Anchorage clerk forgets to mention there is a recall election in her reminder to voters to register?


Anchorage Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones published a press release reminding people that September is National Voter Registration Month, and they need to register to vote by Sept. 26 in order to take part in the Oct. 26 Special Municipal Election.

But she neglected to tell people what the election is for: It’s a recall of one of her bosses on the Anchorage Assembly, Meg Zaletel. The Anchorage Municipal Clerk works for the Assembly.

Nowhere in the press release did Jones mention that only voters living in District 4, or midtown Anchorage, will be participating in that election. Ballots will go out in about two weeks to just those voters.

Zaletel is part of the far-left Anchorage Assembly, and she has raised the ire of conservatives who feel the city is heading in the wrong direction. It’s the second recall election to be held this year. The first, a recall attempt against Assemblyman Felix Rivera, failed in April.


  1. Take out ad space on the city bus and report it for the municipal clerk since she appears absent minded, which I understand is normal for her age group when you get up there in age.

  2. Terminate Barbara Jones for incompetence, and for failure to fulfill her duties as Clerk. And make sure she is not eligible for rehire with the Municipality. A disgraceful woman.

  3. We need outside observers from the Lt. Governor’s office. Barbara Jones has shown she cannot be trusted to do the right thing when it comes to supervising Anchorage elections. How is it right to manage an election that affects one of the people you work for, the same goes for Rivera in the last election. This is very wrong.

  4. She did not forget but maybe she should be removed from the payrolls of the municipality for being derelict in her duties.

  5. So the complaint here is she didn’t call out the specifics of this disingenuous, partisan stunt even though she’s encouraging voters to register as part of a national campaign? And that makes her incompetent and negligent somehow? The leaps of ‘logic’ are incredible.

  6. Kind of a no-brainer when the subject of the recall vote is one of your bosses
    …and your bosses put you in charge of counting the votes.

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