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Friday, October 15, 2021
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Who is Forrest Dunbar?

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This mayoral election is one of the most critical elections Anchorage has faced since the mid-1980’s. Who we select for mayor will determine our destiny.  

Is Anchorage to continue down the road to socialistic ruin, or will we reverse the trend of these past six years and make responsible government, economic prosperity, and individual freedom our providence?

There are 14 candidates seeking to become our next mayor. Of these, there are a couple of conservatives, a few moderates, a number of fringe candidates, and one extreme liberal — his name is Forrest Dunbar.  

As a currently serving Anchorage Assembly member, Dunbar has established a rock-solid, far-left voting record. He has advocated for, endorsed, sponsored, and voted for nearly every single liberal issue that has come before the Assembly.

When former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz was accused of sexting by a local female reporter, Dunbar was one of the first to publicly defend our disgraced mayor who ultimately had to resign because her accusations were true.  Apparently, Dunbar really doesn’t believe all women, even when they are telling the truth, especially if it may cause damage to one of his fellow liberal buds.  So much for the Me Too Movement.

Dunbar proudly supported the creation of a Chief Equity Officer in Anchorage.  Equity means “being fair and impartial.”  Anchorage already has an Office of Equal Opportunity, an Equal Rights Commission, and an Ombudsman Office to address fair and impartial treatment of people. Do we really need another bureaucrat to duplicate the efforts of others, or isn’t this really just a scam to continue pushing the dishonest narrative that Anchorage is systemically racist?

For Dunbar, fair and impartial treatment of others might just start with him not threatening assembly members with retaliation if they voice an opinion different than his.  But I digress, as we all know a liberal’s motto is “True for you, not for me.”   

Forrest Dunbar is an officer in the Alaska Army National Guard.  He took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Alaska.  So why are you worried that he has publicly stated he believes the U.S. Constitution is inherently tied to race, thus it’s a racist document?  

Quick to condemn the January 6th US Capital occupation, Dunbar was proud his sister and cousin participated in last year’s “peaceful” riots in Portland.  No double standard there.

He’s proud of supporting AO-2020-65, banning counselors from discussing sexual orientation or gender identity change with a minor, even though the 11th US District Court of Appeals ruled in November that such a ban was unconstitutional. But why would a person schooled in law care about what is constitutional or not?  Remember, the Constitution is based on racism.

Dunbar was a key ally of Czar Felix Rivera in Rivera’s quest to purchase four properties for homeless shelters and a treatment center, some adjacent established residential areas. He heard your opposition, by nearly a 5 to 1 margin, and then voted to purchase the properties. We then learned that he and comrade Christopher Constant pressured pastors into supporting this crazy idea. This is verified in their own words from emails between the two on July 13, 2020. But Dunbar respects all people, or so he says in trying to convince the masses to vote for him.  Last month a recall was launched against Dunbar for these coercion and shaming actions.

Then we learn from another email he was critical of the “Common Grounds Espresso” coffee stand owner for not being “progressive enough” because he did not support purchase of the vacant Alaska Club building on Tudor Road, the location from which a barista was kidnapped and murdered back in 2012.     

Dunbar introduced the alcohol tax ordinance, claiming the funds would be dedicated to child abuse and domestic violence.  Not necessarily true, the Anchorage Charter prohibits dedicated taxes, so these funds go into the city General Fund for future appropriation to whatever program the Anchorage Assembly wants.  He also endorsed and voted for an increase in our fuel tax, allegedly to off-set property taxes, but these funds also go into the General Fund.  Why must politicians keep lying to us about taxes?    

In fact, he has voted for every municipal budget since joining the assembly.  Thanks in part of Dunbar’s votes, Anchorage collects the highest property taxes in the state and is among the top 25% counties across the United States.  Basically, Dunbar hasn’t seen a tax he doesn’t like.

Dunbar states from an interview posted on his web site that he believes “…an authoritarian takeover will not occur in the United States, but I also know this much is true: we must never take our democracy for granted.”  So, there is the clear and present danger of electing Dunbar mayor; he doesn’t see that his actions are driving Anchorage towards socialist authoritarianism.  

From closing Assembly meeting to the public; to threatening and intimidating both elected officials and members of the public; to injecting politics into law enforcement; to establishing policies that are expanding the vagrancy problem his actions have increased the size and cost of government, restricted our individual liberties, and damaged our business community. 

Forrest Dunbar is the one to beat in this April.  He figures he can convince enough moderates to vote for him with his deceptive campaign propaganda that he is for fiscal responsibility and equitable treatment of every Anchorage resident.  It’s just a scam.  Check out his support; it comes from the uber-left and union leadership.  He is endorsed by:

  • Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii,
  • Anchorage Central Labor Council,
  • Alaska Ironworkers Local 751,
  • International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 302,
  • Alaska State Employees Union, Local 52,
  • UA Plumbers and Steamfitters, Local 367,
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 1547,
  • Alaska District Council of Laborers, and
  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Retiree Chapter 52

OK, I’ll stop there, but you get the point: Forrest Dunbar is the Left’s chosen sweetheart for mayor.  If he is elected mayor, implementation of the socialistic agenda will go on steroids.

So, you might be surprised that I received a letter from Dunbar requesting a donation to his campaign. In his letter he says, and I quote, “Our far-right opponents embraced conspiratorial, anti-science rhetoric that would have us ignore COVID rather than face it head on.  They support the toxic partisanship of Save Anchorage and Must Read Alaska, hold crowded, unmasked fundraisers that threaten our hard-won progress toward re-starting our economy instead of proposing real solutions, they promote hateful, inhumane policies that will only serve to take Anchorage backward.”  

What a self-righteous narcissistic megalomaniac. He leads a socialist Anchorage Assembly in cahoots with autocratic mayor(s), to destroy one of America’s finest cities and then twists the truth to make it appear his opponents are the real problem.  Dunbar says he supports the science. OK, then where is the science that shows any of the fundraisers held by his opponents were COVID spreaders.  There is none.  It never happened but he persists on twisting the facts to make people think his actions saved Anchorage. 

Dunbar claims his “leadership” has resulted in “hard-won progress towards restarting our economy.”  More twisted lies.  Ask the restaurants, bars, and small business owners who went out of business due to the fascist-style shut-downs he supported over the past year how well his policies helped restart our economy.  These shutdowns crushed it, and he is responsible for this economic meltdown of Anchorage.

Just last week, Dunbar voted, once again, to extend the draconian Covid mandates on Anchorage, ignoring the fact that the Mat-Su Borough has been open for business this past year and has fared better than Anchorage in sickness and deaths. 

He says his opponents “promote hateful, inhumane policies that will only serve to take Anchorage backward.”   Really?  What Dunbar is saying is that those of us who believe in smaller, more efficient government that allows for individual liberties and freedom, are despicable, mean, cold-hearted individuals, not smart enough to make decisions concerning our lives and we would ruin Anchorage.  Only he and his elitists, government control-thirsty bureaucrats know best how you and I should live. If you disagree with Forrest, you are hateful and inhumane.  

This election is this city’s most critical in decades.  The Left is banking on the large number of candidates splitting the vote, with the left consolidating behind Forrest Dunbar.  There is only one way to counter this action and that is for moderates and conservatives to consolidate our vote around a conservative candidate. 

Dave Bronson and Mike Robbins are the only two conservatives in this race.  I’ll share with you my choice for mayor next week.  For now, just cogitate on the fact that if Dunbar is elected mayor, Anchorage will have solidified its place as the newest west coast socialist city modeled after Seattle and Portland.  For the sake of liberty, prosperity, and our future, let’s not permit Forrest Dunbar to become mayor! 

Craig E. Campbell served on the Anchorage Assembly between 1986 and 1995 and later as Alaska’s Tenth Lieutenant Governor.  He was the previous Chief Executive Officer and President for Alaska Aerospace Corporation.  He retired from the Alaska National Guard as Lieutenant General (AKNG) and holds the concurrent retired Federal rank of Major General (USAF).

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Latest comments

  • Dunbar… stupid is how stupid does

  • Who is Forest Dunbar? Easy.

    He is the inevitable conclusion to decades of leftward drift in Anchorage (and Alaska) brought on by the influx of California leftists coupled with inept leadership from Republicans.

    He is, EXACTLY, what Anchorage has been working towards. He is the prize Anchorage deserves for its lazy and idiotic voting patterns.

    He is the future of Anchorage. And Anchorage deserves him and it.

    Problem is, the idiots in Anchorage who set this travesty in motion will move to saner parts of the state, bringing their politics with them like a plague.

  • What I fail to understand is all the unions supporting Dunbar. If he becomes mayor, he will support policies which will accelerate Alaska’s economic nosedive.
    If Alaska had more conservative leadership over the last few decades, there would now be a much bigger pot to pilfer.
    By some accounts the PF could have grown to a quarter or a half trillion , even more by now. Norway started later than Alaska, with less, and now has almost a trillion bucks in their PF.
    Greed never works alone. It goes hand in hand with impatience … a combination which has a way of greatly diminishing the net result.
    The unions leadership, along with the rank and file is scratching for pennies, when they could have had more than they could carry.

    • You envision long term and they only see what is right before their eyes. Ask a two year old if they want a piece of candy now or the whole bag in an hour. This is progressive thinking and to many with a sense of logic, we know where it ends. But progressives are incapable of learning from past mistakes or having long term thinking processes. ‘Socialism, always just one more (mass) execution from utopia.’

      • Well said!
        Forgive us in advance if we accidentally plagiarize.

        • Feel free. The words have been repeated through history but to progressives history is only what they see today.

  • If Dunbar gets elected
    You will see a barbed wire fence around anchorage.
    Be afraid be Very afraid you won’t be able to leave, with all the rules, masks and taxes.
    Get out Now or vote this Crazy person out.

    • If Dunbar gets elected you won’t be able to find a U-Haul.

  • Our Forrest is memorable for disavowing America’s Constitution as a serving military officer and, as an Assembly member, helping colleague Dick Traini force Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in vote scheme on residents.
    Imagine what a Bronson-Robbins -team- could do for Anchorage. Great things could happen if one’s elected and appoints the other as a senior policy-maker.
    But in practicality, this optimistic scenario is so unlikely.
    The sordid, inescapable reality of Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in vote scheme makes it unlikely, starting with open season on ballot harvesting, ending with a who-knows-how-long vote counting period until enough votes are “found” to achieve the desired outcome.
    It’s unlikely because, as the general reported, nine (9) well-armed, well-trained enemy divisions surround two populist conservatives and a gaggle of followers.
    Were Bronson or Robbins to pull off a Trump-ian upset, they still have to face The Nine, a hostile Assembly, a Deep City determined to sustain its status quo, and an out-of-control school district accountable to no one for anything except Getting Money.
    Neither Bronson nor Robbins energize their gaggle with details on what -will- happen when either gets thrown in that lion’s den.
    Anchorage’s conservatives seem once again to be left with yet another verse of the time-worn tune, “They Bad. We Good. Send Money.”
    Sure and Forrest may be the Devil Incarnate or closely related, but given that, and the election corruption seemingly ready to roll at a moment’s notice,
    …shouldn’t voters be hearing non-stop from a Trump-like candidate about cheerful, positive things, government house-cleaning that -will- happen when voters vote in numbers that overwhelm any “correction factors” that lurk in Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in vote scheme?
    MRAK was kind enough to publish our check list for mayoral candidates. None responded.
    Their silence, General, suggests none is comfortable responding to specifics, stuff you should really be clear about if your job is leading people to the Promised Land.
    Even without an easily corruptible vote scheme, their silence rather strongly suggests eight years of Mayor Dunbar, Eaglexit, a 1980’s style Anchorage exodus, and financial collapse of city government are all but certain.
    Maybe the Fall of the Empire has to happen so conservatives have some chance of rebuilding a conservative, user-friendly government from the political ashes, yes?

  • A well written piece, however Sir, get ready for Forrest. This because the “conservative” and or RINO vote will be split. So, in the end, blame your ideological underpinnings for why Anchorage is going to the dogs. Those right of Mr. Dunbar , (this includes center left types) could easily get 60% of the vote, if they would agree on one candidate. Until the majority learns how to work together in this State, you better be ready to be ruled by a radical leftist minority.

  • I really don’t care if Dunbar is gay. What concerns me though is whether his sexual orientation is going to make a disproportional impact on all executive decisions made by him, which would indictate clear political proclivities based on his own preferences. This type of bias would not be fair to all the voters who are not gay.

  • Cross between gump and danced with wolves.

  • Forrest Dunbar is a person that does not HONOR HIS OATH OF OFFIC anywhere he may raise his right hand unless it’s a nazi salute! Gen Campbell’s mustreadalaska Article is absolutely, without a doubt, a True Description of Forrest Dunbar!!!

    Dave Bronson will get my Vote! Dave Bronson is 100% Conservative!
    Dave Bronson will Honor His Oath of Office 100%!
    Dave Bronson’s Personal Agenda is ALL Citizens of the Municipality!
    Dave Bronson is NOT beholden to any Special Interest Groups!

  • Forrest Dunbar is an extremist and has hidden it well, until now. His behavior and character truly displays a detrimental mind set, wrong thinking, and poor execution. As a member serving the military, his oath is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. This is part of the military oath of office. Again, this is an “oath.” He has failed! If one cannot abide with the fundamental principles adhered to the Constitution, then the individual must be involuntarily separated from service due to violating the “oath” and the Alaska Military Code of Justice. If the Anchorage community really wants expose him further and apply more pressure, all must get a hold of the Alaskas Army National Guard Command and Staff leadership and voice your issues and concerns. He is not an asset, but a huge liability!

    Split in votes will always occur. Audible voices and movements in action supporting the desired candidate will make the difference. All must be proactive and really get involved. If you want to make a difference with the upcoming Anchorage Mayor election, then be bold and courageous and support the BEST candidate. So, let’s get the right man in the position. I am campaigning for Dave Bronson because he is the BEST man for the job. He will walk his talk! He is here to get Anchorage back on the right path and maintain the course as Mayor.

  • Short answer?
    A traitorous commie.

  • He’s not gay lol MRAK just uses a stock photo of him from a Pride event to imply he’s gay. It’s a dog whistle

    • He always seems happy in his photos………….

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