Walker campaign ad rips off now-famous eye-roll ad



Gov.  Bill Walker unveiled his campaign video on Sunday, and it is eerily similar to the video that went viral in 2016 for Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty, featuring Daugherty blabbing endlessly about solving problems for the very populous county in Texas, where the county seat is the state capital, Austin. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think that the Walker videos is the sincerest form of flattery: Imitation.

Walker’s campaign manager John-Henry Heckendorn may have thought no one would notice, but the Daugherty ad is a modern day campaign classic, seen by nearly four million YouTube viewers.

Here is the original Travis County Commissioner ad, with Daugherty’s wife begging voters to re-elect her husband, lest she languish away listening to him discuss infrastructure solutions:

In the Fathers Day Walker ad, the same wifely eye-roll comes courtesy of First Lady Donna Walker and Second Lady Toni Mallott, who display the patience of Job as they listen to Bill Walker and Byron Mallott destroy a perfectly good game night by explaining the intricacies of a Alaska natural gas pipeline and Mat-Su carrot carbohydrates. The wives seem passive and long-suffering. His daughter, Lindsay Walker-Hobson, who doubles as his campaign spokesperson, even falls asleep for a moment.

Watch the Walker ad here:


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  1. Walker if fixated on carrots! He told the Alaska Legislature carrots would replace oil, and Legislators were incredulous – didn’t know if they were supposed to laugh, or be shocked and worried. Now he puts Alaska carrot production in this ad. The guy is nuts. By the way, the SNAP card – food stamps – in Alaska is 17 times larger than all Alaska agricultural output combined!

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