Walmart gets out of gun and ammo business


Walmart on Tuesday announced it will stop selling handguns in Alaska, the only state where it still sells them. The decision is in response to the mass shooting at an El Paso, Texas Walmart a month ago that left 20 people dead.

America’s largest retailer said that nationwide it would also stop selling handgun ammunition and “short-barrel rifle ammunition,” such as .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber. It will sell off all of its inventory first and is asking customers to no longer open carry in the Walmart and Sam’s Club stores around the country, even if state law permits it.

Walmart will continue to sell long-barrel deer rifles, shotguns, and the ammunition for those firearms.

Walmart has 9 stores in Alaska, according to its website, including nine super centers, and two discount stores.


    • Oh no…no more waiting around 20 to 30 minutes for someone to come unlock the ammo case so I can then pay for my groceries at the gun counter and then have to show my receipt to the elderly greeter who is suspicious because I didn’t go through any of the front check out lines….

      Whatever shall I do with all the extra time now?

    • Amen there! We are boycotting Walmart forever. Most UNAMERICAN company that is here. Cheap food, cheap clothing, people who can’t dress themselves for public.. Final nail on their coffin bowing to the lefts craziness.. Bye bye Walmart.. Your decision will be felt in your pocket by Alaskans who ARE very protective of their gun rights. Idiots!

  1. I call for a Nation Wide Boycott of all Walmart Stores for their decision to stop selling any kind of guns to We The People and having told them to not carry a gun in Walmart Stores when the Law says the opposite. Think about what Walmart’s profits would be if gun owners and their families refused to walk through Walmart’s doors for anything. We The People still have the power to absolutely ruin Walmart’s profits for their actions here and think of what that would say all across America. I ask everyone to call friends and relatives in the Lower 48 about this too.
    Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

    • What about all the other products murderers use from Walmart? Just close the whole store.
      Murderers use most of the products they sell there!
      Clothes, foods, dry goods!

  2. AND, the purpose of this action is …. WHAT???

    Should we expect Walmart to also not sell …
    – Toy Guns?
    – Paintball Guns and supplies?
    – Violent Video Games?
    – Golf Clubs?
    – Baseball Bats?
    – Bow & Arrows?
    – Knives?
    – Violent Movies (DVD’s)
    Surely, these types of products ‘propagate’ violent actions or, used to hurt others when rage consumes mentally deranged individuals.

    When you look at the statistics of the top causes of death in the US:, death by gun trails these key items:
    – Heart Disease (635,000 deaths per year)
    – Cancer (598,000 deaths per year)
    – Lung Disease (154,000 deaths per year)
    – Stroke (142,000 deaths per year)
    – Guns (40,000 deaths per year)
    Should we expect Walmart to ban their products that contribute to Heart Disease, Cancer, Lung Disease, and/or Stroke?

    It’s my opinion that Walmart is merely succumbing to political correctness, devoid of any principal or character, certainly not worthy of my business.

    FINALLY, while these mass murders by guns are truly tragic and sad, the bottom line is that abortion clinics kill more ‘innocent’ lives (900,000+ deaths per year) than any other. Truly, a moral travesty that is beneath human dignity.

  3. This is absolutely the Golden opportunity by Gun Owner of America to Bankrupt Walmart, one of the largest Corporation in America, for attempting to prevent “We The People” from buying guns and ammo and to “open carry” our guns in their store by refusing to step through their doors. There is a tremendous number of gun owners in America and when they speak by not stepping through Walmart’s doors T.P.T.B. will once and for all know the power of the American people when they are mad about being double crossed. Please call and write friends and relatives about what Walmart has done to the Alaskan people. Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

    • You can still carry concealed into Mallwart. Fred Meyer quit selling all firearms two years ago and their stores are thriving. The market always works. New gun stores will open up to the public as a response to this latest closure.

  4. “Walmart will continue to sell long-barrel deer rifles, shotguns, and the ammunition for those firearms.”…

    So they will continue to sell long barreled high powered rifles and telescopic sights… which have been termed “sniper rifles” by members of gun control groups in the past. This is until the “sniper rifle ban” is brought up in the news. Winchester 70’s and Remington 700s have been used as sniper rifles. I am not joking… and as Will Rogers said.. every law Congress passes is a joke and every joke passed is a law.

    “A subservient and submissive populace, necessary for the maintenance of an all powerful state, the rights of the people are relative to the needs of government”.

  5. By Republican Senators in Congress refusing to implement expanded background checks on all firearm transfers and not willing to return to “holding periods” on gun sales…
    Their “lais·sez-faire” capitalist attitude (propped up and supported by heavily funded NRA industry lobbyists) will continue having many businesses abandon the gun market completely which is the real threat to our second amendment rights in America.
    Just like the P.O. banned carry of weapons into their offices after all the postal service worker shootings in the 70’s and 80’s …so too will more and more restrictions be placed on where Americans can bring their firearms after shootings in Walmarts across the country…
    Remember that “Semiautomatic handguns were used predominately in mass shootings from 1982 to 2012, according to Mother Jones.”

    • So if we get rid of “semi-automatic” firearms there will be no more shootings? Considering that semi-automatic firearms have been around for over a century with far less restrictions and far less problems what really changed? (maybe a “Great Society”) Since only intra-state private sales between individuals in some states is legal without “expanded checks”, how is that making a difference? Rehashed talking points. The real goal is ownership so restricted as to be rendered useless.

      • Robert,
        My point above was: “so too will more and more restrictions be placed on where Americans can bring their firearms after shootings in Walmarts across the country”…
        It looks like the consumer market is responding quickly in that direction since politicans are silenced by industry lobbyists.
        “Kroger followed Walmart in asking customers not to display their firearms in stores located in “open carry” states, becoming the latest big chain to reshape its business around gun reform amid a spate of mass shootings.”
        I was just listing a fact regarding the data on semi automatic pistols and mass shootings in America…
        It was relevant in many of the “going postal” incidents that I linked to above and it is relevant today in many of the Walmart shootings.
        No coincidence that is why businesses like Walmart are ceasing to carry them anymore.

  6. This just means more business for the Big 3 sporting goods stores, as well as local firearms and sports stores. Walmart has never been a place I bought my firearms, anyway. Or my ammo. In 2017 there were over 17,000 prescription opioid deaths in the US. Is Walmart going to stop selling those too? Of course not. This is just another case of selective outrage over an inanimate object.

  7. I will continue to shop at Walmart for certain items, like synthetic oil for my Subaru and other good deals for my garden. Actually I never found their Sporting Goods dept. that enticing. Boycotts against big box stores in general is stupid.
    Point is if you are a real Second Amendment advocate like me, you will remember to always support the local small fry gun stores. Stores like Boondocks in Eagle River, Great Northern Guns in Anchorage, Orion’s in Sitka, Big Ray’s in Kodiak, Anvil’s Gun Cache in Bethel, Juneau Mercantile, Northern Security Supply in Anchorage and a host of FFL’s in between. The real backbone of freedom is you and your choice of supporting like-minded individuals. So get your panties out of a bunch and go hang out at your local gun store! You at least will find a knowledgeable sales staff and might learn something new.

    • Downside for Alaskans is that Walmart is capable of bringing things to the state at a lower shipping cost than smaller store chains. Used to be Pay’n’Save and Longs Drugs were go-to places for the cheapest ammo and even reloading supplies (which my parents didn’t have to buy for me unlike 22lr ammo which was considered “handgun” and had to be logged in a book before the Reagan-era reform of the ’68 GCA).

      Anymore, for me the best option is to stock up on 22lr and shotgun shells then reload everything else (just because I don’t do shotgun reloading…not saying it’s not for some)

  8. The current expansive interpretation of the Second Amendment is a historical fraud foisted upon us by the NRA and like-minded people, and it will eventually be reversed by a more enlightened Supreme Court. The public’s attitude towards guns is changing much in the way that attitudes towards towards smoking have changed in recent decades.

    As young people who have grown up with Sandy Hook, MSD, Columbine, and too many other mass shootings come into power, we will see common sense and restrictive gun regulations put into effect, like those adopted in New Zealand in just several weeks’ time after their recent slaughter-fest.

    The NRA is increasingly on the ropes as their leadership is exposed as a bunch of high-living freeloaders, and their finances are in disarray as members flee due to their internal malfeasance and extreme philosophies.

    The clock is ticking on loose gun regulations in the USA, and the days of the Wild West are numbered.

    Read this fine article by Justice John Paul Stevens:

  9. The endgame is disarmament of ALL law abiding American citizens. It starts with big retailers refusing to sell guns and ammo. Next woke politicians and lawyers will exert so much pressure and lawsuits on the small independent gun dealers that they eventually go away. After that when folks have nowhere to buy firearms and ammunition, the number of gun owners declines. A complicit media and educational establishment vilify the notion of personal self defense and the need for the Second Amendment. Eventually a gutless congress puts a Constitutional Amendment on the ballet, which passes, and voila…no more Second Amendment. After that you can expect to see all other rights guaranteed under the Constitution erode as an even larger more centralized government emerges. Lastly the notion of God given rights is replaced by man granted rights (because all those enlightened folks know there is no God). Think it can’t happen? Read your history books.

    • Sir, you’re a little too paranoid. No, taking away all guns is not the endgame – it’s regulating them in a sensible way, just as we do with automobiles, explosives, and other dangerous but useful items.

      And what is it about guns that makes them so precious to people? Most zealotic gun owners will claim that it’s the ability to protect themselves and their families. But that’s not really it. The real driver is that gun possession makes them feel powerful, cool, and if completes a false mental image they have of themselves.

      The clock is ticking on loose gun regulations in the USA, the days of the Wild West are numbered, and the hegemony of the NRA is at long last fading away. That day can’t come soon enough.

  10. What a joke, spoken like a true socialist. The end game is completed control, you clearly have learned nothing from Nazi Germany and there Holocaust, how the first step is always disarming and then the second amendment. Just read your history.

    • Sir, why is it that you need your guns so badly?

      I’ve lived places where they were not allowed, and guess what – life was just fine – and there was almost zero gun crime and no mass murder. All upside, zero downside.

      You have been sold an irrational philosophy by the NRA, and they are feeding on your fears.

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