Murkowski introduces menopause research bill

Sen. Lisa Murkowski

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski and other women senators, mainly Democrat, introduced legislation that adds money to research into menopause and mid-life women’s health. 

The Advancing Menopause and Mid-Life Women’s Health Act, authorized at $275 million over five years, or $55 million per year, would expand federal research on menopause, health care workforce training, awareness and education efforts, and public health promotion and prevention to better address menopause and mid-life women’s health issues. 

Sponsors and cosponsors besides Murkowski include: Senators Patty Murray (D-WA), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Susan Collins (R-ME), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), Sens. Maria Cantwell (D-WA), Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV), Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Maggie Hassan (D-NH), Jacky Rosen (D-NV), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Tina Smith (D-MN), Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Mazie Hirono (D-HI), and Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ).

“Menopause is a reality in every woman’s life – yet it is astonishing how little research has been done to address the multitude of symptoms and treatments,” said Sen. Murkowski. “This bipartisan legislation I’m leading alongside Senator Murray, with support from countless advocates in Alaska and around the country, is an important step towards closing the gap in research for women’s health. It is past time for us to extend our research focus to be inclusive of women across the full spectrum of life.”

“Women should not have to face menopause alone, nor should we accept a status quo that treats menopause—which half the population will experience—as something to be swept under the rug. Menopause is a key part of women’s health that deserves serious attention and investment,” said Sen. Murray. “This bill will help empower the federal government, the public, and health care providers to better understand women’s mid-life health issues and improve every woman’s experience of menopause—this really matters.”

The bill has the support of Halle Berry, an actress and former beauty pageant contestant.

“By advocating for my own health and wellbeing during menopause, I am not only standing up for myself but for all women,” said Berry. “Because, if we are fortunate enough to live this long, we will all experience this phase of life. Today is  a call to action for each and every one of us to stand together and demand the care and attention that we so vitally deserve.”

The Advancing Menopause and Mid-Life Women’s Health Act would:

  • Expand federal research on menopause and mid-life women’s health:
    • Authorize $25 million per year over five fiscal years for NIH to award grants to support biomedical, public health, clinical, and translational research and innovation related to menopause and mid-life women’s health.
    • Establish new Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization (RCDC) categories for chronic or debilitating conditions among women related to menopause and mid-life women’s health.
    • Strengthen coordination within the NIH and across HHS to expand federal research into menopause and mid-life women’s health and prevent adverse health outcomes among women experiencing menopause and postmenopausal syndrome.
    • Support translational research activities to speed the translation of federal research to support health care delivery of perimenopause and menopause care and related women’s health services.
    • Require HHS to expand public health research, health care quality research, data collection and reporting, and occupational health research related to menopause and mid-life women’s health.
  • Support public health promotion activities to address chronic conditions affecting mid-life women’s health, strengthen early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of menopausal symptoms; improve health care delivery; and support the development of recommendations and best practices to expand access to mental and behavioral health care services for women experiencing perimenopause or menopausal symptoms. Authorized at $10 million per year over five fiscal years.
  • Establish a national public health awareness, education, and outreach program on menopause and mid-life women’s health. Authorized at $10 million per year over five fiscal years.
  • Improve professional training resources for health care providers on menopause and mid-life women’s health through a new grant program. Authorized at $10 million per year over five fiscal years.
  • Direct the designation of Centers of Excellence in Menopause and Mid-Life Women’s Health, and authorize grants to support the improvement of professional training resources for health care providers on menopause and mid-life women’s health.
  • Require HHS to report to Congress on federal research activities related to menopause and mid-life women’s health, related barriers to care for patients in rural and underserved areas; barriers to training for health care providers, and recommendations to expand access to care and increase public awareness.­­
  • Support coordination between HHS and other federal departments and agencies—including the VA and DoD—related to menopausal symptoms, mid-life women’s health, again, and public health promotion activities.

A one-page explanation of the act is at this link.


  1. Good..good now we are all sure that there are no more problems facing Alaska (eye roll from the back of the skull).
    Ummmmm just one more thing…I see a lot of use of the “w” word. I’m going to assume that’s some sort of typo as we all now know that there is no difference between males and females and the word “woman” can no longer be defined sooooo is this bill going to address trans-apause? Or is it just for birthing people? What a waste of time and money.Tell me again why we can’t rid of this waste of resources.
    I’m taking the next two weeks off for man-o-pause.

  2. Is she insane? Pushing thru a bill for adding more awareness to it? Been thru menopause and there is nothing needed! Trust me, women have been dealing with this for centuries… We don’t need Calamity Princess creating another senseless bill to the mix. Unreal

    • “Is she insane?………”
      Well, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to answer that for you. Indeed, when I read your post, I was thinking that funding some serious study into mental illness is what this sick society really needs, but that’s like the inmates running the insane asylum, isn’t it? I guess, since menopause tends to drive women temporarily insane, that’s kinda’ where this is going………..

  3. With all the more important stuff going on in this world and she thinks menopause needs to be on the front page?
    She is one piece of work. I’m glad she’s not my senator.

  4. So , lets make menopause an illness, or a disability. For —- sake it is part of every woman’s life !! Real women embrace it and know it is part of being a woman.

  5. Come on Senator! I need some relief from my income and property taxes and higher gas and groceries! This is ridiculous!

  6. For some women it’s a very serious situation warrants more research on how to deal with it. You folks should tke time to research this. Some women breeze through it but for some it’s totally debillatating. Ease up. Yes there will will be missuse of some of these funds but untill we make some serious changes to our government it’s a fact of life.

    • It is not the “government’s job” to be taking care of those women who are having a rough time with menopause. That should be between her and her doctor. They want to research why some women have more difficulty with menopause? Do what every organization has done in the past…get a grant and research it. It is not the government’s job NOR their business.

    • OH! Maybe Murkowski wants that money so that men who pretend they are a woman can actually go through menopause – even though they never menstruated.
      Money Laundering in progress!

  7. Lessee, Dementia Hitler managed to shut down the Ambler Road, lock up another 13 million acres of NPR-A, backing legislation to ban Pebble for all time, and all Lisa can think about is menopause? Must be tough to be US Senator for only half the people of Alaska (women).

    There was a time that she represented all of us. What a worthless woman.

    Note that she is a woman who is worthless rather than worthless because she is a woman. Cheers –

  8. Hotflash: Do it in true Congressional style and start by renaming it identifyopause. Make it more inclusive by illegitimate decree…

  9. Of course!! princess shipping out the taxpayer funded debt card to Spend! spend! Spend! YOUR money. She has an OPM addiction Other People’s Money.. She desperately needs rehab for that

  10. Lol The senate is closely following the path of the White House in ridiculousness. Murkowski, I don’t know how centuries of women survived this stage of life. It must have been a horrible, horrible experience for you…kinda like giving natural birth, right?

  11. Glad to see Daddy’s Little Princess, aka: Alaska’s Crazy Aunt, focused on such important legislation. Interesting that this has her intent focus when in fact there could be other important issues, such as:

    … Open Borders
    … Rampant Crime // Unsafe & Lawlessness
    … Mass Addiction & Fentanyl
    … Election Insecurity & Interference
    … Indoctrination of Children
    … Asymmetrical Weaponization of Justice
    … Destruction of Property Rights (squatters)
    … Inflation & Debt
    … Global Depopulation Agenda (WEF)
    … Record Low Fertility & Plummeting Birth Rates
    … Unaccountable Federal Agencies
    … Toxic Food Supply (GMO’s)
    … Vaccine & Pandemic Disinformation (Faucci, CDC, WHO)
    … Trans Contagion & Sterilization of Kids
    … Overprescription of Pharmaceuticals
    … Destruction of Nuclear Family // Parental Rights
    … DEI & The New Racism
    … Moral // Societal Decay
    … Financing of Endless Foreign Wars
    … Sprawling Surveillance State // Extended FISA
    … Centralization & Consolidation of Guv’ment Power
    … Destruction of Trust // Decline of Confidence of Institutions
    … Censorship Industrial Complex
    … Rampant Lawfare
    … Chineeze Buying Large Swaths of Land Adjacent to Military Bases
    … State Media Propaganda (ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR)
    … Smearing of those individuals whom challenge // question the State Media (eg: Sheryll Atkinson)

    Keep up the great work “Crazy Aunt”(!!!).

  12. Any excuse to spend money is her motto. Whip out that taxpayer funded credit card. Who cares about the people who have to pay for everything, they should just shut up and pay. Who does she know that wants to make money (millions) and a career out of studying menopause?

  13. You Alaskans think that Lisa has lost her mind and only recently became Marxist prey to the Democrats. Actually, she’s been on a menopausal crises since about 2006. I actually am very sorry for Joe Miller and Kelly Tshibaka who would both be US Senators, but for Lisa’s rage.

    • The US Senate is the world’s least deliberative body for angry middle-aged and older-aged female communist politicians. Lisa cannot win a debate with an opponent. With daddy on her side, write-ins, and RCV, ……..she doesn’t have to think on her feet.

        • Genetic factors at play here. Extended menopause does run with some families. Lisa is closing in on the Guiness record. Let’s make more history!

  14. Ridiculous waste of money. You’d think a sitting US Senator would find time to do the actual business of government – like curbing rampant inflation, immigration and addressing crime, but no….we gotta make up BS like this. Unbelievable!

  15. Country is going to hell in a hand basket and Lisa (a.k.a. I stole my seat through RCV) thinks this is worthy of anyone’s time. Maybe Halle Berry threw her some dough under the table. I think she should go to Mike Johnson (no relation) in the House and ask him to throw a few billion for this into the next Ukraine give away.

  16. Perhaps my initial comment was too accurate to print?

    Maybe this will be printable:

    Murkowski has been supported financially by Planned Parenthood for years. Looking around the corner, the big boom of millions of dollars paying for hormones for kids, coupled with the decrease in big dollar abortions due to the rise of “telemedicine abortions,” a loss of revenue for PP looms on the horizon.

    But, if we allocate fed $$ for menopause “studies,” surely Big Pharma will come up with a panoply of treatments to funnel through the likes of PP, at taxpayer expense, whereby both Big Pharma and PP will benefit.

    Along with Xi, these are the two insiders who run our country, via their control of our legislators.

  17. It’d be fantastic if the menopause experts in this gallery shared their breadth of knowledge! I’m curious how so many commenters jumped to transsexuality from a bill promoting the RESEARCH of this area in women’s health, including the author who I presume to be a woman.

  18. It is beyond comprehension and should be against the law to be a full blown democrat and have a republican label.

  19. I suffer from menopauseaphobia and am requesting a vaccine be developed.
    Seriously though, stop wasting our tax dollars and try acupuncture Lisa. My wife breezed through her tenure without a single symptom. Wasteful spending queen Lisa.

  20. Might I suggest that research be performed on her personally? Especially if it’s designed by Dr. fauci!!


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