Formerly with AK Dems, Jay Parmley back in South Carolina

Jay Parmley, executive director Alaska Democratic Party

Jay Parmley, who was executive director of the Alaska Democratic Party for 2-1/2 years, has been rehired by South Carolina Democrats. Parmley left Alaska this summer, and at the time said he was moving to Florida with his husband and mother-in-law.

Parmley is from Oklahoma, but has worked in several states for the Democratic Party and its subunits.

In 2012, he resigned his North Carolina post after a former male staffer accused him of sexual harassment — showing him a photo of a penis — and unwanted physical advances. The employee later sued, saying he was fired because he blew the whistle on Parmley.

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About the same timeframe, Parmley’s ex-girlfriend accused him of infecting her with HIV.

Even with that baggage, Richland County, SC Democrats hired Parmley in 2012. In 2016, Parmley was then whisked away by the Alaska Democratic Party, where he has been the ED for three years; he followed former Alaska Rep. Kay Brown in that role.

Now he’s back with the South Carolina Democratic Party, where he will help the 2020 efforts to upset U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham. It’s also a pivotal election year for the presidency, although South Carolina has historically been a red state. There is no gubernatorial election in South Carolina in 2020.

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In Parmley’s spot in Alaska, the Alaska Democratic Party has hired a former Mark Begich staffer, Lindsey Kavanaugh.

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  1. Geez. A real Democrat through and through. He marries another man and lives with his new mother-in-law, that is, when he is not trying to pick up additional men for an aside, or, sending out photos of his penis. He has a face only a Lefty mother-in-law could love. Maybe another Anthony Weiner in the making? Good luck South Carolina. Hope all goes as planned in your Democrat primaries next year.

      • Usually in those kind of marriages, the queen is more political and the thinking half of the couple. So, the question here is not begged.

        • Greg…..get with it! King and Queen. Both males. Two crowns. Two rings. A union in holy matrimony. Two Democrats. Two Lefties. One voice. About to get blown away by Dorian. Alaska is safer!!!!

          • What? No pic of his husband? Or, would that be, “her wife?” Hard to tell what’s going on in their minds these days. Not that many years ago, college level psychology textbooks referred to these arrangements as a form of mental illness and complete identity failure.

  2. This fellow if the report above is correct looks like an outstanding Democrat. Doubtless he has the courage to lead.
    I do wonder though why the # ME Too folks are not kicking Mr. Parmley’s behind.I thought sexual advances at the work place were taboo. Is it because the victim is a man? Even more alarming is the fact that the victim after reaching a settlement with the Democrat Party and Parmley was publicly castigated by Party Officials despite a nondisclosure agreement. Yeah, fellows like this are a real magnet for hauling in new Democratic Voters!

  3. Anything for the “cause”, right? But wait! What is their cause? No one seems to know. The Dems are running on nothing. Their platform is to just call everyone a racist and claim they are somehow not white and elite and should control your every function. That is their recipe to run a country. So, hanging on to this guy is completely normal.

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