Murkowski is worried about Republicans being too extreme, not ‘rational’


In The Hill, a political news website, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski carried the lead message from liberal Republicans who think the party may be getting too extreme for their tastes. It was a signal that she is disenchanted with the direction Republicans are taking.

“GOP senators are saying they’re being increasingly confronted by constituents who buy into discredited conspiracy theories such as the claim that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election or that federal agents incited the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol,” the newspaper wrote on Tuesday. Then it quoted Murkowski:

“We should be concerned about this as Republicans. I’m having more ‘rational Republicans’ coming up to me and saying, ‘I just don’t know how long I can stay in this party,’” Murkowski said. “Now our party is becoming known as a group of kind of extremist, populist over-the-top [people] where no one is taking us seriously anymore.”

She was addressing the opportunity that Republicans have for taking back the White House. And she hinted that she was disenchanted with her political party.

“You have people who felt some allegiance to the party that are now really questioning, ‘Why am I [in the party?]” Murkowski told The Hill reporter Alexander Bolton. “I think it’s going to get even more interesting as we move closer to the elections and we start going through some of these primary debates. 

“Is it going to be a situation of who can be more outlandish than the other?” she asked, rhetorically. If she had anything nice to say about Republicans, the reporter did not take notice.

Murkowski was elected with a moderate and liberal Democrat voter in Alaska. Although she was able to avoid a Republican primary because her surrogates had pushed open primaries through with Ballot Measure 2, her challenger Kelly Tshibaka did surprisingly well. If not for ranked choice voting, also brought by her people, and the transfer of Democrat Patricia Chesbro’s voters to Murkowski under that system, it would have been a tight race. Tshibaka is a conservative Republican who came within striking distance of unseating one of the most senior Republican members of the Senate.

By criticizing those voters as fringe, Murkowski just took a swipe at 46% of Alaska voters who chose Tshibaka and who are not part of the Republicans Murkowski sees as “rational.”

The Hill story is at this link.

Murkowski also endorsed a Democrat for the U.S. House — Rep. Mary Peltola, in 2022, helping her to victory by giving Republicans “permission” to support a Democrat, since Murkowski did.



    • Why is the Republican Party asking her to switch? Shouldn’t the party make that decision? Shouldn’t they simply tell her she is not a Republican and take the name from her? How are decisions about party designations now made and how should they be made in the future?

      • Can’t do it legally.

        Since no rules are in place for this sort of thing she can claim any affiliation she wants.

        Besides, the feckless AL GOP censured her before the last election. Then after RVC and the PM radio host paved her way to victory, they did what republicans do best. Rolled over.

        They lifted the censure and said all is forgiven. Then sent out people like Craig Campbell to tell us it was a good thing.

      • Brian, with our new Ranked Choice Voting system law the Party has no say on if a person can run as a Republican in an election. Zero. That doesn’t mean the candidate is endorsed by the party of course. In fact Lisa was censured by the party (to the consternation of other Republicans). But today the party itself has nothing to do with who runs as a Republican on a ballot. Some of us
        tried to change that early on without success. It probably would have required litigation. But you hit on a major problem. Does a person have a right to use the name Republican, represent themselves as a Republican, even if the majority of party members do not agree. Is the party a private entity that makes its own rules & decisions or is it more of a public entity that cannot exclude people for their views and beliefs if they do not generally align with the agreed platform? And the state party platform is pretty conservative right now. For instance it includes a statuatory PFD and abolition of the Federal Dept of Education:

        “i) We support private ownership of Alaska’s subsurface mineral rights; therefore, we support distribution of the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend in accordance with statutory law.”

        “ 23) We support the abolition of the Federal Department of Education. We support the State in refusing Federal Funds and policies for education.”

        Are our office holders representing as Republicans standing firm on the above planks? Some yes, some not so much. Have Boroughs & the State been turning down Federal funds for education lately?

        Lisa is right about one thing. A lot of people may have approached her because the party has become too conservative (extremist?) and say they are considering leaving. But the alternate is true too. Many are considering leaving because of the perception the party is becoming too amorphous & doesn’t stand for much of anything in a world where basic values are under constant attack & government is growing much faster than private industry especially in Alaska.

        So we’ll see I guess

        • Why don’t conservatives and libertarians turn the tables, and run as Democrats? Isn’t what’s good for the goose also what’s good for the gander?

        • Re: “But today the party itself has nothing to do with who runs as a Republican on a ballot. Some of us tried to change that early on without success. ”

          Could you please explain what that attempted change was?

          The ballots in the last election listed the candidates as “Registered Republican” and so forth. Since party primaries are no longer used, it seems very odd to me that Alaska government bothers to keep track of party affiliation of registered voters. I think registration should be abolished if a top-four system is still used, and all parties, including Green and Libertarian, should work together to pass a law that gives parties the power to determine who can file and run under the party name. If they want to limit to only one candidate per race, they should be able to do that. Each candidate will be required to show authorization form from the party’s Chair.

          If Palin also throws her hat into the ring along with Begich for 2024 race, and only one is permitted to have the name Republican, should it be Palin or Begich?

        • “Is the party a private entity that makes its own rules & decisions or is it more of a public entity that cannot exclude people for their views and beliefs if they do not generally align with the agreed platform?”

          If right to free association is to be followed and respected, a party can and should exclude certain people from being members and certain candidates from running with the party name. Most certainly, a party is entirely private.

  1. Murkowski is the problem. She sways left too much!! If she would vote like a Republican we would be able to get our Country back!!

  2. Did Murkowski something inaccurate? I don’t think so. I know this kind of reality-based politics doesn’t play well with many on MRAK, but that’s because of the danger of the echo chamber.

      • Again, none of the conspiracy believing foil hat comments actually answer the question I posed. I rest my case.

    • “Did Murkowski something inaccurate”
      Yes cman she did. She wholesale labeled those, who disagree with her as “extremist” and “over the top” thereby giving her an implied superiority to ignore any and all arguments from that quarter. Dismissing and attempting to marginalize those who disagree with your view is an often use tactic in oppressive regimes. It conveniently also avoids having to address one’s own behavior. Our country was based on vigorous debate and assessment of the facts, not silencing those who challenge your stance.
      Also since when is being a populist (as in a supporter of the rights and power of the people) a reprehensible thing? Isn’t that the mantra of the democrat party to supposedly speak for the common man….

  3. It works both ways, Sockeye Lisa, it works both ways.

    You are a despicable and contemptible Republican-in-name-only, and unfit for ANY public office.
    Your arrogance and your undying loyalty to the deep state will be your own undoing.

    • Agree. She is dishonest, to herself as well as the public, and a coward. Classic people pleaser with no spine of strong principal. She will go where the wind blows. We desperately need to clean up our elections, our voter rolls, and get rid of rigged choice ‘voting’.

    • Why think in terms of a forced dichotomy based on two major parties? Seems to me she is more of an independent than a Democrat.

  4. ““I think it’s going to get even more interesting as we move closer to the elections and we start going through some of these primary debates.””

    Democrats decided to have debates?

    There may be some extreme Republicans, but they’re not the ones currently destroying our country. And the ratio of extremism on the left and right is pretty telling.

  5. Projection, a key tactic of the left including media. There will be a new political party in the near future and guess who ain’t in it, Lisa!

  6. ““Now our party is becoming known as a group of kind of extremist, populist over-the-top [people] where no one is taking us seriously anymore.”

    Knowing lisa, “our party” is obviously the far leftist, Marxist, democrats…

  7. She is a servant of the anti-christ. Or should we call her ‘He’. As a democrat it’s equally likely she is really a man pretending to be a woman.

  8. Look how out of touch the good senator is, her head buried in DC. I don’t know any conservatives who think they’ll leave the republican party. Look at Trumps numbers that speaks volumes. Murkowski must not be paying attention to say Tucker Carlson jansix coverage. Apparently she missed the coup played on the American voters right before their eyes, essentially a color revo. I wonder if she reads Alaska’s premier conservative publication “Must Read Alaska”.

  9. My God, she’s so fully and utterly corrupted at this point, that she’s literally believing her own lies and BS.

  10. You are not extreme when you have Higher standards than the rest. Everybody else needs raise their standards. Beside drowning under a sea of debt. America is also under performing by mediocrity.

  11. The Murkowski Crime Family’s spokesgirl is so eloquent. She couldn’t survive a Republican Primary if her daddy bought it for her. Just like he did when she finally passed the bar exam after years of attempts. Alaska deserves so much better than the M’s.

  12. The ‘Murk’ is simply fronting her move to leave the Republican party and to finally join her Democrat brethren, as she should have done years ago.

  13. A lot of social ills are now exposed. People do not like being lied to. We don’t understand refusal to work with a conservative president who cared about Alaska. Personal pique against a conservative president made no rational sense either. She is communicating at least.

  14. Murkowski actually still considers herself a Republican?!?

    That might actually be entertaining if it wasn’t so sad.

    • I am sure that she does not — it is merely a label of convenience for her in her endless quest for more power, for both her and for her Davosian globalist masters. Princess Lisa epitomizes the pro-ruling class establishment quisling, and the self-serving politician/sociopath.

  15. Republicans extreme!??
    Last time I checked that’s not the party that supports sexualization of children, can’t define a woman, supports biological men competing in women’s sports, continually votes to send billions of tax dollars to Ukraine, open borders which has led to hundreds of thousand of deaths in the past two years due to fentanyl, not to mention the largest child sex trafficking ring created through the same open border policy.
    Yep, sounds to me like republicans are too extreme!
    You have to be one morally corrupt individual to still support the EVIL Democratic Party.

  16. Lisa Murkowski could never survive a Republican Primary and her mommy and daddy know it. The Murkowski legacy is now being run by radical Democrats. We all know it

  17. Murkowski is an old style Republican like Teddy Rosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan who was indifferent to abortion, I know that..

    Lisa is not an extreme right winger, I know, because I’m a Republican and I also voted for her.
    She does have a point about todays Republicans being too extreme.
    Her Senate legislation is on par with Senator Ted Stevens, again who was pro choice.
    Let’s not forget about Senator Murkowski’s ability to bring home the bacon for Alaska, again, just like Ted Stevens.

    • You are entitled to your opinion, however I respectfully disagree.
      Lisa is about as far from Ronald Reagan as Ghandi was from Karl Marx. Republicans are not extreme, they just don’t tow the dem narrative and have the audacity to actual voice their dissent. Sorry this is nothing but redefining your opponent and “labeling” to change the conversation. Age old tactic of changing the topic and making it about those who disagree, instead of actually debating rationally and honestly. Throwing insults like this, is the favorite tactic of lefties without an actual factual argument to stand on. See companion article of democrat wholesale calling republicans “terrorists””, while they themselves undermine law and order letting violent criminals back out on the street, masses of illegal into the country and erase women…..

      • Ask President trump if Lisa’s not about law and order, though I voted for the east coaster, rich inheritor twice.

        • 3rd
          First thank you for making my point. Bringing up DJT is an attempt to shift the topic….nice try!
          Second, one can legitimately argue that Lisa inherited her senate seat and with it her prominence and livelihood from her dad, which makes your comment a conflicting statement. Can’t have it both ways.

          • You are correct, I was steamed when her dad selected her for the vacant Senate seat, I voted for Joe Miller next election.
            But as it turned out, Lisa is a very good senator for the great state of Alaska and being born here is an extra bonus.

          • Well, 3rd G, we can agree to disagree. I always found Lisa aloof and too far to the liberal side in her votes. She too often straddles the fence, as in voting for cloture and then voting “No” on the floor vote. Then the confirmation vote for Sally Jewel and Deb Haaland, who seem to be dead-set to make Alaska a park. Her drama queen routine of “waffling” on a vote is all theater. She knows exactly how she will vote and just needs to make us schleps believe that she is sincerely “listening to her constituents”. Her cowardly Cavanaugh vote said it all.
            “Bacon”, in my opinion isn’t everything, when the “state” moves to curtail your rights and liberties, granted to you by the constitution. Greed for power is the root of all evil. Clearly being born here has no impact on her votes. She is a DC denizen in my opinion and only beholden to staying in that sphere.

    • Bacon is bad for the health, and overconsumption of it will lead to an early death.

      I never fail to be amazed, and disgusted, by the narrow and selfish short-sightedness of people like you, 3rd, cheering on the destruction of our country and our society for ephemeral, and mostly illusory, short-term benefits.

      • Then you don’t know our dear senators legislative record, hell Jeff, she brought us the Willow project, fighter squadrons, and all this new highway construction, capitol projects, she’s not a big government social spender, look so you can see 😉

    • Bringing home the bacon, while it’s the meal nobody wants to push away from the table from, like it’s free lunch, is one of many reasons the federal government is so far in debt. And why Alaska is so behold’en to the Feds. Instead we should be living within the means of some 750,000 people & building our private economy if we want more than that.

      • Cutting fat is the chief executives job, you know, Presidents, governors and mayors.

        • Actually while the executives provide a budget, the power of the purse lies with congress, the state legislatures, city assemblies….

          • …..and?
            Cutting “the fat” as you call it isn’t the president’s job. That job stays with congress as they appropriate the funds. Can a president veto a bill, sure, but unlike our governor, to my knowledge he doesn’t have line-item-veto power, so it is all-or-nothing. Congress can still override his veto.

    • not consistently slowly and moderately moving to the left both fiscally and culturally will get a person labeled as an extremist.

      • I’m a Ronald Reagan Republican and he’s the first president I voted for, so don’t insult me without seeing my voting record. Republican!

    • Bringing home the bacon is not a Republican value…cutting the fat is (at least it’s supposed to be)

    • I cannot recall Abraham Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt promising to launch wars all over the middle east to protect a single nation. The same nation that gets a unique exemption from having its fundraisers and lobbyists having to declare themselves as foreign agents. Funny how one country in the entire world gets this exemption, and every candidate they endorse seems to get elected every single time.
      That correlation really gets the old noggin jogging.

    • Yeah she has a point, to a point. Republicans are mouthing around a lot, but they never do anything. Nothing for her to get too worried about. This was just her latest attempt too bad about the Republicans as if they were doing something wrong. Now if they were to mass outside her place in DC, that might be a different story. I’m not suggesting that anybody do that because that would be more like a Democrat in Ferguson Missouri. Not a Republican.

    • The most important BACON she brought home to Alaska was the stolen money Sam Bankman Fried donated to her rigged choice election that they knew she couldnt have won any other possible way without cheating.

      The other most important item is how she handled the stolen funds the justice system is trying to recover and return to the rightful owners who were swindled.

      She took an oath and swore to uphold the law and now she is directly and knowingly trying to hide and conceal the stolen money which makes her as guilty as Bankman Fried.
      Which is exactly what Maxine Waters did when she announced when asked if she will be returning the money she replied “No because there were some Republicans who received stolen funds as well”
      The Republicans she was referring to was Murkowski who only identifies as a Republican.

      She is a wolf in sheeps clothing.
      She fits in with the Biden criime family as one of their own.

      • @Andy:
        No need to fit in the Biden Crime Family,
        when the Murkowski Crime Family is running very well.

  18. Well, I suppose late is better than still being in false denial. I’ve been worried about both parties for years now. Frankly (pun intended), I suspect it’s long overdue for Lisa Murkowski to switch to the Democrat Party, anyway. She has been violating the pro-life plank of the Republican Party platform all along.
    Good riddance.

  19. The real question that should determine how we vote is: is your political career funded by the blood and sale of innocent children, or not?

    If you believe children are for sale -through abortion and the sale of their body parts, sex trafficking, puberty blockers, or gender mutilation- then you have no place in a just society, especially not as an elected representative.

  20. Might be a good time for Lisa to drop out & go away! We as a Nation need to reel in spending. I’m sure after slumming in the Ukraine she also got Her big Hands filled with Cash kickbacks.

  21. Hilarious. Because we value truth, facts, morality, ethics, honesty, a hand up not a hand out, accountability – we are extremists. Another example though of how the left uses name calling and labels to shut down whomever is in their way.

  22. Senator Murkowski may be the wrong messenger – and there is a ton of stuff that I do not agree with her on – but her message is likely correct. Trump’s “stolen election” claims do not hold much water; January 6th was embarrassing. In this circus, important issues, like direct military conflict with Russia and sexualizing the education of young children, get lost.

    • I definitely agree January 6th was more embarrassing for Nancy Pelosi and the capital police who escorted people into areas of the capitol as though they were on a visitors tour.
      It is also more importantly embarrassing for the Jan 6 committee to not even mention Pelosi’s
      culpability or even allow the footage of capital police “escorting people” who were eventually tried and incarcerated for trespassing when they were aided and abetted by police officers.
      It is ILLEGAL to prosecute on partial facts and not ALL the facts

      I have witnessed the scorn and corruption of the Pelosi and without a doubt believe it was all planned and played out just as SHE planned.

    • “…….Trump’s “stolen election” claims do not hold much water……..”
      I suppose you and Lisa can assure us that Chicago elections have been clean all this time? What would it take to make several other cities to turn into Chicago? The Demonrats themselves accused Republicans of stealing the 2000 election in Florida, and that was before easily manipulated electronic voting machines.
      The claim of stolen elections hold as much water today than they did in 1920 Chicago. Please don’t try playing us for fools.

  23. Getting too extreme?……… or just refusing to sink into the abyss?
    She uses “they” to talk about republicans. Nothing telling that we didn’t already know.

  24. Someone should cut up Princess Lisa’s Taxpayer Funded Credit Card and reduce her spending limit . Once again she shows she is an arrogant spendaholic, represents and votes for her own opinions, interests and Not her constituents. She is pretty full of herself. That is Not your personal seat Princess, it belongs to the constituents. If she switches, she should be booted.

  25. Our government has already officially declared white supremacy as a terrorist organization. It’s just one more step to use the word “Republican”. They told this Crypt Keeper what’s coming

  26. I’m worried about Murkowski being too extreme: reckless deficit spending, supporting gender reassignment surgeries in children, supporting abortion up to the point of birth, throwing the Republican Party under the bus so she can run under the No Labels banner.

    Why Dan Sullivan supported Murkowski I’ll never know.

    • Do you feel Murkowski represented you when she helped murder over a million people starting with Iraq and Afghanistan?

  27. Lisa’s Dad Frank is very proud of Lisa. Just like Joe is very proud of his son Hunter. Nepotism runs deep in corrupt politics. Unfortunately, not what the Framers of the Constitution envisioned.

    • Yes, I’m very proud that she couldn’t pass the bar exam for four years, until I intervened. Yes, I’m very proud that she beat back Joe Miller with Democrat write-in votes. Yes, I’m very proud that she beat back Republican Kelly Tshibaka with my adopted son Scotti Kendall’s Rank Choice Voting
      scheme. Yes, I’m very proud that Lisa hates Donald Trump. And yes, I’m very proud that she has introduced me to so many wonderful left-wing radical Democrats. Democrats are so much more supportive of the Murkowski Crime Family of Alaska. Our conservative Republican ex-friends are so boorish. Nancy and I just love being famous along with our famous daughter.

      • But Frankie, I do miss my straight Republican lady friends who have abandoned me. The Democrats always want money and political favors. Republicans pay for their own lunches. I liked that. Here in Wrangel, we have to hide all of the time.

        • Nancy:
          Fairbanks, Anchorage, Petersburg, Wrangell. Seems that none of these communities want you. Have you and Frankie considered Bethel? They would probably take Murkowski royalty on a very limited basis. And Bethel has lots of idiot potheads to meet.

  28. Says the woman who backed Pelosi favorite Mary Peltola. I guess to be fair she is starting to resemble a fish.

  29. Both parties appear to have problems, but at least the Republicans are not cancelling those who disagree with them, nor driving their businesses into bankruptcy. When differing from those in control gets you targeted by the FBI for being an extremest like those parents who don’t want their children butchered by greedy doctors to change their sex because it seemed cool to see the drag queens. What is being done now by the Biden Administration should concern everyone. Has Lisa spoke out against that? As far as her bringing home the bacon for Alaska, the national government needs to settle the rest of the statehood claims and let Alaskans build their state themselves.

  30. Reminder. If you identify as a conservative you support things like transgenders changing clothes in the opposite bathroom, unlimited illegal aliens coming into the country, 87000 additional IRS agents, critical race theory, a 12 year old undeclared war in Syria, half a trillion dollars in cash to Ukraine, mandatory coof jabs, mandatory transition to electric vehicles by 2050, and a ban on gas stoves – amongst a million other things you assume conservatives do not want.
    You are stuck in a red or blue system and it is designed to destroy and replace you with a dumbed down and pacified population that won’t cause problems for the establishment.

    • Well I’m against transgenders. If they are transgender then there needs to be a transgender bathroom so that they can feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Illegal aliens are illegal and should not be allowed. Those that are caught should be sent back. I don’t really have a problem with 87,000 additional IRS agents other than it’s a total waste of money. Well I may have misspoke obviously they’re going to catch some tax dodgers but I’m not one of them. Critical race theory, I have no use for it. Let bygones become bygones. I don’t really have a problem with a police program going on in Syria. They are bad guys and the Russians are there so any attempt to slaughter either of those is a win in my book. I also don’t have a problem with supporting Ukraine. For the same reason. Transitioning to electric vehicle is probably a good thing. According to Rich Thorne on here, the reason that people don’t live to be 900 years old anymore is because of all the pollution. So I’m not saying I want to live to be 900 cuz I just be laying here like a big old slug but I’d like a little longer life sure why not. I use propane in my RV and I’m sure breathing those fumes isn’t good but I do turn on the exhaust fan and vent it out to the rest of the world. I don’t support a ban on wood-fired pizza ovens. In my mind, you can’t get a better crushed than a wood-fired pizza oven. I’m not sure if I’m a conservative anymore by the book because the party has changed so much, they have become radical in some ways that I don’t really agree with. I agree with the rule of law and if the Democrats get all these things passed I guess I will have to comply. Gone are the good old days when a person could move to the Alaskan Bush and put in a fair day’s work for a fair day’s wage, and be judged by people based on their assessment. Now you got to move to Florida and live in the swamp to get that.

      • What’s in a label anymore? Probably best to do what’s right for me and mine and the rest can do the same. There’s no need to fix anything for me. I put it out there for all to see. Counterfeitism does not abide in me.

        • Greg, my reply was NOT to your comment, but the Noticer’s original one. Come on, you have been on this site long enough to interpret how the comment chain works. Selfish “me and mine” is what got us here and the participation trophy generation, bumping up against reality and not liking it much, demanding we support their fantasies.

  31. At the end of the day, Princess’s only affiliation is Princess. She’ll stay in the GOP until the Turtle from Kentucky is forced out of office.

    She’ll continue to be the queen of pork, robbing our children to pad her pockets and ego.

    • Doesn’t the Alaska Republican Party have the final authority to determine if Murkowski is a Republican or not? All parties have incentive to pass a law that requires authorization from the party chair for any candidate to run and file under that party’s name. Parties should also be able to take the name from any elected official. This change is particularly important for states using two-round systems like top-four, but also for states like Illinois that have a petitioning process for the primary (look up Arthur J Jones). How hard is it for such a law to be passed in Alaska?

      • Nope. They have no control over how someone affiliates.

        Seems like they should, but they don’t.

        • The people need to put a citizen’s initiative up for a vote to allow this, or the legislature needs to pass a law that requires candidates to have authorization to use a party’s name when they file and run. This should be fairly easy to do, and should get little resistance. Then parties hold conventions or hold some sort of meeting to decide which candidates get the party name, and which ones don’t.

  32. Years ago she said she is “evolving”
    Listen to your constituents and evolve to being more conservative not a wannabe demo rino

  33. This is one of the many failings of people being too scared to have a Constitutional Convention.

    We could have written anti nepotism rules into state law, preventing this sort of thing from ever happening again.

    But we didn’t, so here we are.

  34. She thinks Republicans are too extreme? So its ok to murder a baby after its born. It’s ok to use 3 letter agencies to go after your political opponents. It’s ok for teachers to go behind parents’ back and change the gender of your child. It’s ok to riot, burn down buildings (let’s not forget that historical church in DC) if you are representing BLM. It’s ok to leave our borders wide open fomenting drugs and human trafficking. REALLY??? But the Reublicans are the extremists?!!

    • Her biggest crimes are authorizing the war spending in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, etc… and funding the Ukrainian Nazis. She’s personally helped kill over a million innocent people, hundreds of thousands of children. She’s been a criminal for decades. Everything you mention is actually pretty tame in comparison to cold blooded mass murder.

      • Hyperbole much???
        I am no fan of our financial support in the Ukraine, based on that country’s long and documented history of corruption. However I fundamentally object when a communist/tyrant attempts to overthrow a neighboring country. You should read what those Russian conscripts have to say about “Nazis”. There are none to be found, but you go ahead and believe Putin’s propaganda.

        • You’re a fan of spending 100’s of Billions on a proxy war that we provoked, are losing, and have no hope of winning, that’s killing 100″s of thousands of people, all while that same money could be spent on Americans????

          And fyi, Russia hasn’t been a communist nation since the fall of the USSR. And yes, Nazi’s are a key component of the Ukrainian military and government. Google it. In fact, go take night classes. Yikes!

          Riddle me this, deep thinker, is your whole defense of this travesty couched in rhetorical garbage about democracy, sovereignty, and other nonsense myths about Ukraine? Got any facts? Any real reason why we should facilitate the mass murder?

          • Okay dear deep breath:
            First Russia never really left communism behind, they just modified it. You think the current iteration of the KGB doesn’t still do the same thing just with another color of hat on?
            Do you even know what Nazi’s are?? If you refer to socialists (as in national socialist party) you may have a point, but since the Russians adhere to the same government philosophy wouldn’t that all make them the same?
            So if we do not “spend all these billions to commit mass murder” as you insist what should be do with these funds?

  35. What is really outlandish is a RINO like Murkowski who took an illegal campaign contribution from a financial con man like Sam Bankman Fried of bankrupt FTX, and then, instead of returning it to Americans who were conned, she money laundered it into a favorite family charity! She hasn’t lost her moral compass – she never had one!

  36. Can’t wait to send the princess packing next election cycle in 2028. But people will have short memories and forget about the past, stick with the incumbent and get the governement they elected.

  37. And then the Capitol Police Chief admitted the J6 crowd was filled with Feds to Tucker Carlson.

  38. “Our party is becoming known as a group of kind of extremist, populist, over-the-top [people] where no one is taking us seriously anymore.” ~ Princess

    Our party? Alaskan Republicans tried to cashier your rear years ago, and you thumbed your nose at their wishes, ran as a write-in candidate, and got elected by Democrats. Instead of stripping you of your ranking position on choice committee assignments, Senate Republicans celebrated your “victory” over the actual Republican nominee (and Tea Party favorite, Joe Miller) by preserving your seniority. Last year, Republicans again tried to be done with you, and McConnell and his boys rigged the election by implementing ranked-choice voting — an incumbent protection racket.

    Because she is too daft to grasp the mood of the country and such a product of venal nepotism as to have scant self-awareness, she thinks the riffraff will eventually see things her way. If they actually had elections in Alaska, Murkowski’s campaign slogan would be “Let them eat cake,” and nobody would bat an eye.

  39. One comment must be made: we’ll never know, but perhaps if Trump had done what he said he would do (working for her defeat) she might have lost.

    But 1 ego stroking rally and pocket change spent supporting Kelly is hardly an effort.

  40. What is the radical agenda of the right Murkowski is talking about? Lower taxes, balanced budget, less regulations, no rampant killing of unborn babies, schools where knowledge is actually taught, family integrity, secure borders, a strong military, crime control, respect for our country, a media that informs the people of what’s going on as opposed to selective cheerleading, fair elections.
    Term limits would solve many of these problems.

  41. Howdy Steve, all good points. If Kelly was elected to the House for 2 terms, and Represented Us in a good way, she would be a winning Candidate in 2028 against Lisa.

  42. Says the one who murders babies and votes with the party who doesn’t know what gender is and supports union commies.

  43. Democrats paid for her win in her last two elections anyway. I can’t see why anyone is clinging to the “Republican” prefix here.

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