Western Caucus, Voice of the Arctic, and Sen. Dan Sullivan celebrate ‘Alaska’s Right to Produce Act,’ but ignore vote-dodging Rep. Peltola

North Slope work. Photo credit: Rob Bussell

Rep. Mary Peltola may be a member of the Western Caucus, just like she’s a member of the Blue Dog Democrats, and the Women Democrats Caucus. It’s a club membership thing among like-minded lawmakers.

But when the Western Caucus heralded key legislation that passed the House to help Alaska’s energy-based economy, the “Alaska’s Right to Produce Act,” Peltola’s name was nowhere to be seen in the press release.

Peltola was also not mentioned by the Voice of the Arctic, which issued a press release expressing thanks to the House of Representatives for passing the Alaska’s Right to Produce Act.

“Quyanaqpak @RepPeteStauber and all those who voted today to support Indigenous self-determination on the North Slope by advancing HR 6285, or the ‘Alaska’s Right to Produce Act.’ The Senate must quickly take up and pass this bill,” said Voice of the Arctic on X/Twitter.

The Biden administration’s decisions are not aligned with the North Slope Iñupiat after it grossly mismanaged the public engagement process and cut local Indigenous elected officials out of policy discussions, said Voice of the Arctic.

“DOI Secretary Haaland herself has ignored or denied at least eight meeting requests by North Slope elected Indigenous leadership, including during her visit to Alaska in the fall of 2023,” the group said.

“Since the Biden administration announced this decision in September, our voices, which overwhelmingly reject the federal government’s decisions, have been consistently drowned out and ignored,” Voice of the Arctic Iñupiat President Nagruk Harcharek wrote. “This administration has not followed its well-documented promises to work with Indigenous people when crafting policies affecting their lands and people. We are grateful to Congress for exercising its legislative authority to correct the federal government’s hypocrisy and advance Iñupiaq self-determination in our ancestral homelands.”

The Western Caucus statement effusively praised Rep. DanNewhouse and Rep. Pete Stauber, as defenders of Alaska, ignoring Peltola, who had reversed her support of the bill at the last minute.

H.R. 6285, Alaska’s Right to Produce Act, overturns the Biden Administration’s anti-energy restrictions in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPR-A) and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). The legislation, introduced by Rep. Stauber, passed by a bipartisan vote of 214 – 199 – 2,” the Western Caucus announced, without mentioning the only Alaska representative in Congress sat out the vote and just marked herself “present.”

Peltola, meanwhile, had instructed Democrats in Congress to vote “no” when the bill came up for a vote last week.

Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan also thanked the House for passing the resolution, again without mentioning Peltola:

“I want to thank my House colleagues for passing Alaska’s Right to Produce Act, a bill to reverse the Biden administration’s lock-up of more than half of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A), and to undo the illegal decisions by the administration to cancel lawfully awarded leases in the non-wilderness Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). I want to give a special shout-out to my friend @RepPeteStauber, a fierce advocate for energy dominance and for the Alaska Native people on the North Slope, who overwhelmingly oppose the Biden administration’s lock-up of their lands and whose voices have been silenced and cancelled by this administration. I’ve sponsored an identical bill in the Senate, and am hoping that the passage in the House gives us momentum. Alaska has a right to produce our own energy for the sake of quality economic opportunities and good-paying jobs, and for the energy security of the entire nation.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who has been in the Senate since 2002, stayed silent about the House passage of Alaska’s Right to Produce Act, which has a companion bill in the Senate that Sullivan and Murkowski introduced in November.

Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, former President Donald Trump established an oil and gas leasing program in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, in an area long ago set aside for oil and gas. The restricted energy development in the Coastal Plain of ANWR to 2,000 acres, and production could mean development of an estimated 10.4 billion barrels of oil.

On Sept. 6, 2023, the Biden Department of Interior announced plans to cancel all seven remaining oil and gas leases issued under the Trump administration in ANWR and at the same time locked up 13 million of acres within the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. Both actions were taken without notice to the Alaska Native communities most impacted by these decisions.

Read the full text of the bill here.

Murkowski last week introduced legislation last week. that would add millions of dollars to research menopause.


  1. “Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan also thanked the House for passing the resolution, again without mentioning Peltola:”
    “Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who has been in the Senate since 2002, stayed silent about the House passage of Alaska’s Right to Produce Act,”

    And this is why we keep sliding inexorably into Communism.
    Even the people who are “allegedly” on “our side”, are gutless cowards.
    Also notice how both have bravely been silent about the people who have been imprisoned by Biden’s Gestapo DOJ merely for being in or near the People’s House on J6…

  2. The act is toothless as long as Grandpa Bloodstains can wave a piece of paper and shut down energy production.

  3. Hmmm(???) … Observation of “Absurdities” & “Oddities”

    … Why would Peltola instruct fellow Dems to vote “NO” on this Bill?
    … Does she not realize the benefits to Native Corps and Natives?
    … Does she not realize economic benefits to Alaska and Alaskans?
    … Meanwhile, our very own “Crazy Aunt Lisa” is off chasing Butterflies, Unicorns, Menopause, and speaking to the dead (ie: Diane Feinstein). Now that she’s given away $230B+ of Taxpayers dollars to the un-winnable war in Ukraine, hopefully she doesn’t have another meltdown but, maybe it’s a menopause thing?
    … Obviously, the ‘only’ man is on the job and getting chit done, representing the best interests of AK907, acting as a ‘fiduciary’ for all Alaskans and Alaska. Hopefully, we can kick Peltola to the curb and get another man on Team (aka: Nick B.) and then, we can get to work at replacing Daddy’s Little Princess (ie: Crazy Aunt Lisa).

  4. More political theater. Sullivan will feign outrage, yet he and all the GOP with the possibly of a couple of exceptions are just the get punked on junior members of the One Party state. It’s hard to determine if there are any actual GOP opponents because they talk a lot of smack but do nothing, over the last 5 decades. The decrepit, senile old political mobster that “holds” the executive presidential office is obviously cognitively impaired and unable to perform his duties. Yet he is not removed and retired as any rational nation would do. Which negates the legality of any legislation, directive or official act done in his name by his handlers. We the public, tolerate this arrangement, our congressional representatives profit immensely, so the charade continues. Peltola and Murkowski simply serve different corporate, social engineering, intelligence agencies and foreign interests than Sullivan does. None of them represent national interests or common citizens. They are far more concerned with the borders of Ukraine and the well being of migrants who enter illegally. The North Slope Iñupiats only get a return call for campaign contributions. All bets are off now until the next pretend election cycle.

  5. Just remember the Gag a Maggot Tour this past year which featured a stage full of liberal women that were all there to smooze with Alaska’s enemies of State self determination by choking development.

  6. Remember the bush wants her and voted for this crap.
    We need to take the rest of our lands promised at statehood and tell the feds we will develop our resources just as the other states have done.

  7. Of course!! princess and Scary Mary are on the side of those who want to keep Alaska in a lockbox for our new Chinese overlords Biden tells them to. For his 10%


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