Fact check: Did Biden lie to troops when he said he went to Ground Zero on Sept. 12, 2001?


President Joe Biden, speaking to troops in Alaska on Sept. 11, claimed that he was at Ground Zero in New York City on Sept. 12, 2001, the day after terrorists took down the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

While at the podium at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, he falsely claimed that he toured the ruins.

“Ground Zero in New York — I remember standing there the next day and looking at the building. And I felt like I was looking through the gates of hell,” Biden told the soldiers and airmen gathered to hear him speak.

However, fact checkers around the internet have found him to have told yet another lie. In Biden’s memoir “Promises to Keep,” he wrote in 2008 that he was in Washington on Sept. 11 and also on Sept. 12.

“I headed back to the Capitol the next morning” — Sept. 12, 2001,” his memoir said, making no reference to any quick trip to New York City at a time when all planes would have been grounded and trains not running, as the country was in a state of emergency.

C-SPAN footage from Sept. 12, 2001 shows Biden speaking on the floor in the U.S. Senate, according to those who reviewed them.

Verdict: Biden lied to the troops.


  1. Biden is the worst example of a human being in America. Every disaster current or in the past, Biden ALWAYS
    “ one up’s “ the disaster’s casualties.
    Again lying at Elmendorf yesterday by claiming he was in New York on 9/12/2001. Suffering with all the victims, feeling their pain.
    In real life anyone who continues to act this way is ostracized by the public, Shunned and ignored. Anything out of Biden’s mouth is suspect at least, more often than not, contemptible.

  2. Biden wouldn’t recognize the truth of it came up and bit him in the ass!!! His administration is a clown show with monkeys!!!

  3. This senile POTUS will say anything. How is the hell does his speech writers and even write this crap. He is worse than Jimmy and by the way, have you seen the price of gas?

    • I bet you that his speech writers cringe every time, he ad-libs in a “colorful” anecdote. They are professionals. They don’t write this mess, especially stuff that can be fact-check so very easily. It may be that they include “bullet points” to remind him to make a sad face or nod gravely and that sets him off going on a dog-faced-pony-soldier tangent.

  4. When are people going to see this? If you notice all the media on the far left always has the exact same talking points. Which 90% of them are lies. Thats what they do best lie, lie, and lie until the people are sucked into their lies. Wise up before its too late!!

  5. Hopefully Biden will actually be looking through the Gates of Hell. He’s definitely got a reservation locked up down there. Probably won’t seem like much of a change for him either because most of Washington DC will be there too. The Devil is certainly looking forward to his arrival as a welcome addition to his list of torments – what could be worse than forcing the residents to listen to Biden speeches all day, every day, for eternity?

  6. The video of the mandatory fun event at JBER is pretty funny. They tried to show service men and women and quickly cut away once they saw they were not amused and standing there annoyed, since they were clearly voluntold to be there.

  7. I would think by now that ALL who hear Biden know that everything that comes out of his mouth has been, is and will be a lie. No point in listening unless you just want to be entertained with garbage. The troops, however, do not have a choice. I pray for them every day for the Lord to keep them safe, give them strength to endure this awful administration. 2024 can’t come soon enough!

  8. Regarding the verdict…
    “Verdict: Biden lied to the troops.”
    Why not? Biden lies to everybody else. It’s a pathology of his.

  9. He is an older person. Memory sequences become less precise. Medication dosages tiredness affect clarity. What is in one’s heart erupts. Perhaps he believes the sequences to be true. He may enjoy his position (or not) but Alaska had better economic outcomes under President Trump.

    • AG, no excuses – he lied. Belief that something is true does not make it true in spite of evidence to the contrary. Brandon’s version of history is deliberately, severely, and self-servingly inaccurate – at anytime he is speaking. You, and he, can’t have it both ways – he is either to senile to serve or he deliberately lied.

    • Alaska would have better economic outcomes if an inert carbon rod was in the Oval Office.
      And, thanks for the reminder, sometimes memories get muddled, exaggerations happen, etc… But, seriously, this guy knows how easy it is to check a claim like that, but said it anyway. That is a pattern he has had all his public life. (Three masters degrees, top of his class, etc…)

    • AG, I agree with your assessment that some more mature individuals muddle their memories. It may be adorable with grandpa, retired bouncing grand kids on his knee, but this is the leader of the free world with his finger on THE button, juggling multiple complex issues. We really can not afford a guy, who confabulates all the time, because he can’t remember and thinks it is ALL about him.

  10. Hmmm I happened to be home when the towers were hit. My Brother was in NYC thankfully not near ground zero, however I was watching the news all day and the next trying to find out where he was. Not one time, did I see, hear, nor know of Biden being there.. Never heard him speak, didn’t hear his name even. He’s a lying POS like always… Look what he said after the people of Maui lost everything!! Oh we almost lost a car and our lives… He is a narcissist, and thinks his dumb life matches any of what has happened to this nation. Disgusting disgrace to this United States! We have a LIAR as a puppet POTUS!

  11. Joe Biden has been lying his entire life. He takes a sensational story that he has no personal involvement with, and inserts himself in pure fable. It’s a psychopathic condition that Joe has carried with him since childhood. It’s also a form of schizophrenia that can’t be treated. Over the years, people close to Biden have written off his condition and said, “well, it’s just Joe being Joe.”
    His fake presidency is just an extension of Joe Biden’s psychopathy. He actually believes he won the hearts of Americans in a clean election. Unfortunately, many gullible and off balance Americans have also decided to believe it.

    • Spot on diagnosis and observation of of his past history.
      I have felt He has been this stupid since childhood and never been held accountable for his lying.

      There is a reason Hunter and Ashley are in the same boat with a pathetic childhood and absolutely no ethics.
      We have researched and listened to his early years in the Senate and his speeches and character are that of one who is out of touch with reality. He has lived a very secluded life in government.

      As Obama once said “Leave it to Joe Biden… He knows how to really f**k s**t up”
      Which was the only thing out of Obama that had any credibility.

    • Outstanding, Dr. The only thing you forgot to mention, probably because of your professional position, is that Joe Biden, as a president and as a man, is one huge POS.

    • If he did not travel to Ground Zero on September 12th, 2001, but is claiming he was there, he is a liar.
      Now, if he said his heart was at Ground Zero you have a point. He didn’t. He outright lied to make himself look better. Which is a pattern he has followed his whole adult life. Claimed he had three masters degrees, but didn’t. Claimed he went to a HBCU college, but didn’t.
      Oh… why bother. You are not going to listen anyway.

    • All those leftist trolls generally only pop into the conversation here to muddy the waters and (try to) divert the topic of discussion. With Biden’s consistent lying, though, the facts are so manifestly clear that I think those trolls simply do not or can not even attempt to deny them.

  12. Geeze the guy has had two brain aneurysms, give him a break. He forgot Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was doing a good job and had him fired. Anybody could have made that mistake.

  13. My question a photo from Alaska News Source shows Biden talking to a soldier on JBER but he is surround by secret service. Do they think this president isn’t secure on a military base surrounded by military or do they not trust the military?

    • If you were in the military, and your Commander in Chief decided you needed to be separated from service because you did not take a vaccine. Or that very Commander in Chief decided to promote a lesser qualified individual because that individual is pretending to be a different sex than the one assigned at conception. Or… well, any number of other slights this Commander in Chief is guilty of… you might not be as trustworthy as one could hope.
      And, let’s be honest. The greatest gift the Military could give the leftists, globalists, statists, etc… is for a military person to attack the President. I would not be surprised if people highly placed in the Government are already considering the implications of an assassination attempt by someone in uniform. in fact, I think some might be salivating over the possibilities.

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