State of the State in Alaska: Weather delay


The governor and the Alaska Legislature’s presiding officers agreed to move the State of the State address to Tuesday at 7 pm, after several commissioners and even the First Lady were not able to make it due to weather and airline crews who ran out of shift time.

“Due to weather related flight delays in Juneau, State of the State guests and commissioners will not be able to arrive in time for the address that was scheduled for this evening. Gov. Mike Dunleavy and the presiding officers agreed to move the address to Tuesday, January 30 at 7:00 p.m,” the governor’s office reports.

One flight to Juneau wasn’t able to land due to condition; that was the first of other events, as crews had to clock out, and replacement crews also ran out of time.

Estimates are that as many as 10 commissioners and three legislators were not able to get to Juneau in time for tonight’s awaited address, in addition to First Lady Rose Dunleavy.


  1. We’ve had a hell of a couple weeks here in “ the tropics”. 60” of snow in less than two weeks followed by up to 8” of potential rain this week. Avalanches, boats sinking, roofs collapsing, impassable roads.

    But at least we’re not trying to shut down our dam.

  2. Let’s move the legislature once and for all. It’s a miserable place to get in and out of most of the year. It’s also dangerous. Of course the Seattle airline will lobby against Alaskans over that. It’s a cash cow for them.

  3. Juneau is getting more and more untenable. Of course, a move to Willow does bring up the snow machine availability.

  4. I seem to recall Anchorage getting paralyzed by weather and inefficient government earlier this year. Funny thing, that. Short memories by many here.

    Go ahead, move the capital. I’m all for it. But it won’t make a bit of difference until the rest of the state actually sends better people to the capital.

    • MA, I disagree.
      Do you remember the special session Dunleavy called in Wasilla? Several cowardly legislators decided not to show up, to avoid facing the people, they supposedly represent. Juneau is an artificial environment, an enclave full of lobbyist and special interest and unreachable for most Alaskans. Moving the legislature to the road system, affords more people the opportunity to go and have a chat with their rep. instead of being ignored by email or phone. Besides I guarantee if the legislators are stuck in Willow, they will immediately increase the road budget and demand more equipment to clear and maintain, so they can get out of town… win for all!

      • I remember when Dunleavy pissed his pants and surrendered his administration to Cathy Giessel.

        Who is not from Juneau.

        Right there on the road system, the left cuckholded Dunleavy. On the road system, not too far from Anchorage. He was cuckholded by legislators overwhelming NOT from Juneau.

        I’m happy to see the capital move myself. But it’s delusional to think the legislature, who gives less than a damn about what we think, will suddenly do so if on the road system.

        • I was present at the session in Wasilla and the atmosphere was decidedly different than what you see on Gavel-to-Gavel. Legislators stopped to talk to constituents and some got an earful.
          This wasn’t about where legislators were from (remember we had a session in Anchorage once under Walker if memory serves and no one complained). I believe that Cathy Giessel was solely interested in showing Dunleavy that she was “boss”. Not having to deal with voters or having fellow legislators swayed by the people present was a definite side benefit calculation in her mind.
          The Wasilla stunt wasn’t about where to meet or where you were from in the state, it was all about power! (I wish Dunleavy would have dragged them all to Wasilla, but alas he did not)
          So moving the legislature to the road system, think of it as your kids playing in the living room, where you can pop in anytime you want, instead of doing things in their “secret” tree house, out of your view and reach instead

    • MA, Moving the Capitol to the Commie infested Anchorage area would be a disaster for Alaska. Old Bob Atwood the prime Capitol Mover of yesteryear even recognized this fact. In my thinking there is only one place for a Capitol, Bulchitna! Located in a lovely setting but most importantly, supremely named! Let’s enshrine the hollowed halls of Government in a place named for what Government really is.

      • I want it moved to Attu. Put them in Quonset huts with 90 days of food and fuel.

        Nothing motivates like potential starvation and removal of perks.

        • Nah, same problem as Juneau, no access and if weather is bad, we will have to pay them simply because they can’t leave….
          For many years I have advocated for a rotational system. Leave the capital in Juneau if you must, but have the legislature meet in various locals around the state. There are LIO’s (or school gyms in a pinch) everywhere and with an internet connection you can still broadcast the sessions and communicate with staff. That way more of the state participates and reaps the economic windfall from having the session in town.
          Start in Utqiagvik, the next year Fairbanks, then Bethel, Dillingham, Wasilla or Anchorage, City of Kenai or Soldotna, Homer, Tok and Juneau, rinse and repeat.

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