Update: Girl beaten at Clark Middle School transfers after sensing danger upon return; national attention focuses on violence against girls at school


The middle school student who was viciously attacked by a gang of girls at Clark Middle School, returned to campus on April 11, after ending up in the hospital and then on bedrest for a few days.

With community supporters by her side, she bravely walked through the doors where staff and the principal had ignored the warning signs that led up to the beating earlier this month. After school, she and her mom were picked up by a new community supporters driving a yellow Lamborghini.

But by the end of that first day, Peyton Guthrie said she felt unsafe at Clark. The bullying had started anew in subtle ways, just as it had started before that fateful day when she was targeted while in class and kicked dozens of time by the posse of students who had menaced her leading up to the attack.

So she took up the offer from the principal of her prior school, Hanshew Middle School, and is finishing out the year there.

Natasha Guthrie, her mother, shared with Must Read Alaska that the day back at Clark started well, but that her daughter sensed that she was being subtly menaced. Family and friends are now helping out with transportation to and from Hanshew.

Peyton Guthrie was comparatively lucky. A 16-year-old girl in St. Louis, Missouri was also savagely beaten this spring, and had her head repeatedly banged against concrete, while others stood by cheering, leaving her with severe brain damage. After two months, Kaylee Gains is still in the hospital, although she has started to relearn how to walk. This attack, too, was a minority student attacking a white student — both were girls.

Kaylee Gains was beaten in St. Louis at a school and now has permanent brain damage.

In an Anchorage courtroom this week, the arraignment for two of the three girls accused in the Clark Middle School attack was completed. One alleged attacker is apparently still on the lam, along with her parents, who are being sought by police.

The alleged attackers were all about age 14, and all were girls of Pacific Islander heritage, while their victim was light skinned, someone who had endured racist taunts for being an “albino” at the school, which has a student body made up of 97% minority.

Natasha Guthrie, meanwhile, has set up a Facebook page to help parents of children bullied or beaten in Anchorage schools find each other and work toward creating safer schools by having their voices heard and their stories told. That page is “Take A Stand” at this link.

Guthrie has also appeared and spoken to the Anchorage School Board about the violence at Clark.

Other parents attended the meeting and wanted to speak but were told by School Board President Margo Bellamy that they would not be allowed to address the board because she had not signed up and followed the procedures for giving testimony. Watch Bellamy tell parents they could not testify at this video clip of the meeting:

Bellamy and the liberal school board have instituted “restorative justice” practices in the Anchorage schools, which means no or little punishment for certain students who commit crimes. It’s seen as a way to reduce the number of suspensions and expulsions for behavioral problems.

For victims of crimes in schools, it’s experienced as the school system protecting the perpetrator and forcing the victim to enroll in a different school.


  1. Aggressively enforcing their unconstitutional policies for public meetings but not policies for the safety of students in the classrooms they are responsible for..Got it…Rules for thee but not for me..disgusting


    • God wants you to stop grandstanding in His name. It doesn’t help him and embarrasses you, regardless if you realize it or not.

    • And their award-winning principal needs to be fired. She runs a dysfunctional, dangerous school with an increasingly bad reputation.
      Ain’t diversity great?

      • February. 14 charges related to the murders of two Alaska women between 2017 and 2019. – sd

  3. Not punishing bullies is the main reason parents are home schooling. What is wrong with our administration?

    Also, stop categorizing people into sub races. We are the human race. Categorizing only promotes racism.

  4. It’s so sad how ASD ignores what is happening in their schools. It’s no wonder that ASD can’t retain teachers. They flat out don’t support their teachers and this has caused them not to return to their teaching positions. This is happening nationwide. ASD always blame other reasons. Start getting back to the basics and teaching reading, writing and math. Also history, civics and natural sciences, not made up ones.

  5. Restorative justice? How about jail time? Including hate crimes charges.
    Reverse the races and the left and ADN would be demanding her head, the heads of everyone who blew her off, and potentially bring down members of the school board.

    But this is the “education” you want Anchorage. You keep re electing these dolt.

    Public education is child abuse.

  6. Equally, what the hell else did the idiots surrounding this mess think would happen? That the animals who attacked her on racial grounds would have a Hollywood moment and hug it out with her?

    Especially after all the grandstanding surrounding her return.

    Idiots, every one.

  7. Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, wokeness, critical race theory, DEI…….all of the extreme leftist ideologies protect the minorities and advocates violence against white people. It is part of the curriculum of the primary and secondary school. And the teacher’s unions want more funding to promote more of this violence.
    It has to STOP.

  8. Selective enforcement of the law while bragging about the diversity population of a school. The reason I chose to discontinue high school back in the 1970s. Only now, you are not even allowed to fight back when attacked by large groups of minorities who have no other reason to hate you but your race that you were born with.

  9. Learning self defense would be the best action if this family was committed to stand their ground as they said. Probably be better facing consequences after physically defending yourself and winning than getting mopped across the floor. Grandpas (grandmas too) long ago would say to his grandson (or granddaughter) after a fight, you shouldn’t fight, but who won? His grandson saying I did. The grandson knew how to defend himself when challenged.
    I had to ask my own daughter what would she done in this girl’s place? She said she wouldn’t had stood there. She’d get in position ready to take her attacker on, waiting for her make the first move, before working to take her attacker down. I said good you been listening to me before this incident happens. She says all the elementary age kids she encounters at play areas who say they are tough and they think they play hard she takes them all down and outruns them. Too be honest I wish I could be there when I see the attacking girl taken down by another Girl who can defend herself. Every generation kids should learn how to be tough and defend themselves when attackers or bullies challenge them.

    • Jen, your comment lacks foundation. The reason they call it “bullying” is because the victim is not capable of self-defense. I suppose you believe a patient mistreated in a nursing home should learn to defend herself? Your comment does nothing other than show you have never truly experienced bullying. Moreover, hand-tools have been invented that equalize the game for victimized women.

    • Have you ever actually been in a fight? Not a slap fest, but one where the goal was to injure another person?
      I’m guessing not based upon your posts.

      Yes, in a different world the first time there’s an incident you stand your ground things tend to turn out better.
      But that boat sailed long before this.

  10. The thirteen year old attacker made lots of mistakes during her attack as well as she is weak mentally and physically that means her thinking is reactive and her physical strength isn’t that strong. she could had easily been taken down by another girl who could physically defend herself.

  11. Last May, I stopped to eat before leaving Anchorage, and struck up a conversation with the woman next to me. We had some acquaintances in common, she had once taught in my community. She had been teaching in Anchorage for over 10 years, but the last 3 at Clark. Our conversation was a real eye opener.
    Per the school teacher, there was hardly any black/white conflict they were hunkered down trying to operate under the radar of the Asian wannabe gangsters and the viciousness of the Pacific Islander assaults. She told me it was common for an ambulance to come to the school, the assaults by the Pacific Islander kids were particularly vicious, even to their family members. Vice-principal was charged with discipline, and would not take on any issue. Principal continued to declare discipline was not her job. Not only a lack of support for teachers but a situation so bad that children were in danger from the constant aggression.
    Another educator with no support from administration looking for an exit strategy.

    Anchorage should be demanding the school board develop a plan, make demands on the administration to implement for safety of staff and children. The little gangsters are not going to graduate, they are going to be loose on the streets with absolutely no sense of consequences, packing into gangs with a taste for violence.

    • Melanesians have an over abundance of genes for violence and anti social behavior. This is a proven fact. They have an average IQ of 80. This is a proven fact. They will always be a problem and a danger to a civilized people and society.

  12. Moved up to Alaska with my family the summer of 1976.We lived in the Clark district .My mom read in the paper about a kid at Clark pulling a knife on another kid that previous spring . Needless to say she enrolled me in a different school that fall . I guess things haven’t changed much .

  13. Bellamy/Bryyantt s**t show desperately needs more money.
    Increase the BSA and all problems solved.

  14. “restorative justice” so if you don’t prosucute crimes you get better stats. Right out of the liberal playbook.

  15. The thugs are sociopaths and/or psychopaths, and a menace to all society. They all should be kicked out of the public school system and put into the military program where their behavior will not be tolerated and where they will be taught respect, work ethic and discipline. They and their parents should also be held legally accountable for what they did and if the school district does not press charges then the family of the victim should, if not already. Strong precedent needs to be set so the other gangsta-wannabes will think twice.

  16. If you’re not a”favored minority ” get out of ASD skrewels. The administration is jyst fine with your being beaten ,even to death!!

    • Quiet: you’re not supposed to note Anchorage votes have the power to end this, or formally ratify it.

      18% turnout for a good election and all.

  17. I wonder if the judge, who stopped the State from providing funding to students for home-schooling, ever experienced bullying in a dysfunctional unionized public school?

  18. State and Federal laws were violated by school and district officials. They have aided and assisted those little thugs in denying Peyton Guthrie Her Civil Rights. Once again, please read U.S.C. 18 section 241 and 242. If local authority will not act the State Attorney General must. But the Citizens must demand it. Wayne, you are dismissed as a naysayer and a quitter.

  19. Refusing to do her emolument the only reason she receives a paycheck from the public trust funds. She Hasan oath on file to secure and defend the founding document. she has zero authority to pause some students property right. Any unconstitutional or illegal group activity pausing rights of some students is contracting to the US Constitution and is null and for for effect and can never take effect as a repugnant to the US Constitution document and an illegal group activity and misuse of an emolument. tell on her by written protest asking Senators and Congress to do it’s job and inquire.

  20. Badnamma, did you call your representatives, the State Attorney General, a personal attorney. Do it now, get as many family friends or witnesses to do the same. Silence is violence. The news is not entertainment, it is a call to action. If you will not act, stop reading, it will only depress you.

    • Oh I did plenty of calling. The rabbi and ADL advocated, however, I wanted to know what the Anchorage School District’s DEI Director was doing to fight Jew hatred in schools… The answer was absolutely nothing. I got a call from the ASD grievance officer. I didn’t have a grievance. I wanted to know what this DEI person is getting paid to do to fight antisemitism. It’s been really eye-opening to learn that DEI people don’t think that Jewish people deserve protection or advocacy. DEI needs to get flushed down the toilet bowl of history.

  21. I hope that young lady and her mother bring a lawsuit against the school district and every individual involved. Some of these Anchorage schools have had problems since, at least, the 1980s or earlier and the school district has not resolved the issues.

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