Watch video: Muscular Oregon trans-athlete repeatedly takes state titles from girl runners


It happened again: At the storied Haywood Field at University of Oregon on Saturday, a male high school runner, competing as a girl, took the state title after beating out the female runners for the win.

The 10th grade boy, Aayden Gallagher, was booed by the crowd as he surged to win the Oregon girls’ 200-meter race on Saturday. He was also booed when he stood on the winner’s podium. As the second-place racer’s name, Aster Jones, was announced, the crowed cheered.

Although Gallagher didn’t see a new state record, he came close with a time of 23.82. He also took home second place in the 400-meter race.

Watch as Gallagher surges past Jones for the win:

In April, Gallagher also blazed a new record in the 200 meters at the Sherwood Need For Speed Classic Saturday, running it in 25.49 seconds, about five seconds faster than the next fastest — female — runner.

The Oregon School Activities Organization says transgender competitors must simply notify their school if they wish to be racing in a different gender category. There is no protection for girl athletes in Oregon.

Alaska School Activities Association has different guidelines — students must compete in the division that is established for their biological sex.

But if Alaska’s female athletes go to regional athletic tournaments, they may end up competing against runners like Gallagher.

In Alaska, a bill passed the House of Representatives that would make it the law that boys can’t compete in the girls’ division in public schools. It was the most contentious bill of the session, and died in the Alaska Senate, which is dominated by Democrats.

All House Democrats opposed the bill in Alaska but it squeaked through after numerous hours of Democrat filibustering. Democrats rose to the floor to say that unfair competition from trans-athletes was simply a fake problem that Republicans had invented. They also falsely asserted that it would require children to undergo genital inspection by their coaches.

Rep. Andy Josephson, who opposed the bill to protect girls, said,  “So yes, could these bizarre circumstances happen where there’s a transgender girl who by size and acumen and talent, could compete at the highest levels with boys and men but chooses to compete with girls, yes that could happen, and that concerns me. Now, when I say concerns me, it’s like the 5,000th thing in the world that concerns me. I’m more concerned about getting home to work my lawn than I am about that, by a lot.”


  1. Good. As far as I can tell, most women (yes, those born that way) are in agreement with this. It’s not going to be until our society finally says ENOUGH and either bans this idiocy or we form tranny leagues. As of now, I think this is glorious because it shows that those encouraging this behavior never thought about its consequences.

    • Valid points. Women are generally so-called “woke.” They condone this nonsense by referring to such males as females (she, her, etc). We cannot blame the immoral boy who cheats against girls; he is being encouraged by the girls and their parents–who if they had proper character would not compete with a male.

  2. I watched that debate in the House on this bill. Saying “trans-girl” doesn’t make him a girl. A trans girl is a man!

  3. Until people start joining the fight with REAL Women, and protect our female sports from this MESS by boycotting them and not allowing them in the sport. Sorry, if you are a guy and still think you can be a woman, you are mentally unstable. Period. All this requires, is a big fat NO to all of them. No you can’t join the team if you are a man at birth. Stop supporting the stupid LGBTQ and realize THEY are the ones pushing this crap! Defund them, start telling gays no. That is how it’s handled. They are not normal individuals as they have all shown.
    Another thing ya gotta do is stop promoting it by talking about it in the news. They THRIVE on that. Take it away by saying no!

    • Until the women wake up and make a stand the government will not give.
      Women are getting what they want if not stop cop eating against these pretender losers and start you own private leagues and invite who you want.

      • Why in heck should women have to start their own league? I should think these “trans” individuals should do so. Women have every right to compete under government rules, transcrap notwithstanding. Likewise, where are the men who make the rules? Are they not defending them? This is not just a “women’s issue,” it is a human issue.

        How many girls have to give up scholarships and possibly pro contracts before this ends? Enforce the laws, support women in their endeavors. If it were men who were being cheated, you’d hear the howling to high heaven.

        • Tamera
          Because with your own league the politicians can’t make you do things like put men against woman.
          The government has no say in private matters.
          You don’t have to be in court to defend your sex.

        • This raises a question. Assume girl A and girl B are both working for the same college degree in mathematics. Assume girl B gets slightly better grades than girl A. Why should girl A get her tuition paid for merely because she runs slightly faster than girl B? It seems possible the male cheater could be actually setting things right.

  4. Wow, that guy must feel so proud and virile to be able to win sports competitions against women with his masculine DNA. Congratulations to this loser who stole first place by cheating.

    • Dave, the cheating male is not the problem but rather only a symptom. The problem is obviously with those in authority who have defined his cheating as fair play. This is very similar to tax law loopholes that the middle class are unable to utilize. Why are capital gains of senators taxed at half the rate of ordinary income made by brick-layers? Members of congress make far more income on capital gains in the stock market than the average American earning wages. Go figure.


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