some were mistakes, but did not matter.

  14. Joe taught military strategy to George Washington, told Thomas Jefferson what to write in the Declaration of Independence and did the midnight ride, because Paul Revere was hung-over….

  15. Rumor has it if you go to Luxor in Egypt, there are hieroglyphics showing Grandpa as Ra.

    He only allowed the sun to come up after Pharaoh paid 10%.

  16. I was in the grocery store yesterday.

    Seems the Washington Post and CNN fact checkers are on milk cartons. Have you seen us below them.

  17. Sometimes when I need a good laugh I can read the comments like these and just roar! The old saying that “laughter is the best medicine” is really here. Thanks, Grandpa Joe for inventing so many great quotes and things for us to remember you by as we go to the food pantries for donated food because you phased out the gas needed to fuel the trucks to transport food and supplies to us serfs. Oh yeah, I am still trying to figure out the only mumbling you did at JBER when you said something about Dunleavy that if you had it that you would have been an All-American. You mean that you weren’t one?

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