Who won Alaska’s first straw poll for 2024?


The first Alaska straw poll for the presidential election of 2024 was conducted this week by Must Read Alaska in the MRAK newsletter that reaches over 35,000 Alaskans three times a week.

Of the 907 readers who participated in the Monday straw poll, 49% chose Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida. Coming in second was former President Donald Trump at 36%, followed by former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley at 12%, and President Joe Biden at 4%.

The Must Read Alaska newsletter subscribers trend conservative, and the poll is not scientific. A straw poll is an unofficial vote taken to test the relative strength of candidates or issues but is very different from a traditional poll.

Although this poll was conducted Feb. 20-22, nearly a year before the first Republican primaries in New Hampshire and Republican caucus in Iowa, it is the first indication among conservatives in Alaska that DeSantis has a strong following in the 49th state, and that Trump’s star has, perhaps, faded. Trump won Alaska with nearly 53% of the general election vote in 2020, with Biden capturing nearly 43% of the general election vote.

This poll was conducted before Republican entrepreneur and author Vivek Ramaswamy announced his candidacy on Tuesday.

How does the Must Read Alaska straw poll compare to more scientifically conducted polls around the nation?

According to a Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll, Trump leads among registered Republicans in America, when the question was asked in the Feb. 6-13 poll. 43% of responding Republicans picked Trump, 31% picked DeSantis, and 4% picked Haley. Biden was not included in the poll of Republicans, which surveyed 1,465 registered Republicans, part of a larger sample of more than 4,000 adults nationwide. The poll’s credibility interval, a measure of precision, was about 3% for registered Republicans, according to Reuters.

In addition to the four names polled by Must Read Alaska, and Ramaswamy, who just announced his candidacy, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is considering a run, as are former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former Vice President Mike Pence, and New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu.

Must Read Alaska thanks Dittman Research for partnering on Question of the Week and thanks those who took part in the straw poll. Check the Monday Must Read Alaska newsletter for the next big Question of the Week for Alaskans. Note that no one can see how you vote in a Must Read Alaska Question of the Week.


  1. Good results. Shows Alaskans have sense. Trump is way too toxic, with too much baggage, and he’s too old.

    Imaging Desantis kicking Biden’s a– in the debates.

    • Not nearly as toxic as the cloud over East Palestine Ohio caused by this brainless administration. Remeber ol joe promising high speed rail from LA to DC?
      Hmmmm 2 trillion later and trains are falling off the tracks all over the place. Planes are being grounded, delayed or all out cancelled almost daily and the ports are STILL clogged. Eggs are no longer readily available, there was a baby formula crisis and everything is more expensive……..but yeah sure Trump is toxic. Your line of thinking or lack thereof is exactly how we got into this mess in the first place. Let me guess, you’re vaccinated, older than say 40? And never miss the evening news, you read the ADN and consider yourself fairly educated on most issues because you check the headlines on a news homologation website like bing or yahoo or chrome. If you think President Trump is, was or may be a toxic choice then you’re as clueless as the half-dead numb nuts currently residing in the White House.
      M must stand menopausal.

      • Floyd, do you have reading comprehension problems?

        Supporting Desantis over Trump is NOT a Biden endorsement. It is just the opposite.

        • “…….You’re team Trump til the end…….”
          The end……..of what? When you finally “got him!”? Or the end of the world……..after WWIII?

        • Unlike you, yes.
          You seem to be more of a fair weather conservative. That’s okay though maybe when you reach your twenties you’ll learn about having conviction in your beliefs, you know that thing called character. You and M can set back and placate yourselves all you want but as of yet DeSantis has not committed to running. Also what do you think happens to Florida if he does run? Someone like forkner becomes their governor and state is lost forever. President Trump may not be perfect but the country was a helluva lot better when he was in charge versus today.

          • You act like you know me. In truth, I’m old enough to be your grandfather, which is why I know things like civics you clearly don’t.

            At least I know how to use paragraphs so my thoughts can be read without causing eyestrain.

            As hard as this may be for you, Trump is not the anointed of God to save us. Trump is a very flawed man, like all men, and the world will still turn regardless of his re-election or lack thereof.

            What happens to Fla is an issue for the people of Fla. Don’t worry your pretty little head over it. Fla has been managing their own affairs long before you were born. And will long after you’re gone.

            Your frenetic crying “Trump save us” might resonate better if you spent time dealing with how to overcome some basic things:

            -in two elections he never won the popular vote. While not the game, failure to do so is a factual statement of his unpopularity nationwide.
            -he is constantly under the clouds of political scandals. Some stupid, some self inflicted.
            -he can not win a third term. It’s unconstitutional. Everything he accomplished in one term was erased in weeks be a senile fool. How do you prevent that from happening again? Especially with a congress who by and large doesn’t like him?
            -after the way he treated Pence, who of quality will run with him? Speaks to continuity (is that too big a word for you?) or vision and message?
            -one of his biggest weaknesses was the people he surrounded himself with. Especially his family. Has he addressed that?

            If you want to be taken seriously (which I doubt) start there.

            The sad, simple truth is, the only reason Trump lingers is the national mistake we made electing a senile corrupt socialist. It’s like conveniently forgetting all the bad parts about your ex since they were good in bed.
            He was a very good president but a crappy POTUS. And most of America had moved on.

            Final thoughts

            1-before you challenge the deficits of other people’s characters, see to your own first. They are glaring.

            2-after undressing you as badly and as publicly as I did, from now on you may call me Daddy.

      • Floyd, I consider myself informed. I voted Trump twice, however I’m looking for an alternate in ’24.
        Trump not unlike Palin has a strong base but is not electable.
        Leadership means projecting something meaningful beyond your egotistical facade.
        Further on Trump might take Wayne Anthony Ross’s advice, ” you can’t kick at every barking chihuahua ”
        Just saying.

        • “…….Trump not unlike Palin has a strong base but is not electable……..”
          Oh, okay. So let’s elect yet another Pharisee.

          • Reggie, I’d rather be a ” fair you see”, then a ” sad you see”!
            Reggie, I voted Trump, TWICE! I just think we have some better options this time, ones that are even electable!

      • Trump is toxic and I voted for him. There wasn’t any better choice back then. Now there is. DeSantis is going to win this race and Trump and apparently you are going to have to live with that.

      • Your insults are not productive and you lose credibility. More importantly, your diatribe only makes people think that your rudeness mirrors Trump. So in addition to making yourself look stupid, you give further reason for people to avoid Trump. Real smart, huh?

        • I take it your in favor of a crumbling economy, record inflation, meaningless war and higher energy costs, right? Did the mean tweets hurt your feelings?

          • They need a safe place because their skin is too thin. We really need someone who’s for American citizens first period.

          • No need to continue your bullying. He made a valid point. The economy is strong. If you want to see record inflation look about 50 years in our past. Is any war meaningful? Our energy costs have been going down lately. We’re down to $3 a gallon. With all this saber rattling going on over in Ukraine you would think we would be paying $10 a gallon but alas, that’s not what really drives up the price of oil is it.

        • Nobody CAN make anyone else think anything at all. It is fellacious to believe that anyone can “make” anyone think anything. Except for tv. TV is a great propaganda mechanism. Expensive though.

        • Nothing to say to the first paragraph though.
          I’m sorry you’re feelings get hurt when facing the reality that our country is crumbling before our eyes. Trump was never mean, dullard. Certainly nowhere near as mean as the media was to him. Do you have a memory problem or a rationalization problem?

    • I support Trump because he stopped the pebble prospect with Army Corp. of Engineers permit denial and his strong stance on border control.
      Also he was unable to oust Murkowski even with loud, clear and heavy opposition to her and his strong support of Kelly T., which all ended in Lisa’s most convincing victory to date. Those 2 in office would be good for Alaska 😉

  2. In early 2016 there were 17 candidates in the Republican Primary debates. Some were governors, US Senators, and billionaires. The last man standing was Donald John Trump. He never before was a candidate for anything, not even dog catcher. Expect the same in 2024.

    • Trump was chosen back then because he could sling mud with the best of them. It was all in no holds barred joint effort to take down Hillary. We were successful in doing that. Trump paid the price for it but that doesn’t make him a martyr. He still the same loud mouth buffoon that turned to people off during the last election. I don’t know anyone here in Florida that will vote for him when we have DeSantis. He can’t win any election without us.

      • Once again you spew rhetoric of RINO talking points. 45 was elected because he was a non career politician and a successful businessman. Do you honestly think America is better of with 30 & 40 year career public grifters in charge? You are out of touch with reality. Go take a look at the flakes courting DeSantis. Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, lol they are all part of the uniparty.

          • No, it’s more like suitors of unsavory character attempting to win the hand of a potential mate.

            As far as your comment about the economy being strong? What planet are you on? This is the fastest growing inflation since the peanut man. How about those jobs reports? 3$ gas, ha only in the deep south of our country.

        • Again Denali you are correct. If Florida wants another Biden in the White House that’s there stupidly. We need a non politician to clean house. Just look where we are at and what has government done for us that’s been good?

        • I voted twice for DJT and attended the rally at UAA
          (Why were they at that $ wasting State basketball court?)
          President Trump was elected because HRC was an elite, out of touch, globalist.
          He did a great job imo, (except for putting his uber rich, elite children in charge of things)
          Now? He’s getting old & bitter, much like President Biden.
          I will vote for him a 3rd time if he is nominated.
          But, like Palin, his ship has sailed.

      • Wrong, Greg. DeSantis is Florida only. He won’t win the Republican Primary. Trump is all 50 states, and he is exactly what the public will want again by the summer of 2024. DeSantis will have to wait until 2028.
        Must be nice to live in Florida and still be reading MRAK? Except for lack of beaches, Alaska is such a better place to live than in Florida with 30 million other people.

    • In the end Trump was the man for the job because deep State knew this man was going to get tarred and feathered but there was a job to do. Podesta had convinced Hillary to tell us all were the aliens were once she was elected. That was never going to be allowed to happen so ironically, the same voting machine that people claim took out Trump also took out Hillary 4 years earlier. Ah the irony! And before you say oh bull crap alien crap, remember that podesta was good friends with Harry Reid, and Bigelow airspace. Those people know the color of dark money.

    • Yeah, that worked out so well in 2020 when, oh, I guess Donald John Trump was the nominee. I have seen this movie before. There is nothing new to see. Time to move on.

  3. Ya, I’ve got to laugh at all these clowns who some how think the liberal press and the lunatic left is not going to attack Desantis or Haley with just as much garbage as they have for trump , these people are not Very Smart and seasoned in politics, these lunatics we are going against will do what ever it takes to win,and yes that means Lie , Steal, and Cheat ! yes that’s the real world for all you establishment republicans who don’t have the stomach for what’s inevitably coming in this Country, so I would say it’s time for many out there to wake the hell up and see the world your living in right now, and I say to win , you better be TOXIC as hell, because if your not gonna fight like hell to save this Country, your not going to Beat Trump, or anyone else, this guy is easily our best Choice for this time. Desantis is a great guy. And Nikis a nice Lady, but we’re not gonna win unless we have someone who has Trumps following and the Balls to throw haymakers at these screwballs running our country right now! He’s took every punch thrown at him no matter how dirty they were, The only way he doesn’t win the Republican nomination is if he hands his following to a Desantis , but I feel Ron’s not ready for prime time Nationally yet, I kinda doubt he even runs this go around anyways, he’s a smart guy!

  4. Most of you are such cowards that you will keep playing the voting charade just so that you don’t have to fight anything.. you are going to talk about this for 2 years while you do nothing that moves the ball. You are going to honor and praise the same pathetic retread legislators that caused all of this. It’s sad.

  5. Since Trump didn’t win, the election had to be stolen. Right? There must be truck loads of missing ballots somewhere…

    • Well I guess we’ll all see what song you are singing in 2024, assuming Biden doesn’t die of a stroke first(fingers crossed) it will most likely be a rematch of 2020. Biden will talk to about twelve people during his “campaign” do another debate where is given the questions and answers before hand and the media will prop him up as “strong,stately,experienced,compassionate,meditative” etc etc.
      However this time he’s going to have to answer for Afghanistan, exploding energy costs, the border, Ukraine, two trillion dollar spending bill, train wrecks, why flint Michigan still has dirty water, Obamacare being a disaster, his son and his brother having auspicious ne corrupt business dealings with foreign countries, destroying Americas energy sector, why he still hasn’t done away with the “emergency powers” covid policy garbage. Why is he so benevolent to communist china?
      I mean these are just off the top, I haven’t even really delved into how disastrous his term has been just this point. Don’t worry though Kmart, we know you hate Trump and seeing America first. Just take some relief in knowing that when Bidens team realizes it’s over that’s when they will really begin to incinerate what’s left of our republic.

  6. Nice try RINOs, but you are dreaming. There is no way that this poll represents the wishes of Alaskans or the American public in general. Accurate polls show that Trump is far ahead of DeSantis. Like it or not, Trump will be the Republican nominee. Whether or not he wins the general election will be determined by how efficiently the Dems harvest ballots.

  7. People need to research Desantis..no wonder Alaska is 1 step to communism they don’t research. Desantis is not who you all think he is. If people think Desantis will take on the deepstate like Trump you are highly mistaken. Desantis is part of the secret societies and I dare anyone to research this. MSM talking points on Desantis that are spewed here, only shows how brainwashed the Alaskan public has become.

    • I thought I had heard it all on here until this. Yes he’s connected. You can’t be in a position like he is in a state like he is without it you want him to have stones? Check that box. You want him to fight against leftass libtards, check. You want him to fight the invasion of our border? Check. You want him not to have a foul mouth and disrespect women? Check and check. You want someone to fight the fight? Even Miami is voting for him.

    • I dare you to put your research forward. If you’re that confident in them, it should be easy.

      The problem with this kind of claim is in the internet era, it’s easy to find “research” that says anything from Washington was a deep state British plant to Jesus liked disco.

      After all, there was plenty of “research” showing Trump was bought and paid for by Russia.

  8. The Administrative State needs to be broken up then scattered into the wind and there is only 1 person who can do that and his name is Donald J Trump. The globalists want to destroy America and Trump is the only person who will stand up to them.

    Joe Biden is playing both sides of the war in Ukraine here’s the proof
    (1) Biden ended sanctions on Russia for the Nordstream Pipeline which gave Putin the money to invade Ukraine.
    (2) Biden then blew up the Nordstream Pipeline ( act of war )

    Why hasn’t Biden gone before congress and asked for the War Powers Act ?
    Why did it take Trump going to Ohio before any Federal help went to residents of the chemical spill ?

    • Biden didn’t go to Congress because he doesn’t want us boots on the ground. That’s one of the smartest things the fool has ever done or actually not done. Any disaster is going to be eligible for emergency funds, that comes from FEMA not Trump.

      • Except for our own in East Palestine Ohio. Took 45 going there and providing for the people to get FEMA to act. You have a blind faith in our system

    • Civics 101.

      -no POTUS, not even Carter has acknowledged the WPA as Constitutional, because it’s not. They always send troops and then put Congress in the position of publicly pulling them back.

      —there is not enough public support for troops in Ukraine to allow for troop deployment into combat with a nuclear armed enemy. Russia has to do something to us first. The political bloodbath is more than anyone wants.

      -it’s not our war. It is a European problem.

      -that part of Ohio went about 70% for Trump. There was no political benefit for Biden (or a 10% cut of the clean up) for him to go. An equally good question is why Trump, wanting to reclaim the White House, took so long to go.

      • If it’s a European war then why is the US providing a majority of the military aid and a majority of the financial aid ?

        • If you want to be taken seriously, please ask serious questions.

          Here’s one for you? If you’re so wildly gung ho to fight for a corrupt European country, why are you not there? They’ll be happy to take you.

          As to your questions, they have a broad range of answers ranging from sad to stupid to genuinely sincere. Here goes:

          -we have no treaty with Ukraine. They are not a part of NATO. We have no obligation to do a damn thing for them. Certainly not paying their pension system and government employees.

          -again, history and civics are your friends. We have a long history of reckless spending in places we had no business being. When the smoke clears, if often boils down to money and who makes it

          -democrats love starting wars. It’s the finishing that usually presents them problems.

          -Biden and most of Congress are globalists, and globalists want this. A weak US is more compliant.

          -Biden desperately needs a host of distractions. Wag the Dog is a classic political strategy. Mostly but not exclusively Democrat.

          -Raytheon and other companies are making mint.

          -we have a long, stupid history of paying (in many ways) for European mistakes.

          -the only reasonable answer is to keep from fighting in Poland, whom we do have commitments to defend. But that assumes Russia will attempt to move there, which is by no means certain.

          If your follow up is why are we this stupid, my only response is I wish I knew. It stands to reason we aren’t a serious people when it comes to politics.

          • I never said I support the war in Ukraine matter of fact I think biden should be focusing more on the southern border but I know the open borders is a UN program to destabilize the United States. Imagine if they used all that money biden has sent to Ukraine to rebuild cities or fix infrastructure ( I thought that was what the infrastructure bill was for ?) here in America.

        • Because just as 45 exposed, they are NATO members in name only. All of our globalist POTUS’s have paid for their share until, it was exposed what they were doing.

  9. We need a fresh start and clean house completely. Clean out Washington and all its political clout like the federal Bureau of incompetence, nsa, cia, homeland insecurity and department of injustice. A law needs to be in place that no lawyers can serve in government. Look at what the current government blueprint has gotten us in the last many years. They have taken away freedoms and stole money, lied an started useless wars for what? So the rich get richer and more power.

  10. Trumll poll is better on this issues than DeSantis in all honestly. Desantis is an unproven product at a national level, however I’m voting for Desantis in the primary if he runs because it’s clear that DeSantis would make a more competent and electable candidate. Trumps campaign as of recently has been highly cringe and his appeal to independents is very low. Just a reminder that Texas was only 5 points away from becoming a democrat state the last time. I wouldn’t be so schooled if trump turns Texas blue for a generation and screws the GOO for the rest of eternity.

    • Unless you live in an alternative universe, the President of the United States is (very sadly) Joe Biden. An election was held, Trump lost.

      While he retained the title President, he is not the sitting President.

      Again, Civics 101.

      Unless Joe Biden actually shot, stabbed, etc he did not murder your brother. Good luck finding any jury in the deepest red state in America who would charge and convict him of said accusation.

      Civics 101 and common sense 101.

      May I suggest a long vacation at API?

      • When was the 2020 certification accomplished? Where exactly. These people are professionals. Billable hours. Notes? Witnesses? CPAs bill by the hour as well. The VP knows what a fiduciary is. Having a nice or not nice feeling about doing “the public work” is marginally material. Compare Reuters, a large international corporation. The US is also a large corporation. When Reuters is having a corporate President change out the counting work is seriously done. The certification is done. It is work. It takes hours. It matters.
        The professionals are hired to do that fiduciary oversight for all those having an interest. It is not petulant feelings that are delivered. There is an accessible work product not a litany of explicated “feelings”. Or a wee bit of nondescript I was scared so “did” it (under a desk) or in France. No. That is not the work. Show us the work you did. Not ceremonial “feelings” per se. Is all.

  11. Alaska republicans are a very unique breed. DeSantis may very well win a primary in Alaska, as Ted Cruz did in 16. As far as the overall nomination? It’s Trump to lose. IF DeSantis were to win, he would emerge very bloody. He may run? But he may very well wait one cycle, finish his second term, and go into a 28 cycle with the full backing of Trump (or his supporters at any rate).

  12. Actually, the SCOTUS, especially Justice Gorsuch is poised to make major rollbacks to administrative state. Trump isn’t the savior Scott thinks he is and, having had 4 years as head of the administrative state, it’s valid to ask what he did to pare back the admin state. He did some valid acts to diminish the administrative state but not nearly enough, in no small part because he lacked the discipline to stay actively engaged in the daily slog of activities that would have yielded superior results.

    • Well when the administrative state tries to ruin your presidency before it even begins ( Russia gate ) then yeah it’s hard to get a lot accomplished. He did stand up to China with his tariffs , he did make us energy independent, he didn’t start any wars , he had an agreement with the taliban ( which Biden screwed up ). 2019 was the best year for workers in the last 50 years. Best of all he ruined the democrats 16 year plan to completely destroy America
      Obama 8 years
      Hillary 8 years that was the democrats plan to totally destroy America.

  13. I would like to see all parties put forward new and fresh candidates instead of recycling the same old ones every election. I would also like to see the media give equal time to third party candidates.

  14. I would like to see all parties put forward new and fresh candidates instead of recycling the same old ones every election. I would also like to see the media give equal time to third party candidates.

  15. Fun poll, but it’s completely worthless on numerous accounts. The main reason is that the next POTUS will be a war president, and I’m not suggesting yet another police action. WWIII has already begun. It’s likely that our direct involvement will come before November of 2024 (whether we cause it or not), but at the very least, the fact that a world war is upon us will be widely accepted and discussed worldwide. It will certainly be a major topic in all the 2024 campaigns.

  16. Anyone who really believes Joe Biden got 81 million Legal Votes in the 2020 election is obviously on the Corrupted side( the Dems), or you are totally ignorant to how ridiculously corrupt several states are in their registration process, or You are severely Mentally Ill and just simply don’t know what the hell your are talking about! As for 2020 election, The way all the states ( 6 or 7) that stopped counting their votes at the same time While Trump was not only ahead in all of them and building momentum, and then by the next morning virtually all of them same states flipped under the cover of Darkness while most the people slept is pretty much statisticly impossible! Anyone who didn’t see what tens of millions of us did is pretty Niave and Let me state it more clear (Dumb)! Or you’re in on it. Keep in mind the same states have had the same problems in the last few elections , although when trump Beat Hilary 2016 , the cheaters fell short on their attempts, they definately were making the attempt to, but the Dems had not anticipated the Numbers Trump could bring out, and he far exceeded those vote totals in 2020 because he was incredibly popular among the working people. Yes Trump was un popular among many of the dead beats who live of taxpayers, many in Goverment position ( not all) are parasites who feel entitled 24/7 just like your common freeloader or your woke liberal college educated idiot! Like I said if you beleive Biden got 81 million legal votes , you are whacko nuts pure and simple!

  17. When was the 2020 certification accomplished? Where exactly. These people are professionals. Billable hours. Notes? Witnesses? CPAs bill by the hour as well. The VP knows what a fiduciary is. Having a nice or not nice feeling about doing “the public work” is marginally material. Compare Reuters, a large international corporation. The US is also a large corporation. When Reuters is having a corporate President change out the counting work is seriously done. The certification is done. It is work. It takes hours. It matters.
    The professionals are hired to do that fiduciary oversight for all those having an interest. It is not petulant feelings that are delivered. There is an accessible work product not a litany of explicated “feelings”. Or a wee bit of nondescript I was scared so “did” it (under a desk) or in France. No. That is not the work. Show us the work you did. Not ceremonial “feelings” per se. Is all.

  18. Alaska was a state in the 2020 election that had elector anomalies because:? Did anyone report it? Why not? I wanna know. Do we all have to be ladies about it? How can we be ladies when we don’t know what’s gone on? Our problem Appears to be structural. Did you know that? All states are supposed to have a secretary of state the same as the US Secretary of state who has election responsibilities among other specific responsibilities. We do not. We left out this Constitutional formation. So we are “exceptional”. I don’t want AK to be on the exception sheet every presidential election.

  19. What if they just count our electors because they being nice gentlemen and we are just being hicks? Is that how we should play the game ? Or not. ASK someone who knows and cares right? Aren’t there just somethings we can take for granted like it’s all ceremonial anyway? :*)

  20. I see a bunch of petty bickering here. I’m sick of stupid people with thin skin bashing on a great man. Donald J. Trump is the only person with the backbone and I.Q. to go toe to toe with the Deep State. You have no idea what this man has gone through for this country. You have no idea the love he has for this country and its people. He knows what they have done and has seen the documents that prove it. He has set operations in place to try and save this nation from utter destruction. He had this nation on the road to recovery until they plotted against him and stole an election. Sorry if I’m pissed but I am sick of the lack of incite folks have on this great man. You don’t know him; all you can do is whine like a bunch of children. We are on the brink of total destruction, and you are whining about his personality? Are you really that much of a simpleton? Do you understand that he is using the Andrew Jackson model of bringing the truth of what they have done to the people to wake you up? There are people in history that God uses to correct egregious evil and like it or not, Donald J. Trump is that man. Instead of looking at his flaws, how about looking at his accomplishments in office and admitting he is the man for this time in history. Then, look at yourself in the mirror and ask God to show you your flaws.

    • “I see a bunch of petty bickering here……….”
      Look around. That’s the story of the entire species, and 95% of it is completely needless and counter-productive. It’s all self-appointed chiefs bickering about what to do with the Indians who are sick and tired of them.

    • Does Trump sit at the right hand of God in your Bible?

      Trump is a man, nothing more or less. You seem to be practicing idolatry regarding him.

      • You obviously do not understand the Bible or the character of God. This isn’t about idolatry, and I do not place my salvation in a man. There are numerous examples of God using men to accomplish his will in the Bible. Name one other man right now in this current season that can accomplish what Trump has done and withstand the enormous amounts of frivolous lies and deceptions thrown at him. Who would that be?

  21. Who are you talking to Alaskans First. Jesus said to the Pharisees “Outwardly you appear beautiful but inside your skirts is the blood of the saints”. So, Jesus was calling the falsely called Jews murderers. Some might have said that was rude. Truth tellers are often characterized as “rude”. In pollyanna societies valiant men and women are not tolerated.

    • Here, let me help you with Matthew 23:27, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.” Jesus was not calling the Jews (in this case Pharisees) murderers. He was calling them hypocrites and lawless because they appeared righteous on the outside but were sinful and blasphemous on the inside. They held themselves as righteous over the rest of the Jews. None are righteous, not one except by the blood of Jesus Christ. You and others here are misunderstanding what I’m saying. You are not supporting the one man who I believe God chose for a time like this. He is the only president that had the courage and commitment to stand up to the corrupt swamp and set things in motion to protect this country. You have little understanding of what is happening currently in our nation. The insurrection took place on Nov. 3rd, 2020. They had to remove Trump by any means necessary because he had his hands on the evidence of their treason against the USA. They had plans in motion to weaken this nation and lead us into WW3 and planned on us losing! How else do you throw out the Constitution and enslave a free nation? Few Americans understand how evil these folks are but are starting to get an idea through the Twitter files and the investigation in the House of Representatives. Your government is hopelessly compromised. We finally have some folks in the House willing to do the hard work of exposing the lies and plots of the treasonous individuals that set this in motion.

    • There is no Christendom. There is only Christ and those who believe in him and his gospel. Jesus does not condone or support anything detestable, that would be Satan and his followers. Jesus left us as a lamb but will soon return as the Lion of Judea. This time, the King returns on a war horse with a bow and his Angel armies. Be prepared for the Kingdom of God is upon us.
      Revelation 6: First Seal: The Conqueror
      Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals; and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, “Come and see.” And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

  22. Bickering Reggie? this site provides a good platform for discussing reality. You can see many people who comment do see reality, others (a few) are clearly on the side of these globalist who want socialism and all the free stuff provided at others expense, and then we have all these New comers to the political conversation who like to fall for the first new shiny object ( or politician) that gets tossed into the mix! One thing I can say with full confidence, anyone who throws Trump under the bus and teams up against him and his ideas will Lose the vast majority of the 75 million people who voted for him LEGALLY and will only ensure the insanity we have in power now continues. So if your claiming to be a Republican and support sincere Republican Ideas you need to understand, since Trumps arrival into the political arena. The old establishment Bush / Cheney, MConnell, John Mcain, and others wing of the party is Gone(Forever), it’s never going to win another Republican or National election . And like a previous post said, if your offended by trumps Style but you like a lot of what he is for, then you yourself need to look into the mirror and look at your own issues, if your overly sensitive or can’t stomach many truths that get revealed to you by others, they you need to deal with that personal problem before you even Vote Period! politics are ugly , they always have been, and just because you think Civility must prevail, then you need to take a serious look at how the other side is conducting them selves, the Democrats threw Civility out of their play book years ago When Tip O’Neil and Ronald Reagan were going Toe to toe, and since then it has basicly disappeared in politics. Trump Knows this, he understands the Corruption in Politics has been taken to the Next Level, yes it’s always been there. But Now the Corruption has taken over countless Government agencies from Coast to Coast, and Many in these cesspools are total globalist and activist who have already started Destroying our System of Government from with in these Cesspools!. You can’t solve this problem with out going for the knee Caps of all these agencies and rooting out these scumbags who are responsible for destroying are schools and colleges and the indoctrination of our youth , by re programming the peoples thaughts process’s with constant Media propaganda and endless Hollywood/Sports figures/Puppets, and big Tech social media groups endlessly pushing their Narratives! So just remember all of you who throw Trump under the bus, your guaranteeing that the only guy who’s been willing to fight them all head on doesn’t get his opportunity to Real in many of these Corrupt Bastards! Personally I think Desantis is Smart enough to sit this one out , as many should, but Anyone who challenges him need to realize , none of them can win without Trump, he has a huge Base and it is Locked in, And it’s not going anywhere he doesn’t hand it to! Lastly, why do you all think the Deep State is so Hell Bent on Destroying Trump, Because He now knows now just how Deep the Corruption is in Washington DC, Unfortunately they were able to screw him out of many opportunities with several Deep Staters sabotaging his efforts in his 1st term, but be assured that will Change if he’s able to get back in, he will root many of these criminals out! So I would say to you all, just keep that in mind before you fall into the trap that the political establishment of both parties loves to set when their deviase ways start getting compromised!

  23. Hey Scott, I don’t use paragraphs, if you are smart enough you can read between the lines. Besides that nothing is better then offending the grammar police , when they can’t respond or challenge someone’s statements, they instantly go after someone’s grammar, but through out the years I’ve noticed it’s usually a symptom of having a Woke complex or being a College Educated Idiot! Which is Dumb for Short!

      • Gregory, you obviously don’t know what your talking about, you just chime in and make bland statements, you must be a person who just started paying attention to what’s going on in our Country, it appears to me your a disgruntled Democrat who has bought into all the mainstream press BS, but some how discovered Ron Desantis , Dude Desantis is a ok guy, but he is not ready for prime time yet, and he has zero chance without Trumps massive Base , I feel Desantis has kinda modeled his veiws after Trumps ideas , but when he does get his chance maybe 2028? He will be attacked by the left loons relentlessly. Trump knows how to throw the punches, if trump goes all out and wants the Republican nomination, it’s his hands down!

          • Uhhhhhhh sadly we do Greg. You’ve pretty much written your whole life story here.
            You know how you lived in a tent at centennial park with your wife and kid, all your stuff got stolen…haha
            You supposedly “taught” in the villages, which explains your radical liberal ideologies.
            You really really believe in masks and vaxx, as seen in a multitude of posts you made during the plandemic.
            You live in Florida, NOT Alaska. How did you retire there on your own money when you claim to have been an educator? Did you not receive a retirement for being in the dept of education?
            You dislike one of the best Presidents we’ve had in a long time.
            That about cover it?

  24. BRAVO DM. Thank you for your very Truthful Comments. You saved me a lot of writing time. Looking forward to your next.

  25. You guys are bickering about Trump while ignoring the elephant in the room?

    Alaskan Elections.

    Forget RCV. It’s not enough to claim an election is free and fair, it must be open. If anyone can’t inspect them down to individual voter, then fraud must be assumed. Do you know and trust any individual who audited and approved any recent AK election?

    If you assume the election is free and fair even though unverified by someone you trust, then you’re a charlatan or grifter who is or wants to take advantage of it. Fair-minded individuals always encourage inspection.

    So people who believe the election is fair should clamor for inspection by any and all.

    If you assume the election is fraudulent due to the lack of evidence to the opposite, your debate is moot.

    Or…you’re the problem.

  26. Trump gets the nomination again. DeSantis isn’t ready while he picks his battles as governor he will rino if elected. People that don’t like trump for his behavior that aren’t lying to themselves know… most of of his base is over people crying about mean tweets. The man was next level when it came to running this country correctly… but that is to imply the voting in america is legit.. which it ain’t.

      • So you really believe Biden got 81 million votes ? How is it possible that he got more votes than Obama ( the most popular president in history) explain how trump got 12 million more votes in 2020 than he got in 2016 ( if everybody came out to vote against trump ) explain why they claimed a water pipe burst in Atlanta ( made everybody leave the building except for some people that stayed behind and fed ballots over and over into a voting machine)

        Do you think they really want the public finding out that the presidential election was stolen ?

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