Statement: ‘I took my Minicucci video down because Alaska Airlines threatened to force me to reveal my whistleblower sources’


Washingtonian social media personality Sara Gamache, who posted a video accusing the CEO of Alaska Airlines of philandering, has taken down the video from TikTok, a social media site, after she was sent a threatening letter from the attorneys of company CEO Ben Minicucci. Facebook and Instagram has already removed the video, due to what the social media companies said was bullying.

The letter from Minicucci’s four attorneys to Gamache demands a public retraction of the video or they will take her to court, subpoena all her phone records, and learn the identities of the whistleblowers inside of Alaska Airlines who fed her the information.

Gamache says she made a promise to sources that she would not reveal their identities, so she compromised by taking the video down. But she is also not going to issue a retraction, she said, for what she believes is true.

The airlines is clearly not happy with Gamache, who earlier this week posted the video across social media platforms accusing Minicucci of having affairs with a flight attendant and the designer of the Alaska Airlines uniforms. The video also accused the airlines of discriminating against women passengers for their attire. Earlier this year, she got into a dispute with the airlines after she was removed from a jet because of her Trump mask.

She told Must Read Alaska that she, too, has asked for a public apology from the Airlines over refusing to allow her to fly. She said the airlines told her no apology would be forthcoming.

Gamache has just launched a website “,” where she is posting stories from people who have been discriminated against by Alaska Airlines– stories that include Sen. Lora Reinbold of Alaska, who no longer can fly to the capital city of Juneau because she’s on the Alaska Airlines no-fly list. Juneau can only be reached by air or water. The website is a place where people can post their adverse experiences with the airlines.

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  1. Gamache needs good counsel. FB manipulates what can be posted by whom, https: // www. /articles/facebook-files-xcheck-zuckerberg-elite-rules-11631541353?st=s614w1mvtt9h7z6&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink.
    I will guess others like tiktok do the same.

  2. US taxpayers pay a subsidy to Alaska Airlines for it use of several Alaska airports. That needs to stop! We have a free market economy and it needs protection from big government at every turn.

  3. US taxpayers pay a subsidy to Alaska Airlines for its use of several Alaska airports. That needs to stop! We have a free market economy and it needs protection from big government at every turn.

  4. So who has a copy of the video? Still out there somewhere right? I can’t imagine how Gamache got it in the first place. And then was the original modified to a deep fake perhaps?
    Another great reason to not participate in social media – you are playing right into the cloud’s hands.

  5. Never give in to threatening letters from Lawyers…they are just that…like a bluff charge.
    I would have responded with a counter-lawsuit back to them if what you are speaking is the truth.
    It would be really hard for a private individual to obtain your personal phone records in court.
    They knew the four letters from legal would scare you just like four big bullies in high-school.

  6. It is a federal program called Essential Air Service which subsidizes air service to small market airports around the Country though primarily in the West and Alaska and Hawaii. A quick look indicates that AS probably gets more money than any other airline, but it is only one of many providing the service in Alaska and most airports are served by small local or regional carriers AS provides subsidized jet service to Adak, Cordova, Yakutat, Petersburg, and Wrangell and seasonal service to Gustavus.

    EAS comes under attack periodically, and it is clear that some of the airport designations are purely political. Without EAS service Yakutat, Cordova, Petersburg, Wrangell, and Gustavus would almost certainly lose jet service except for perhaps very limited seasonal service. I don’t know how Adak rates EAS unless it is to support the fishing industry; last I looked there was almost nothing there but a decaying Navy base; it is a very expensive trip, so I hope somebody is riding.

    Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan maintain regular jet service without EAS subsidies. The archetypal EAS service is the Seattle to Anchorage “milk run,” which used to be the airline version of riding the Greyhound bus for starving college students and job seekers making their way to Alaska; even on a jet, it is a long flight. It’s been 30 years since I did it so I’m not sure I remember the exact order, but it goes Seattle to Ketchikan, KTN to Petersburg, PRG to Wrangell, WRG to Sitka, SIT to Juneau, JNU to Yakutat, forgot the abbreviation for Yakutat, YKT, I think, Yakutat to Cordova, and Cordova to, thank God, Anchorage. Though State rules required the next or the cheapest flight for State travel, I never required my subordinates to take the milk run. I have hundreds of thousands of miles flying within all parts of Alaska, and I always hated flying in Southeast; there are just too many clouds with rocks in them. I spent a couple of the most miserable hours of my life trying to find my wife because I thought she might have been on the National Guard plane that crashed on approach to Juneau back in the Nineties.

    Anyway, loss of EAS in Coastal Alaska will have a marked effect on an already struggling economy. It would probably be good for the ferry system and the local air carriers, and might well be good for the Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan economies because people from the outlying towns and villages would more likely go shopping there rather than go on to Seattle. To the extent that Petersburg, Wrangell, Yakutat and Cordova got any mainline service it would be seasonal. The days of the “big” comfortable 737 are probably over except maybe at the height of tourist season, and AS is unlikely to give up delivering the first of the Copper River Reds to Seattle, but the days of multiple flights a day would end, and a Dash 8 or Embraer would be about as big and luxurious as it got. Anyway, the days of “Gold Coast Service” are only a fading memory and the corporate culture of Alaska Airlines has come to closely reflect the communist sh*th*le they’re headquartered in, so nobody is going to cry unless you live in Southeast. As much as I hated their monopoly when I lived in SE, I still flew them, because they were the safest and most reliable. To this day, in Juneau they still call a beautiful bluebird sky day “Pan Am Weather.”

    • Mark Air……..please return. We need you. $79 one-way ANC — SEA. $99 one-way FAI — SEA. AS was scared to death and had to lower their fares to compete.
      Alaska Air has turned Left-wing with a bunch of sorry a$$ Communist groupies flying it. I avoid them every chance I get.

  7. If real, this should be tried in court, not the dirty clown show circus of public opinion, which enforces the GUILTY until proven innocent premise. We certainly don’t know the full story. Some of us just don’t care. Alaska Airlines is a fine airline with good service. I’ve never had a negative experience, but then I am a pretty decent person, thus I get treated well in return. I’ve seen some horrendous behavior of passengers over the years with self entitled personalities who check out their brains and morality when they check in their bags. Enough of the trashy low-life approach that gathers the spotlight of attention through garbage social media! Again, take it to court if the claim is real and it actually causes the claimant harm.

    • Agree wholeheartedly. Freedom does require some responsibility and gutter behavior just to push for a reaction and then cry foul fosters no sympathy from me. Perhaps the CEO is indeed a philandering schmuck but this gal seems to have her own agenda and completely lost me with her foul mouthed mask before the philandering schmuck part of the story.

      • She’s losing all credibility by not admitting that it wasn’t simply a pro-trump mask. I can’t even find out what it said because she has totally obscured that, but I do see in a clip that the flight attendant said she had a mask that said f something. Even if it said that, I think it is silly to kick her off the flight for it if she agreed to take it off. But whatever, I agree. I hate the trend of uploading any video for all the public to see in order to get vengeance and vindication. This is right-wing cancel culture and she’s making the people that support her perspective lose credibility.
        I don’t have a simple solution though. If people are getting fired or kicked off of flights at Alaska Airlines for simply revealing their right wing perspectives, that’s not cool and they should be exposed for that. But I’d rather that be handled in the courts and then reported to the news rather than immediately have a trial by social medial using a snippet of a video that doesn’t show what lead up to the event. Using social media like this is mob mentality.

        • She was more likely removed for not complying with crew member instructions – the flight attendant had to ask her twice before the video to 1) wear a mask then 2) wear a mask that didn’t say ‘fuck your feelings’ (profanity) THEN finally when the flight attendant said she needed to get off, the woman claimed she was complying. With that amount of work to get her to comply, of course the capt wouldn’t want her onboard – in the event of an emergency would she cause problems complying with crew members instructions? Would she argue about whether or not it was an emergency? Would she decide she didn’t want to buckle her seat belt after all? What other trouble would she cause inflight? That’s what the capt is thinking about.
          But of course she is turning it into a political issue, rather than what it was – she was naughty and not following the rules, so she was asked to leave.
          People forget that Airlines are a business- just like the restaurant that has a sign that says ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service’ – the airline has the right to deny service to whoever they want.
          As for the CEOs exploits (or not) – it has nothing to do with this woman not following the rules and everything to do with her wanting to make a ‘name’ for herself in social media as well as feel justified in her bad behaviour.

  8. Racist comment! HOMO, you are disgusting. And now we know what you are really about. Suzanne should kick you off Must Read.

    • Sitting here waiting for the drum hit (ba-DUM pssssshhhhh) to show you’re just messing with us. But now realizing you’re serious? Are you SERIOUS?

      Do you have any idea what the little punctuation blip in the word means? Why it’s there? It’s called an Apostrophe. No that’s not a reference to Zappa’s 18th album, it means it’s an abbreviation for a bigger word. Jeeeez, unclench a little. Lay off the outrage porn.

  9. What ever happened to the #MeToo movement? Remember? All women are to be believed with no exceptions. That’s how it was with Kavanaugh when he was being nominated to the SCOTUS. Hmm, it appears Ms. Gamache doesn’t have this privilege.

  10. Ms Gamache has already proven she is willing to deceive in her videos. The Alaska Airlines video where she lied and claimed she was harassed vindicated Alaska Airlines, and made Ms Gamache appear willing to do anything for attention. She lied then. No doubt she is lying now. Not news.

  11. But the #MeToo movement stated women are to be believed no matter what. Where did that go? Probably to the same place all the other COVID variants went.

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