Veterans Administration sued by transgender veterans for cutting them out of mutilation surgery they demand

Natalie Kastner - from Facebook

Natalie Kastner, an Army veteran who served at Fort Drum, N.Y.. for two years, got into his bathtub and took scissors to his own right testicle in 2022. Without any medical training or anesthesia, he tried to perform his own transgender surgery, since the Veterans Administration doctors wouldn’t do it for him, due to current regulations. He ended up in the hospital after severing an artery and nearly bleeding to death.

Kastner is one of the plaintiffs in a new lawsuit demanding that the VA start performing transgender surgeries on those who want them, and without further delay.

The Transgender American Veterans Association filed the federal lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs last week to force the VA to provide genital castration surgery and the lifelong medical care associated with the procedures and hormone dousing that goes along with transgenderism.

The group says there are about 163,000 living transgender veterans. Some are getting limited transgender care, such as hormone therapy, at VA facilities.

The VA says that 10,000 transgender Veterans are receiving transition-related care in the VA healthcare system. This figure is an underestimate given that not all transgender Veterans meet criteria for a formal diagnosis of gender dysphoria and also many choose not to disclose their gender identity to providers, the VA says.

The group said it has been two years since Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough promised to make this transgender surgery available, but the VA has failed to follow through.

“The VA’s delay endangers the health and well-being of many of the nation’s 163,000 transgender veterans. It also violates the VA’s legal obligations,” the organization wrote.

As soon as President Joe Biden took over in 2021, he repealed the military’s ban on transgender surgery at the VA.

“Transgender veterans have waited far too long for the VA to provide the gender-affirming surgery so many of us need to survive. We hope that this lawsuit will force Secretary McDonough to follow through on what he has been promising us since 2021. We’re tired of empty promises; we need care,” said Rebekka Eshler, president of TAVA.

TAVA warned in November that if the VA didn’t make a decision on an earlier petition by the group, TAVA would file a lawsuit.

“The VA responded with a letter that recycled the same language it has been using since 2021, affirming its plan to provide gender-confirmation surgery someday — but declining to decide the petition,” the organization said.

“VA’s failure to provide gender-confirmation surgery has been more dangerous for me than my time in the service,” said Kastner, a TAVA member who has not received the surgery through the VA.

“Without VA coverage for this surgery, I was financially out of options. I tried to perform my own gender-affirming surgery at home, without any medical training. Were it not for emergency room care, I would have lost my life. I was told that the VA would take care of me because I was willing to risk my life for this country. Instead, I was safer in the service than I am now,”  Kastner said.

In June 2021 the secretary of the VA announced a rule-change process was being initiated to expand current health care benefits to include such surgical procedures.

“The rule change process will take time and includes a period of public comment. Until the final rule is published, VHA will continue to provide all other transition-related care including but not limited to hormones, gender affirming counseling, prosthetics, vocal coaching, and infertility treatment,” the VA says on its website.

The current guidance, as amended in 2023, gives the Veterans Health Administration new direction on treating transgender, intersex, pansexual, and other varieties of alternative gender identity. It notes the VA does not provide transgender surgery due to current VA regulations and does not provide plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes only.


  1. Article had the right pronouns. His and he are correct. He was born with male chromosomes and no surgery can change that to female chromosomes. Obey the science and physiology truths!

  2. All enrolled Veterans receive the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA’s) comprehensive Medical Benefits Package which includes preventive, primary and specialty care, diagnostic, inpatient and outpatient care services. Veterans may receive additional benefits, such as dental care depending on their unique qualifications.

    Nothing in these VA medical benefits state that the Department of Veterans Affairs must provide non-service related surgery. The purpose of this elective surgery is to make you look like a woman if you were assigned male gender at birth or to make you look like a man if you were assigned a female gender at birth (aka “gender affirming surgery”). Go find a woke insurance company under “Obamacare” and pay for the premiums/co-pays for the company that provide such elective surgery. ‘

  3. See why the State had no business paying for Abortions just like Co-Ed sports had no business existing. They each paved the way for men playing in women sports and government paying for transgender shots and surgeries.

    Country is too reliant upon government doing everything for people now the same people demand what privileges they think is a fight be owed them.

  4. Mental health issues not caused by service are not a legitimate issue for the VA.

    But give him credit for one thing. He’s far more “committed” than most men pretending to be women

  5. The people I feel bad for here are his parents. Unless they brutalized him as a child, they must be devastated by how sick he’s become.

    A “compassionate” society doesn’t coddle mental illnesses. It treats it.

    • You mean you don’t want “Lola” to smile, take you by the hand, and make you a man?
      Come on, man! That’s discriminatory!

  6. Reading of some of the ridiculous things in today’s society, it just makes me shake my head in total disbelief.

    • Look, Ben, nuts is nuts: it’s as simple as that! But you have to hand it to the “gal,” nuts or not, for having the “balls” to snip off the right one–discerning it from the wrong! That’s “shear” lunacy, is it not? However, can you imagine what “she” could have done with a cleaver: “WACK!” Everything could have been “culled” with a single chop–meat ‘n’ all! Snip, snip, snip ain’t the “manly” way, but then again he’s a she!

  7. So sounds like the VA is between a rock and a hard place. If they don’t do surgery, they are sued, if they do surgery and the “patient” decides later that “he” isn’t a “she” afterall VA gets sued because they performed an unneeded surgery and “he” wants it reversed or be “given” millions of dollars to keep “him” in the manner to which “he” has become accustomed. Either way VA (we) lose.

    • I worked with a veteran who went through the “affirming” care ended up “detransitioning” after a divorce. Another ended up scattering his brains onto the ceiling ballistically after all the “help”

  8. The tyranny alphabet military we now have is the one the war pigs and chicken hawks want to start ww3 with. Think about that when they saber rattle and cry for war.

  9. It’s already difficult to navigate the VA system to receive life saving medical care. These mentally ill people are being supported by people who wish to destroy and discredit this health care system and veterans in general. The money already spent on the case would easily be enough to surgically transform it into anything desired

  10. Unfortunately, the USA does not have enough Proud Boys to meet our military recruitment needs. The Conservative cultural wars further limits recruitment of Americans wanting to serve. To have success in the battlefield requires gender equity.

    • What a meaningless word salad that is based on media misinformation.
      Why is recruitment down? Because the current military leadership is more interested in DEI and pronouns than in building an effective fighting force. No “proud boy” wants to sign up, go through basic, and serve anywhere in the world at the whim of idiots who think misgendering someone is violence.
      Lots of Americans want to serve. They just don’t want to serve under Secretary Austin and General Milley.

    • Have you ever been in a fight, “ Frank”? Or ever left the western world? In the pantheon of stupid “ Frank” comments, you just rearranged the top 5 with this babble.

      To have success in the battlefield requires better training, better technology, better motivation, leadership, and a whole mess of things n which “gender equity” is immaterial.

      The culture war is waged from your side. It’s Biden and co who caused recruitment to fall off a cliff. Most young people are too woke and lazy to serve, and the ones who aren’t are unwilling to die for a woke administration.

      And best of all, the topic is a mentally ill man who tried self mutilation and nearly Darwined himself. Because he wanted to be a girl. “ Gender equity” isn’t on any agenda but yours.

      Focus “ Frank”. Try to focus.

    • @Frank Rast
      It is YOUR side which is waging the gender/culture wars on our society.
      There is no Conservative culture war, nor are Conservatives limiting the armed services recruitment needs.
      Your side is using the armed services as a welfare system, believing that enlisting entitles recruits to free everything, including mutilation surgeries.
      Having me pay for your whacking various body parts off of yourself, had absolutely nothing to do with protecting our country’s borders and homeland.

    • I believe that this person’s (supposed) choice of gender is irrelevant in any case.
      Can you imagine anyone, man or woman, wanting to have sex with THAT?
      I can’t!

      (The same with Felix Rivera.)

  11. This is not about gender affirming care.
    It is about power.
    The transgender mob is all about power, about pushing others around. No other issue (with the possible exception of islam) has more effectively weaponized offense as a tool. “Oh, you used the wrong pronoun, I am offended, and I will get you fired.” is just one example.
    This is another. they would rather see the VA destroyed than let go of the power transgenderism has provided them to bully people around.

  12. As many commenters have mentioned already, it is hard enough to get service connected issues addressed. Heck, we do not even have a VA hospital here in Alaska. Closet real VA medical center is Seattle.

    The VA does not have the budget for ANY elective surgeries. Unfunded mandates from fringe groups/person are damaging to the overall services available to those in need of life saving and life improving surgeries.
    Like knee and hip replacements many of us badly need to keep being productive members of this community.

    To be care, it is an elective surgery!!! Just say NO to this stupidity.
    Those of us in the majority group MUST stop letting these fringe groups control the narrative on topics relevant to our health, safety or country.

      • It is a VA CLINIC, not a Hospital..THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.. That is why we have access to a “Community Care” provision up here..

        On another note, My next door neighbor(5-6 yrs ago) was in transition and all the medications he was taking eventually gave him an extremely massive heart attack/stroke and they had to fly him down to Seattle.. Eventually he did survive but I am definitely sure SINCE he had this “life changing” experience that he decided to remain who God made him to be(male).

      • WRONG…..That is a VA CLINIC.
        There is NO Emergency Room.
        No ICU….No major services.
        Hence we are forced to use Prov, Regional and Native MC.

  13. Five bucks says Joe Biden knows what johnson tastes like. Apparently he’s enough of a fan that he thinks you should pay to support those that enjoy the aberrant slurp.

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