Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has raised $33,430 for his presidential campaign from Alaskans


Independent candidate for president Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has raised $33,430.28 from Alaska residents, according to a Federal Election Commission report showing donations from February 2023 through February 2024. That’s more than he has raised for his campaign from West Virginia, Mississippi, South Dakota, and North Dakota residents.

Kennedy comes from a long Democratic lineage. His uncle was President John F. Kennedy, his father was Sen. Robert F. Kennedy — both were assassinated. His uncle was Sen. Ted Kennedy. Although a lifelong Democrat, he’s a skeptic and doesn’t toe the party line. Kennedy, after gaining no traction in the Democratic Party, switched his candidacy in October, decided to run for president unaligned with either major party, and has become more of a populist.

About 21,000 donors in all have given Kennedy’s campaign at least $200 each since he declared his independent run in October; a POLITICO analysis found that 74% of them are new donors — they did not make any political donations during the 2020 cycle. 

In Alaska, those Kennedy donors come from a wide variety of work — pilots, contractors, homemaker, but very few who are employed by local, state, or federal governments. He has about 195 donations from Alaskans, some of them giving more than once. Government-employed Democrats are sticking with Biden, according to the FEC reports, while some libertarians are leaning toward Kennedy, although they may bounce after the Libertarians’ national nominating convention, May 24-26.

Donald Trump has raised $337,627.10 from Alaskans, more than Nebraska ($322,883.31), Wyoming ($258,776.12), Maine ($227,553.92), Hawaii ($226,797.53), South Dakota ($222,829.26), Delaware ($188,222.74), North Dakota ($156,366.12), Rhode Island ($119,541.19), District of Columbia ($68,147.59), and Vermont ($63,821.58). The vast majority of his donors are either retired, working in the private sector, or are self-employed. Trump has 8,647 donations from Alaskans, some of them donating more than once.

Joe Biden has raised $90,295.44 from Alaskans, more than Wyoming ($77,991.23), Mississippi ($77,991.07), Nebraska ($76,522.65), South Dakota ($55,838.03) and North Dakota ($41,286.80). The vast majority of his Alaska donors are not employed or work for government, Native entities, or non-profits. He has 640 contributions from Alaskans, some of them donating more than once.

Kennedy is an environmental lawyer who mainstream media says gives out anti-Covid-vaccine misinformation and public health conspiracy theories. His economic views are a mix of liberal, conservative, and libertarian. He is generally a skeptic of vaccines, however. He has been spurned and vilified by the Democrats, in the same way former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii was vilified when she tried to help the Democrat Party self-correct.


  1. He will be the change to the presidency. He is already making changes in percentage and numbers and will announce his vice presidency soon. He is a person that knows what he is doing. We’ll never know till the last vote is counted.

    • He still has democratic views about shutting us down in the event of another “plandemic.” I would not vote for him.

      • Ginny, Can I suggest that you read some of Bobby Jr’s books? I’m pretty sure that you find some common ground with Kennedy.
        Turns out that the Democrat Party of his Father and Uncle John was more like Trump and Reagan. How far that party has fallen!

        • True, Nulik, many are likely to find some common ground. We all enjoy clean air, water, and whales frolicking to their hearts’ content. Unfortunately a vote for him is a vote that contributes to the re-election of the party that has strayed so very very far from JFK’s ideals, but not far enough from those of Robert Bird or Margaret Sanger (sp?)

    • He’s merely a democrat, running a spoiler campaign trying to steal votes from folks disgusted with Trump’s persona but afraid of 4 more years of poopy-pants – Kennedy’s goal is to re-elect brandon.
      Suzanne’s key point: kennedy is an environmental lawyer – he will continue the shutdown of Alaska and the U.S.

    • “…….We’ll never know till the last vote is counted.”
      And we’ll never know when the last vote is counted until Catholic Social Services delivers all the “homeless” votes harvested from illegal invaders.

  2. We didn’t have a pandemic. We got scammed. They shut us down over a chest cold. The reaction by the American people was unbelievable. Complete insanity.

  3. Trump: 8,647 donations
    Biden: 640 donations
    Assuming the ratios hold through election day, it will surely be an interesting vote count.

  4. I really don’t care for Kennedy but on the upside, he is not a (D) or an (R) and that is a big upside..

  5. RFK Jr announced his VP – a NO NAME in politics? Who is this woman that no one knows? Is she a Communist Spy? RFK Jr, this is a bad, bad move on your part.

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