On CNN, Murkowski again says door is open to leaving GOP


On CNN’s Sunday morning “Inside Politics Sunday with Manu Raju,” Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski again is on tape stating she “absolutely” won’t vote for Donald Trump for president and she would not say whether she plans to leave the Republican Party.

Murkowski was one of seven Senate Republicans who voted to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial, a vote that was taken after he was no longer president and was once again a private citizen.

“I wish that as Republicans, we had … a nominee that I could get behind,” Murkowski told Raju, as they walked through the halls of the Hart Senate Building. “I certainly can’t get behind Donald Trump.”

The party’s shift toward Trump has Murkowski rethinking her future within the Republican Party, and even when pressed, she would not say if she will remain a Republican.

“Oh, I think I’m very independent minded. I just regret that our party is seemingly becoming a party of Donald Trump.”

Asked if she might become an independent, Murkowski replied, “I am navigating my way through some very interesting political times. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Murkowski was elected through ranked-choice voting and open primaries brought to Alaska by Murkowski’s surrogates at Alaskans for Better Elections. Without having to face a Republican primary in 2022, she was able to beat Republican-endorsed Kelly Tshibaka in the general election, because Democrats crossed over to block the Republicans’ preference and mark Murkowski in either their first-choice or second-choice slot on the ranked-choice ballot.

Last year, she told reporters the party was too extreme for her.

“We should be concerned about this as Republicans. I’m having more ‘rational Republicans’ coming up to me and saying, ‘I just don’t know how long I can stay in this party,’” Murkowski said. “Now our party is becoming known as a group of kind of extremist, populist over-the-top [people] where no one is taking us seriously anymore.”

She was addressing the opportunity that Republicans have for taking back the White House. And she hinted last year that she was disenchanted with her political home.

“You have people who felt some allegiance to the party that are now really questioning, ‘Why am I [in the party?]” Murkowski told The Hill reporter Alexander Bolton. “I think it’s going to get even more interesting as we move closer to the elections and we start going through some of these primary debates. 

“Is it going to be a situation of who can be more outlandish than the other?” she asked, rhetorically. If she had anything nice to say about Republicans, the reporter did not take notice.

The latest Data for Progress poll of Alaskans shows that Trump will win the state with 53% of the vote.


  1. The traditional Republican Party has been taken over, at least in part by extreme radical right wingers that are not Ronald Reagan conservatives of whom are getting some kick back from traditional Republicans like Mitt Romney, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell and the Honorable U.S. Senator from the Great State of Alaska Lisa Murkowski and others who have the guts to know better.
    After all, Murkowski won her race by the widest margin of all her elections, and one point nobody can argue, she brings home the bacon 😉

    • Show me! If that were the case, “bringing home the bacon” then where is the money and where is the project and where is the result of that phrase. No where and not seen. The last vote for the “Judas’ of Alaska Senator’ was what she paid an attorney to put together for her left wing agenda with Democrats. Remember Kendall? Its called, “Ranked Choice Voting’ and everyone should hope it will be gone from the State voting system soon. The “Bacon” should have shown up sooner than later. Where and what does it look like? Oh, yes its got to be the “Infrastructure” money that no one has seen and won’t show up in the next 100 years for anything resembling a project or a purpose. No representation to the US congress or the US Senate has come up with a tangible amount of funds that is going to actually do or create anything for the State of Alaska. Where is it? The “Bacon?” Show me!!

      • Don’t forget Porcaro, who pimped (no other word for it) the Princess Protection Bill on his radio show while doing all the PR work for it in his other business.

        How that was legal I’ll never know. Outside Alaska a competent GOP would have gone after him in court for massive in kind donations. But the AK GOP is the on.y thing more useless than Grandpa Bloodstains.

        • I remember that cause I stopped listening after that. Lisa is a lefty she just knows it’d easier to win in Alaska as a Republican because the voters here for the most part are not informed

      • DK; The great senator did not need RCV to win and she had already proven that she could loose a primary and still win in the general as an indepedant.
        Murkowski brings home more bread than any other state per capita with new bridges and highway construction, broadband for rural, new Coast Guard vessels, Ice Breaker under construction, infrastructure package, she has never seen a defense spending bill that she didn’t like, and on and on and on.

    • Romney, McConnell, Cheney and the like ARE RINO’s. Both the Democratic and Republican have these old school, bought-and-paid-for thugs who have not had backs of We-the-People for decades! That same system ensnares 95% of all politicians in Washington, including dear old Lisa.

    • She brings home the bacon. And that is a major part of the problem. Massive federal debt. So called free money. Now we are addicted to a certain amount of incoming federal funds. We are trying to subsidize a lifestyle and large state/local government apparatus a population of 750,000 would never naturally be able to support.

      • Used to Dave. She used to arrange for capital projects money – she gets it appropriated now, but the bureaurats regulate it into nothing resembling a benefit to Alaska. She used to support oil development and mining – no longer. All that highway money? Much of it went to support lbgtqia programs? Very little of it is coming to projects in Alaska. Lisa knows what she is doing, and it isn’t pretty.

    • 3rd, your incoherent babble is reflective of a politically obtuse and ignorant mentality.

      All those pro-establishment, pro-elite RINOs who you mention, corrupt and nepotistic Princess Lisa among them, are as FAR from “Reagan conservatives” as are Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

      Face it, 3rd: you are supporting a criminal, a liar and a traitor. Princess Lisa would have lost her seat in 2010 to Joe Miller if their had been ANY election integrity in operation then, particularly when it came to misspelled write-in ballots from semi-literate Bush voters. And she would have easily lost again in 2022 if not for the dark-money-funded manipulation of rank choice voting.

      How can you be so swayed and fooled by a demonstrable sociopath like Princess Lisa?

      • Agreed! That woman’s drive for power lost us our House seat and she even made it all official by endorsing Peltola! She is a true Republican in name only.

        • She played along with everything the Dems wanted. The confirmation hearings of Justice Cavanaugh, the impeachment voting on Trump (which everyone now knows was based on absolute BS.Each.And.Every.Time), voting for liberal spending bills that help nobody but liberal donors, taking democrat money to run against Joe Miller, etcetera, etcetera. She needs to go. Problem is the libs in Alaska like her too much so she basically gets the Bush vote, and the votes from SkAnchorage.

      • Ya us wild extreme right wingers. God family country guys that work 80 hrs a week and pay our taxes. We expect our tax money to be spent wisely and we are called radicals somehow. Rediculous. The only radicals are the unhinged unhappy leftists.

    • We’ve gotten fat and lazy from the bacon. Turning our brains into mush and making us soft. Give us our land back and stop kissing Democrat a$$. Murkowski made a deal with the devil to work with anyone that would waste money as long as Alaskans got some pie. She’s complicit in destroying the dollar and no Republican or Libertarian should ever support her for that reason.

    • It’s funny to see you attempt to link Princess to Reagan. Princess is the epitome of everything Reagan was against in his career.

    • Man, one rarely sees someone expose themselves so baldly.

      If Princess finally leaves, can we assume you’ll go whatever with her?

    • When a Democrat praises a republican, that’s not a good republican. That’s a RINO. After all, Democrats are the party of the KKK and sexualizing children. Who wants the praise from a person like that?

    • Brings home the bacon?
      Maybe a bunch of money, but has the average Alaskan benefitted much from it?

        • I’d really like to walk away from this little b*****. She’s cost me many, many friendships in the Republican Party and our entire family is constantly under attack. Lisa has no clue how much suffering this has cost her aged parents. At times, Frankie and I wish we could channel Joe Miller or Kelly Tshibaka back into a fair election and end this nightmare in our family.

    • The only real bacon she has brought to her home was donated to her by Sammy “The Bankman” Fried.
      Remember him? The one who stole billions of investors money and donated it to his favorite politicians.
      She promptly regifted it to her relatives in Homer when she found out the feds were after it.
      Daddy taught her how to be a wealthy politician and Diane Feinstein taught her the Democratic way to do business as a RINO.

      Sammy used stolen money to fund Sleepy Joe’s presidential selection as the second largest donor to his campaign behind first place winner George Soros who hates America and funds all the criminal prosecutors elections that practice the continual release of criminals back on the street to continue their crime sprees on innocent victims.

    • I don’t care what party Lisa turns to. As long as we get our big government paychecks, and I don’t have to go back to stirring noodles ……I’m good.

  2. I didn’t think she was ever a Republican or adhered to conservative ideals. Daddy gave her a seat in the Senate. Nepotism at its finest.

  3. Why would anyone vote for Traitor Trump who is an adjudicated rapist, fraudster, and insurrectionist.

    • Trump will dismantle this thing and it needs to be dismantled. To Trump I wish Godspeed.

      I literally couldn’t care less if he is convicted a hundred times.

        • You are projecting again, Valley Chap

          The traitors are those on the pro-establishment side. Those defending corporatism, fascism and lawfare run amok. Those supporting and cheering on the destruction of this country via unchecked immigration and invasion.
          Those on YOUR side.

    • Because he’s not Grandpa Bloodstains who is, provably a traitor to this nation, wildly corrupt, is destroying our society for no damn good reason, has credibility issues, and was bathing with his teenage daughter ( Who isn’t right to this day).

      Among many other reasons.

    • Why would anyone vote for Biden whose mentor was KKK Robert Byrd, who showered with his minor daughter (FBI verified her diary where she admitted that), who tells black people they aren’t black unless they vote for him, who can’t keep his hands or nose off of any young girl in his presence, who is found so incompetent he can’t stand trial, etc. etc. etc.?

    • You seem nice. /s Sweetie, if you believe all that about President Trump, then why, pray tell, is he not in prison? Oh, that’s right, because those are damnable lies. If you must lie to make your point, then you don’t have one.

      • MAGA facts are not factual.

        Judge clarifies: Yes, Trump was found to have raped E. Jean Carroll
        New York judge rules Trump committed fraud and lied about his net worth for years
        Colorado judge finds Trump engaged in ‘insurrection’ but allows him on ballot

        • You wanna live in a country where a single wack job judge can destroy someone cause they don’t like them. You are a fool if you think that hammer will never come for you.

        • A liar quoting liars proves nothing. Trump has not been convicted of anything. Partisan “judges” conducting lawfare do not for truth make.

        • Actually, he was not convicted of rape, you might want to do a little more research before you post such lies.

    • Hmmmm…. did he shower with his daughter, who wrote about it in her diary?
      Trump makes his own money instead of relying on Chinese and Ukranian kickbacks via his crooked son.

  4. Every man to his best judgement! There are some of us–who Trump calls losers and suckers–that are standing in line to be had again! That’s American exceptionalism! There will always be grifters, and there will always be people like us who will pay the price for those who live nice! That’s the way it is! Remember, no cutting in line: you’ll get your time!

    • I am not crazy about Trump. But if these are my binary choices, Trump beats the hell out of Grandpa Bloodstains.

  5. She has never represented Alaska and appears to be part of the deep state! It is time for some new leadership something we really need for the State of Alaska. Imagine how this current administration has shut down Alaska which is inconceivable. All this under her watch.
    Trump has his mind in the right place, drill, baby drill! Furthermore, EV is being forced Stone. Our society is totally incorrect. We do not live in a communist country yet!

  6. I thought she already left the Republican Party?????
    Can anyone point to anything she has done to benefit the republicans? I have seen numerous examples where she helped the democrats.

    • Can you point to anything she has done to benefit Alaskans?
      I am having a tough time finding anything.

      • Well, there’s …
        No, wait a minute. What about…
        No, not that either. There’s …

        I got nothing. Nothing.

  7. Murkowski admitting that she’s not a republican would be uncharacteristically honest of her. Lisa was forced to declare herself as a republican to be eligible for daddy’s vacated senate seat…a seat that Big Frank gifted her after he left the senate to become governor. Surely there were more qualified candidates than someone who failed the bar exam four times. Then again intelligence doesn’t appear to be a core requirement for public office. Probably considered detrimental when you’re in the party of Biden. Lisa just needs to unburden herself of the cloak of lies she’s suffocating under and come out of the closet as a Democrat. Maybe then she’ll be a happier person, able to finally lose that unattractive scowl. Who knows how it’ll turn out for her in these crazy days of gender fluidity where the power of imagination frees us to be whoever or whatever we want to be, biological science not withstanding. Political fluidity seems a small thing in comparison so Lisa should just be what she has always really been …a liberal.

  8. By all means–PLEASE LEAVE. You have already been gone for years. Just in time to deduct your seat from the GOP before the election in true traitor fashion. But–I think the GOP will prevail anyway…. May the door swing hard on your way out.

    • Doug. A third world war will likely begin with or significantly involve Russia, China and Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia. Which president, Trump or Biden, has sucked to the leaders of those countries? Meanwhile, Biden is finally getting tough on terrorist Netanyahu.

  9. Perhaps we can hold the door open for her.
    I am very tired of being called an extremist because I support and believe in the party platform. Not sure of your age 3rd generation but I assure you my morals and values are closer to Ronald Reagan than Murkowski ever could be. Hmm how did she win the last election? 9 million against her opponent from one other than rhino senatorial campaign who wish to keep their power!

    • SHE LIED REPEATEDLY in letters responding to me about SECURING OUR BORDERS…Dozens and dozens of letters since 2004; ALL LIES including her response that she supported the “SECURE FENCE ACT OF 2006”.

      Lisa-The-Baby-Killer is a “prolific liar in good standing”, and let’s not forget, about a 40 watt lightbulb output!
      “Lisa-the-Liar” is covering up her role in AOC’s pursuit of “we’ve got to tear it all down to build it back better…”

  10. She keeps saying this. Is she hoping for an invitation from Schumer, or that we’ll start begging her to go?

    Her end was written the day McConnell announced he was gonna step down from leadership. She was covered by McConnell for years with his clout and money. Her days of influence are over.

    Even if she jumps, she’ll be a backbencher with no influence anywhere anymore.

  11. There she goes again. She won’t say if she will or won’t. She like the attention! Let’s quit giving it to her! We all know she’s not a Republican.

  12. She’s lost all touch with the reality of life in Alaska. We need term limits and good strong candidates to take their place.

  13. Senator Murkowski has demonstrated in the last 3 elections that Alaskans care more about integrity and the Constitution, than cultural wars

  14. Go. You are a disgrace.

    side note:
    No reportage from MRAK regarding the House passage of the 1.2 trillion dollar spending bill or MTG’s motion to vacate the speaker.

  15. As I recall, she ran as an independent, not a republican. She is neither of those, but what’s another lie on top of the rest of her dissembling?

  16. “Lisa has Trump Derangement Syndrome and hates Donald Trump so much that she wants anybody but Donald Trump.
    She votes for Biden when she moves her vote away from Trump.


  17. Dear Lisa, the Republican Party had already left you and other sane Republicans after the majority of them, including Dan Sullivan, failed to do their duty by properly convicting Trump in his second Impeachment trial. So when you do eventually announce your official designation as a true Alaskan “Independent”, most of will wholeheartedly appreciate your decision to make America sane again. Thank you for standing up against the ugliness of tRumputinism. Signed, a former “Republican”

  18. Lol 😆 bye bye Lisa. You never really won any of your election. For the nay sayers who say she’s done so much for Alaska, why is the north slope stagnant? Where are all the new drilling projects to keep the pipeline full?

  19. Murkowski does not give a damn what happens to the country or the state of Alaska unless it benefits her personally. Alaskans deserve Murkowski….thanks Frank, your sinister plan worked out perfectly.

  20. Elected by ignorant Alaskan republicans, and their helpful crossover democrats by RCV and outside money, she’s a Judas to me. Let’s start a recall now. I think it’s no coincidence that you see republicans stepping aside this election, perhaps with a little blackmail, coercion or plain ol profit. They can’t beat Trump populism at the ballot box, so they will try congress. Democracy is populism at its core, seems murkowski has a problem with that. Make no mistake, you do not live in a democracy, the faceless globalist will do anything to save their power.

  21. Speaking of the Democrat Representative-OOH, I mean
    Republican Representative Miss Murkowski…
    for you to stop straddling the fence and make a decision, and go independent well good for you!!!
    Perhaps you could join the Democratic party…
    you do not have my vote!!!
    Imagine that Miss Murkowski has a crisis..

  22. Listening to several different podcasters that all bring up a point that the rinos are jumping ship, which will likely give democratic control to the house and senate. Going to be interesting watching the democrats finish burning down what is left of our country.

  23. Princess Lisa, why don’t you really show and punish us and resign immediately? Show us we don’t have you to kick around anymore.

    Don’t need you to constantly sign us up to pay for more programs and projects with your taxpayer funded credit card and then claim you are so great cause you signed us up to pay for more stuff. You have an over inflated opinion of yourself.
    All your comments are about yourself, I,I,I, and not about what your constituents want as they should be. The senate seat belongs to the people of Alaska, Not You

  24. Lisa Murkowski constantly tries to play the game of being a power broker within the Republican Party. It’s a tedious dance of ‘do what I want or I’ll withhold my vote’. Usually her sabre rattling has no impact on the outcome except to add even more consternation and frustration to those who painfully have to watch her. She allows her visceral hatred of Trump to push her toward joining democrats. As if that is a big revelation to Alaskans. Alaskans deserve better than a politician who relies on shenanigans for reelection such as a cheesy ‘write-in’ campaign and then the voter suppressing ‘rank choice voting’. It’s all about Lisa Murkowski deciding what’s best for ‘the little people’.

  25. This works a lot like an athlete talking about retirement. Once you start talking about it, you’re already gone. Our job is to elect enough Republicans so that Lisa’s dalliance won’t matter over the next 4 years. Cheers –

    • I’d put piece of coal in Princess Lisa’s stocking, but it would not be properly carbon-neutral, and she’d probably sue me for “greenhouse gas carbon terrorism”.

  26. One could be forgiven for wishing Peoples Federal Senator Murkowski success in transition from ineffectual to irrelevant.

  27. It’s a game of musical chairs. She’s not quite done spreading “walking around money” to the villages. Let’s fly newcomers to Anchorage and Juneau and see what happens.

  28. I will gladly hold the door open for her official departure from the GOp. Truth is, that her voting record proves that ship sailed long ago!

  29. Lisa Pelosi. Shovel another $ billion for Bush broadband to buy votes. Meanwhile folks get Internet via Elon Musk/Starlink for $100 a month. And communications company cronies of Murky’s keep the cash.

  30. People often stop and ask me if I’m sorry for appointing Lisa to my old Senate seat. Well, yes and no. Yes, because we both know that Lisa is dumber than petrified mastadon poop and Nancy keeps telling me that’s from my side of the family. No, because Lisa actually makes me look kind of smart in comparison. But none of this actually matters. People in Alaska are going to remember the name Murkowski for the next 100 years, or until all the glaciers melt. Or, until Pebble gets built. Or, until the Alaska Railroad goes to both Nome and Calgary. Or, until Bush Natives learn to spell our name.

    • You know the latter will never happen, Frankie. Not with DEI, RCV, and the AK Supreme Court on the side of the Murkowski Dynasty. Dumb is forever.

    • glenn: Let me help you. George Santos, Ken Paxton, Mike Lee, Lauren Boebert, MTG, Matt Gaetz, Mitch McConnell

  31. It is time for her to leave the Republican party formally. She left years ago at the Kavanaugh hearings. She is the real Rhino.

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