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Unmasked: Assemblyman Constant, who is never without mask at Assembly meetings, parties in Mat-Su Valley without mask

Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant, on Aug. 24, voted to ask the mayor to encourage everyone to mask up against covid-19 in city-owned buildings. About the same time, nearly everyone on the Assembly except Jamie Allard began wearing masks at Assembly meetings again.

Constant’s authority doesn’t extend past the Assembly, and so mandatory masking in Anchorage buildings ended with the last mayoral administration. But Constant has been at the forefront of the mask brigade.

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Surprisingly, Constant was spotted last week partying in the Mat-Su Valley at a wedding, at a venue where no one was wearing a mask, whether indoors or outdoors, not even Constant.

But the very next week he was back in work sessions wearing his mask again and never appearing in public without one.

August 24, Chris Constant masked in Assembly

It’s evident in the photographs obtained by Must Read Alaska that on Sept. 5, he was not socially distanced during the wedding, and was photographed close to several people.

Like Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, who was caught partying at an exclusive Napa restaurant called the French Laundry, Constant demonstrates that masking is part leadership theater, part control mechanism for the little people.

The governor of California is facing a recall election on Tuesday. But Constant, who represents the most far left portion of Anchorage, will likely face no admonishments from his liberal allies.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Looks like these folks are outdoors and based on his politics (unfortunately it has come to this), probably vaccinated. Seems responsible behavior in relation to other people. So, what’s the story here? This is a dumb article. If people get riled up by this they should really ask themselves whatsup. Has someone been telling your what to think???

    • The story here Mel, is that, How are the people suppose to have respect for a leader who does not lead by example? Or maybe the story is, is this virus as serious on your leisure as it is when at work? Maybe the story is, does the mask work or doesn’t it? You pick it, or you can just have no standards for your leaders and excuse the inexcusable behavior.

        • Mel, Mr. Constant in the past has bemoaned any gathering as a super-spreading event, wishing to limit assembly meeting public attendance and demanding another mask mandate in the city. So him showing up to a gathering without a mask indoors or outside and actively contributing to the spread, makes him a hypocrite. If he really believed his own propaganda then he would have worn a mask at ALL times AND social distanced, or better yet stayed home. These photos clearly indicate that his sanctimonious mask-wearing is all for show.

    • Quite the opposite: Chris Constant has made it his business to overstep his authority since the start of the pandemic and he lives in a constant state of hypocrisy. It is all about virtue signaling, shaming, defaming, and blaming with him. So when he gets caught with his pants down—I mean “mask down”—turnabout is completely fair play.

  2. Hey look, it’s “COVID CHRIS” super-spreading his germs up north, outside the mutant zone. #gottakeepthosecovidnumbersupcoughcough

  3. Another example of a leftist commie pulling his normal “Rules for thee but not for me” routine. Another misguided evil doer who is on our assembly dictating lefty mandates and dragging our city into ruins. Recall all 9 commies on the assembly, not just Meg Zaletel. We need them all gone so that we can get our community back. The current nine evil doers destroying our city from within, abusing their authority with their overreach on the city assembly, showing their lack of concern for any of us daily.

    Power corrupts, and these 9 think they have power over all of us. Root out the evil, rid our city of their corruption.

    Recall all nine!
    At the least, email them your concerns about their misguided and evil work against ou city.

    Christopher Constant (District 1 – Downtown Anchorage​​​​)
    Contact Info: (907) 343-4112
    E-Mail:[email protected]
    Term Expires: 2023

    Kameron Perez-Verdia (District 3 – West Anchorage)
    Contact Info: (907) 343-4115
    E-Mail:[email protected]
    Term Expires: 2022

    ​Austin Quinn-Davidson (District 3 – West Anchorage). WORST OF ALL ACTING MAYORAL POWER MONSTER
    ​Contact Info: (907) 343-4116
    Term Expires: 2023

    ​​Felix Rivera (District 4 – Midtown) evil, should have been Successfully recalled (more corruption?)
    ​Contact Info: (907) 764-0841
    E-Mail:[email protected]
    Term Expires: 2023

    Meg Zaletel (District 4 – Midtown) CURRENTLY BEING RECALLED, special election 10/26/21
    Contact Info: (907) 343-4117
    E-Mail:[email protected]
    Term Expires: 2022

    Forrest Dunbar (District 5 – East Anchorage) POWER MONSTER
    Contact Info: (907) 343-4119
    E-Mail:[email protected]
    Term Expires: 2022

    Pete Petersen (District 5 – East Anchorage)
    Contact Info: (907) 240-1049
    E-Mail:[email protected]
    Term Expires: 2023

    Suzanne LaFrance (District 6 – South Anchorage)
    Contact Info: (907) 351-7199
    E-Mail:[email protected]
    Term Expires: 2023

    John Weddleton (District 6 – South Anchorage) BACKSTABBING EVIL DOER,
    Contact Info: (907) 770-0685
    E-Mail:[email protected]
    Term Expires: 2022

    • Cannot agree more.
      Pay attention to your local politics. Who is sitting on the Assembly and in the Mayor’s office has a much larger impact on your day to day life than the President does.
      And, nine of the Assembly members have clearly demonstrated that they are not interested in representing the best interests of the taxpayers. When the city was hit with a $37.7M bill when the State choose not to provide Bond debt servicing funding in 2020, they went ahead and hired on more people, and overrode a veto to establish a new committee on homeless.
      Vote any assembly member who is negligent in their responsibility to represent the taxpayers out.

  4. Its also time for him to sell his car and motorcycle to use his bicycle more.
    Cars can be an enabler to you under exercising. I bet if Constant used his bicycle to peddle up to the Matsu, his beer would has tasted a whole lot better!

  5. Got news for you. This looks like the Fairbanks area too which is awesome!
    People are socializing without them, going out to restaurants and only a handful of stores require it. What is the problem? If you think you need a mask wear one. Stop the mask nazi bs and sensationalizing this CHOICE. I’m glad to see these folks enjoying life!

    • I too love to see folks enjoying life, even by showing their faces! A smile goes a long way! The difference here is only that this one man, Chris Constant, enjoying HIS choice (no problem there!) is that he demands that all others NOT have a choice in public, at least in Anchorage. He wants to dictate to us all how to enjoy life. And that includes hiding your face. Someone here is prochoice, but only for himself. Therein is the rub.

        • Yeah I get it, setting an example is hard.
          I do recall around Thanksgiving/Christmas that the assembly and the faux Mayor demanded that you should only have 6 people in your home for the holidays AND everyone should be masked and 6 feet apart. Clearly they felt okay to dictate what happens at a private event in your home. Don’t doubt for one minute that he will bring these rules back if he can. Yet here he is hypocritically spreading away, because he feels exempt from his own hyperbole….

  6. And yet the Sheeple, primarily Lefties, keep masking up – despite their commie leaders on the national, state, and local levels don’t.

  7. “Rules for thee and not for me..”
    Said every leftist ever to hold power..

    Wake up. They HATE you. Of course they don’t follow their own rules. The rules are for you, for you, are beneath them. When you understand this, you understand the left and why they do, what they do, and the petty, small people, who cheer them on.

  8. Might not be masking up because they’ve had their shots and a bout with covid itself which means they are the most protected people on the planet. But if a venue requires masks, then you need to mask up regardless of how safe you are.

      • The last time I checked they said it was working pretty well. Most of their population got their shots early back in March, and it’s effectiveness is running out. That helped us learn that the vaccination has a life cycle and will provide information for when we need to get a booster. But those are getting infected over there aren’t dying because they are still partially protected. So it’s not the greatest solution like a polio vaccine or something like that but the end result is favorable in that hardly anybody is dying

  9. Who the hell cares? Let them party without masks! It is what I have been doing. Just stop listening to these fools when they try to tell YOU to do something that they clearly don’t do themselves.

    We have the power to live our lives as we see fit. No one has authority over our individual freedom.

    Politicians are overpaid baby sitters. The slaves will be slaves, but I am an adult and these fools words mean absolutely nothing to me, because unlike the slaves, I live my freedom.

  10. I really have some pithy comments on this fella and his actions and proclivities, but doubt I can type them in a way SD won’t delete them.
    Know what I mean?

  11. On a side note, these pictures reveal that these squares clearly do not know how to party. They can’t even do that right. No wonder they are so unhappy that their only fulfillment in life is to try to control others. Sad.

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