Girl returns to school where gang violated her, as crowd gathers at doorway to show support

Peyton Guthrie is interviewed by broadcaster Bob Lester of KWHL as she returns on Thursday to Clark Middle School.

The 14-year-old student at Clark Middle School in Anchorage, having been savagely beaten by a violent gang of students in late March, finally returned to school Thursday. She was accompanied by a crowd of well-wishers led by Bob Lester, cohost of the KWHL morning show “Bob and Brock.”

Peyton Guthrie mustered all the poise of an adult when she arrived at the school at around 8 a.m. Thursday and approached the crowd of 20 people who had come to support her. A small group of police officers stood nearby, while Lester interviewed Peyton and her mother, Natasha Guthrie.

“In response to the harrowing incident, Bob Lester and Brock Lindow of Alaska’s Morning Show took initiative, rallying concerned members of the community to accompany the victimized student back to school on Thursday morning. This collective gesture aims not only to demonstrate unity but also to offer emotional solace to the affected family as the girl bravely returns to the unsettling atmosphere of her educational environment,” wrote about the return of Peyton to her school.

Natasha Guthrie said, “Thank you so much everybody for being here, it really means a lot.” Guthrie has been on a mission to raise awareness about bullying and violence in Anchorage schools, and she is fighting for safety campuses so other students don’t endure the savage beating her daughter went through.


  1. It is a great look: A group of police officers standing by, doing nothing. A real confidence builder. Notice to the police: The criminals were inside the building.

    Actually, the way things are going both in this community and around the country, I am surprised that the cops didn’t arrest Ms. Guthrie, her mother and everyone else on some kind of domestic terrorism charge. And related: I wonder how many FBI informants, operatives and agents were present?

    • Why are you blaming the Ms Guthrie and the daughter.. “and surprise the cops didn’t arrest them??” What’s YOUR other side of the story that YOU AREN’T sharing??..Such a crude statement, rotten story leaving the blame on the innocent.

  2. Good on bob lester and radio standing up against gangs and bullying! My daughter got jumped in her days at East high school and it was off school grounds! At least he’s putting it out there and the more we talk, action can be taken!

  3. The bad thing about this kind of publicity on a family is now they carry their weight having to carry themselves as a saint. If any one of them misbehaves, mistreats, and someone thinks they were mistreated they’ll be looked down upon even harder when they make mistake. It’s like when in 2012 when two dads of two murdered children. One was a daughter and one was an airman. The two dads were seen at a strip club, a police issue, and one of the dad’s were driving a brand new truck with his deceased daughter’s donations to find her kidnapper/and murderer. These kind of publicity stunts are what they are a stunt. It brings fanfare, but ends with a crash for the victims.

  4. Violence seems to be an acceptable thing in our society. There should be a zero tolerance policy. The more we tolerate violence, the more violence will be had.

  5. Good thing the district has so many administrators. What would we do without those wise people teaching all the hate that caused this?

  6. Could have sworn I left a comment here about getting a restraining order. My son went to Bartlett and was being bullied and every parent on our block was watching out for these bullies. I got a restraining order on 2 of them and they couldn’t attend school for the duration.

    I would think this girl’s parents could do the same.


  8. We apparently now live in a society where gutless bystanders will watch a brutal beating in progress and do nothing to intervene. This smells badly of a racist hate crime and if the perpetrators suffer no consequence it will undoubtedly happen again while snowflakes stand by recording with their phones rather than do the right thing and defend the victim. Pathetic. Lots of blame for this kind of behavior, social media high on the list. This has enabled these young people to render forth hideous insults and comments without the inconvenience of looking someone in the eye and having some meaningful dialogue. Social media, political correctness and DEI are the poison coursing through the veins of our country . I would sharply curtail or eliminate social media access, encourage open dialogue and debate and if all else fails stand strong and fight like hell for the triumph of good over evil.

  9. I believe that the mother is irresponsible in letting her return to Clark, where the crime happened. Do people actually think that the bullying will stop because it’s been on the news or that 20 or so people showed up for one day in support? Are these people familiar with Pacific Islander culture?

    On average, if you are on their good side, you’re okay, they will treat you well and, depending on how long they’ve known you, will eventually treat you like family; however, if a person ever gets on their bad side, they will be in constant danger. I did some time and got to witness this first hand.

    I don’t care if Peyton was the one to start it or not, she is and will continue to be in danger as long as she is in that same school.

    • Peyton was asked if she wanted to transfer to another school – she said, “Nope!” This is her choice and hers alone and she made that choice. The police have been very supportive; likely there will be charges. Pacific-Islander or not, those awful kids are missing a sensitivity chip and need some love in their lives.

  10. Whoa! Did I read in the comments, “Pacific Islander,” ?!?! That’s outrageous! These people are nice people but I guess if you do get on their bad side it’s bad too….but we do have a large population of Pacific Islanders that are growing strong. Hope this is brought up amongst their group to tone it down or stop to avoid public scrutiny. 🧐

  11. It is wrong to terrorize people out of receiving a complete, public education which is guaranteed to all Americans.

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