Watch video: Saturday Night Live spoofs Alaska Airlines over ‘you didn’t die, got a cool story’ flight


“Saturday Night Live” took on the Alaska Airlines incident in which the door panel of a Boeing 737-9 MAX experienced a blow-out mid-flight over Oregon on Jan. 5, forcing the pilot to turn Flight 1282 around and land at Portland International Airport.

The skit used actors Heidi Gardner, Jacob Elordi, and Kenan Thompson, playing the part of Alaska Airlines employees sharing the company’s new [fake] marketing slogan: “Alaska Airlines, you didn’t die and you got a cool story.”

Elordi says in the fake ad, “On other airlines, you can watch movies, but on Alaska, you’re in the movie.”

Watch the inaugural skit for the 2024 season of Saturday Night Live below:


  1. When I was much younger I worked at a local hotel, we used to have a saying. “Fly Alaska Airlines and let your luggage see the world”. This takes it to a whole new level….

  2. It is truly hilarious. Love the new ‘brochure’ that one would need a backpack to carry and the commemorative photo for a mere $50… 😂😂😂

  3. Alaska Airlines should give 90% off tickets to those willing to sit next to door plugs on their Boeing 900 Max jets.

  4. “You don’t die and you got a cool story” … should be ” The pilot is high and you got lots of worry!”

  5. Fricken hilarious . Sent it to friends in Australia and they could not open twitter attachment . Thought that was odd .

    Alaska Airlines stock we be dropping Monday AM when stock market opens

    Amazing to me how all this is orchestrated and connected to media . I still think I’d rather get on any Boeing and fly to Seattle than drive the AlCan .

    Time to clean out management at Boeing and maybe ParkaMan Airline

  6. OMG, ouch! Funny! SNL should have included AA’s well-advertised commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring, and now, too, in the terrifying of its passengers. Same for Boeing. Wokeness has its rewards.

    • Why not take the time to watch the documentary «Downfall»? It’s on Netflix.
      This film offers some eye-opening insight into Boeing’s leadership and their merger with McDonnell-Douglas.
      Interesting to see how corporate mistakes can be made where competition and lobbying are concerned.

    • Quality control is « wokeness » for you?
      I suggest watching « Downfall », a documentary film about Boeing. The corporate leadership preferred to focus solely on profits rather than quality.

  7. Funny!
    All that’s missing is the gift shop at the jetway. There you can buy a commemorative model of your plane missing the door plug to go along with your $50 photo.

  8. Pretty soon, Woke Seattle Airlines will be charging MORE for those plug-adjacent seats, advertising that those who sit next to an airplane door plug get the privilege of deplaning first (just not in the manner that the passengers were anticipating).

  9. Yep, this presentation brings real meaning to Alaska Airlines’ motto: “Fly with Pride.” 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  10. The comments were almost as funny as the video. Now let’s see SNL come up with one about the new inclusion pushed by the Biden Administration. Oh, I forgot, they are democrat and probably woke as well. Darn!

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