Breaking: Dunleavy endorses Trump

Governor Mike Dunleavy greets President Donald Trump at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in 2019.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy endorsed Donald Trump for president, it was reported by Politico today.

“Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy is endorsing Donald Trump, giving the former president the support of a governor whose state is expected to hold its nominating contest on the all-important ‘Super Tuesday’ primary date,” the publication reported.

“The endorsement comes as Trump expands his broad lead in support from Republican governors and federal lawmakers over his rivals in the GOP presidential primary. With Dunleavy’s backing, Trump has earned the support of three of the five Republican governors who have endorsed in the race. Trump has also received the support of over 80 members of Congress, more than 16 times the amount of his nearest rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis,” Politico reported.

The Republican debate on Wednesday will feature eight candidate, but Trump will not be one of them. He has chosen to put together a competing event with Tucker Carlson, to be broadcast on Twitter at approximately the same time as the debate.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, former Vice President Mike Pence, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott will all be on the debate stage.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez says he met all the criteria for being included in the debate, but was not included on the list. Neither was Larry Elder, who also claims to have met the minimum fundraising and polling threshold.

This story will be updated.


    • mpschaefer;
      Little known but moving up the ranks fast is Vivek Ramaswamy, a pharmaceutical drug business tycoon, a man who’s made millions while just in his thirties, highly educated, a self made man unlike Donald Trump, he will be on the debates tomorrow (Wed.) and you watch, he’ll blow the competition away. Trumps facing too many feloney counts and likely won’t beat them all.
      Glad there are some conservatives in Moose Pass 😉

      • No one knew anything about Obama either and he was elected to do great things for America. Nothing could have been further from the truth. In fact, Obama is still busy turning America into the 3rd world country he dreamed it could be using the corrupt Justice Dept. and his mindless puppet Biden. I believe the Swami just got into town off the bus and no one really knows anything about him except all the miracles he claims he can perform. I’m not into Gurus. I’ll stick with someone tried and true. And that is Trump. The Democrats fear Trump. If they thought they could beat Trump they wouldn’t be trying so hard year after year to commit their crimes and lies trying to destroy him. They don’t fear the Swami. In fact, just like Soros who paid for the Swami’s college tuition, the Democrats love the Swami…

      • Vivek absolutely blew everyone away. For a newcomer, he not only gave as good as he got, he did better. Really impressive! He also appeared to be enjoying the whole experience.

    • Great move by Dunleavy! Trump deserves our full support. He is innocent and being railroaded by a political machine straight from the old Soviets.

    • Shhhh, you’ll bring out all the fake ‘republicans’ in droves.

      They want a nice polite Republican that will lose gracefully, berate rural conservative voters, while waving a gay pride flag and keeping the borders wide open.

  1. Governor Dunleavy who championed the nixed pebble mine, endorses President Trump who turned against the project by stoping the foreign owned pebble prospect through Army Corp. of Engineers that denied key permits, may have finally seen the writing on the wall 😉 Go Trump!

  2. So once again, he arrives on the scene late. A critical mass is endorsing Trump? Then he gets in line.

    It’s stupid for anyone to endorse anyone this early. Let the system play itself out for awhile.

  3. Our Govenor is smart. Since he not up for re-election he got nothing to lose. In 2020 one had to use inference to guess Dunleavy endorsed Trump however Dunleavy was facing his own re-election too.

    • Three candidates,
      1 DHHS secretary and gender specialist Dr Rachel Levine
      2 Nuclear Waste expert/Child guidance counselor Sam Brinton (Chris’s favorite)
      3 Mayor Pete Buttigieg

  4. Dunleavy wants to leave Alaska- he’s created a real mess here. Best way to do that is kiss up to Trump, hope the country elects a guy with so much baggage that the terrible, corrupt, Joe Biden has a chance.

    I miss Ronald Reagan.

    • Remember……. 98% of said “baggage “ is made-up. Ask pencil neck / Hillary.
      The only ones that parrot the 30 year old locker room guy talk tape don’t live in the real world and covet their safe spaces.
      I’m sure Lisa is already on the impeach Ron DeSantis bandwagon.

    • The only reason Biden “has a chance” is because ‘they’ are going to cheat even harder this time, because losing is not an option for them. They are not going to just throw up their hands and come clean then beg for forgiveness. Nope. They don’t care what they have to do, and they are almost at the point of using force to destroy the liberty loving Americans that don’t agree with them. All they have to do is steal their way in, one more time…

  5. Lotta hate goin’ on here. This is a real thought from a decent guy to another decent guy both in favor of promoting Alaska. DJT needs encouragement from thinking people.

    • America has never been this hateful.
      If Bidens DOJ doesnt take him out the conservative haters certainly will and Woohlah…Joe and the Dems will be doing a victory lap in 24

  6. All this love for a governor who’s almost always days late and dollars short is astounding.

  7. Sure, why not elect a guy who’s been convicted of sexual assault and is currently charged with 91 felony counts.

    There are other respectable Republicans out there. Why go with Trump, who will almost certainly lose?

    Oh, I get it. Big Mike is angling for a job in a new Trump administration since his days as Alaska’s governor are coming to an end. Clinging to power at the expense of his ethics. Got it!

    • My thoughts as well. There is a lot of politics to occur in the next 7 months. Events change things.

      As usual, Dunleavy looked around and saw what everyone else was doing and wanted to get in on it, too.

      About the only positive thing about him is beating Bill Walker. And that was debatable up until Malotte got busted for inappropriate behavior with minors.

  8. Dumb Dunleavy does his dumb “thing” again!! Never a good outcome on this governor’s thinking. I didn’t vote for Dunleavy the second time and won’t vote for Trump the second time. Bad actors need to stop pushing the “junk” and get out if you can’t do better. So far, Dunleavy’s decisions today are as bad as his decisions of the first time around.

    • Have you seen what the Liberal Dem governors have done to WA, OR, and CA? We’re next in line, Dunleavy has effectively postponed the demise. But don’t worry, Murkowski and Peltola are keeping the movement going.

      • Not sure what Dunleavy has done to slow anything down. The progressives move slowly and deliberately.

        Dunleavy became a political eunuch in Wasilla. They had no need to take him out. They just do like most of us-ignore him.

  9. The endorsement I am waiting for is Hawaii’s Governor of Joe Biden after they just heard his tragic story of his house fire last century where He nearly lost his wife, cat AND his 67 Corvette. Now that would have been a real tragedy compared to Lahaina!
    It will be interesting to see Maui voting for Joe after waiting for him to finish two vacations before touring the devastation and then listen to his rambling about HIS near tragedy….They are Democrat and will still support him and conservatives will sit and whine because their horse was a loser.

  10. Beats rational folk why any public servant would get onboard the dysfunctional clown car about to crash again. Maybe Mike thinks Don will finally follow through with his infrastructure plan.

    • Strange, I don’t recall Mike endorsing Biden. What are you even talking about?

  11. Thank you Governor for endorsing President Trump. Now get rid of the vote tabulation machines. Don’t delay.

  12. Is this what Dunleavy’s black eye is for? Dunleavy got his black eye around the time the thugs from the Big House show up in Alaska. Interesting play going on here. Glad that Dunleavy gave an endorsement for President Trump.

  13. A little late to the party Dunleavy but good, nonetheless. Now if you would only get a handle on your corrupt election system in Alaska. We must end mail-in-ballots, RCV and the Dominion Machines!

    Also, the corrupt globalists that are contaminating our country are already starting the COVID fear tactics again and will push for mask mandates and booster shots to try and shutdown the country again so they can implement their election steal plans again. Please do not be stupid enough to fall for it and say no to lockdowns and mandates that are unconstitutional. Be a leader, not a follower.

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