Watch video: DeSantis drops, endorses Trump


After ending all of his upcoming events on his campaign website on Sunday morning, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made it official: He has suspended his campaign for president and endorsed Donald Trump for president in advance of New Hampshire’s Tuesday primary.

DeSantis made his announcement on X/Twitter.

He was polling in single digits and earlier this weekend canceled his CNN interview and his appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press.

Nikki Haley, when asked her impression of her two main remaining contenders, said that Biden and Trump were equally bad, which is why she is running. Sen. Rand Paul wrote, “I don’t think any informed or knowledgeable libertarian or conservative should support Nikki Haley. I’ve seen her attitudes toward our interventions overseas. I’ve seen her involvement in the military industrial complex, $8 million to become part of a team.”


    • I suggest listening to both Gov. DeSantis’ speech of today, and also to Trump’s victory speech after his decisive Iowa win. Both clips together are only about 14 minutes. Worth the time.
      Both Trump and Ron were gracious and kind. Trump didn’t gloat, and Ron wasn’t nasty or bitter. The major theme of Trump’s Iowa speech was that the country needs unity and togetherness, and that the Republican Party is best poised to accomplish that by its America First agenda.
      I predict that Trump will acknowledge Ron positively and warmly, thank him for his accomplishments and endorsement, etc.
      I have noticed over years of listening to Trump’s talks, that he knows the value of acknowledging people. He is always willing to share the stage, bring supportive people up to say a few words, and publicly praise them.
      “Acknowledgment and thanks” of people is a trait that I have incorporated into my own daily life, and I must admit- I learned it from President Trump.

      • Please keep whispering your sweet “voice” into the “wilderness”!
        Trump ain’t a real supporter of the people who disagree with him.
        You present it like he is a real unifier and I can’t imagine anyone further from the fact.
        Let me guess…you whispered sweet voices to Sarah Palin during the last election??

        • Grandpa Bloodstains comes to mind. He has set this nation at each other’s throats.

          Trump has grown support in the black, Latino, and even gen x communities while Grandpa Bloodstains hemorrhages it.

          Sigh. So many TDS sufferers just can’t help themselves. They make a cogent point about Trump’s issues. But instead of letting it breath and be a topic for discussion they can’t stop themselves from devolving into snark.

      • As soon as Ron knelt before the emperor and kissed the ring, Trump was all sweetness and light. No more name-calling nor nasty comments.
        Wake up!

  1. A candidacy which should have pushed Trump hard never got off the ground.

    In retrospect he launched too late, the Twitter launch was a disaster, and he talked too much about Florida.

    Possibly the right candidate at the wrong time.

  2. Him posting that quote from Churchill reminds me of Trump surrendering to the court system and then promoting the slogan, “Never Surrender”.
    Desantis says, “… it is the courage to continue that counts” and then quits.


  3. It should bother everybody we are going into a hotly contested election with zero real primary challenges to either candidate.

    This is not good for our country. Not at all.

    • Masked Avenger, I think Bobby jr is going to begin to look better and better to a fair share of the voting public. Reality is, Bobby and T are aligned on most subjects, ( T’s jab nonsense and RFK jr’s green deal malarky being the most glaring differences). Given the similarities of T and RFK jr in Juxtaposition to the phony traitorous idiot named Biden, America has a real choice.

      Because many Democrats still maintain a cursory level of cognitive function but who are also genetically programmed to reject any Republican not named Reagan, I think Bobby will garner much more support in the days to come. I don’t see Bobby winning but I see him sucking more votes from the Democrat Liar in Chief than John B. Anderson pulled from Jimmy Carter in 1980.

      In the end it’s going to be a crap shoot with lots of outliers, T has the Lawfare to contend with along his own bad self and penchant of shooting himself in the foot. All the while the Train Wreck named Biden will continue tumbling down the tracks. Biden’s only hope is in the 10 million or so Illegals invited across the Border these last 4 years. Is that enough?

  4. Trump and and Biden “equally bad?” Are you kidding me, Ms. Haley? What is wrong with you? The difference is night and day! Prosperity and freedom vs. misery and oppression. It’s clear Ms. Haley is way out of touch with reality. DeSaintis made the correct endorsement.

  5. Murkowski, Nikki Haley, Liz Cheney………all the same. Dimwitted liberal women who are more worried about saving transexualized children and abortion rights rather than defending the United States and its borders. All women of privilege. All severely afflicted by Trump Derangement Disorder. All have weak, cowardly husbands.
    Only cowardly, liberal men vote for and defend these kind of RINO women.

    • Sorry, who is a RINO? What is the definition of a RINO – beyond the acronym? Who gets to decide if someone is a RINO? You? Who elected you?

      • Why would Thomas have to have been elected to define what he sees as a RINO?
        I can declare, that in my eyes, any politician I choose as a RINO. There does not have to be a dictionary/textbook definition of RINO. If I say Liz Cheney is a RINO, that is my opinion of her behavior.
        And, I am pretty sure Thomas has his opinion on who is a RINO, and I fully support it. There is no reason to challenge him over it.

        • Name-calling is childish. Trying to defend name-calling isn’t much better. My point is that rather than just calling someone a “RINO” it would be more helpful to give a REASON WHY you do not like them or, even better, cite a position on an issue that is objectionable. To say again, name-calling is childish.

      • Unbunch your panties, it’s just a feeble attempt to dumb down someone either by calling them a rhino or a leftist’s or libertarian. Or anything else, just internet befoolery.

      • Republican In Name Only, RINO are easy to discover. One has to observe their voting records, behavior and willingness to provide aide/assistance to liberal causes and policies. The three lady’s Thomas’s comment reflect the definition of a RINO.

  6. So let me get this straight, even after Trump insulted and denigrated Desantis, ol’ Ron was willing to support him nonetheless. Here’s a quick trip down memory lane on the things Trump said about Desantis, among others:

    – Implied that Desantis groomed highschool girls
    – Insulted Casey Desantis
    – Mocked Destantis’ fingers

    And you want this guy to be president? Trump is a cheap school yard bully and coward. And so is Desantis for flipping so easily after all that. There is no honor in the Republican party anymore.

  7. I will not vote for Donald Trump. I will not vote for Joe Biden. Both are poor choices for different reasons. I will vote for a rational third-party candidate who is less than seventy years old – if there is such a person.

    • You and me both. The excuses made by the democrats for Biden’s obvious age related decline and those made by Trump’s supporters about his behavior and confusion will be the doom of this country.

      Call a spade a spade. Trump is not fit. Biden is not fit. Out of 330 million people, are they the best we can do?

      • They apparently ARE the best we can do.
        If there were better choices, they would be running. But… news flash. No matter how much you whine about lack of choice, the rest of the nation says let’s stick with Trump and Biden.
        Feel free to help out the globalists, WEF, UN, etc… by ensuring Biden gets re-elected. The collectivists thank you.

    • The Democrats thank you for your service. They are very happy that their disinformation campaign and anti-Trump propaganda found such fertile soil with you and the other Never Trumpers.
      If the GOP had half the ability to manipulate the public as the Dems have, they would never lose an election. But marketing and advertising works. You are proof.

      • I find Donald Trump to be irrational and morally unfit to serve as President. He does not have a conscience and lacks self-control. He has few interesting policy ideas other than retribution against those that he believes have wronged him. The Left has had very little to do with my analysis. If you believe that Mr. Trump is “the only person who can save the country”, please get professional help. Please start with your clergyman.

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