Trump dials into Dunleavy during Fairbanks Lincoln Day Dinner


Former President Donald Trump was the surprise on Friday, when he dialed into the Fairbanks Lincoln Day Dinner and spoke to the crowd via the cell phone of Gov. Mike Dunleavy, who was in attendance at the Westmark Hotel gala.

The dinner, organized by the Republican Women of Fairbanks, is an annual event. This year’s keynote address was by Drew McKissick, the co-chair of the South Carolina Republican Party and co-chair of the Republican National Committee. McKissick is a nationally sought-after speaker, but nobody expected The Donald to make an appearance — except Dunleavy, who is a vocal supporter of Trump.

Republican Party candidate for chair Carmela Warfield, National Committeewoman Cynthia Henry, RNC Co-Chair Drew McKissick, and Republican Women of Fairbanks member Cheryl Markwood at the Lincoln Day dinner in Fairbanks.

It was a room filled with Republicans from across the state, including House Speaker Cathy Tilton, Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom, Anchorage Mayor Dave and First Lady Deb Bronson, Republican activist and candidate for party chair Carmela Warfield, congressional candidate Nick Begich III, Rep. Will Stapp, and Americans for Prosperity Alaska Director Bethany Marcum.

Also, state Sen. Rob Myers, Rep. Frank Tomaszewski, and Fairbanks Mayor Dave Pruhs were there, along with former Sen. John Coghill, former Rep. and current Assembly member Tammie Wilson, Assembly member Barbara Haney, mayoral candidate Aaron Lojewski, and ARP Finance Chairman Jason Warfield. Spotted was ARP vice chair and candidate for Chair Mike Robbins and wife Tatiana.

Senate candidate Leslie Hajdukovich was present and every time her name was mentioned, the room erupted with applause. She is running against Sen. Scott Kawasaki, who is a Democrat.

Sen. Dan Sullivan sent a video message, as he was overseas at the time of the event.

Although Sen. Lisa Murkowski was in state, she did not attend or send a message.


  1. Of course Lisa Murkowski didn’t attend, she is not a Republican and she is focusing on her own Democrat constituents.

    • Beat me to it
      If Lisa is going to attend any happening, it will be a left of the political aisle one. She is not yet ready to do outright Democrat party events yet, but I am sure that is just around the corner.

      • If Trump is re-elected, I won’t be surprised to see her jump parties IF doing so will give the Democrats an edge. Especially if the Turtle is somehow booted.

        If Trump gets re-elected and the GOP somehow takes the Senate in a comfortable margin, Princess will sit right where she is.

  2. Lisa Murkowski appears to have evolved into becoming independent from her behaviors, voting, reactions. I am not sure why her stance and opinions seem to be opposite of what her party votes for, and it doesn’t bother her to make public opinions without considering her voting base.

    • Murkowski wisely distances herself from the party of Trump. The pettiness, hypocrisy, lies, division and incompetence of Republicans is embarrassing and shameful.

      • I kinda liked the price of gas, the housing market, the low inflation, the well paying job market, peace in the Middle East, China at bay, Putin at Bay, Kim Jong Ill at bay, American industrial production rising, a tight border, reduced government buttinskiness, lower taxes, NATO members paying their share, and sunny days of the Trump administration. Oh, yes, and I thought many of his tweets were downright funny. “Fake News..” that’s hilarious! Hilarious 😆

      • Paola, one finds comfort in the party of incompetence since their limited ability to get anything done assures not much will change and that Liberty will be maintained. This is in stark contrast to the destructive power of your EVIL party which is sprinting towards tyranny in this Nation with steadfast resolve.

        BTW, Incompetence and incontinence perfectly describes your man Joe Biden. Joe has been truth and fact challenged for at least 50 years and his petty arrogance is legendary. I really believe his severe dementia is a mercy both to Joe and the rest of the world since it adds a comical twist to these dark times.

        Beyond all of the above, what’s that old saying about people who live in glass houses?

      • Paola,
        But no where near the corruption, graft, dishonesty, theft, drug useage, government cover-up, and misapplication of the law as committed by Democrats. Your hero, Joe Biden, is the worst of the worst, and he’s going down hard. You can follow him.

  3. It was the highlight of the evening… we had President Trump on the phone talking to us!!! Can t wait for next years Lincoln Day Dinner.

    • No problem Jennifer, glad you are ok being this generations useful idiots. I am sure you would have been even more excited if your favorite Despot Vladimir Putin called in. Pathetic.

      • RINO, one wonders what a Biden phone call would be like?
        I suppose you and the Koch’s are all in for Nikki though, right?

      • What is your Putin obsession? I get the left is jealous of how he does his business, but it seems more with you.

        Unrequited love? Romantic obsession?

  4. Lisa called us and said she couldn’t attend the Lincoln Dinner in Fairbanks because Trump, Dunleavy and anti-RCV Republicans would all be in attendance. Well, I wouldn’t attend with that crowd either. The Republican Women in Alaska have ostracized me from all of their social functions. Democrats are the Murkowski’s best friends and they keep our dynasty intact. Thank you, Democrats. You have given Frankie and I the good life.

    • Well said, Nancy. There’s no getting around it, We raised Lisa as a social high-life Democrat. The Murkowski name will go into the record books as history-making, father/daughter legends. But we are also reduced to no-good, stinking traitors to the Alaska Republican Party. It’s something I can live with, though. All of that pension money from the US Senate and the State of Alaska, coupled with the money I —– from the Alaska bank still makes me one of the richest men in Alaska. And I know that Democrats truly thank me for my service. And they will always come to the rescue if Lisa.

    • Frankly, I don’t understand why the in-laws just don’t cash in all their chips and re-register as Democrats. It’s where the money is. Then the next generation can get ready to run for office without trying to fool the public anymore

  5. The Republican Women’s parties all over the state have not been much of a help to get real people in office that care about where our world is headed and that are trying to save as many lives as possible. I don’t see any names mentioned in that article that I’d hurrah about. Wondering why President Trump called that group?

  6. Hey Masked Avenger-are you a transplant democrat doing the devils work in Alaska? Alaska has always been republican. Nowadays there’s too many transplants and immigrants bringing in liberal politics it’s getting ashy and dirty from y’all…..✌🏼🫶🏼

    • Nope. Only in your dreams.

      I’m guessing you’re a recent public school graduate if you think this has always been a Republican state.

      That concept files in the face of history and reality.

      I find it really interesting how sensitive the faux republicans and their water carriers are when the failed party is criticized.

      Anyone who actually thinks is a Democrat, from outside, or somehow a “traitor”.

  7. Most of the folks at the Lincoln Dinner must have been spitting nails . Not many are Trump supporters . Several of the folks named are backing the nut job Nikki Haley . Most of the folks in there support Lisa and she was absent . Kind of odd . I suspect most of them cheer on Lattitha James in NY as well .

  8. Last time I checked Alaska was not broke by a long shot or in debt! But, the US government is massively in debt! So, my idea is to tell them to go back to hell!! Alaska do it’s on thing! Go into massive development of gas and oil again and all our other resources!!
    And, of course return our full dividends!!

  9. Democrats of today are cut from a totally different cloth then the hard working blue collar dems of yesterday. Dems today are sneaky lieing snakes the likes of Schiff and Shumer..and the worst: the corrupt fraud in the oval office Joe Biden.

    • I have met very very few Democrats over the last 30yrs that held any moral absolutes.

      Combining this with being massively low information non-thinkers, I don’t think D’s have been anything positive for this country…ever…afterall, they are the KKK and eugenics party.

  10. Sullivan is no better when you look at his voting record. We should be embarrassed considering who our Alaskan Federal and plenty of our state reps in Juneau are and truly how they conduct themselves in the people’s house. All fake people have it pretty good being able to hide from their constituency in relation to where they conduct “business”? These imposters are selected and no way elected. Get behind David Haeg, let’s straighten up our judiciary using our rights to using a grand jury, from there we take the traitors down. I imagine as we dig through the lot we’ll find plenty that are ripe for being put away.

  11. I wish Trump understood just how TERRIBLE of a Governor and a leader Dunleavy is.

    Dunleavy is a pitiful, weak, feckless, and most likely corrupt…did I mention inept?

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