Trump has a new record: Highest bond ever set in American history — and for a civil case


The largest criminal bonds in history have been eclipsed by the bond amount set for Donald Trump in his civil trial involving whether he gave false information about the worth of his assets, in order to get better loan terms from banks.

The $464 million was initially $454 million set by Judge Arthur Engoron in February, but is now $464 million, with amounts the judge says is owed by his sons Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., as well as the Trump Organization and the interest that is accruing since the judge ruled.

Trump has until Monday to come up with the amount, which he says he can’t come up with that fast. Trump says that the judicial system is corrupt and is planning to take Trump Tower, one of his signature New York properties. It’s possible there will be public offering of TruthSocial stock on Monday, which could help him raise the money, as he could cash out some of his shares to pay his bond.

Trump is opening an entity that will trade as “DJT,” and may be valued at more than $5 billion, even though the social media platform has little revenue and loses money.

Trump has called the nearly half-billion-dollar bond in his civil case “unConstitutional” and “un-American.”

“No one’s ever seen a bond this size,” Eric Trump said during a Sunday interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo. “Every single person, when I came to them saying ‘hey, can I get a half-billion-dollar bond?’ They were laughing. Top executives of large insurance companies had never seen anything of this size.”

According to Southern Bail Bonds, these are the largest bonds ever set in American history:

Donald Trump – Bail amount: $464 million

What makes this bond side unusual is that this is a civil case. “Criminal bail makes sure someone comes back for their court date. The reason Trump’s bond is so big is because of the serious accusations and the large amount of money involved in the lawsuit. This makes it one of the biggest bond amounts in a legal case in the U.S., showing how different and significant it is compared to bail for criminal cases,” Southern Bail Bonds explains.

Sam Bankman-Fried – Bail amount: $250 million (Revoked due to witness tampering, SBF is in prison)

Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of the crypto trading platform FTX and the Alameda Research hedge fund, was given a $250 million bail, which was revoked when he was found to have tampered with witnesses. Bankman-Fried was one of the largest donors to Democrat campaigns before his scheme unraveled and he went to prison.

Michael Milken – Bail amount: $250 million

Junk bond trader Michael Milken faced charges for insider trading and in 1989, his $259 million bail set a precedent. He pled guilty to felony charges for having violated U.S. securities laws.

Julius Meinl – Bail amount: $133 million

Julius Meinl V, a British businessman and currently believed to be a resident in Czech Republic, came from a wealthy banking family and put together an illegal scheme involving secret share buybacks and money laundering. On Dec. 31, 2014, Meinl and four other entities of Meinl Bank were charged over a 212 million euro dividend paid out by his private bank. The case is still pending.

Raj Rajaratnam – Bail amount: $100 million

Raj Rajaratnam is a Sri Lankan-American and founder of the Galleon Group, a hedge fund management firm based in New York City. In 2009, the FBI arrested him for insider trading, and in 2011 he was found guilty on all 14 counts of conspiracy and securities fraud. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison and fined over $150 million.

Bernie Madoff – Bail amount: $10 million

Bernie Madoff ran the largest Ponzi scheme in history, worth over $18 billion. His criminal activity was discovered in 2008, during the financial collapse of banks that had made reckless bets on real estate. When investors started withdrawing money from Madoff’s fund, he ran out of money to pay them. He received a 150-year prison sentence.


  1. The real problem this highlights is that it is nearly impossible to hold corrupt judges and prosecutors accountable. These people have a God complex.

  2. It’s a political hit job. Nothing else but. Designed to break Trump personality and financially.

    They are terrified of Trump so badly there is zero attempt to bother with the democracy they claim to champion. This is fascism at its worst.

    • I agreee MA. As a former POTUS, Trump should be above the law. He did so many great things for our country and people just done appreciate him enough. How ungrateful the liberals are, they just want to destroy the man who was the greatest PRESIDENT this county has ever seen !

      • Typical Russian troll response one sees all over the web. Susan, have you ever screened your commenters for foreign “influencers”?

      • POTUS should not be above the law. If we did that, Grandpa Bloodstains would walk Scot free from his mass corruption.

        But the standard of proof needs to reflect the reality of lawfare for political purposes.

    • Just last week he said he has the cash. His attorney Habba said he is worth $14 million. So lay down the chump change and win your appeal and all is good. Masked avenger and CBMTEK must have a logical response to this. They always do. BTW there have been $1.5 billion cash bond demands made before but let’s not let reality interfere with these commenters slog through life! To paraphrase the fore mentioned , take your time, I’ll check back in a few days. PS – take your time does not apply to Don Poorleone. Tick tick Don Jr! Monday is coming at you hard!

        • Also over his head is it will be damn difficult for them to take some of those properties as many have minority owners/partners.

          I have no doubt the AG will try, and may succeed considering the NY Judiciary, but it won’t be easy.

          • The trump towers are a brilliant design actually,,, the top 3 to 5 floors are $20 mill and up penthouses the next 8 or so floors are $1 mill and up apartments which are privately owned by individuals and the lower 24 or so floors are hotel. The top 13 or so floors paid for the hotel portion.

            If these crooked judges and attorneys steal his property that’s all it is is theft. Right in our faces. He did absolutely nothing wrong. It’s curious who these scumbags hired to appraise these properties??? There is absolutely no one been hurt or any laws broken. Wtf. Blatant outright corruption from New York scumbag politicians and corrupt judges. There is a special place in hell for these animals.

      • I do have a logical rebuttal (thank you for noticing) but will not waste it on you.

        It would go over your head.

      • Ooopsie……lol.

        An appeals court slashed former President Trump’s bond payment on Monday, saying Trump must pay $175 million within the next 10 days.

        Trump had previously faced a Monday deadline to pay a $464 million bond payment that came as a result of civil fraud allegations from New York Attorney General Letitia James.

    • “It’s a political hit job……..”
      This does not stop Trump from running and winning the presidency again. Indeed, it may be helping him politically. It is pure lashing out with hatred, trying to hurt him in any way possible. For quite some time I’ve marveled that these monsters haven’t yet killed Trump, and I cannot help to wonder if they’ll descent so deep as to do that.

    • Certainly.

      Fake BS case. All for a loan the bank was happy to make, that was paid back in full, with interest, on time, with no “victims”.


  3. That dollar amount is not a coincidence.
    I find it hard to believe the Judge did not know full well it is damned near impossible to raise that kind of bond in the time he set for it.
    Forget whether the fine is justified in any way, it is illogical to think it was set for any other reason than to destroy President Trump’s ability to conduct business in NY. This is nothing but partisan lawfare.

    • The judge knew. He also knew the judgement is wildly excessive and disproportionate to any other fine, ever.

  4. This does not surprise me. They are hitting him hard 24/7. They want to destroy him and take America down with him. God Speed President Trump and God Bless America 🇺🇸 🇮🇱🇺🇸

  5. The Civil judgement includes much more than inflating real estate values, it is as much about cheating on taxes. Trump has bragged for years about how much $$$ he has and how he cheats. Meanwhile “suckers and losers” are paying his legal bills.

    • You are deluded, it has nothing to do with cheating on taxes. The value of a property has zero to do with income taxes and property values, for tax purposes, are set by the appraiser in that locale. There is nothing in this casethat would have any standing in any court in the US, outside New York with this unconstitutional 1957 law. The only other prosecution under this law was a BS fraud accusation against Exxon Mobile in 2018, during which 2 of the 4 counts were dismissed and the other 2 were found in favor of Exxon Mobile by the courts. This is a complete travesty, no matter how anyone feels regarding Trump. It is a total violation of civil liberties of an individual by a prosecutor that has launched a multimillion dollar persecution of a US citizen with zero victims.

    • Do you truly believe that, had Trump cheated on his taxes, they wouldn’t have imprisoned him as early as 2016? It would have been the easiest way to bring him down. It even worked with Capone. They have possession of all of his returns. No midnight raids needed. They even broadcasted numerous scurrilous rumors alleging tax evasion, just like you’ve done here. Instead they build Russian spy thriller style storylines full of holes and get caught at it?
      Some of us aren’t stupid enough to bite that baitless hook, but you can go right ahead and gnaw on it.

      • I know squat about taxes, but Trumps Russian connection is well documented. Putin meddled in the 2016 election. Fact. Research former Trump campaign manager and convicted felon currently incarcerated, Paul Manafort.

    • Interesting math by your heroes, Frank. Engoron valued Mar a Lago at $18 million. Letitia wants to seize it because she says it is worth $240 million. Your liars can’t even get their lies straight. Cheers –

  6. “…. the Trump Organization and the interest that is accusing since the judge ruled.”

    c’mon Editor, do a better job. ACCRUING.

    • micah – Trump doesn’t have the power you claim. Trump’s greatest skill is convincing others that he is someone he is not. Been doing it for decades. When Trump performs his inevitable Wicked Witch of the West piece, only the fools who ask to be fooled will support him.

      • I look forward to the day when people with your rancid ideology are frog marched to the border of the Republic of Alaska.

      • Businesses will not flee NY because they like Trump.
        They will flee NY because at any moment, they too could end up in court for bogus fraud charges (where there was no actual victim) for doing EXACTLY what every other business has done since business loans were first issued.
        Weaponize the legal system against one person/business, and you weaponize it against all of them.

        • CB. Quite disingenuous and unsupportable for you to lump honest NY businessmen with Trump. Such all or nothing thinking is a hallmark of conservatives with little to no critical thinking skills.

          • Honest NY business men do EXACTLY what Trump did all the time. When applying for a loan, it is normal and expected for the applicant to self evaluate their collateral. The business men know it, the banks know it, and there is nothing illegal about it, unless it can be proven they did so with intent to defraud.
            Trump did nothing dishonest. He owns commercial real estate, and he valued it in accordance with acceptable accounting methods. (By the way, if you do not know the value of commercial real estate is based on business potential, not the cost of the building.) Trump made it clear to the bank that his volution is not to be taken at face value, and the bank is to set their own value for the assets.
            This is what businesses do ALL THE TIME.
            Now, there is the statement about “intent to defraud” which is where the entire kangaroo court based their decision on. For some reason, they determined that Trump intended to defraud the bank by telling them to independently verify the asset values, and not take his word for it.
            Additional proof of fraud, the bank issued the loan, Trump paid it back, and the bank wants to do business with Trump in the future. Obviously they were defrauded.
            But, I am sure, with your advanced level of demonstrated research into this matter, you already knew that.
            Just kidding. It is obvious to a blind man reading the comments on this site that you never read past the headline.

      • President Trump’s power has nothing to do w/ capital leaving NY.
        Do you know what the word means?
        The money will leave NY, because it is starting to be run by socialists.

        • Starting to be run by socialists? No. That is Alaska’s fate at this time. New York is way, way past that point. They have moved onto the state owns everything and everyone phase.

          All your money is mine they say. New York can bring arbitrary fraud counts to anyone for anything with no injured party required.

          All your time, reputation and ability to conduct business is mine. Anyone can bring rape charges at you anytime with zero evidence and no time limitation says New York.

          What fools like ‘overwhelmed with snow’ do not realize is that this is not about one politician. Precedence is set with this persecution of the leading opposition candidate of the regime. And I am not a trump supporter per se. But this lawfare and thirst for power by leftists is repulsive and likely will make me vote for him. The democrats have created this support for trump by their actions. I hope they are crushed in the November elections. And believe me I have no love for republican rule, but they are usually more incompetent wielding power and there are a few good ones who actually want to roll back the leviathan state. I do not think trumps election (if that is allowed to happen) will change much. When you are blowing a trillion every 100 days you are in the end game of what was and in the pregame of what is forming.

  7. This really amounts to both sides of the Establishment wanting a non-conformist out of their business. McConnell, Graham, Pelosi, Schumer, Murkowski… they’re all the same. Trump never took a salary but chose to put it back in the general fund where it was literally pissed away. For those commenting that his cash bail is “chump change”… no right-minded investor would keep that much liquid and Laticia James knows it. Bottom line: there were no plaintiffs and, there was no jury. As you cast your stones at Trump you need to remember: A government that can do it to him, can do it to you and, you’d be a MUCH easier target. Both Dem, Repub and Conservative should be, at the very least, nervous.

  8. Breaking News….They finally found a charge that will stick.
    They found the tag that He tore off his mattress.
    He may be going away for life in prison for that heinous crime according to Merrick Garland.

  9. One thing I’ll enjoy when it happens. Since the left stupidly opened this door, inevitably the right will respond. Some day a left of center politician will fall under the purview of the right combination of judge and AG. Said sap will find him/herself under the “care” of a billion dollar bond and an unrealistic deadline.

    The left keeps opening doors better left closed.

    • MA. Oh child. The succession of cause and effect can be difficult to reduce, but under no adult interpretation can it be claimed that the left opened the door to Trump’s conviction. That is fully due to Trump’s pathological appetites.

  10. Trump haters will hate this news but his bond has been reduced to $175 million, not even close to a record.

  11. Exxon was required to post a $5 billion bond (in the form of a standby letter of credit issued be a syndicate of banks led by B of A.

  12. An age-old axiom says: “never over-play your hand.” The Democrats are doing exactly that. If the majority of voters fail to see this obvious fact, and therefore vote for Biden, then we don’t deserve the blessings of our unique constitutional republic.

  13. This isn’t even close to true. First you are confusing criminal bonds with civil bonds. There are two criminal bonds larger at $3 and $1 billion. There are also 4 civil bonds more than double this. Sony Music Entertainment v. Cox Communications 2021 $1.2B. Apple v. Samsung Electronics 2014 $1B. Oracle USA v. SAP AG 2011 $1.3B. Carnegie Mellon University v. Marvell Technology Group 2014 $1.5B. It took me about 10 seconds to find that.

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