Mayoral candidate Dunbar boasts about sister, cousin in Portland moms of anarchy


Anchorage Assembly member Forrest Dunbar, who is running for Anchorage mayor, took to Twitter today to compliment his sister and cousin for joining in the violent riots in Portland, Ore., which have turned that city into a living hellhole.

In a message of support, he said that he is sure his mother would also be joining in the protest “Wall of Moms” who are part of the siege against the federal courthouse in Portland, where rioters have been actively trying to take apart the building for 56 nights.

Rioters are using projectiles, ropes, tire spikes, and other weapons against the federal officers who are trying to protect the courthouse. The “Wall of Moms” came in during the past 24 hours with matching, printed t-shirts, showing how well-organized and well-funded the Antifa rioters are in Portland. It’s a technique used by Hamas, to use women to protect those committing terrorism.

Three federal officers have been permanently blinded by rioters who shined lasers directly into their eyes, according to the White House.

“Since May 26, 2020, protests in downtown Portland have been followed by nightly criminal activity including assaults on law enforcement officers, destruction of property, looting, arson, and vandalism. The Hatfield Federal Courthouse has been a nightly target of vandalism during evening protests and riots, sustaining extensive damage,” the U.S. Justice Department wrote.

Dunbar is an employee of the Alaska Army National Guard, where he is a commissioned officer. An attorney, he is a member of the Alaska Bar Association.

Why he is publicly supporting violence against federal law enforcement officers is surprising for someone who wants to lead Alaska’s largest city.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, U.S. Marshals Service deputies and officers from the Federal Protective Service, Homeland Security Investigations, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection are trying to protect the courthouse, but have been subjected to nightly threats and assaults from the rioters. Governor Kate Brown, who controls the Oregon National Guard, and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler have refused to protect the courthouse.

Five people have been charged for alleged criminal conduct during a stage of the riot between July 20-21. Jennifer Kristiansen, 37, is charged with assaulting a federal officer; Zachary Duffly, 45, is charged with creating a disturbance; Wyatt Ash-Milby, 18, is charged with trespassing on federal property; and Caleb Ehlers, 23, and Paul Furst, 22, are charged with failing to comply with a lawful order.

Seven more people were charged for alleged criminal conduct between July 21-22. Jerusalem Callahan, 24, is charged with willfully damaging government property; Joseph Ybarra, 21, is charged with arson; Marnie Sager, 27, and Ella Miller, 26, are charged failing to comply with a lawful order; and Taylor Lemons, 31; Giovanni Bondurant, 19; and Gabriel Houston, 22, are charged with assaulting federal officers.

Six people were charged with criminal conduct July 22-23. Joseph Lagalo, 37; Baily Dreibelbis, 22; Nicholas Kloiber, 26; David Hazan, 24; Hailey Holden, 30; and Cameron Knuetson, age unknown, are charged with failing to comply with a lawful order.

Dunbar is used to blasting the federal government. Last month he said the U.S. Constitution is “shot through with racism.” He later tried to unwind that comment by explaining it was this writer’s misinterpretation of what he meant.


  1. Whoopee – our next Mayor!. Unless we stand up and get out the vote to oppose this POS. Hope he puts a plastic bag over his head in campaign photos. Snort!

  2. There is no restraint on abomination,,, We have seen nothing yet as we sit as spectators watching our world burn ,,, we have seen nothing of what these marxist liberals truly see in their vision but we are getting a taste.

  3. As a member of the US Military, hasn’t he sworn to uphold the US Constitution and to protect the US from its enemies?

    • Unfortunately many do not take the Oath seriously just look at the many members of Congress who daily try and circumvent the Constitution

        • President Trump has been taking the Constitution seriously why do you think more responsibility for the States to decide their own fate and only bring the Federal in when they don’t i.e. Portland. But maybe you want a President like Obama “I have a phone and a Pen” sorry thats not the way the Constitution works i.e 10th Amendment

  4. Forrest Dunbar is providing a lot of campaign ad material against himself. He and his whole family clearly hate the United States. If he becomes mayor the insanity and chaos we’ve seen in Portland and Seattle is going to come here.

  5. Alaska Army National Guard leaders need stand to up in a very open proceedings and charge Dunbar with violation of oath of office. He is a disgrace to those still serving and us who have served honorably in the past. My oath of enlistment has no expiration.

    • Steven, you are spot on with this comment. Remember, Antifa has been declared a terrorist organization by the Trump Administration. Governor Dunleavy is in charge of the Alaska Army National Guard and can do something about this. Where are you, Governor?

    • So do his relatives live there, or are they among the professional agitator class traveling around the country burning it down? Is he from Portland, too, like Berkowitz is from San Francisco? Hasn’t that been the pattern since the 1930’s; exported communist agitation? Do Americans ever learn? This has been going on for nearly a century.

    • But 21% of the city will — there’s that many on the payroll — and the rest will whine and cry, but be too busy watching The View to vote when the time comes.

  6. Do these people not realize that defunding the police leave our most vulnerable unprotected (women and children)? And what kind of men are these rioters that will allow unprotected women and children on the front line. Wake up people, you are being played.

  7. Great campaign slogan for Dunbar: Forrest Dunbar, bringing Portland to Alaska. I’m sure it will work well.

    Interesting observation: BLM and AntiFa are both female led outfits. So is the democrat party for all intents and purposes. Is this an improvement in the body politic? Cheers –

  8. Openly Supports Treason…………………….Yep he’s a Democrat! AKA a Pinko Commie Marxists Domestic Enemy.

  9. Looks like his sister and cousin are as illiterate and anti American as he is. If he thinks protests are the way to go, maybe he should try it in China. I’m sure he would be a stellar pupil at the re-education camp.

  10. God help us! May be never be elected to lead our city. Wake up Alaska. Pay attention! May God raise up godly men and women to lead us. Protect us from evil.

  11. Officers of the National Guard of the following oath:

    I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Alaska against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of the State of Alaska, that I make this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the Office of [grade] in the Army/Air National Guard of the State Alaska on which I am about to enter, so help me God.

  12. Mail-in box stuffing and April anointments will be the nail in the coffin for a city that was once not a sh*thole.
    Draw a line through all ballot options you do not want someone in a back room changing for you.

  13. All-
    The reality of it is, Mayor Berkowitz was radical when running for Anchorage Mayor. After all, he thought it was ok for a father to marry his son to get health care. And Mayor Berkowitz won…Twice!!

    Forrest Dunbar is just as radical if not more and the chances are likely he will win too, because Anchorage is very liberal with an entitlement syndrome.

    Get used to this everyone….they are here to stay and not going away.

  14. Antifa’s ‘Wall of Moms’ Aren’t Moms. This is going to make you shake your head. lol

    [Live link removed by moderator.]

  15. Dunbar believes incarcerating criminals is cruel. Even those who commit theft, robbery, burglary, vandalism….

  16. I really fail to see how lawlessness, rioting, looting, killing, maiming and other horrific acts are supposed to improve our lives. How about if we lay siege to Dunbar’s house and see if he really likes this behavior? I don’t live in Anchorage but I sure hope the people there are aware and get out and vote to keep this evil out of public office.

  17. Forrest Dunbar is a captain in the Army National Guard, a sworn soldier. He is violating his oath by supporting insurrectionists, riots, and supporting the violation of the rights of his fellow citizens by the rioters in blocking roadways, destroying and damaging their property and doing bodily harm to any who get in their way. He has publicly stated that the Constitution is racist. Dunbar should be charged with conduct unbecoming, courts martialed and dishonorably discharged. He is a Marxist in uniform an embarrassment to the ARNG.
    One would think that Governor Dunleavy’s Commissioner/TAG Torrence Saxe would have dealt with this conduct on Dunbar’s part right after the comments regarding the federal Constitution. After all, both NG and active duty soldiers give the same oath to the federal Constitution.

  18. They’re all cowards hiding behind the constitutional rights that have become fashionable to trample.

    Were our Federal officers to put a pin in half of these Portland pantywaists Portland would be a much more orderly place the next day and it would positively impact the welfare roster. Perhaps Mr. Dunbar would like to be there representing his kind on the day that corrective measures were put into effect. Maybe wear his gay pride costume for the large contingent of pickle sniffers amongst such a liberal and democratic contingent.

    What an idiot.

  19. Many years ago someone older and wiser used the term “damn stupid moms” when describing mothers who are either so completely unplugged or had a skewed sense of reality and who allowed their children to run wild, expose them to abuse, neglect, etc. Seems like the damn stupid mom concept could be applied to some of these people as well. Sad stuff.

  20. Forrest Dunbar supporting anti-American rioting and destruction of our Federal Property comes as no surprise to those of us who can see through the lies of communists. That is a Federal Building that the FEDS are protecting. That means that building belongs to all of us Forrest. Not just the local taxpayers. Furthermore, the additional expense to taxpayers to not only repair the building, but to maintain this level of security personal and equipment is outrageous. Forrest Dunbar and his family actively supporting anti-American rioting and destruction of our Federal Property is absolutely disgusting.

    These are anti-American rioters. They are not protesting.

    • They are true Americans, like the ones who show up at gathertings with their
      AR-15s and combat gear to show they respect the 2nd Amendment. The protesters are expressing their 1st Amendment rights to say they oppose the actions of the current regime. Isn’t that allowed by the Constitution? If not, why are you still allowed to prance around with you AR-15s?

      • Just to be clear, are you saying that discharging commercial-grade fireworks at federal officers is conduct protected by the First Amendment? Or throwing rocks, bottles and other projectiles at federal officers? Or trying to break down a security fence protecting the federal courthouse? Is that covered by the First Amendment? Or directing harmful laser lights at the eyes of federal officers that may cause permanent eye damage? What about fighting with federal law enforcement officers? Also protected by First Amendment in your world? Setting fires next to the federal courthouse?

        The point is that we are NOT talking about activities protected by the First Amendment – the conduct being responded to here is unapologetic criminal conduct. The mob in Portland in front of the federal courthouse has, IMO, little, if anything to do with law enforcement excesses. If there are excesses in Portland, ninety-nine percent are the result of conduct by city and county law enforcement enforcing local law. They are actually in the adjacent building in Portland. Maybe those that you champion could direct their attention to that facility. Rest assured that if that were to occur, the federal law enforcement officers would provide assistance to the locals if requested. Which is something that the locals lack the backbone and honesty to do for the feds at this time. Portland is a disgrace. I would not invest a dime there.

        • The exact term is “peaceably assemble” in the Constitution. That is protected.

          Rioting is not.

        • Absolutely. I, in no way, condone violent protests.
          I’m not saying there isn’t bad behavior. I’m saying not everyone is behaving badly, and those people have a right to continue to protest without being molested by overly enthusiastic law enforcement officers.

      • Alan was talking about actions, illegal violent actions. You’re talking about speech, Greg. Actions aren’t speech. Probably one of the worst things we’ve allowed you unamerican liars to get away with is conflating the two,

  21. Thanks to Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in vote system, the success of the Great Alaska LeDoux Vote Experiment, Alaska’s National Guard whose employee-character issues seem to persist and, last but not least, Alaska’s Bar Association which selflessly provides productive Alaskans with such luminaries as Chief Justice “Dump Dunleavy” Bolger…
    Anchorage’s residents appear to have been introduced to their next mayor.
    And it looks like they can’t do a thing about it.

      • Nothing prevents anyone from “correcting” your ballot according to simple instructions on your ballot.
        If you’re illiterate, English-challenged, senile, drunk, dead, unconscious, or otherwise too impaired, anyone can complete and mail your ballot.
        You don’t have the privacy of an in-person voting booth..
        You can be helped, coerced, paid, persuaded to vote according to how others want you to vote.
        Others can watch you vote to be sure you vote correctly and report how you vote.
        Your ballot does not have the chain of custody that in-person balloting provides.
        Your mail-in ballot can be lost, misplaced, delayed sufficiently to be uncounted, or stolen during transit.
        Your mail-in ballot is vulnerable to “harvesting” in which others collect it from you ostensibly to mail it for you, helpful say, if you’re in a nursing home.
        Municipality graphologists, not to be confused with certified forensic handwriting experts, decide whether your signature is authentic, regardless of age or infirmity that may affect how you write. That means your vote can be disqualified based solely on natural changes in your handwriting, without your knowledge.
        The municipality’s vote-counting process includes a machine which apparently runs on proprietary software, company-owned and designed computer instructions about which voters know nothing.
        No one seems to know whether Anchorage’s voter rolls are up-to-date and accurate which might well mean people resident in another state and dead people get to vote like they did in the Great Alaska LeDoux Vote Experiment.
        If the Municipality succeeds in giving bums places to live -with physical addresses-, apparently nothing prevents registering bums to vote at those addresses, helping them vote properly, and mailing their ballots for them especially if they can’t afford stamps or are too busy themselves to mail the ballots.

  22. Why do these activist women who hate aggressive male behavior mirror the very same behavior in their daily lives? She acts, and even looks like, a loutish skin-headed Nazi.

  23. When the pandemic arrived in America about five months ago the president of the wealthy and most powerful country announced that there were only 15 cases, and that number would soon be zero. A lie. Shortly thereafter he said anyone could get a test whenever they wanted to. A lie. Trump declared he was the War President in the battle against covid. A short time later Trump said it was up to each state to address the crisis, not the federal government’s. Some Governer’s took responsible action (Alaska), but many did not (Florida, Texas, Arizona and most of the southern states). Many public officials issued stay at home orders and stopped bars and restaurants from serving customers indoors. Then the War President encouraged his supporters who objected to these restrictions because they were “facist” or left wing power grabs. Trump announced that citizens needed to LIBERATE Michigan and other states where public safety lead to certain restrictions. The War President was pleased when people showed up at the Michigan state capitol, heavy armed with automatic rifles and other deadly weapons. The right wing loved it. If you want to send a message to the government, don’t do it with umbrellas or leaf blowers. Or rocks. You show up with a lot of semi automatic rifles and full body armor. It’s a Second Amendment thing, just in case the government law enforcement agents decide to limit a good citizen’s liberty. In short, protests by heavily armed white people are good because they are patriots fighting back against government conduct which the protesters believe is illegal or oppressive. But if black, brown and white people protest against the government, it is not patriotic. Those protesters are doing it because they hate America and want to destroy it. Therefore, if you discuss the white supremacy protestors with guns, praise them for resisting government oppression. But when it comes to the people protesting against police violence or discrimination, they must be called antifa, dangerous, un-American, disgusting, Marxist, Communist, or some other term which shows they are not as good as you. You are a patriot who would be honored to take up arms to fight for freedom. You have lots of ammo stashed, just in case. Those other people are not like you — they are evil. Now about Dunbar. He is proud that his family is participating in the Portland protests. He should be. It’s their constitutional right to protest. Suzanne description of what is happening in Portland is not based on her personal experience; she is quoting from government spokesman who lie all the time. (Did James Comey lie when he was the head of the FBI, or did you just believe it all because he was the top cop?). Suzanne cited a White House official who said three federal officers were “permanently blinded” because protesters pointed a lazar at their eyes. This is false. But repeating the lies of the President or his supporters is so common it’s become ingrained in our community. When people read about permanently injured federal police they get pissed off — they don’t ask for proof. The actual number of police who suffered permanent eye injuries in Portland: none. Zero. Suzanne’s small group of admirers, most of whom objected to wearing a mask when they went shopping because it was mandated by a democratic Mayor (what to do now that even the War President says it’s patriotic to mask up), will never vote for Dunbar. Good. Write in Sarah Palin. She would make sure that there were no death squads in Anchorage, even when the hospitals are overflowing with covid patients who are unable to say goodbye to their loved ones because of safety concerns. Dunbar isn’t going away because you are crying about him. He’s works hard, he’s tireless, he smart, he’s dedicated and he’s not afraid of you. He has a plan. You won’t run against him. You are a staunch conservative who is afraid of change. You have no plan. You will sit on your couch and watch Fox News. The radio has Rush and the other blowhards to confirm that Sleepy Joe (every democrat must have a derogatory name, which is why our mayor is called the Little Dictator) is a tool of the anarchists who will destroy America. No hiring. No schools. No sports. No church. No Christmas. You refuse to vote by mail and by the time of the Mayor’s election you won’t be able to drive to the polls safely. Or, if you believe our President, which you always do, the virus and the liberals will all just disappear. Quickly. I urge you to pray.

    • Wow, Eric S, you are really full of the leftist agenda. When Covid showed up in the US, nobody knew how to handle it. Would a democrat have handled the situation any better than the President? Doubtful.They tend to talk a lot but do nothing, unless it involves taxation.The “heavily armed white people” who protested in Michigan? Not a shot was fired – no fighting or damage of any kind was done. The “black, brown & white people” ‘protesting’ (you mean rioting) showing up with rocks & umbrellas (you forgot to mention commercial grade firework mortars, hammers & tire irons) have hurt & killed many people, and destroyed millions of dollars worth of property. There’s plenty of on-scene film footage of the violence all over the internet. Where are you getting your ‘facts’ that none of this is true? And what liberal cesspool city did you crawl out of when you decided Alaska might be a better place to relocate & try to re-educate the population with your leftist propaganda?

    • Hear, hear. Couldn’t have said it better. Hits all the low points of the current occupant of the people’s house.
      But, I’ll not hesitate to include my two bits worth.

  24. Admittedly, this is a chaotic situation, but not everyone who is participating in the demonstrations in Portland is a felonious monkey. The “Wall of Moms” has not been implicated with any violent activities, nor has the “Wall of Veterans.”
    The list of transgressions looks pretty thin. Arson and willfully damaging government property are probably the worst. Arson is highly ungood, But creating a disturbance, failing to comply with a lawful order, and trespassing on government property? Really? That’s what demonstrators do. If MLK hadn’t stirred up some beans, he’d probably still be alive but he’d be some policitician’s house-whatever. I don’t doubt there are professional instigators in with the demo crowd, but there is no indication that most demonstrators are of that ilk.
    I’ve watched the demo videos of the troops and such. The fed officers are decked out in military garb with lots of PPE (the military kind). The protesters are decked out with T shirts and, in one case, birthday suits, and America’s finest DHS agents respond with tear gas and pepper balls. I think if one of my officers tried to file assault charges against one of the demonstrators who was minus anything resembling a dangerous weapon, and I’m not talking about fingernails, I’d tell him to grow a pair or find another line of work. Sorry, tell her. The troops seem to be the ones expanding the field of play outside the Federal Building perimeter.
    This is Trump reality show smoke and mirrors designed to shore up short term support. If he were a true law and order President, he would resign and surrender to prison. There is no meaningful action the Fed troops can effect within the short term, other than to bestow the banner of Donald J. Trump, Law and Disorder President.

    • Sorry, many of the “protesters” I have seen in video from KOIN TV in Portland are wearing helmets, face shields and other protective gear. The place looks like a war zone. The illusion that the “protesters” are elderly women out for a stroll is disingenuous.

      • The protesters are not, for the most part, elderly women, but news sources are going to go where the action is, and that’s where, well, where the action is.
        Doesn’t mean it’s the only thing, or even the main thing, that’s taking place. I don’t doubt that there are agents provocateur on site working the crowd, but what makes the news is the fireworks, the scuffles, and the tear gas.

        • Greg R, Are you willing to pay for the reconstruction of the Hatfield Federal Courthouse if the protestors burn it down. Maybe start a GoFundMe site.

        • I am going to continue to base my views on the video of Portland TV stations, much of which is being broadcast live. It is increasing less clear what is being “protested.” Much of what I see is simply inchoate rage and irrationality. There is little that could be fairly described as discourse. I generally like what the Feds are doing: Capturing and arresting criminals and prosecuting them. I do not see the current national administration wavering in that approach. If Joe “where-am-I” Biden is elected, perhaps he will put the anarchists in charge. People will have to decide on the path forward.

  25. If all is as it seems, are you okay with an apparent anarchist sympathizer (support of Antifa or tactics) on the Anchorage assembly. It would appear the left is now an advocate of riots and the violence within to support their political agenda. He purports he and his family are politically informed so he would then seem to support or be the radical left. His mini critique of our US Constitution was striking and from my stance unpatriotic and unnecessary and it would seem he is schooled from the left. Radicals on the Assembly in Seattle have resulted in tragic decision-making such that I may never return. Do we want anyone with his apparent views representing us in any way? Lets see what Anchorage thinks of its Assemblyman. Take a look at, Antifa’s Wall of Moms and…if all is as it seems, are we okay with an apparent anarchist sympathizer and naysayer of our Constitution in the Alaska National Guard? How about Anchorage Mayor? And what about his view of the new pot of money from new taxes and socialist programs to finance…

    • You do realize that “Antifa” is not a real “thing.” There is no “there” there. On the other hand, the “Wall of Moms” and the “Wall of Vets” are real things. Let them have their voice.

  26. Dunbar may think he can skirt his oath of enlistment by hiding behind the First Amendment. What he’s ignoring is where it says:

    “I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same”

    You cannot endorse anarchy while bearing true allegiance to the Constitution. Remove him from his rank.

  27. Impressive resume for a candidate running to manage a large city, to support thugs, anarchy and destruction.
    In the quaint old days, even Democrats would pretend to care about jobs and public safety, basic issues relevant to the position.

  28. People who protest against a government’s pandemic related safety ordinance are patriots, especially if they are heavy armed and claim to be fighting for liberty. A person like me who peacefully protests against racism is a thug. A politician who supports the right to peacefulLy protest against police violence is a dangerous anarchist. All you righteous Americans should be asking what will happen when peaceful people decide to exercise their Second Amendment rights. You are wringing your hands about people who do nothing but walk down the street and chant. What will you think when thousands of those marchers start carrying semi-automatic rifles and other guns? The Second Amendment isn’t just for the white supremacy groups or people who love Trump and his tough guy routine. (The self described war President who walked away from the battle with covid.). I urge you to pray for the Second Amendment, because it’s limits will be tested when both sides use it. In the future you will have fond memories of those peaceful protestors. In the mean time, use that PFD check to buy ammo and bullet proof glass for your car.

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