WalletHub: Where does Alaska rank in job resignations?


WalletHub ranks Alaska as first in the nation for how frequently people leave their places of employment. For April, 3.90% of Alaska workers resigned. The average resignation from Alaska jobs over the past 12 months was 4.15%.

Florida comes in at second place, and Arizona at third, on an annual basis.

New York State had the lowest number of job resignations last year, at 1.95%.

Alaska has one of the most transient workforces in the nation, with an emphasis on seasonal jobs such as construction and fishing, which boosts the number of resignations up, perhaps somewhat artificially. It also has a high number of government jobs, where the workforce is especially stable.

The top ten:

To view the full report and other state rankings, click on this link.


  1. Count me among that list having left working for a miserable SOB at an ANC for far greener pastures.

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