Democrats converge on Juneau for state convention


Although the Alaska Legislature has gaveled out, Democrats will still be swarming the capital city, as they convene for their Alaska State Democratic Party Convention.

Of the 593,000 registered voters in Alaska, 73,594 of them are registered Democrats, compared to the 143,165 registered Republicans, who held their convention in April.

The event starts with a Friday night reception with Democrat National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison, taking place at the Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall in the Andrew Hope Building from 5:30-8 pm.

From Orangeburg, S.C., Jaime Harrison served as the chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party from 2013 to 2017. That’s the location where the former executive director of the Alaska Democratic Party, Jay Parmley, landed in 2019 after running afoul with people and party politics in Alaska.

On Saturday, the Alaska Democrats will elect new officers, elect delegates to the national convention in Chicago (Aug. 19-22), and listen to Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola, who is the luncheon speaker.

National delegate candidates for the trip to Chicago include former U.S. Senate candidate Patricia Chesbro, Alaska House Reps. Sara Hannan and Andy Josephson, as well as Rita Miraglia, Roslyn Grady, Ron Meehan, Kim Metcalfe, Jim Arlington, Janice Park, Elias Rohas, Andrew Keller, Michelle Turner, Julie Olsen, Ed Wesley, Monica Southworth, and former Alaska House Rep. Mike Davis.

The nominee for the Democrats is incumbent President Joe Biden, who drags behind Donald Trump in a recent Data for Progress poll of Alaskans. Biden has 41% support from Alaskans, while Trump has 53%.

There is also a reception planned for Saturday evening after the party business is completed and a Sunday organizational meeting for the 22 Democrats who will go to Chicago and represent Alaska at the Democratic National Convention.


  1. The democrats in Alaska are just as nasty and corrupt as the ones in Washington DC.

  2. I wish they would stay down there ….. forever.
    Sorry Masked, you can move to the Valley (& feel the love) brother

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