Kopp loses endorsement of Alaska Family Action

Chuck Kopp

Although Alaska Family Action endorsed Rep. Chuck Kopp in 2018 when he faced a primary challenge from Stephen Duplantis, Kopp has lost the group’s endorsement this year.

“Alaska Family Action will not be renewing its endorsement of Rep. Kopp,” wrote Jim Minnery, who is the president of the organization that promotes conservative values.

Tom McKay is challenging Kopp in the primary for District 24.

“Following the 2018 election, Rep. Kopp and a few other Republican legislators chose to join with liberal Democrats to take control of the state house. This bi-partisan majority is dominated by progressive liberals, and they have successfully blocked virtually all attempts to advance pro-life and pro-family legislation,” he said.

Minnery said that policy issues that are most important to Alaska Family Action are routinely assigned to four key committees: Health & Social Services, Education, Judiciary, and State Affairs.

“What do all these committees have in common? They’re all chaired by progressive lawmakers who are endorsed and bankrolled by Planned Parenthood. Because of this sad state of affairs, our number one priority for the 2020 election cycle is to end this liberal, bi-partisan majority that kills every conservative bill, without a single legislative hearing,” Minnery said.

McKay has won support from a large swath of people in the business community. In response, the AFL-CIO, which is the umbrella for numerous public employee unions, has started going door-to-door to support Kopp, who is seen as very vulnerable in the Aug. 18 primary. The union did not get involved in the 2018 primary.

“We know all too well that not every Republican is our ally, and not every Democrat is our adversary,” Minnery wrote. “We’re happy to work with elected officials from any party or no party who are willing to advance a pro-family agenda. On occasion, we’ve been able to cooperate with elected Democrats to advance good bills or fix bad bills. However, our openness to work with anyone cannot obscure this harsh reality: the vast majority of Democrats in Juneau are left-wing progressives who have contempt for traditional Christians and our values.

“We know Chuck Kopp to be a man of faith who professes to support our policy agenda, which makes it truly regrettable that we cannot support him in this primary. We’ve shared our concerns with Rep. Kopp in private. We now share them in public. Sometimes our friends disappoint us, and yes, we do consider Chuck Kopp a friend. Hopefully when the dust settles after this election, he may feel the same way about us,” Minnery wrote.

Earlier, one board member of Alaska Family Action used his position on the board to endorse Kopp. Fred Dyson posted a social media post that made it appear that the group supported the wayward lawmaker Kopp. Others on the board have decided that no endorsement in the race is the best route for the organization this cycle.

The group was established in 2007 as an arm of the Alaska Family Council.


  1. There was a time that they were known as ‘public servants’. Any more with their bully union tactics they seek to reinforce that they now deem themselves as the masters and we citizens as the servants. It is time to bust the public employee unions-all of them. I grew up in a union family, but even FDR knew that to give public employees the coercive power of the unions would be a mistake. This shows the proof.

  2. Fred Dyson, what a joke, never did anything for constituents. He needs to move to Portland where he would fit right in.

  3. Vote the Bastards out of office, You have to Power and let’s show them who the BOSS is, you the VOTER. We the people are the rightful masters of both the Legislators and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. Remember them at the next Election. To my fellow Alaskans we need to repeal SB26 and SB21 and end the Binding Caucus.

    • If only! But when 70 percent of the citizens are fine with them, by not bothering to vote, the remainder who do care about our nation and state find ourselves in an oppressed minority with out rights shrinking. If only a group standing for liberty pounded door to door demanding people vote our way. But that is not our nature.

    • With you 100% William, but that shouldn’t the end all of a solution. They the newly elected should Self “Bond themselves” as a commitment to honoring their OATHS !

  4. What a great fight card!
    A large swath of people in the business community, and Alaska Family Action
    union thugs going door-to-door, now knowing where you live, and a large swath of people in the Leftist, baby-killing community bent on expanding the success of the Great Alaska LeDoux Vote Experiment to cement their hold on Health & Social Services, Education, Judiciary, and State Affairs
    …transforming what might have been useful, accountable committees into an impenetrable post-Constitutional dynasty, with all the finesse of a mob-controlled racket.
    Should be an epic fight if the so-called Conservative side has the chutzpah to say what needs to be said, pull no punches, take no falls, stop with worn-out phrases, and talk to people not at them or down to them.
    Want front-row seats for this one!

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