Who is this Juan Camarena? Sought in connection with triple homicide in Wasilla



Alaska State Troopers are looking for 51-year-old Juan Camarena in connection with three homicide deaths in Wasilla on Nov 2.

In early November, the bodies of 25-year-old Michael “Mikey” Attwood and 37-year-old Donna Marie Campos were found on Knik Knack Mud Shack Rd, and the the body of 28-year-old Alyssa Jimenez was found near mile 10 of Knik Goose Bay Rd.

Troopers believe that the three were together before their deaths, and that this is a triple murder.

But who is Camarena? A newcomer to Alaska, Camarena is Hispanic, about six feet tall, and weighs 200 pounds. His last known location was in the Big Lake area. Camarena should be considered dangerous.

His birthdate may be March 12, 1968. His middle name may be Pablo. He has aliases. He says he is from Colton, California.

He has had a love interest in the 2900 block of South Singing Woods Dr, in Wasilla. On Facebook, he spells his name Camarana. He was Facebook friends with the victims. He is not a registered voter in Alaska, nor did he apply for a Permanent Fund dividend this year. He has no history of arrest in Alaska. But there are breadcrumbs…

There’s no telling if Camarena is the same Juan Camarena arrested in Colton, California in 2014 on suspicion of gang-related drug and gun violations.

But the likelihood is there, based on Must Read Alaska research. Police had been called to a decrepit house where nearby residents said drug trafficking, thievery, and gang activity was going on.

Police allegedly found drugs and drug paraphernalia in the home, and a loaded .40-caliber pistol in the room of a documented gang member. There were hidden compartments hiding drugs and the house was considered fortified.

Four of the seven people at the home were arrested on suspicion of maintaining a home for drug sales, possessing a firearm and drugs, along with other charges.

Arrested in 2014 were Juan Camarena, then age 45, and Bernadette Ruiz, 24, both of Colton. Also arrested were Tania Campos, 32, and Francine Villa, 22, both of San Bernardino.

[Read Colton, California charges here]

Must Read Alaska is not able to determine how Tania Campos, arrested in 2014 with Juan Camarena, is related to the slain Donna Marie Campos in Wasilla this month.

But there is a close family connection between Juan Camarena and a Paul Camarena of Colton, California, (birthday 7/04/69 or 68) shown here from his social media profile. No doubt police are wanting to talk to him.

Paul Camarena, age 51

Colton, California is a gang stronghold, and there are dozens of gangs in the San Bernadino area. Some of the predominant gangs in Colton are the Eastside Coltone, Northside Coltone, Southside Coltone, along with the Verdugo Flats, and of course Crips.

The Camarena residential connection is from the heart of neighborhoods controlled by the Northside Coltone gang.

If anyone has information about Juan Camarena, contact MatCom Dispatch at 907-352-5401.


  1. Don’t forget to also mention that his girlfriend is the former fiance of the deceased male in this whole train wreck.

  2. So, was it just a week or so that the bleeding hearts were crying that sending convicted criminals out of state was simply sending criminals to be trained by elite gang members…. Um, the gangs are already HERE. Reality is missed on those only wanting to grow government in Alaska!

  3. Forensic genealogy- Lydia K Camarena deceased November of 2018 was their grandmother of San Bernardino, CA. I beleive Juan and Paul are first cousins.

    shows Juan has previous address at
    6272 Baker St
    Jurupa Valley, CA 92509.
    Last know CA phone number.
    (909) 681-4634

    Surnames in the family are
    Hernandez, Herrera, ferris, Lopez

    Family residences are known as Bradon FL, CA, TX, Cuba.

    I would look at Kayla Alley Jimenez relative of victim Alyssa.
    Kayla has a previous CA residence 10 hrs north of Colton a few miles from Oregon at 6431 Old Highway 99 S Spc 51Yreka, CA 96097

    Paul is Paul Henry Camarena
    Juan Camarena according to California birth index was born March 12th 1968 in San bernadino CA.

  4. Guns by themselves, don’t kill people. It’s the low life’s welding the guns who do the killing. Seems plausible this person of interest cane to Alaska in an attempt to promote further gang activity, in addition to setting up a drug business. Regardless, he must be caught, jailed, tried, and sentenced to prison! :

  5. That’s where you all are all wrong if you don’t know my Carnal keep his Name and family’s Name and Our business out of your Mouth we can all say this and say that But only God knows what really went down so please mind your own

    • Subtract the five years from the ages given in 2019. They line-up with the ages from the 2014 arrests. These are the same people, using aliases. Old gangbangers who squeeked past their mortality deadlines. Hope the Troopers, the FBI, ICE, and Homeland Security nail this piece of scum.

  6. JUAN CAMARENA- is innocent- WE ALL KNOW THAT — the MEDIA / social media – random comments- have made him into someone HE IS NOT — a sex video ? C’mon last time I HEARD – consensual sex was LEGAL – he’s NOT A RAPIST – ammo in his possession? C’mon BRING OUT THE FACTS !!!!!! Seems like ALASKANS REALLY HAVE A LOT TO SAY —- unless it has to do with themselves !!!!! MURDER?? Do your JOBS!!! He didn’t commit this triple homicide !! Wow !!!!! In a matter of days SOMEONE -SOMEHOW- conjured up these false accusations and pointed a finger at an innocent man —- JUAN CAMARENA went from a person WHO I MIGHT ADD HAD NOT BEEN IN ANY TROUBLE AT ALL SINCE HE WAS IN ALASKA – He has a record — yes we all seen it — people do change. – I don’t care what anyone says !!! I support the release of JUAN CAMARENA- he’s innocent – ANOTHER ISSUE – ALL OF A SUDDEN THE COMMUNITY IS SCARED??? I read up on that area. THERES BEEN CRIME – DRUGS MURDERS ETC PRIOR TO THE FALSE ACCUSATIONS— AND UNLESS YOU ALL CLEAN UP YOUR COMMUNITY – ITS STILL GONNA BE RELEVANT — Prayers works – GOD IS IN CONTROL – ALASKA IS KNOWN TO BE ONE OF THE WORST PLACES TO LIVE — THE ONLY BAD DECISION JUAN CAMARENA MADE WAS TO MOVE THERE !! He didn’t commit any these crimes – May God bless everyone involved – May justice be served accordingly This is not to disrespect the families of the deceased – simply my right of freedom of speech

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