Shocker: Alaska Democrats pass new rule forcing their own party candidates to endorse non-Democrats


At the Democrats’ statewide convention in Juneau on Saturday, party officers passed a rule that requires any Democrat candidate who doesn’t move forward in a primary scenario to endorse the candidate endorsed by the party — whether or not that advancing candidate is a Democrat.

The rule was advanced by Sen. Forrest Dunbar, an Anchorage Democrat, and it was being called the “Tuck Amendment,” after Chris Tuck, the Democrat who ran for Anchorage mayor this year but didn’t advance into the runoff.

The party had, instead of endorsing its longtime Democrat who had served in the Legislature for 14 years, endorsed non-partisan candidate Suzanne LaFrance, who is now the undeclared winner of the mayor’s race in Anchorage.

Upon being eliminated, Tuck did not endorse LaFrance; he didn’t endorse Republican Mayor Dave Bronson either.

The way the rule reads, if an eliminated Democrat candidate doesn’t make a public endorsement of the party’s choice, that candidate can receive no Democrat party support for at least 24 months if they decide to run again for office. It’s a “binding caucus” type of rule, forcing Democrats to march to the party’s beat, no matter their personal beliefs, and even if the party is endorsing non-party candidates.

Alaska Democratic Party has 73,594 registered members in Alaska, fewer than the number of non-partisan registered voters. But the party punches above its weight in Alaska politics and now dominates the Alaska Senate, even though there are more registered Republicans in the Senate than Democrats. That’s because eight Republicans joined nine Democrats in forming a majority that excludes three conservative Republicans — Sen. Shelley Hughes, Sen. Mike Shower, and Sen. Robb Myers.

In the House, there are a growing number of Democrats who have registered as nonpartisans to avoid the stink of the party, but they caucus with the Democrats in Juneau.


  1. At the same timemthe Republican Party cannot get state reps and senators to come together to create a majority. Merrick and Stutes gave the majority to the Democrats after we elected more “Republicans” than Democrats. Kodiak and Eagle River you were stabbed in the back. Meanwhile, Murkowski cannot decide exactly what she is.

      • Murkowski has claimed to be considering a party change. That is her and yes we already know she made that change years ago. Which is why Democrats vote for her.

  2. Outstanding!

    Here we have odious and offensive Forrest Dunbar giving the ol’ stink eye to Chris Tuck, who demonstrated his US Constitutionally-guaranteed right, and will not be allowed to do so in the future without incurring a financial punishment.

    Way to go, Forrest. You screwed up Anchorage and now you’re working towards doing the same to the state.

  3. Forced and mandatory brain-washing is the creed of Democrats. They do practice what they preach…….and thus have no ideas for the big picture. Power and control. Straight from the Communist Manifesto. They no longer even attempt to disguise it.

  4. That’s the only way Democrats know how to operate – bully and intimidate, just like low-down, stinking commies.

    • “Five Fingered Hancock,” you must have been doped up for the last eight or nine years! Read up on D. J. Trump. You’ll learn that he has never been bashful about getting down and dirty or mean and ugly! He’s broken trail for the Republicans, and you need only be “party man” enough to follow suit.

  5. See, the democrats keep their socialist in control, mean while the state Republicans allow democrats into the alaska gop.

    • So, in your world, candidates should expect financial contributions and support from a political party with no conditions, obligations, or strings attached? What world is that? It’s certainly not planet Earth.

      • Expect? No. Earn them, yes.

        Unless such donations come with the provision you will vote as we tell you for who we tell you, that’s a risk donors take.

  6. Once again demonstrating that the only thing of importance is the all-powerful State. Worship at that altar, or get banished.

  7. I was under the impression that we were free to vote and support who we want.
    Nobody can force anybody to vote the way they want.

  8. 73k registered? The democrats know that if they were truthful and honest, they’d lose every time. They know they have to be deceitful to win. They are ok with that. Any democrat reading this is smirking and saying ” that’s right…”. The very idea that neobolshevik LaFrance is an “independent” is the perfect example.

    • … if they are the ones who get to define what democracy is. The consensus view of the Left is that democracy cannot function if people who disagree with them are allowed to participate in it.

  9. Your article isn’t correct in that Tuck and LaFrance were co-endorsed by the Democrats in the general election. Each pledged in writing that they would endorse whoever advanced to the runoff. Tuck came in 4th and failed to keep his word.

  10. George Washington warned us about the dangers of factions in American politics. This is but one example of why he was right.


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