Peltola’s first bill in Congress: Get more veterans on food stamps


Congresswoman Mary Peltola, sworn in to serve out the late Congressman Don Young’s remaining weeks of office, has submitted her first bill: House Resolution 8888, legislation that creates an Office of Food Security in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The purpose of the office is to better assist veterans in getting information about government benefits. The office would be staffed by a career government worker as the director. One of the main purposes of the office would be to collaborate, train and otherwise assist other agencies on how to get veterans signed up for SNAP benefits and WIC benefits.

“To develop and provide training, including training … for social workers, dietitians, chaplains, and other clinicians on how to assist veterans with enrollment in Federal nutrition assistance programs, including the supplemental nutrition assistance program and the special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children established by section 17 of the Child Nutrition Act of 1966,” the bill states.

With grocery prices up 13.5% over the past 12 months, many Americans are struggling to make ends meet. The solution for members of the military, according to the U.S. Army, is to apply for food stamps, or SNAP.

HR 8888 would also require the department to develop annual reports, and track food insecurity among veterans via racial characteristics, as well as gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

At this point in the bill’s history, it has passed out of the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs at lightning speed; the fiscal cost to taxpayers is not yet determined.

The bill can be found here:


  1. As a Marine Corps veteran I find this disgusting. Their party created the inflation problem with their policies. The military sacrifices everything
    for the country and should never have to look for assistance to feed their families. I will vote RED in November.

      • That’s funny. I remember it was the leftists throwing human fecal matter at the GIs when they got off the plane from Vietnam, and it was a Democrat that got us into that war, another democrat lied to keep it going, and it was a Republican that brought our troops home. It was also the current admin that let 13 Marines die for no reason in Afghanistan in a hapless retreat.

        The lefts record on treating Veterans with decency and dignity, isn’t a very good one, whether it’s in peacetime or war.

      • Jim Sweeney,

        I really think you need to look more into the Democratic party. Republicans take more care of the vets then the Democrats!. Its funny that no one here in Alaska helps out in mental health but they are giving out food stamps, phones to homeless people.

    • Andrew-red consistently votes down this benefit. Over and Over and Over.

      Yep, that’s the way red supports our military, war ready young families. Voting down food.

      • Nothing in life is ‘free’, it is either earned or stolen from others, whether at the end of a weapon or through taxation. Some (very few republicans) deal with this by promoting opportunity to earn and keep the fruits of one’s labors, while others (the overwhelming majority of economically illiterate democrats) freely throw unearned ‘benefits’ trying to buy votes.

        How about our veterans should have opportunity to freely earn their keep in a free and fair economy rather than rely upon the largess of the party buying itself into prolonged power? Today the typical household spends more on taxes than day to day necessities. As a disabled veteran suffering in this economy I abhor this bill.

    • Fostering and forcing dependency is key to the totalitarian, freedom-destroying agenda of the radical leftist statists. They know that once individuals are forced into the serfdom of dependency on government handouts, they will rarely if ever bite the hand that feeds them.

  2. Next bill to make any one earning 100,000 or greater eligible for snap. They are hurting too, you can see it by their love handles pinch pinch. Hahahaha. Its democratic expand eligibilty even to petola’s elite crowd

  3. This is totally against what these men and women are told when they are signing up.
    You will be taken care of if you are injured for the rest of your life.
    A Veteran. One that deserves an easy life after the hell they went thru FOR US.
    Now this insane leftist bunch wants to put them on food stamps instead of taking care of them??
    They are not welfare rats. They are our service people who served in a war. Never before has a “regime” done this.
    It is highly disgusting to see this is even being toyed with.
    Being on Food Stamps means you are on WELFARE.
    Our Veterans deserve better!!

    • “ You will be taken care of if you are injured for the rest of your life.”

      Do they really tell everyone this? When? Before they sign up?

      This is a serious question. Thanks

      • Military recruiters are just like any other salesmen. You’d better do your homework before you go in and sign anything or even give up your identity.

  4. Veterans seeking post-military employment, don’t need food stamps in order to make ends meet. We need appropriate jobs.


    As a retired U.S. Army officer and service-disabled veteran, I find this topic very concerning. The solution to a veteran having inadequate financial resources in Alaska can best be remedied by that veteran securing meaningful, reasonable, and adequate employment. The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development is a major problem in this regard. When veterans go to Anchorage Job Centers (and probably statewide ones) with the plan to use their “federal time” to apply for jobs with federal agencies, the veteran cannot find help from state workers there. One “veterans employment representative” at the Midtown Job Center, whom I asked for assistance, told me he has no training with the federal USAJOBS application process and referred me to Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson for help. Another worker there told me that Job Centers work with people on resumes for jobs at local companies, like Bailey’s Home Furnishings (she said), but not resumes leading to higher paying and much better federal employment. Incidentally, there are many federal job vacancies at JBER and in Anchorage.


    Veterans who disclose their veteran status when they sign in at Job Centers bring in extra revenue for the Department of Labor even when veterans are unable to access appropriate job assistance there. Neither Governor Dunleavy (with whom I discussed this in person at a fundraiser) or his labor commissioner (with whom I attempted to discuss this in a recent email) seem concerned about this problem.


    Veterans, who want jobs, don’t need food stamps in order to make ends meet. We need appropriate employment that matches our knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences and that provide adequate remuneration.

    • There ARE a host of military families not getting enough to eat.

      Maybe you didn’trealize this article is about funding or not that aid, not your add on here.

      • While the article noted ‘members of the military,’ the bill does not appear to explicitly differentiate between active or inactive members. Barbara raised a good point: Jobs are key to improving people’s lives. There are programs available for Vets to move forward; outreach efforts to improve awareness would help. For instance, the USDA has a program to help Vets get into farming: ‘

        • Military families are starving. They willnot be a person for the job if you don’t feed them. 1.1 million military families PJ.

          Jobs are a different article.

          Why the heck does this government need to provide you another job outside the military? Quite gaming military services for benefits. But feed them when they are in the military.

          • For those in active service, increase their pay.
            For those that have been discharged, help them move forward and raise awareness of programs already established.

  5. I’m a conservative Republican, but this sounds like a good bill. Veterans never get enough support and the federal government makes it too difficult to access help. I hate most Democrats but I have to say that I like Mary.

  6. “The purpose of the office is to better assist veterans in getting information about government benefits. ” What’s wrong with that?

    • “…….What’s wrong with that?”
      Getting people on increased dependency entitlements instead of addressing the problems that create the dependency (inflation and supply problems).
      This isn’t the first time military personnel qualified for food stamps. Everything military was in deep depression during the Carter years, including morale. Reagan fixed it in a single term, and he didn’t do it by issuing food stamps.

  7. Well how about looking at what those in Congress get in benefits. Veterans should get the same benefits. And a BONUS. After all, they went out in the field, while you stayed at the office.

  8. Come on, people. You know what she means …..
    Get more ‘Native’ veterans on food stamps. Peltola is a big government buffoon, who wants more government running people’s lives.
    Are there any questions?

    • Any chance you can prove Mary is in this primarily for the benefit of Natives?

      If you’re gonna imply racism, put it out there.

    • I suppose you don’t understand that hunger is a HUGE problem for especially young military families. And that Republican administrations have historically voted against these benefits, while advertising a mindset that it is basically moochers who get food stamps.

      1.1 million military families in 2019 got this service. A lot of moochers there it appears, or so say Republicans.

      • Not too sympathetic after they fill their grocery carts with Budweiser and Schlitz and then use the spare change on chips, gumdrops, and marijuana. Ders a hole lotta diabeetis goin on out der. Not to mention alcoholism and drug addiction. Right?

      • Maureen, you have the wrong mindset here. If we stop electing corrupt government officials who fill their pockets by catering to corporate America, we can end their stupid policies that create this economic nightmare we find ourselves in. There doesn’t need to be hungry families in the military if our government would stop the wasteful spending, heavy taxation and over burdening regulatory policies that are making it impossible for military families to pay their bills due to inflation and a Federal Reserve that is manipulating the financial sector to hurt the middle class and those living paycheck to paycheck. We need a bottom up complete reform of our financial system as well as our tax system. A 10% flat tax or national sales tax is all we need and the income tax can go away. It is time for the Federal Reserve to be abolished and place the monetary system back under the Gold Standard with the Treasury Department running the show.

        • Not with you on the Michael.

          Regulation keeps us safe.

          On the other hand if you wanna dosomething about the foreign owners of our ports systems in the US, actual US borders overseen by foreign corporations. I’ll get on that with you.

    • Wow. That’s completely racist. There are veterans from every ethnicity in our state. She’s representing all Alaskans. She’s made that very clear.

      • James, you live in a bubble. Peltola represent Natives first. You are too cowardly to admit it. Democrats try to shame Conservatives and Republicans with the ‘racist’ cat call. It doesn’t work that way anymore. The REAL racists are the vocal minority of discontents, and their partners of malcontent. Biden and Pelosi are both going down in due course because the majority in this country has had enough of the left’s BS.

      • Just because she says it, doesn’t mean it’s true. She’s a dem in the Bernie Sanders fabric. Only out for herself and she’ll whisper sweet nothings into your ear. Sad thing is, of course you’ll believe it.

  9. Nothing to boost the economy, education, learning trades, or anything to really help veterans. Just keep them drugged and dependent. This is all by design. Now Peltola will pat herself on the back for all the “work” she’s done, just like Murkowski.

      • The thing is, we shouldn’t be in this predicament. Biden and the handlers have decimated our economy is just two short years. Now its all handouts and social programs. Why get out and work when you can lay on the couch all day.

  10. I’m an army vet, served in the 60’s. My SS and service related VA disability comes to around $1,500 per month. That entitles me to no more than $18 SNAP. i haven’t applied because of all the red tape, and federal budget cutbacks have limited how much money is actually available for the SNAP program.
    I manage to live decently on that little because I don’t have any vices that cost money, and I live in a rooming house with shared bathrooms and kitchen.
    The PFD and modest Native dividends pull my budget out of the hole every year. Otherwise I would be living in my car.

  11. A lot of vets are struggling and/or homeless. Some food stamps will help them. 40 years ago I used food stamps. Got food from the bank and ate food from the dump. I wasn’t too proud then or now if need be.

  12. No. Instead of making them go through all the red tape and humiliation of seeking welfare benefits, give them a raise. While you’re at it, give them the safety gear and the appropriate training. Vets are a valuable resource to our country and should be treated be as such.

  13. It should NOT be food stamps. Food stamps are a ridiculous “solution” to this problem and it is the Democrats who constantly underfund the military and screw around with it as a social petri dish. There will be far fewer recruits, and therefore fewer vets in the future, because they are underpaid and under appreciated. That is how the left wants. It has always demonstrated its hatred for the military.

  14. And right out of the shoot the new anointed liberal did what liberals do: try to get more people sucking the teet. Nice try. It’s hard enough to get veterans signed up for disability and now they want them to go through the nightmare of paperwork to get $26/month from the State that will barely buy a bologna sandwich? I find this bill insulting to all veterans.

  15. A new governmental agency to manage other governmental agencies. The creation of another political pay off position correctly titled career bureaucrat. Clearly a easy win for the RCV winner. Oh how nice.

  16. Joined the USAF in 1983…witnessed members in “enlisted pay grades E1-E5 living in “public housing” and using food stamps. Heard the stories from Vietnam era members talking about using food stamps and struggling to make ends meet until Ronald Regan backed a 25% pay raise for the active duty. Same old story in a different era. Maybe the next Republican President will repeat Ronald Regan’s support of the military….one can only hope.

  17. Alaskans didn’t vote for a socialist anymore than they voted for RCV. Elections have consequences and stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. over 60% of Alaskans voted GOP and a Democrat gets into office. If this State doesn’t petition and vote for a complete comprehensive audit of its elections system and voter rolls, it is doomed! We need to canvass all registered voters and expose the fraud that is taking place or Alaskans will become slaves of their corrupt system.

  18. While it doesn’t create political red meat, the real issue isn’t food stamps. It’s why our military isn’t paid better.

    Posturing aside, neither party really seems to give much of a damn about the people who serve once they (the military) are done serving.

  19. Where is the Subsistence Hunting/Gathering Teams?

    Federal level should mean free hunting/fishing gear and wear/boots.

    Give them a jumpstart. Now!

    Every Native community establish a schedule.

    After a few seasons of the Traditional Ways.

    Pay them to teach the military how to survive.

    Teach them to fish, you feed them for a lifetime.

  20. Congressman Sarah Palin will defend the US Constitution and align herself with like minded defenders of the people’s rights. See Ya, deeceelto…

  21. Nothing says “we support our vets” than keeping them tied to the very government system that grounded their bodies into a fine powder to begin with.

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