Who would be vice the presidential nominee for Trump? Sen. Kawasaki says he had a dream

Alaska Sen. Scott Kawasaki takes a selfie with the 11 people who showed up at his town hall meeting in Fairbanks.

Political observers are beginning to start their betting on who will be Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick, should he win the Republican nomination. A lot of potential veep candidates are already in New Hampshire stumping for Trump.

Among those being mentioned as possibilities are former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio, Arizona U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake, Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, and Trump-era Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. Sen. Tim Scott, who dropped out of the presidential race earlier and endorsed Trump, is also mentioned.

And then there’s the dream of Alaska Sen. Scott Kawasaki, who wrote that he dreamt that Gov. Mike Dunleavy of Alaska would be the vice presidential nominee. And he has a record for being correct.

“I had a dream in the early morning in ’08 that Governor @SarahPalinUSA was going to be selected as a VP. Probably because the radio was on in the background. I had a dream last night that @GovDunleavy was going to be selected as a VP candidate last night! #akleg,” wrote the state senator from Fairbanks on his X/Twitter account.

Dunleavy was an early supporter for Trump, endorsing his candidacy in August, and has been mentioned by many as a possible choice for leading the Department of Interior.

If that happens, then Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom would become governor and Torrence Saxe, commissioner of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, would become lieutenant governor; Dahlstrom would have to appoint a “third in succession.” If Dahlstrom wins her bid to become a member of Congress, Saxe would become governor and he would have to appoint the third in succession, while whomever Dahlstrom had appointed would become lieutenant governor.

If all of that seems like a 76-yard field goal, it probably is. Trump hinted on Saturday that whomever he picks will not be a big surprise to people. Dunleavy would be a big surprise to Americans, although he is one of the most popular governors in America.

When asked by Fox News’ Brett Baier about his thoughts for a vice presidential candidate, Trump said, ““I may or may not really [decide] something over the next couple of months. There’s no rush to that. It won’t have any impact at all. The person that I think I like is a very good person, a pretty standard. I think people won’t be that surprised, but I would say there’s probably a 25 percent chance that would be that person.”


  1. Dunleavy would bring nothing to the party. Trump needs a western state person/women but not from a little state like Alaska. That would/might rule out Noem also. Sanders is a possibility. Lake wants it but she is not presidential material in my opinion.

  2. It makes no sense to anyone with any sense. Maybe that’s why Kawasaki “dreamed” it.

    Dunleavy adds zip to the ticket and has shown himself to be a spineless man incapable of leading.

    If Trump is re-elected, he’s gonna need a bare knuckle brawler to watch his back.

  3. Dunleavy as VP…ugh! Probably better than Palin would have been but not a good pick. Dunleavy is a better governor than another Walker clone but he has been disappointing. Not surprising for someone coming from the educational industry that has a proven record of poor results. Seems like retired schoolteacher types are drawn to political office and most of them are liberals or weak conservatives…like Dunleavy who nobody thinks of as a fire breathing hard core conservative. Real conservatives should be done with moderate (aka weak) Republicans who think bipartisanship is just giving the other side half of what they’re demanding. That’s how we lose over time. Dunleavy came out strong at first but then folded at the first real resistance…weak. When you stand for something, really stand for something you’ll go down swinging and retain your self respect rather than compromising your beliefs just to stay in office. Dunleavy couldn’t take the heat so he folded. Not what Trump needs as a VP. Who knows though? Trump has great ideas combined with a knack for picking exactly the wrong kind of people to implement them so Dunleavy might have a shot…

  4. Oh gosh I hope not! I’d rather see Dunleavy and his base replace Murkowski if possible. . . I think he of all people have a good chance to retire the US Senator. He’ll make a better US Senator than a US VP. Alaskans don’t go to the White House Administration unless they want to quit public service.

  5. Someone like Dunleavy or himself I see he know the right political peoples and he has enough political intelligence to kick off the campaign against a long serving US Senator as Murkowski without being critical, you don’t run critical campaigns as Kelly or Forrest ran challenging long serving US delegates thinking your cute and full of moxie then expect people will respect your race. Give respect to get respect from those long term supporting voters who keep Late Stevens, Murkowski, Sullivan. And Young in power for long time. Dunleavy is in the same crowd with Sen Murkowski they know the same people. Him being a man may give him a greater edge than Murkowski.

  6. The worst part about being Governor of the Great State of Alaska?

    Knowing that Scott Kawasaki spends his nights dreaming about you.

  7. The Masked Avenger is correct, whether man or woman, Trump needs a brawler who will not hold back. This person must demonstrate extreme loyalty. In other words, this person needs to be the antithesis of a milque toast, back stabbing, Mike Pence.

  8. I wonder how many open containers of beer were in his buddies car the night of that dream?

    I like Governor Dunleavy, sure he could have cut more from the budget but the legislatures we’ve sent him don’t support that. He’s done well with the groups we’ve sent him over the years. Department of Interior for a few years makes more sense and then retiring Murkowski.

  9. Not Dunleavy. He won’t even take the reins in his own state to slow this demoncratic take-down of our state.

  10. I see Trump picking a woman. Gov Noem is most likely, in my mind. She’s been popular since the covid mess and has never wavered in her support for Trump. Although, Trump is a big fan of Huckabee Sanders. I could see that too. I like Kari Lake, but I believe she needs to win in AZ first.

    Dunleavy is far too soft. Remember when we got the emergency alert message and it was a youtube video of him reading a script about the dangers of covid? Yeah, he’s not enough of a fighter.

    • Dunleavy’s perpetual, Princess Lisa-esque scowl only cements the fact that he somehow has been neutered into compliance with deep state and pro-globalist forces.
      His public demeanor ever since the Wuhan Virus so-called “pandemic” debacle, if not before, has been radically different than it was when he first ran for governor, and as it was for a while after first taking office.

  11. Vivik, Ben , Scott are good choices because they are dedicated and smart .

    He cannot afford to blow it with a substandard vp

  12. The “Time” piece at ‘time.com/6046674/elise-stefanik-liz-cheney-republican/ suggests in its own unique way that New York Representative Elise Stefanik would be an ideal Vice President.
    Alaska’s State Senator from the Party of perverts, groomers, dictators, Disciples of America Last, and China flu hysterians somehow found time during a busy legislative session to share his dream about President Trump’s choice for the Democrats’ second-worst enemy.
    Might be fun, or frightening, to find out what other dreams inform the State Senator’s policy decisions, no?

  13. Oh my word! I guess that would be a dream and not a nightmare, like oh name any other who would jump into the frey with teeth bared. Kawaski wouldn’t like that. Hopefully, he will be replaced with someone who will jump into the frey and be ready to bare teeth. Birthday cards don’t make it!

  14. That open container flub in the Peninsula stays with me too….he and Sen Revak allegedly acted to deceive…

  15. “Who would be vice the presidential nominee…” I don’t know what that means, but I’m guessing Kawasaki was high.

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