Vivek Ramaswamy drops, endorses Trump


After a fourth-place finish in the Iowa Caucus, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy dropped from the race on Monday night. The entrepreneur-turned-politician had pulled in just 7.7% of the 110,298 Republicans participating in the nominating exercise, the first in the nation for the 2024 presidential election. Donald Trump currently has over 51% of the vote (over 56,000 caucus votes), followed by Ron DeSantis, 21%, and Nikki Haley, 19%.

Trump gets awarded 20 delegates for the Republican National Convention in August, when the party’s delegates vote on the party’s nominee. DeSantis gets 9, and Haley gets 8.

Ramaswamy immediately endorsed Trump after declaring that there was “no path for me to be the next president.” That means his three delegates will go to Trump, giving Trump 23 delegates from Iowa.

Ramaswamy, who largely self-funded his campaign that he first announced on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News channel show nearly one year ago, said he will continue his political activism promised he was “not going anywhere.”

The next state to hold a nominating process is New Hampshire on Jan. 23. That state holds a state-run primary, and is the first in the nation to have a primary. With Trump’s 30-point lead out of Iowa, he holds a significant lead in polling nationwide, in spite of the 91 felony counts being waged against him by the Department of Justice and the attorney general of New York.


  1. The most disappointing news from the Iowa Caucus is the slim margin between DeSantis and Haley. It’s like a Clydesdale outrunning a naked mole rat by 2%. Wake up, Iowa!

  2. Show of hands, anyone who’s surprised.

    He ran as Trumps stalking horse, with the goal of getting himself a place in Trumps cabinet.

    • I’m inclined to agree, though I doubt there was some kind of formal or even informal agreement.

      Hard to know what to make of him. Admittedly, he was quite good at dealing with a hostile press. And they were quite hostile once they figured out he was more MAGA than RINO. The skin color and Indian name no doubt threw them off at first….right before they dumped him into the ‘non-White White supremacist’ category they created just for these tough cases after the Treyvon Martin/George Zimmerman event.

      Vivek certainly took no prisoners with Haley, a debate stage kill shot worthy of Mommy Tulsi. Maybe not quite “Because you’d be in jail.” caliber ….. but its not every day you get to watch Trump destroy a political dynasty in five words on live television.

  3. Aaa Hutchinson is also out. Truth is, he was never in.

    Rich people stroking egos needing an attention fix.

    • Next time known by the nickname Vic and maybe drop the Ramalamadingdong.

      Marketing might be a predatory practice but it’s also important.

  4. Well he sure got over Trump’s characterization of him as “deceitful” in the preceding days rather quickly. Kinda like Trump insulting Ted Cruz’s wife, but then Ted Cruz rapidly kneeling before Zod as quickly as he could.

    I’ll give it to Trump. He has an astounding ability to elicit fealty from from those he ridicules and insults – or maybe he just attracts zealous sycophants. Whatever the answer, it’s disgusting and sad. But that’s the Republican future I suppose.

    • Its called competition, genius. Most straight males learn playing sports at an early age.
      You play hard, you beat them – then shake afterwards.
      Only seething weirdos and ghetto blacks hold grudges after losing in a fair competition.

      Honestly, you don’t sound like the sort of person whose had a normal upbringing though.
      I’m sure mommy dressed you up real pretty when the other boys were learning about life.

      • Oh I’m all about a fair competition – and honorable competition. But the petty name calling Trump engages in is beneath the office of the President. He’s just a bully – he’s a coward at heart.

        You’re casting quite a few judgements about me, neat. You seem to suffer from the same pettiness that Trump does.

        • Bill, I agree with you regarding T’s destructive trash talk. At worst it sounds like a deranged ego maniac and some are tired of making excuses for him.
          However when you consider the lawfare brought against him and his refusal to go down… well that is commendable.

    • You need to realize where Trump came from. The mean streets of NYC commercial real estate…dog eat dog, swim with the sharks. Like a prize fighter, trash talks his opponents and fights hard. When it’s all done, they bang gloves and show mutual respect. That simple.

    • It is Trump’s commitment to the republic, US Constitution and liberties guaranteed by the republic form of government that are the compelling features of President Trump unlike others running for US President who want to do the bidding of all foreign monarchs or communists in lieu of defending and securing our God-given rights. Has zero to do with race or racial fears.

  5. And again, I made a comment in this thread, not uncivil or confrontational towards anyone (but disparaging Nikki Haley), that has not been posted, even though I can see multiple other comments that were made later than mine that have been posted.

    What gives?

  6. I love watching Vivek, the Lefties have no answer for him. They try to pull their programmed nonsense on him and they get roasted. He’s an intelligent man of color which causes even more fits, they can’t default to their much loved racist claim.

  7. As president, Trump should put Vivek in charge of cutting the bureaucracy by at least 30%, starting with eliminating departments, overturning executive orders, canceling regulations (especially those published in the past 3 years), and then going after the trillions of dollars handed out by grant programs embedded throughout the government.

    Vivek has frequently targeted the government bureaucrats and has pointed out they CAN be fired – once you eliminate their positions.

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