Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ put on hold due to controversy



President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security “Disinformation Governance Board” has been put on hold after quickly falling into controversy, according to media reports. Critics have dubbed it the “Ministry of Truth,” and described it as Orwellian and communist.

The Washington Post on Wednesday reported a pause for the board, which DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas announced at a Congressional hearing last month. 

Mayorkas told lawmakers the board would use federal law enforcement power to address disinformation. He gave the examples of bad information given to migrants as well as Russian disinformation.

“The goal is to bring the resources of (DHS) together to address this threat,” he said before Congress in April.

Soon after, videos emerged online showing the woman tapped to lead the board, Nina Jankowicz, making a series of controversial comments. News outlets reported her resignation Wednesday.

Critics also raised concerns about how such a board could be used to silence free speech. Several lawmakers took issue with the board.

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., posted a video on Twitter saying the “Soviet-style censorship agency” is evidence “the Marxist left are coming after your most basic constitutional rights.

“A lot of people don’t know this, but the Department of Homeland Security just set up a new office that’s going to be a speech police,” Rubio said after the board was announced. “They’re basically going to be focused on misinformation … so instead of the Department of Homeland Security focused on stopping drugs from coming into America or securing the border, stopping illegal immigration, they’re not going to be focused on that. They’re focused on policing speech, on making sure that people cannot share information or say things that they decide is misinformation.”


  1. “Freedom and not Servitude is the cure for anarchy”, Edmund Burke once proclaimed. Obviously Biden’s handlers have not read Burke, much less Jefferson. Free Speech is essential to a free society, those that would suppress Freedom of Speech, or who would take it upon themselves to censor other peoples speech most assuredly have a very dark agenda.

  2. Liberals can never openly debate because they’ll always lose. Just call all opposing opinions “misinformation” and block it out. Yup, this is how it’s done.

  3. Nice to see that smarmy elitist smirk wiped off her face–but, there will be another way less visible they come up with to accomplish their neo-marxist goals. And this time, not make the mistake of heading it with someone so obviously repulsive…

  4. Actually its too bad she couldn’t have remained on the job a couple more days. She could have jumped on the White House’s tweet claiming that there was no Covid vaccine when Biden took office! That would have been pretty darned amusing!

  5. She has been heavily involved in international subterfuge, with disinformation being a currency that she has been and is keen to manipulate. She left a trail like a snail, and it was all beginning to be exposed, with much of it never intended to see the light of day. She had to go. That, and the administration could, and will/did, find someone that would make her look like a pretender.

  6. This is not over. They’re just going to rename this bureau of misinformation and hope the news cycle won’t notice. I bet they even keep her on as admin.

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