Supreme Court intervenes: Puts hold on judge’s activist decision on district maps for Eagle River, Girdwood


The Alaska Supreme Court has stayed the Superior Court order by Judge Thomas Matthews that directed the Alaska Redistricting Board to adopt Map 2 for Senate pairings for East Anchorage, Eagle River, and Girdwood. Judge Matthews earlier this week ordered the board to adopt the map, after he said he did not like the second map the board drew for Senate districts in East and South Anchorage. Matthews had ordered the Democrats’ preferred map be used for the 2022 election cycle, rather than the one the redistricting board had decided on.

The Alaska Redistricting Board has petitioned the Supreme Court for review of the Superior Court decision. The Supreme Court is reviewing petitions over the next few days. A date for oral arguments, if any, has not been set.Ā 

The litigation page at the Alaska Redistricting Board’s website has been updated with the Board’s Petition to Review filed with the Alaska Supreme Court last night. More about the ongoing litigation over the Anchorage Senate districts can be found at the Alaska Redistricting Board’s homepage.

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  1. I have every confidence that the Supreme Court will rubber stamp any district proposal that the Democratic Party endorses. I would be shocked to see a neutral finding.

    • Neutral finding? How can any court be neutral when all they have before themselves are extremely partisan proposals to consider? How can you blame them when political culture starts with YOU.

      Alaskan voters need to be smarter, the neutrality of government is on their heads and nobody elses.

  2. I think the Supreme Court will overturn this politically activist judge. Lower Court judges are trying to find their stride and they often make the wrong legal decisions. The upper court needs to step in and support the Redistricting Board’s decision. The Board, under the tutelage of John Binkley, did a stupendous job working the redistricted boundaries. They are the experts, not some no name judge who is trying to assist his political brothers.

  3. They grow more bold each day in their display of activision on behalf of the democrats….

  4. Since when is “I don’t like it” a legal basis to overrule anything? Gotta love the Judges we get in Alaska. šŸ˜

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